Vintage Toys, Dolls, Christmas and Crafts

It is getting tricky at some sales to find things at a reasonable price to resell. A recent sale I attended had a huge boutique section and much of it was vintage toys. They had a whole area of Fisher Price items that were marked between $10 and $15 which is about what they would sell for online. I paid $20 for a lot of Little Tikes dollhouse items but because some of the pieces are rare I am hoping to still do OK.

There was a regular toy area which I guess had the things that they didn’t believe were valuable. I picked up two plush items for $2 each. One is a Gizmo character from the movie Gremlins, and the other is a peach bear Puffalump which I’m hoping will bring $20.

There was a ziploc bag of broken toys which I recognized as vintage Masters of the Universe pieces. It was $3 but since it had a rare character and some weapons I think there’s some profit in it.

There was a room marked “crafts” where I picked up some border punches for card making. They were only 50 cents each and some of them can do well. I was happily surprised when I saw that this room also had vintage Christmas in it. I was able to pick up this vintage white bottle brush tree which winds up and plays “Silent Night.” It has a partial mercury glass garland around it too. It was $2. This plastic church also plays “Silent Night” when you wind it up. I have sold one of these before but that one came with the cross on top and the light bulb that goes inside it.

On the way to that sale I stopped at a Goodwill where I found this stuffed toy which is from a series in the 1980’s called “Pillow People.” I have only found one of these before and that one was a cat. She was $4 and I am hoping I can get a least $25 for her.


Those are the highlights from finds for last week. There is not too much going on this weekend due to the holidays and a storm that’s hitting the east coast. Hopefully it will pick up again soon!


Vintage Toys, Dolls and Perfume

Last weekend there were many doll and doll items that turned up. There was a box of Bitty Baby dolls but they were marked at $15 each. I asked if she would take $10 each if I bought two and she did! I have learned that the Bitty Baby dolls with rooted hair do better than the dolls with molded hair. This nurse doll is by Medline which makes medical products like the scrub outfits that this doll is wearing.

I picked up a bag of doll clothes for $2 which turned out to be clothes for the Furga Italian fashion dolls. These clothes are beautifully made and some are very mod looking since they come from the 1960’s.

I found a pretty vintage paint by numbers of some colorful parakeets. There was a wall of art work at this sale where most was marked $1. Another item I picked up there was this cough syrup advertisement. I believe it is vintage and not a reproduction.

I didn’t find any jewelry at the jewelry table which was very crowded at first. There were a few bottles of perfume which were marked $4 each. Here are two I picked up. One is a Liz Claiborne perfume and the other is a small purse sized Christian Dior bottle.

Some odds and ends I picked up include a train toy that spins around and a vintage tin of beeswax crayons from Germany.

Those are some highlights from last weekend. So happy to be out treasure hunting at sales again!!

Vintage Toys, Dolls, Pyrex and some Jewelry

I attended a small sale where I picked up some fun vintage toys. This rag doll caught my eye because I have twice sold the girl version of this which is called “Lolly Dolly” by Fisher Price. I have never seen this boy version before. His name is “Cholly” and he is rarer than “Lolly” and sold quickly for $29. All the toys at this sale were $1. I also picked up this Tony the Tiger which is dated 1973.

I bought this cute Japanese doll and this vintage plastic doll. Neither have any identifying marks on them.

I couldn’t resist this wooden sheep which is a box that is also a peg board game. It is marked Takahashi from Japan. I think it may be from the 1970’s.

At the same sale I bought this small shadow box by Scott Lyon entitled “Tea for Two” which I think is very charming. His room boxes are somewhat collectible so for $1 I picked it up. I’ll enjoy looking at it until it sells. I also found this Polly Pocket sized necklace which features Cinderella and her Prince in a little locket play set.

From the thrift store I bought a pink daisy Pyrex casserole dish. I rarely find nice Pyrex at the thrift store but this dish was in a blue bin that just came out from the back. It was marked $6 and sold for $82. I also got this set of pre cut Brady Bunch paper dolls. They don’t have a lot of value, maybe $15? I couldn’t leave them behind since this was my era!

I don’t usually buy much jewelry but I took a chance when I saw this beautiful turquoise necklace at Goodwill for $20. It is marked 925 and signed Barse. It is large at about 2″ tall and I think the design is unique so I have it up for a high price.


The sun is shining brighter and it’s trying to get warmer so I think good things, like yard and rummage sales, are on their way!

Tiny Things in Bags, Dolls and Mugs!

I have been sourcing quite a few mugs lately because some of them have been selling! I recently picked up the following three mugs and the bird cage mug has already sold for $19.99. The face mug is Dwight Schrute from “The Office.” It is a discontinued mug that seems to go for about $25.  Mugs are great because even at the thrift store they are usually not more than $2.

I found two vintage dolls at estate sales. One is a Miss Revlon doll by Ideal. She comes with a dress and slip. I don’t know the brand of the other one but I think she is a little older than the Revlon doll. She has no clothes. I don’t have a picture of her yet.


I found a few more small items in the bags on the wall at the thrift store. These two mice are marked MMA for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They are also marked “France.” The other blue and white mouse is also marked MMA. I think this dachshund figure is very cute in his “play with me” pose. He is marked Germany. The three mice came together in a $3 bag. The dog was in another bag for $3.

Another bag had this pair of rabbits inside. They were marked Herend Hungary which is a great brand. I hoping someone might like to add them to their Easter decor. This bird came with the rabbits. He is marked KE for Ken Edwards. It was made in Mexico.

I’m getting impatient for tag sale season to start!!

Thrift Store Finds

I have picked up a few dolls and toys at the thrift store lately. I also got one unusual item which I picked up because it was marked on the bottom Jeffrey Bernett Corian and Conde Nast. From my research I found out that he is a famous designer. I don’t really know what exactly this thing is. I guess it is some kind of box or container. I listed it as a desk accessory. I think it looks cool and you don’t find many things made of Corian besides counter tops.


I found an older Barbie doll in a vintage dress hanging in one of the bags on the wall. I’m selling the doll and the dress separately. Unfortunately both are in pretty poor condition. I picked up a Radio City Rockettes doll because she was new in her box. The last doll I found came from an estate sale. I think she has a really beautiful painted face and some lovely, well made clothing.


I purchased two plush items which are this green Crayola crayon bear and a Kipling gorilla mascot key chain.


The find of the week came from a $4.00 bag on the wall. I picked it up because I thought I saw one of those flocked animals from Germany. It turned out that this cute dog was an Original Real Fur animal from West Germany. He sold quickly for $15.00. But also in the bag, which I didn’t even notice until I opened it, was a small vintage Steiff pig!


The last two things I bought this week came from the same estate sale where I found the cloth doll. They are a painted wooden box from Italy and a glass golf putter head paperweight. Lots of variety of finds this week. I am anxiously awaiting spring!


Vintage Christmas, Puppets and Barbies

Estate sales are the only sourcing opportunity for me lately. Last week there was only one near me but I think it was a good one. It opened at ten and when I drove by at 10:15 there was no parking and a line out the door. I decided to go to the thrift stores and come back later. I was hoping there would still be things to find. The funny thing about this sale was that it was like a mirror of my life. This family liked everything that I do including puppets, dolls and dollhouses. It looks like the husband also did a little magic and that is the same for my husband. I paid $33 for the items I’m sharing below.

One room was toy/puppet/doll central. There was a bin of old puppets. From there I bought a vintage Eeyore puppet which was an early Gund Swedlin toy. I found the same Steiff black poodle that I found in November at a different sale. That one sold recently for $19.99. I would have gotten more if it had its Steiff ear button. I also picked up a Gizmo puppet which needs a sewing repair. Which means it probably not get listed until the spring. The last puppet was a Santa Claus with a wooden head from East Germany.

I noticed a box on the very top of a bookshelf and when I pulled it town I found three vintage Barbies inside. There were two Francie dolls and one PJ doll. One of the Francie dolls was wearing a vintage Barbie dress which I decided to sell with her.

I also bought a stuffed animal from that room which is Sandy from Little Orphan Annie. I didn’t know what it was at first. I thought its was a toy that just lost the color in the eyes but then I realized who it was. His fur was quite dirty and took a while to clean.


The find of the day was this Bradford Celestial Star spinning light Christmas tree topper. In good condition these can sell for a few hundred dollars. I found this in the basement with some other old Christmas stuff. I believe it is from the 1950s.


So the dirt, grime and musty smells were worth it! Still – it does make me miss the tag sales of spring!

Best Doll Sales of 2018

I have always loved dolls and really enjoy selling them. This way I can enjoy them for a little while and then pass them on to someone who will appreciate them. I also get to learn about all kinds of dolls. What follows are 10 of the best doll sales for this year.

The first one is a Madame Alexander 8″ nurse doll. I remember seeing Madame Alexander dolls in the Sears wishbook catalog at christmas time. I never had one but enjoy finding them now. Many are not worth much but some have good value. This doll sold for $39.99. She was found in a box of dolls that were $2 each at a fundraiser for animals.


This next doll was really a puppet. I picked her up at the thrift store for $6. She is an oversized police woman, measuring 30″ tall. She was very detailed and well made. She sold for $39.99.


This doll came from a church sale. I believe she was $3. She’s a Dy-dee doll by Effanbee. She had a rubber body and had some condition issues but sold for $40 on a best offer.


At the same sale as I found the Madame Alexander doll, in the same box, were these two Levi’s dolls. I picked them up because I know people sell vintage Levi’s so I thought – well, maybe dolls made of Levi’s would be good too. I believe they were from the 70s and they look it. I sold the pair for $49.99.


This Dawn doll was one of my favorite doll purchases of 2018. I had Dawn dolls growing up instead of Barbies and I loved them. I do have a small collection now and was very tempted to keep this beautiful doll new in her box but I let her go. She sold for $49.99.


This doll was a Betsy McCall Jane by Robert Tonner. I thought she was porcelain but it turned out she was vinyl. She came from the thrift store for about $7.00. I picked her up because she looked unusual and she was signed. I was able to sell her for $69.99.


I have sold several My Twinn dolls but this was the best one I found all year. She was only $3 at a church tag sale and came in her original box with extra clothing. She sold for $85.


I’m including two lots of doll clothes this year. This first group was in a bag hanging at the thrift store for about $4. I saw a tag that said Tammy on one of the items and that was enough for me to buy it. It turned out to have a rare dress which is the one with the big eyes. Because of that dress I was able to sell the lot for $99.99.


The other lot I sold was a group of Barbie clothes that I found in a Skipper case at a church sale. I paid $8 for the case and was able to sell this lot for $59.99. I love finding a bunch of clothes with snaps and figuring out what dolls the clothes are for and how old they are.


The last doll I’m sharing sold for $99.99. She is a Sasha doll and I may have undersold her. She sold quickly and after she sold someone messaged me and said that the doll was very old and worth about $500. I don’t really know for sure but maybe someone got a great deal that day.


It was a very fun year for finding and selling dolls. Wishing everyone a very happy New Year!!