Vintage Toy Cars, Mugs and American Girl Finds

Between some traveling and not many sourcing opportunities this February, I have only a small amount of finds to share. I have picked up some interesting mugs at the thrift store. I noticed two planet themed mugs for $1. One was for Mars and another was for Mercury. When I looked at the bottom both were marked Waechtersbach which can be a profitable brand. The only ones I see that are currently listed are a set of 7 different planet mugs for $280. I have listed mine separately. I am hoping for $40 on each of these.

Two other mugs I picked up are this Vera Bradley Holiday Owls mug and a Cincinnati Bengals NFL mug. I hoping for between $15 and $20 on these mugs.

Hanging in a bag on the toy wall at a thrift store, I spotted these outfits for $2.50. One is the “Meet Dress” for the American Girl doll Cecile. The other is a pretty red American Girl party dress. I am hoping for $12 on each of these.

I attended one estate sale where I had viewed the photos the night before. I spotted some items that I thought would be good, depending on the prices. I saw some old toys cars in a glass case (usually a sign that items will be marked high) and a Catherineholm pan. I had to work in the morning but rushed over as soon as I could. The Catherineholm pan was gone but the toy cars were still there. The price was a little high, at $15 each. I bought three cars for $40. The cars include a Dinky “Joe’s Car”, a Corgi Batmobile and a Dinky ambulance. Since the Batmobile comes with Batman and Robin figures and the ambulance comes with a patient on a gurney, I think I will do OK. The Joe’s Car is in poor condition with a corroded battery compartment and wings that don’t pop out. I am hoping for $70 on the Batmobile and $30 on the ambulance. I don’t know what to price the Joe’s Car for yet. I also picked up a Fire King jadeite bowl for $5. These are not as sought after as they used to be but I am hoping to get between $15 and $20 for this 9″ mixing bowl.

Still having some fun in this dreary winter weather! Counting down the days until spring!!


Pop Culture, Perfume and Christmas

As garage sale season winds down there are still a few sales and holiday bazaars out there. I went to a few last weekend and found some interesting items. At the first sale I was able to find a collection of Littlest Pet Shop and some Sylvanian Families items. I paid $10 for all of it. There were 45 pets and 9 vintage Sylvanian figures with furniture and accessories for their dollhouse.


At another sale I found some pop culture items. The first is a pair of plush dolls. They are from a video game called Little Big Planet. I’m hoping to get $20 for the pair. They were $1 each. At the same sale, also for $1 was this set of figures from a show called Gravity Falls. I am also hoping for $20 on these.

I also picked up two Christmas items. First is a vintage Hallmark Baby’s First Christmas ornament. It shows a 3D scene of a baby in a crib with a little stocking on the edge of the crib. The scene is inside a sweet little rattle. I actually had purchased one of these ornaments in 1982 for a friend who was having a baby. This was when Hallmark just started coming out with their amazing ornaments. I’ve been hooked since then.


The second Christmas item is a Waechterbach butter dish in the Christmas tree pattern. This one has a little chip inside but I am still hoping to get about $30 for it. It was $2. Depending on the item, pieces in this pattern can go for good money.


I also picked up some Cinnabar perfume for $1 and a Mets baseball souvenir  “Peppy the Owl” (from Wise potato chips) bobblehead. He was $5 and I can’t find any sold listings on him so I have him up for auction.

That’s what I found as this tag sale season winds down. I hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for the holidays!!

March Wind, Waechtersbach, Rae Dunn, and Gurley Candles

The winds of winter storm Riley are whipping outside my window bringing rain, ice and snow to us here in New England. I have a cat sitting on my neck and a cup of hot chocolate so I can’t complain too much. I have some thrift store finds from the last two weeks which I will share.

I was excited to see this Waechtersbach christmas tree coffee pot at the Goodwill. Waechtersbach is a ceramic company from West Germany. It was only marked $3 which is a great price but after I got it home I saw that it had a manufacturing flaw in one of the trees. It is decorated on both sides so if you wanted to display it you could just show the good side. In perfect condition these can go for between $40 and $60. I don’t know how much I’ll get for mine.

I hear about Tiki and bar items a lot but I don’t find them too often. This is a Scorpion bowl which is used for a kind of shared drink. It is decorated with hula girls, palm trees and a volcano and I think it qualifies as Tiki. It is very heavy and was $5. Wish I was wherever they are.


I have also heard about vintage Gurley candles. These are the first ones I have found. They are a Native American and a Pilgrim. I assume they are for Thanksgiving. Gurley made candles for most of the holidays. The Christmas ones are the most common.

Continuing with the housewares theme is this Rae Dunn small dish. She has become popular lately. You can recognize her items by the typewriter style letters on a lot of her pieces. This is from the Home collection.


I found some toys recently too. I was charmed by this miniature block set in a matchbox style box. It is called “Build a Skyscraper” and was made in West Germany. It is from the 1950’s I believe. This one appears to never have been used. The blocks are only about 1″ tall. It doesn’t have a lot of value but was only $1 and I couldn’t leave it behind.


Also on the toy shelf I found this Bitty Baby carrier. It has purple polka dotted fabric and I’m hoping to sell it for between $30 and $40.


The last item I’ll share is this set of pins. They were in a bag hanging on the wall for $1.99. They are Star Trek Cats. The one with the big ears actually looks like the cat I have that sits on me. This may only go for about $10 but it was too funny not to buy.

Version 2

My very own, cute big eared cat.


That’s all for now. It’s finally March so that’s a good thing! Spring is coming!!

Vintage Dolls, Toys, Dansk and a Pretty Paris Purse!

The big sale for me this weekend was at a church sale that is also a May Fair event. They have a toy tent where I picked up most of my items for $13. I picked up two dolls. One looks like an Italian Furga doll to me but she is unmarked. Her clothes are very 1960’s mod. She has an orange coat that looks like leather trimmed in sheepskin. Under this she is wearing a striped mini dress. The other doll is a vinyl Holly Hobbie. Most Holly Hobbie dolls I see are cloth.

I picked up this Press n’ Dress Mickey Mouse set which comes in a soft case. I have only three of the four outfits it is supposed to come with. The clothes attach with Velcro.

I also found this Disney Tsum Tsum advent calendar which appears to be new and sealed. Tsum Tsums are collectible little characters with blobby bodies and big eyes.


There was another building at this sale where they had household items and collectibles. The only good item I picked up there was this Dansk seahorse which I am selling with a Dansk lion that I already had. They have a very modern look to them. They are only about 2″ tall. I am hoping to get $24 for them together. The seahorse was $1.


Also in this building I picked up three vintage Valentines cards. They are not valuable so I will add them to my collection of vintage cards. I think they are really beautiful. They were $1 each.


I went to one other church sale where I got there late on the second day but still bought three items for $4. My favorite is this petite black satin purse with embroidered flowers. It is marked made in Paris France by Michel Swiss.


I also bought a Count Von Count plush and an interesting metal box with a modern design. It is also signed on the back but I can’t read the signature.

I had one pick up from the thrift store which is this Waechtersbach mug showing a kind of history of the American flag. I don’t have too much luck with mugs but recently I sold another Waechtersbach mug with images of a piano on it. Both mugs have recessed designs that you can feel. The piano mug was bought by a lady who asked me if you could feel the design on the mug because she was buying it for a blind person. I thought that was interesting.


That’s it for this weekend! Hope everyone is enjoying some nice spring weather finally!