Vintage, Mid Century Modern and Pop Culture

There were a variety of sales and a variety of items this weekend. At one community sale I went to I had a box that I was putting stuff in. There were a lot of volunteers who kept asking me if I wanted to put my box in the hold area. I don’t trust the hold area. Two years ago I had a very bad experience with the hold area and a chess set. I also know that where there is confusion things in the hold area sometimes end up back in the selling area. I know everyone has good intentions but I just like to hold my stuff. I ending up saying that “No thank you. I’m trying to see how much I can carry.” I found a couple of Betty Crocker pie cover Cookbooks and a large heavy mid century sculpture. My box was quite heavy. The sculpture reminded me of one I found last summer except this one is smaller. It was marked $10.


The hard covered books were $1. I have sold this cookbook before and found 2 this time. Unfortunately they don’t have the chapter dividers but they still should sell. I am hoping for $25.


I love to find vintage pin cushions. Last year I found a half doll pin cushion. I think this bluebird and nest pin cushion is very sweet.


The last two vintage mohair Teddy Bears I found sold for $19 each and I found two more this weekend! These are small bears that measure about 8″.

Another vintage plush I picked up was this Minnie Mouse. She is marked Walt Disney Productions. She is also small at about 6″.


Keeping with the vintage theme, I spotted a pan on a table that looked like Pyrex but I didn’t recognize the pattern. I flipped it over and saw that it was in fact marked Pyrex. Many Pyrex pieces don’t sell for much and this one had dark staining on the handles so I left it. After shopping for a while I walked back and saw that the piece was still there so I looked up “Pyrex Black Rooster” and it turns out to be a hard to find pattern.


The last vintage item I’m going to share is this wooden pull string soldier who actually bangs on his drum when you pull him along. He is made to look older then he is and is marked 1983.


I also bought some pop culture items this weekend. These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures from the 80’s came in a ziploc marked $2.


This is a Pokemon Pikachu virtual pet. I grabbed it because it was $1 and new in the package, not knowing if it had any value. I later realized that it had good value, especially in a pristine package. Maybe if I had known that I would not have put it in a place in the trunk of my car where the front of the package got damaged. I succeeding in decreasing it’s value by about half. Yay me.


I also picked up a Game Boy which unfortunately is missing the battery cover and a Pokemon game. These items cost $2. I hardly ever find things like this anymore because there are so many people looking for vintage video game items. I think the reason I got these was because I was at a tag sale in a very quiet rural area. This was in the afternoon on the second day of the sale too.

Those are the finds for this mid July weekend. I wish summer could last forever!


Mid Century, American Girl and Toys

Sales were good this weekend although I did pay up a bit. Hopefully it will be worth it. I found some cool mid century items such as this wooden cat by Laurids Lonborg who I believe is a Danish artist.


I love this wooden Swedish girl dressed in colorful traditional clothes. She is a double candle holder. Next to it I found this heart shaped plate of JFK with Jackie. This plate isn’t valuable but it was only 50 cents.

Another vintage item I picked up was this wooden piece. At first I thought it was an old bowling pin but now I believe it is a potato masher. It’s quite heavy and could probably also be used as a weapon if you were mashing potatoes and an intruder came into your house.


At two of the sales I went to I was able to purchase some American Girl doll items. I picked up a vintage Bitty Baby marked Pleasant Company and several American Girl pets plus accessories for them.

I bought two pretty wicker chairs from a set made for the doll Samantha.


There were also some clothes and other American Girl accessories as well.

Some other toys that I picked up this weekend include a Calico Critters house with some furniture and accessories and a My Twinn doll that has some issues.

I was excited at first about the My Twinn doll but after I got her home I realized she has some issues including no eyebrows, very short bangs which may have been cut and some short eyelashes that look like they were cut. I don’t know how much this will affect her value. I need to make some good money because theses items, plus some others cost me about $100. Yikes.

That’s about it for this weekend. Looking forward to getting this all listed!

Vintage Plush, Frames and a Variety

Is it spring yet? I guess not because it was 9 degrees when I got out of my car this morning to go to a small rummage sale that was close to my neighborhood. Unlike the sale I attended last weekend, this one had no clothes which was great because I don’t usually buy clothes.

There was a table of toys and under the table of toys were boxes of plush. Each was $1. I picked up this Land Before Time Little Foot by Gund. He was probably my best find of the day. I’m hoping to get $25 for him. He’s pretty big at about 15″ and in good condition.


I picked up this guy because I thought he was unusual and he had his paper tag. He is  Russell from a show called Once Upon A Forest. He may sell but I’m not sure.


Last weekend I picked up two Puppy/Kitty surprise plush at the estate sale I went to and coincidentally I found another one this week. That happens often. I don’t know what it means. This was another dog but unfortunately she didn’t have any babies. The cat from last week sold for $17.99. I didn’t think this one would sell for much. I put it up for $12.99 and it sold in about an hour. Maybe I should be pricing these higher?


A friend of mine shared with me that she looks for vintage frames. These were on the $1 table so I picked them up. On the back of each is written “taken 1954.” I’m not sure if the frames are that old too. They seemed a little unusual and in pretty good shape so I took a chance on them. They are only 6″ in diameter and could also be instant relatives for someone.


Also for $1 was this wooden candle shelf marked Pine Shop Original. I used “colonial” and “primitive” as key words for it. I hope that helps it to sell. It’s very smooth, nice quality wood. I put $19 on it.


There was also a 50 cent table where I picked up a pair of glasses. I picked them up because they had a designers name in them and were an unusual color. I’ve recently seen the value of glasses that have a distinctive color. My mother lives in a health care facility and she was losing her glasses often. They were brown and looked like everyone else’s glasses. They finally got lost and couldn’t be found again. I looked where they kept the lost and found glasses and I couldn’t tell which ones were hers if they were even there. I went with her to get new glasses and we got her pink frames so now they can easily differentiate her glasses from other ones. I don’t know if this will prevent them from getting lost but it will probably make them easier to find!


One of my favorite finds of the day was from an estate sale. Everything was pretty picked over by the time I got there. What was still there was expensive but when I went in the attic I saw a box of these with $1 price sticker on them. Sold! My mom used to put these out on my birthday when I had a party and fill them with MnMs. They are little frilly plastic baskets. I just think they are really sweet and nostalgic and I believe they are used as a craft supply.


I picked up two items at the thrift store. I saw this Gotz doll in the box and took a chance on her for $20 which is way more than I like to spend. I have sold several Gotz dolls before but we will see about this one. She’s so pretty!


I also picked up this colorful tablecloth decorated for Jewish holidays. Comps on this look pretty good. Since it is getting more competitive out there I am really trying to buy a big variety of items.


That’s all for this weekend! Spring and more sales are coming!!

Tag Sale Haul For Resale – Toys, Dolls and Plush

I attended three sales this weekend. The first and best was a children’s sale for a nursery school. They had a $5 early bird fee but what made that OK was there were 3 big boxes out front filled with free plush! I fished through and took about 12 without researching. After bringing them home it seems there are 3 I can sell. The best one is this pink owl by Nat and Jules. I have seen them sell between $25 and $36. I picked it up because it’s very cute.


The other 2 items I hope will sell for at least $10 each are this family hand puppet from Austria and this Gund baby toy of a stylized Big Bad Wolf filled with small toys.

Inside I paid 7 more dollars and bought this Lammily doll which apparently is a doll developed to represent a more realistic body type than Barbie. I don’t know. To me she just looks like she has bad posture.


Another find at this sale was this American Girl Bitty Baby. She comes with her pajamas and a doll /bitty bear carrier. All the dolls were marked at $2. (photo to come). When I took the doll’s pajamas off to clean her I discovered that her arm was ripped with stuffing coming out between the vinyl arm and cloth body. I think I can still sell her as a TLC doll. I’m sure there is someone who can repair her.


On the way home I stopped at a Church Christmas Bazaar with a small tag sale area. It was about 11:00 and it had started at 9:00 so I didn’t have high hopes but I found a bag of fisher  price Royal Family Little People for $2. I have seen similar groups sell for between $40 and $50. Sometimes you can still find good items at a sale even if you go late!


At this same sale I picked up these two plastic canoes by a company called Timpo. They are vintage and were made in Great Britain. I paid $1 and am hoping to make $10 from the pair.


One item that was not pictured from last week was this set of miniature Hello Kitty dishes. They were in a bag for $1 and I believe they are from the 1970’s. My first ever sales on Ebay were when I sold my sister’s childhood Hello Kitty collection for her. She found them in a shoebox and was going to toss them. I couldn’t believe how much money she made and I was hooked!


Those are the highlights from this weekend! Tag sales are definitely beginning to wind down but should be able to hold on for a few more weeks!

When Life Gives You Lemons – Sell Them!

I went to four sales this weekend and it was good however I did end up with a few lemons. At one sale I bought two porcelain trinket boxes. They were by an English company called Crummles and both appeared to come in the original box. Even though they were $5 each I bought them because I have had luck before selling similar boxes. I only realized after I got home that one of the porcelain boxes was a generic, unmarked box which didn’t belong in the box it came in. This is what the correct set looks like:

This is what the incorrect set looks like.

I decided I would try to sell the square trinket box and also the empty box (separately). Someone may have a Crummles trinket box without an outer box.

The other lemon was a Lenox Christmas music box. When I bought it, it was inside 1/2 of a styrofoam packing container. I left it in there when I bought it thinking it would be protected. When I got home and pulled out the music box – the bottom was covered in mold. Yuck! I wrapped it in a plastic bag and quickly threw it away.

There rest of the items I picked up this weekend were fine. One sale I went to had Christmas ornaments for 25 cents. I picked up a Lenox reindeer, a victorian style porcelain girl holding a doll, a Dunkin’ Donuts cup and a Henning of Norway wooden caroling figure. The last one is a candle holder – not an ornament.

Another group of small items I picked up were these five Hagen Renaker porcelain miniature dogs. I think I was charged $1 for all. Some of these animals can do well even on their own but I am lotting up this group and hope to get $19.99 for it.


At this same sale I also picked up this woven rug for $2. It is marked rug-pirot from Yugoslavia. It is small at only 24″ x 18″. I thought someone might like the primitive graphics on it.


At the same sale where I picked up the moldy Lenox I also picked up this Lenox figure of a snowman pulling a snow boy in a sled. This is marked “retail exclusive” and looks like it may go for between $30 and $40. I paid $3. That’s also how much they charged for the Lenox music box. I’m glad there wasn’t an extra charge for the mold!


At this sale I also picked up a black Coach wristlet phone case for $1. I am hoping to get $24 for it.


I found a box of Lego trains and tracks sitting under some stuffed animals. I believe this is a remote control motorized train which means I will have to test it. She charged me $2 for it. : )


Even though mugs don’t sell well for me, I continue to purchase them. I have a problem but I couldn’t leave this guy behind. According to research that I’ve done he should sell for at least $14. But I have done research before and sometimes what mugs do for other people they don’t do for me. But this guy is super cool!


I stopped at a few yard sales as well, and as usual, didn’t find much except this pair of Nambe lead crystal candle holders. They were marked $3 and had their original box. They are beautiful and I thought it was a good deal.

This weekend had it’s ups and downs. I guess life usually does, but overall – it was a lot of fun!!

Vintage Charm and Christmas!

I found several charming vintage items this weekend. I attended 3 church sales. None of them were spectacular but there was enough stuff to keep me happy!

At the first sale I picked up this Triple Treasure coin bank. It is cardboard and metal and I love the illustrations. It is dated 1957. I think it could be put out at Christmas because it features Santa!


I purchased four other Christmas items this weekend including a vintage glass ornament with glass angels and a Christmas tree inside,  a Joan Anglund Walsh ornament of one of her cute figures as a chef baking Christmas cookies and two plastic Chrismas village houses with holes for lights. My favorite was a set of 4 Goebel angel bells each holding a different instrument.

At the housewares table at one sale, these Villeroy & Boch Design Naif trays were each marked $1. They are decorated with colorful primitive style illustrations and signed Laplau. I have sold similar items before.

This also seemed to be a weekend for figurines. This music box by Schmid caught my eye. It features a bunny dressed as an English Bobby and plays Waltzing Matilda. I don’t know what the connection is between the subject matter and the song. I also found a sweet Beswick England Beatrix Potter figurine of Mrs. Rabbit.

This wooden giraffe puzzle box was too unique to pass up even though I don’t think it has a lot of value. There was also this vintage set of 3 poodles held together with a chain. They would be more valuable if they were ceramic but they are plastic painted to look like wood. I like their gem eyes!

I picked up a Kipling bag which I have heard can do well. I love the blue gorilla key chain it comes with and apparently is part of the brand.

I also picked up a box of 26 Littlest Pet Shop animals for $1. There are several cats and dogs here so I hope it will do well.


The last thing I will share is this funny vintage Executive Teddy Bear. When you pull his string he says encouraging phrases like “You’re a born leader” and “You’re going to the top”. I need a bear for Ebay that says “That’s going to sell for a lot of money” and “Get off your bottom and start listing!”


Antique Dolls, Chatty Cathy, Dansk and a Special Dooney

I was able to attend a church sale this week that started on Thursday morning. There was a line and suddenly this woman started ranting about how they weren’t going to let her in and said they were going to call the cops on her. She said “I bought a box of dolls here last year for $10.” Someone on line asked her “Did you get your dolls?” It was all very confusing and then, word spread up the line that this lady was a “dealer” (which aren’t many of us now?) but that she was so aggressive and pushy last year the church didn’t want to let her in. Well – good for them! It’s awful to be at a sale and have someone shove you! They also said that she was just sweeping stuff into her bags. I’m glad that someone called her on her bad behavior and I can tell you that everyone at the sale this time was super polite! No one wanted to get banned for next year!

Anyway – it was a really good sale. The first item I picked up was a mohair bear from Germany by the company Hermann. I picked him up because he looked like he might be a Steiff. He is the Happy Wanderer bear and plays that song when you wind him up. He has a great felt hat and backpack. I hope to get between $30 and $40 for him.


Also at the toy table I picked up a Chatty Cathy doll which I have never found before. She is from 1960 and has kind of a strange face. Her red coat is original with very nice details. She is supposed to talk but when you pull her string there is a loud whirring sound. Prices for these seem all over the place so I think I will put her at auction.


At the same table I bought this small porcelain head doll which I believe is an antique. I was confused because the way her eyes and body looked, she appeared quite old but her arms were plastic. My non-expert conclusion is that she had her arms replaced. She is marked Germany on her head with some numbers and letters that I believe indicate she was made by a company called Armand Marseille. I never found anything like this before and I love dolls so this was an exciting find!

In the toy area I also picked up this wooden jigsaw puzzle which features a scene from a tapestry by William Morris.


There were also these two tin toy cars marked Japan. I like the way they are color coordinated together. I will sell them as a set.


In the housewares area I found a Dansk pepper mill with a cool mid century design. I am hoping to get $50 for this.


My best find from this sale was a Minnie Mouse bow Dooney and Bourke bag which is pretty collectible. I was surprised.


On the down side, I left behind a Norman Rockwell perpetual calendar which I thought about but decided not to take because it was pretty big and marked $5. It is worth about $150. There was no phone service in the church so I only found this out after.

All those items above cost $21. I love rummage sales.

I was also wondering how much I this stuff I would have been able to get had they let that aggressive lady in because she mentioned she bought dolls last year!

In contrast to this great sale was the church sale I went to on Saturday that had a $10 early bird. They charged me $10 for my items which brought my total to $20. I will be lucky to break even. I just wasn’t finding much good stuff at all but here’s what I picked up:

A perfume and moisturizer set, a vintage Yankee doll, a Barbie Fashion Avenue outfit from 2002 and a Thirty-One bag.


I also went to a multi-family yard sale which was on the Yard Sale App on my phone. There were actually two sales across the street from each other. At the first sale there was an American Girl doll priced at $40 and her hair was fried. Across the street, coincidentally, there was another American Girl doll. This one was priced at $5 except her hair had been cut. Still – I bought the $5 doll because I think I can still make a good profit. I believe this doll is Felicity. I didn’t recognize her at first because of her modern hair do.


Another doll I took a chance on at this sale was an old doll that the woman said was a Patsy doll. The doll came with a little note that said “Patsy doll from the 1920’s.” Unfortunately the doll was not marked in any way and buyers don’t usually put a lot of stock in old hand written notes. I am listing her as a “Patsy type doll.” She is a painted composition doll in good condition except for a lot of chippy paint. I think she has a great look.

I also picked up a large plush Chewbacca toy. He isn’t too old but I am hoping to get about $20 for him. Here he is socializing with the girls.


Those were the highlights of my weekend. It certainly had ups and downs but in general was very fun!