Disney Plush, Jewelry, Sprinter and other Treasures!

Spring is coming to New England very slowly this year giving a slow start to garage sale season. Sprinter is spring that is still actually winter. I went to a church sale and found some vintage plush, toys and jewelry as well.

There was a toy area where I wasn’t finding much but I started looking at the pile of plush they had and pulled out a few vintage Disney plush. The better sellers are usually the more unusual characters. I found Berloiz who is the gray brother kitten from the Aristocats movie. I’m hoping to get about $30 for him.


I also picked up this Samuel J. Gopher who is a secondary character from Winnie the Pooh. I also have him up for about $30.


Lady, from Lady and the Tramp is a fairly popular character but this is an older and large version of her so I am hoping that I still may get about $20 for her.


Recently I sold a plush of Copper, the hound dog from Disney’s The Fox and the Hound movie for $50 so I was excited to see this plush of Tod, the fox. Unfortunately this small version of Tod may only bring $10. I also picked up a small Mario backpack clip. The plush toys at this sale were only 25 cents.

There were several baskets of costume jewelry at this sale. They were all in little ziploc bags and were a little hard to see but the prices were only between $.50 and $2 so I picked up a few of the bags. In one bag there were several horse themed pieces. I think the bracelets in this group were very pretty and I am selling all the pieces in a lot.


I also picked up a Minnie Mouse pendant and a gold tone, faux jade and rhinestone bracelet.

There were two other pieces that I picked up that I think might be sterling so I am taking them to the jeweler to have them tested. I should really get one of those kits and learn how to do it myself. After I find out more I will share them.

Finally I also picked up several pieces of vintage Little Tikes dollhouse furniture. I am hoping to get about $40 for this group. They were mixed up with a big lot of dollhouse items.


I picked up a few items at the thrift store this week including this pretty original watercolor. This is my favorite style of painting and I wouldn’t mind keeping this tea pot painting for myself.


I also picked up a few artist drawing pencil sets that were hanging in the bags on the wall. Neither of these are very valuable but they may sell for $10 each.



Those are the highlights of this week. I heard a rumor that it may warm up at the end of the week but I’ll believe it when I see it!


Vintage Toys, Dolls and Bags

I went to a sale on Saturday where everything was set up on tables and organized by price. There were tables ranging from 50 cents to $10.

I bought two colorful bags for $1 each. One is a paisley print LeSportsac bag which has already sold for $25.99. The second bag is a Lily Bloom. They are both in the style of a backpack. I picked them up because of the brands and they are both in very good, clean condition.

I found some vintage toys. One is called Egg-A-Saur and is it by Fisher Price from 1993. It is similar to Mr. Potato Head but is an egg that you attach dinosaur style parts to. I never heard of it before. It’s not too valuable but I’m hoping to get $20 for it and it was $1.


I also found some vintage 1990s Littlest Pet Shop items which include a kennel and some accessories. I am also hoping for about $20 on this group.


This little guy from Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer island of misfit toys is worth about $50 but this one has one eye replaced with a button. So that was an exciting 5 seconds I had when I saw him. The happy ending to the story is that he still sold in one day for $20!


This doll was a mystery at first. I looked all over her and couldn’t find any tags. She reminded me of Mary Poppins and was very well made. She only cost $1. After researching I found that she is a homemade doll made from a 1964 McCall’s pattern for Mary Poppins. I’m not sure how much she will bring.


Two more items from this sale was this Snorks puzzle from 1985 and a Big Hug mug. I have never heard of the Snorks but they must have been from a TV show. The Big Hug mug was featured on the show “True Detective” and fans of the show seem to want it.

Those are some highlights from my finds. Hopefully sales will continue to increase as the weather warms up!


Far Away Rummage Sales

The season of sales has not really started yet here in New England but there were two rummage sales about one hour away from me. I don’t like to drive that far for a sale unless I know it’s a good one but I have been missing rummage sales too much. Both were fairly small and had a lot of clothing but I picked up a few items.

I found two housewares items. The first is this Daffy Duck sugar dispenser. I’m hoping to get $10 for it and it cost about $1. The second item is a very pretty April Cornell tablecloth. I like the country/shabby chic style she has. I have this up for $30.

At this first sale I also picked up a pair of Harley Davidson shoes for $3. I just picked them up because of the brand and they appeared to be in good condition. I have them listed for $30.


I arrived at the second sale about one hour after it started so I was surprised to find this Coach bag sitting on a table with other bags. Above the table was a sign that said “$7 bag.” I though that meant the bags were $7 but I found out that this was a fill a bag sale for $7. I think I’ll try to hit this sale first next year! The Coach bag was pretty rough with discolorations and stains but I have sold bags in similar condition before. It is a desirable color and style so hopefully that will help it to sell.

Besides the Coach bag, here are some of the other items I stuffed into my $7 bag. I found this vintage flowered pillbox hat, a 1989 US Open tennis jacket that says Pringles on it for some reason and a Jimmy Buffet concert t-shirt. The hat sold right away for $18.50.

I also have a few pick ups from an estate sale and the thrift store including two vintage Fisher Price stuffed Christmas mice, a set of four Wizard of Oz Christmas ornaments from the Smithsonian Institution, a Harry Potter wand and a Hot Wheels game rug.

The following are some sales of items from recent posts.

American Girl Doll dog and sled: $19

Toys with Feelings plush: $19 (this guy was in the free pile)

Neptune Bubble Starcastle toy: $49

Hello Kitty salt and pepper shakers: $29

Jadeite reamer and measuring cup: $24

Howard Wolowitz bobblehead: $30

Count von Count plush: $15

Taylor and Ng dog mug: $24

Nellie American Girl doll: $84

Hope you are all doing well. Winter seems to be tightening its grip a bit as Spring approaches but it will have to give up eventually!

Thrifty January Finds: Dansk, Gund, Toys and More!

Winter carries on with very little in the way of interesting estate sales for me so I have been going to the thrift stores to source items and have found a few good ones. Several weeks ago I picked up this aqua Dansk Kobenstyle lidded pot. This is the same one my mother had which we sold at her tag sale for $3 before I knew any better. These enamel pots have a following with some colors being more desirable than others. I am hoping for $40 on this but that might be a little high. It was $6.


This Quimper plate from France was $3. Many Quimper pieces have these distinctive looking figures on them. The plates aren’t too valuable but I couldn’t leave it behind.


These cute miniature elephants were in a baggie for $3. They are marked Japan on the bottom and I am hoping for about $15 on them. Each plays a different instrument. Too cute for me to resist picking up!


This is a set of jingle bells on a leather strap that hangs on the door. It is made by a Pennsylvania based company called Belsnickel. Too bad I didn’t pick these up before Christmas. They make a lovely sleigh bell sound.


I found two things in the stationery/office supply department. The first is this binder with cool Asian inspired graphics. It was only $.99 and I am hoping to get $10 for it.


The next thing I found in the stationery area was actually not stationery at all. It looked like a passport case but it is a Lauren Hutton make-up palette! Surprise! It was $4 and I am hoping to get $40 for it.

In the picture area I found a large paint by number of a ship wreck. They sometimes take a while to sell but I have sold every paint by number picture that I have listed. I will use key words like “nautical, beach and ocean” for this listing. It was $6 and I am hoping to get $40 for it.


I also found a few toys this month including a walking, roaring Jurassic Park T-Rex which unfortunately is missing the battery cover, a Calico Critters car and nursery school and a plush Gund Snuffles bear.

This is how I’ve been keeping myself entertained through this cold, snowy New England winter. Hope you all are doing well!

Artwork, American Girl and Steam Punk

There are two items from last week’s library sale that I’m going to mention here. In the barn area they have an entire hallway filled with paintings and artwork. This year I picked up two pieces for $8 all together. The first print is a picture by C.W. Anderson who was an illustrator of many book about horses. I think the pony in the picture is very adorable. The frame is worn. I don’t know why his friend is a chicken.


The next picture was also very vintage looking in a very old frame. It is entitled “A Yard Of Puppies” because it is a 3 foot long illustration of puppies. It will be a bear to ship but hopefully will sell for a good price. Who can resist a yard of puppies? No me!


This week there were a few tag sales and two community sales. At the tag sales I picked up these vintage motorcycle military goggles. They are not very valuable but someone might use them for part of a costume. I saw other people listing them with the key word “Steam Punk” so I did the same. I liked that they came with their own metal case.


I also picked up this cute Scandanavian Viking figure and this peg rack. I have tried selling peg racks before with no success but this one seemed like an especially nice one.

I bought some plush this weekend which included a lot of 3 muppet characters and Mr. Bim the monkey. He sold quickly for $39. This is the second one of these that I have sold. I don’t know what the appeal is but they seem to sell. It may be a remake of an old stuffed animal that people are nostalgic about.

The best find of the weekend was a beautiful old dollhouse. It was marked $10 and I didn’t know what it was because there was no makers name but I knew it was vintage. It turns out to be a Keystone of Boston dollhouse from the 1940’s and since dollhouses are my thing, I can’t part with it. I will take a picture of it soon in its new home on top of my cabinet in the dining room.

I had a great surprise at the thrift store. I had been walking out empty handed for the past couple of weeks but when I looked in the toy section this week I saw a doll wearing Samantha’s Meet dress. As I approached it I thought that even if the doll did not have any value, if the price was good, I could sell the dress. I thought that it couldn’t actually be Samantha because they usually take the American Girl dolls and place them behind the counter with a $50 price tag. But guess what? They missed this one. It was a Samantha doll. I don’t know if this threw them off because she was not marked American Girl on her neck she was marked Pleasant Company, making her a more valuable vintage doll. She was marked $6.99. That find balanced out a mediocre weekend of finds and me keeping the dollhouse. That’s how I justify it anyway!


Things have been selling well in the past few weeks. I have sold both Fisher Price sets and one of the American Girl dolls. I have already sold 5 of the Polly Pockets sets as well as the vintage perfume which sold for $69! I think holiday shopping has begun!

Festival of Finds from Tag Sales

Last week I wrote about how hard it was for me to find items to resell at tag sales and this week most of my finds are from tag sales. I went to one church sale that was in a parking lot and was pretty bad but I found one item. It is this vintage game called Park and Shop by Milton Bradley from 1960. Years ago I purchased this game but it was in bad shape with many missing pieces but I learned about it. What I learned was that, in good condition, this game can do well. This one seems to be complete, down to the booklet that shows the Milton Bradley games available to the customer in 1960!

After that sale I hit a bunch of yard sales where I found some items. This New York City water globe features the Twin Towers as well as other iconic NYC buildings. When you wind it up it plays “New York, New York” and the subway train goes around. I believe this was made before 9/11.


I picked up this toy replica wrestling belt. I heard that they can sell well and this one is still in the package.


At this same sale I saw a pair of Tory Burch shoes marked $1. I didn’t know if they were real but for $1 I took a chance and they appear to be authentic. I don’t buy shoes too often unless I recognize the name and they usually take a while to sell for me.


By coincidence I found another Tory Burch item at another sale. I have never purchased anything Tory Burch before and this weekend I bought two! This is a bag and I am still researching to try to figure out if it is authentic.


The last item that I found at tag sales this weekend is this Cookie Carousel cookie jar. It was on a free table but you had to buy another item to get something off of the free table. The lady was surprised that I only wanted an item from the free table but she sold it to me for $3. I think it is from the 1950s and it is very sweet!


I had a good pick up at the thrift store this week which was this Dansk pepper mill. I have sold several different styles of these. It has a cool mid century modern design.


Sales have been pretty consistent lately. Here are some sales of recently posted items:

Lot of 10 Christmas plush figures: $49.99.

Longaberger game basket: $34.99

Tiffany cat box: $29.99

Clown bear: $19.99

Little Einstein figures: $19.99

Alice from Twilight Barbie doll: $59.99 (with free shipping)

Jane from Twilight Barbie doll: $32.99 (with free shipping)

Tatty worn out bear: $19.99

Plush Aristocats cats: $18.99

Hoping for some good sales to go to next week! Have a good week everyone!!

Giant Tinker Toys and Misfit Toys!

Happy Fourth of July everyone. Too bad that means hardly any sales for me to go to. I just went to a few tag sales on Saturday. They were all the kind of tag sales where I can’t find items for resale. Some of them I call the “Home Goods” tag sales. Its when someone has decorated their house all in items from Target, Walmart or Home Goods and is now selling all that stuff. The other kind is when the person is a retired antiques dealer and is selling their stuff still with the price tags from their antique store and the prices are the same as years ago before Ebay when everything was more valuable. This man had a Pepper doll. I think you can get about $10 for them on a good day. He had it priced at $50. He said it was negotiable. Oy.

I made one purchase at the first sale I went to. I bought ten Rudolp the Red Nosed Reindeer plush. Many of these characters are from the Island of Misfit Toys. Unfortunately none of these have their original tags which greatly affects their value. I only paid $3 so hopefully I can still make a good profit. Maybe I have to wait until it is closer to the holiday season.


At the thrift store I picked up 2 yards of patriotic fabric for $3. It’s too bad that I didn’t find this before the fourth of July. It is marked Old Glory Tablecloth so I imagine it would easily be made into a tablecloth. A few weeks ago at a rummage sale I found another fabric which features old fashioned pastoral scenes. I am putting each listing up for $20.

Another item that I bought several weeks ago but didn’t photograph until now is this set of giant Tinker Toys. They are from the 1970s and are about 4x as big as the normal Tinker Toys. I wasn’t going to get them because of all the headaches that are going to be involved with shipping these but the guy only wanted $5 for them. They seem to sell pretty well but I have to figure out the shipping cost. This set is very heavy!!


Since I didn’t find a lot of new items this weekend I have been trying to list items that I have been avoiding and those are what I have been sharing with you. I hope that everyone in the US has a happy Fourth of July and that everyone else is enjoying some good weather!