A Townwide Tag Sale!

Last weekend I attended a townwide tag sale about 1/2 hour north of me. It was great fun to go to so many house sales and there were even some churches involved. Besides the houses there was a central area where many individuals were set up. At one of those booths I purchased two Gameboy advance consoles. I paid $10 for each of them so I hope they sell well. I believe the red one is the better one so I added a game to help sell the pink one.

This lady also had several TI graphing calculators which she was also asking $10 for. I got a TI 84 and a TI 83 plus which I can’t get to work so that’s a bummer.

At the first church sale I went to I bought 4 items and paid $1 each. I picked up a miniature bear by Hallmark, a set of vintage current notecards featuring adorable animals, a set of skin care products and a Robie the Banker. I have sold several of the robotic bankers before. He eats coins and then rolls his eyes and licks his lips. I was happy to find him with his box and instructions. I have him up for $39.

There was another church sale where I found a box of vintage dolls. They were 50 cents each. At first I was hoping to find an old Barbie but all the Barbies were newer. I recognized three Charlie’s Angels dolls. I have sold some of these individually before for about $10 each. Unfortunately one has a broken leg but I’m still selling them together. Sometimes people just want the clothes.


I found 3 older Strawberry Shortcake dolls that I may get about $5 each for. Then there were some other dolls with pretty strange looking faces. I got them because I thought they must be from some TV show or movie. As it turns out they are from The Waltons. I guess they were trying for very accurate face sculpts which makes them kind of creepy. I really loved that show when I was young.

Two more dolls that I found were this Evel Knievel figure and a cute cloth doll. There is a market for dolls with these simple kinds of faces because some people think it helps a child to use their imagination.

The last two items from this sale were this candelabra which I picked up because of the vintage looking box. I spotted this little coin which said “Season’s Greetings” on it. It was only $1 but I bought it because it also said “one troy ounce .999 silver.” I am hoping for at least $20 for the coin.

So that was a fun day. I may have overspent in the beginning but I think I made up for it towards the end. The weather has cooled down here a bit which is nice but now there’s hurricane season to deal with!


Curio Cabinets, Figurines, Barbie Clothes and Driving Far

I drove very far to a church sale last Friday night and I don’t know if it was worth it but it was fun. They have a downstairs area for toys and the first item I saw was this metal Wolverine toy kitchen hutch. It is about 16″ tall and even has a little clock in the middle with hands that move. I love old toys like this and it was only $2. I’m hoping to get between $20 and $30 for it.


I picked up a Jurassic Park/Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. This isn’t one of the rare ones but I will try for $20 on him since Christmas is coming.


I went upstairs where everything else was and picked up a few items. This elegant looking tape dispenser was only $2. It has gold ladybugs on each side and came with a refill in a vintage box! I like this pretty vintage Christmas pillowcase with toys all over it. I don’t know if this is a popular thing. I don’t usually change my sheets when I decorate for the holidays. The white figurine was only $1 and I had to pick her up because she was marked Royal Doulton on the bottom. I am hoping to get $20 for her. Finally I picked up a glass and brass display case for $5. These are hard to ship but they usually sell well so I grabbed it.

The next day I attended another sale where I also found a few items. I found a vintage Catherineholm plate under a stack of plates for $1. Since it is yellow I’ll be keeping it because that is one of the colors of MCM items that I collect. I bought several items that were duds but I found a vintage Skipper doll case under a table and it had lots of vintage doll clothes in it. It was $8 but I think it will work out. Last week when I was on vacation with my family I researched the clothes and was able to figure which dolls the clothes belonged to. There were clothes for Barbie, Skipper, Tutti, Tammy, Ken and some dolls that I never heard of before which are Heidi, Hildy, Cricket and Tressy. There wasn’t a huge amount of clothes for each doll but this child must have had a lot of dolls! Below are pictures of some of the lots of items I’ll be selling. The instruments are for the doll, Tressy. I believe that most of the items are from the 60’s, like me.

That’s all I have to share for now. It’s back to school time and also time for the Fall rummage sales!!

Madame Alexander Dolls, Games, Artwork and More!

It was pouring for most of Saturday but I was able to attend one indoor charity sale which lifted my spirits. There was a box of dolls that said $2 each or 3 dolls for $5. I recognized some as Madame Alexander. These dolls have a wide range of values. Two of the dolls that I picked up also had tears in their dresses. The best one I picked up was a cute nurse doll. She’s in good shape and hopefully will bring about $30. The next doll is from Gone With the Wind. She is Melanie and her dress is really beautiful but unfortunately, full of holes and faded. Another doll is from the International Collection and represents the United States. Again her dress is quite torn. A fourth doll I purchased is a Ginny doll by the company Vogue. Older Ginny dolls can bring a lot of money. This one, from 1985, is not very valuable. I can remember looking at the Christmas Sears toy catalog and seeing the beautiful Madame Alexander dolls, which were too expensive for us back then. It’s kind of fun to own them for a little while now.

I also picked up a pair of denim rag dolls by Knickerbocker for Levis. Each has a denim jacket with the Levis logo on it. They seem to be fairly collectible. I hoping to get at least $30 for the pair.


I picked up some artwork as well. First is this pair of cat art printed on ceramic tiles and framed. I love these because I love cats.

The next item is my favorite item that I bought on Saturday. It is a watercolor painting of a highway interchange between the Long Island Expressway and the Clearview Expressway in Queens New York. It seems pretty old but I don’t know the age of it. The reason why I love this so much is because this is exactly where I grew up! I don’t know what the value would be on this – or even how to list it but I think it’s cool. It was $1.


The second coolest thing I bought was this pair of cat shoes. This was a fund raiser for an animal shelter so there were a lot of animal themed items. These are not my style but I wish they were because I think they’re awesome!!


I picked up two games. One is Pretty Pretty Princess which is a pretty popular game but I have never found it complete before. I am hoping to get $40 for it. The other game is called Eve Conquest and I believe it is connected with a game played online. It looks incredibly complicated.

Finally, I picked up this Waffle Weave Loom kit. I believe it is from the 70’s. I picked it up because someone said that weaving items sell. I think I can get at least $20 for it and it has a fun retro look.


Those are the highlights from one good sale I was able to go to. It will keep me busy listing this week!

Dooney & Bourke, Paint by Number and Dolls Galore!

Last week in one trip to the thrift store I bought three dolls! Two of them were $10 each and one was $8 but I still think they were good deals. The first doll was the Barbie Alice from Twilight which I had also sold last year. She was new in a damaged box and was one of the $10 dolls but she sold quickly for $55.

The second doll I found, which was also $10 was a My Twinn doll. She is the first non posable My Twinn that I have found which means she is an early version but this doesn’t increase her value. This is the third My Twinn doll I have found this year and the second one that was at the thrift store!

The third doll was in a big set that came with a bunch of clothes. It was $8 and I thought that it was a great deal. It is a soft Madeline doll complete with her coat, dog and four outfits. I think this will make a great Christmas gift so I am putting this up at $40 and am not coming down in price until after Christmas is over!

I was looking on facebook and someone in my neighborhood posted about a tag sale they were having. They also posted pictures and in the pictures I spotted two Dooney & Bourke bags. It was late in the afternoon when I saw this post and the sale was over for the day but was on again the next day. I was very surprised to see the bags still there when I went there and even more surprised when the lady only charged me $3 for both! Finally a bargain! I believe the cute bee print is pretty collectible.

This weekend I found a few items at two community sales. I picked up two paint by number paintings that were $8.00 each. I thought that was kind of high but I bought them anyway. I think they would be nice cabin decor.

I picked up two pieces of jewelry for $8 together. One is a silver and lapis pendant and the other is a cloisonné heart pendant.

Some other odds and ends that I bought include a Parker Pen set ($4), a vintage paperweight ($2), a sharpening stone ($1) and a Lenox salt and pepper shaker set ($5).

I paid more that I usually do for items this weekend but hopefully it will pay off in the long run. August and more hot weather is here but I love the summer anyway!

Vintage Steiff, Dolls and Lots of Other Stuff

I attended two sales last weekend where I found some good items. The first sale was at a Synagogue where I did well last year so I was looking forward to it this year. However, this time it seemed that I wasn’t finding much but I didn’t give up. I keep looking in different areas and finally, in the linens area I picked up these two needlework kits by a company named Ehrman. Earlier in the year I found a completed Ehrman needlepoint which I sold for $39. When I saw the name and the subject matter, I was pretty sure it was a good find. They are both pillow cover kits featuring cats and I have them up for about $99 each.

I did eventually make my way over to the jewelry table when the crowds had dispersed. For $3 I picked up a colorful Swatch watch and a silver heart with inlaid stones. I am keeping the heart pendant for now. It was $10 and is double sided!

The next sale I went to was a church sale. They have a toy area outside the church where every year they have a kiddie pool filled with plush. This year I was surprised and excited to find three small Steiff animals including a cat, a tiger and a pig. The pig is not mohair and also not very valuable. I’m hoping to get at least $30 for each of the other two and I think they’re very sweet too. The plush in the pool was $1 each.



The toy area also had a lot of American Girl dolls and items but they were marked fairly high so I left them. I did find a Sasha doll for $10 with a bag of clothing. Even though she needs to be restrung I think she will sell well.

Inside the church they had everything else. The prices were good – between $1 and $3 so I took a chance on some items. Some of the things I bought include a Little Bo Peep ceramic figure, a Spirit box made in Canada from crushed marble, a vintage tin made in England featuring toy soldiers and a blue and white sheep dog marked Minton.

The mugs were 50 cents so I picked up a Taylor & Ng frog mug in fair condition and a Spode blue and white Golfer mug.

Those were the highlights from last weekend! We’ve had some pretty hot weather here in the northeast but not too hot for going to tag sales!!

Thrifty Finds and a Tag Sale Haul

Often I leave the thrift store with nothing but last week I found a few good items. I always check the bags on the wall of little toys in bags. I saw a bag with what looked like old Barbie clothes but I was able to see one of the tags and it said “Tammy”. Tammy was a doll that was similar to Barbie. I bought two bags and they turned out to have quite a few pieces of Tammy clothing, some Tutti clothes, some Chris clothes and some Ken clothes. I sorted it all out and came up with four different lots to sell.

The best piece in the group was the blue dress with the characters on it. I was able to sell that group of Tammy clothes for $99.99. Woohoo!

I picked up this vintage Donkey Kong plush from the 1980’s. He was $4 and I have him up for $37.


On Saturday I went to a few church and yard sales. The first sale I went to didn’t seem to have too much. At first I bought this Vera Bradley handbag because it appeared to be new with tags. Vera Bradley doesn’t sell as well as it used to but because this bag is new I’m hoping it will sell. On my second pass around this church I spotted a big box that said “My Twinn”. I was super excited to find this doll in like new condition, with an extra pajama outfit included marked at $3!

Later on I attended another church sale that had started the day before. I wasn’t expecting to find too much because of this, but I picked up several items. I bought this Japanese doll in a silk kimono. She has some condition issues but I think she is pretty cute and hope to get at least $20 for her. I was all “Tammy dolled up” after my experience earlier in the week with the Tammy clothes so when I saw this set of two dolls from the Tammy family I impusively overpaid $20 for them. After I got them home I realized that the Tammy doll has drawn on eyebrows and has other condition issues. The smaller doll is called Penny Brite. I’ll be lucky to break even on these dolls.

I also picked up some anti aging beauty products for $2 each, a Dimensions crewel kit of a beach scene from 1977, an Arabia Moomin mug and a ceramic pin from Denmark. The character on the mug I believe is a hippo. There is a whole series of character mugs by Arabia and some of them sell very well.

The weather is heating up and so are the sales! I hope you are having fun wherever you are!!

Dolls, Calico Critters and Steiff

This was a big weekend for dolls. I was at a large sale with loads of stuff piled everywhere. I was looking under a table and saw a clear bag marked “baby dolls $4” but when I looked at it I saw that they were American Girl dolls. I put them into my bag and they were half sticking out. Another lady saw them and said to her friend “Oh look – she got them.” I don’t know what that was about. Were these dolls meant for her with “baby dolls” written on it as a decoy? Maybe next time don’t put them in a clear bag.

The other doll I found this weekend was at a community tag sale where it was pouring rain. There was one man who had a little tent. He had a box of Barbie’s and said I could have the box for $5. There was only one I wanted but I didn’t want to just ask for the one so I took the whole box. The Barbie I wanted was a bubble cut Barbie with a 1958 date. She is in pretty good condition but there is a defect on her chin. She sold quickly for $24. She also came in a cute vintage outfit.

Again from the first sale, for $4, I got a box of Calico Critter figures and furniture. From another area I also picked up a green car which I have sold before. I am separating these items into lots and hope to get between $15 and $20 for each group. Here are some of them.

Some other odds and ends that I picked up include a pair of ceramic Japanese Emperor and Empress figures, a stone/fossil pyramid paperweight, a lucky charms charm bracelet and a Pokemon game in the style of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

I haven’t been finding much at the thrift store lately. I wonder if people have yard sales instead of just donating things, now that the weather is nice. I did pick up this giant tiger stuffed animal that I believe is a Steiff. Unfortunately he is missing one eye which has been replaced by a button. He was only $7 so I think I can still get a good profit from him but I have to figure out what the cost of shipping him will be first. He’s very heavy!


That was a fun, busy weekend! Hopefully the abundance of good weather and sales will continue!