Disney Plush, Jewelry, Sprinter and other Treasures!

Spring is coming to New England very slowly this year giving a slow start to garage sale season. Sprinter is spring that is still actually winter. I went to a church sale and found some vintage plush, toys and jewelry as well.

There was a toy area where I wasn’t finding much but I started looking at the pile of plush they had and pulled out a few vintage Disney plush. The better sellers are usually the more unusual characters. I found Berloiz who is the gray brother kitten from the Aristocats movie. I’m hoping to get about $30 for him.


I also picked up this Samuel J. Gopher who is a secondary character from Winnie the Pooh. I also have him up for about $30.


Lady, from Lady and the Tramp is a fairly popular character but this is an older and large version of her so I am hoping that I still may get about $20 for her.


Recently I sold a plush of Copper, the hound dog from Disney’s The Fox and the Hound movie for $50 so I was excited to see this plush of Tod, the fox. Unfortunately this small version of Tod may only bring $10. I also picked up a small Mario backpack clip. The plush toys at this sale were only 25 cents.

There were several baskets of costume jewelry at this sale. They were all in little ziploc bags and were a little hard to see but the prices were only between $.50 and $2 so I picked up a few of the bags. In one bag there were several horse themed pieces. I think the bracelets in this group were very pretty and I am selling all the pieces in a lot.


I also picked up a Minnie Mouse pendant and a gold tone, faux jade and rhinestone bracelet.

There were two other pieces that I picked up that I think might be sterling so I am taking them to the jeweler to have them tested. I should really get one of those kits and learn how to do it myself. After I find out more I will share them.

Finally I also picked up several pieces of vintage Little Tikes dollhouse furniture. I am hoping to get about $40 for this group. They were mixed up with a big lot of dollhouse items.


I picked up a few items at the thrift store this week including this pretty original watercolor. This is my favorite style of painting and I wouldn’t mind keeping this tea pot painting for myself.


I also picked up a few artist drawing pencil sets that were hanging in the bags on the wall. Neither of these are very valuable but they may sell for $10 each.



Those are the highlights of this week. I heard a rumor that it may warm up at the end of the week but I’ll believe it when I see it!


Vintage, Mid Century Modern and Pop Culture

There were a variety of sales and a variety of items this weekend. At one community sale I went to I had a box that I was putting stuff in. There were a lot of volunteers who kept asking me if I wanted to put my box in the hold area. I don’t trust the hold area. Two years ago I had a very bad experience with the hold area and a chess set. I also know that where there is confusion things in the hold area sometimes end up back in the selling area. I know everyone has good intentions but I just like to hold my stuff. I ending up saying that “No thank you. I’m trying to see how much I can carry.” I found a couple of Betty Crocker pie cover Cookbooks and a large heavy mid century sculpture. My box was quite heavy. The sculpture reminded me of one I found last summer except this one is smaller. It was marked $10.


The hard covered books were $1. I have sold this cookbook before and found 2 this time. Unfortunately they don’t have the chapter dividers but they still should sell. I am hoping for $25.


I love to find vintage pin cushions. Last year I found a half doll pin cushion. I think this bluebird and nest pin cushion is very sweet.


The last two vintage mohair Teddy Bears I found sold for $19 each and I found two more this weekend! These are small bears that measure about 8″.

Another vintage plush I picked up was this Minnie Mouse. She is marked Walt Disney Productions. She is also small at about 6″.


Keeping with the vintage theme, I spotted a pan on a table that looked like Pyrex but I didn’t recognize the pattern. I flipped it over and saw that it was in fact marked Pyrex. Many Pyrex pieces don’t sell for much and this one had dark staining on the handles so I left it. After shopping for a while I walked back and saw that the piece was still there so I looked up “Pyrex Black Rooster” and it turns out to be a hard to find pattern.


The last vintage item I’m going to share is this wooden pull string soldier who actually bangs on his drum when you pull him along. He is made to look older then he is and is marked 1983.


I also bought some pop culture items this weekend. These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures from the 80’s came in a ziploc marked $2.


This is a Pokemon Pikachu virtual pet. I grabbed it because it was $1 and new in the package, not knowing if it had any value. I later realized that it had good value, especially in a pristine package. Maybe if I had known that I would not have put it in a place in the trunk of my car where the front of the package got damaged. I succeeding in decreasing it’s value by about half. Yay me.


I also picked up a Game Boy which unfortunately is missing the battery cover and a Pokemon game. These items cost $2. I hardly ever find things like this anymore because there are so many people looking for vintage video game items. I think the reason I got these was because I was at a tag sale in a very quiet rural area. This was in the afternoon on the second day of the sale too.

Those are the finds for this mid July weekend. I wish summer could last forever!

Vintage Toy Cars and Mini Swarovski!

The first church sale I went to today had my favorite prices – 25 cents, 40 cents and 75 cents. There were high prices too but I stayed in the low range and picked up some fun items. They had a toy area where I found this set of Nylint vintage cars. The red car is a Grand Prix Special that comes with a car trailer. It has a crack in the roof but I am going to try to get $30 for the set.


The other vintage car I bought is this Tonka horse trailer. It has two problems which are a name written on it and a crack in the plastic top. I am going to try to get $14 for this. There is also supposed to be a horse with this set.


I saw this sitting there with a 25 cent sticker on it. It is a part of a Fisher Price Little People doll house. People search for pieces to make their set complete so I am putting this up for $10.


This figure is pretty wrecked but he is also old. I’m not sure if I will list him. His face looks quite strange. Its Donald Duck from Disney looking like he’s had a few too many.


I also attended a community tag sale in a parking lot where I found a plush Kermit the Frog by Fisher Price. I recently sold a similar one but it was a puppet.


The find of the day was a group of Swarovski miniatures which I am tempted to keep. I believe that they are worth about $30 each and the lady charged me $5 each. There is a tea set, champagne set, birthday cake and a wine set which is missing the cups. The tea set is my favorite. She gave me the wine set for free because it was missing the cups. I actually passed on it and she came running after me at the sale and just gave it to me!

Those are my purchases for this weekend! Better get listing!!

Vintage Dolls, Toys, Dansk and a Pretty Paris Purse!

The big sale for me this weekend was at a church sale that is also a May Fair event. They have a toy tent where I picked up most of my items for $13. I picked up two dolls. One looks like an Italian Furga doll to me but she is unmarked. Her clothes are very 1960’s mod. She has an orange coat that looks like leather trimmed in sheepskin. Under this she is wearing a striped mini dress. The other doll is a vinyl Holly Hobbie. Most Holly Hobbie dolls I see are cloth.

I picked up this Press n’ Dress Mickey Mouse set which comes in a soft case. I have only three of the four outfits it is supposed to come with. The clothes attach with Velcro.

I also found this Disney Tsum Tsum advent calendar which appears to be new and sealed. Tsum Tsums are collectible little characters with blobby bodies and big eyes.


There was another building at this sale where they had household items and collectibles. The only good item I picked up there was this Dansk seahorse which I am selling with a Dansk lion that I already had. They have a very modern look to them. They are only about 2″ tall. I am hoping to get $24 for them together. The seahorse was $1.


Also in this building I picked up three vintage Valentines cards. They are not valuable so I will add them to my collection of vintage cards. I think they are really beautiful. They were $1 each.


I went to one other church sale where I got there late on the second day but still bought three items for $4. My favorite is this petite black satin purse with embroidered flowers. It is marked made in Paris France by Michel Swiss.


I also bought a Count Von Count plush and an interesting metal box with a modern design. It is also signed on the back but I can’t read the signature.

I had one pick up from the thrift store which is this Waechtersbach mug showing a kind of history of the American flag. I don’t have too much luck with mugs but recently I sold another Waechtersbach mug with images of a piano on it. Both mugs have recessed designs that you can feel. The piano mug was bought by a lady who asked me if you could feel the design on the mug because she was buying it for a blind person. I thought that was interesting.


That’s it for this weekend! Hope everyone is enjoying some nice spring weather finally!

Some Finds and Some Mistakes

Let’s start with the mistakes. I went to a church sale on Friday that is usually very small and not very good but since I love church sales, I went anyway. I found a few small items. I saw a wooden play set in a nice wooden box and it said Woodland Fantasies on it. I looked it up but I was not standing in front of it when I looked it up so I looked up Woodland Fantasy and couldn’t find it. It was only marked $3 but I didn’t buy it. When I looked it up again, with the correct spelling, after I got home I saw that this set which was an eskimo and arctic animal set, sells for about $60. : (. The other mistake I made on Friday was that I didn’t realize that 5 minutes away from the small church, a much bigger church was also having a sale. It was not in the paper. I noticed it the next day because the sale I went to on Saturday was also in the same area. Two big missed opportunities.

Moving on – today I went to a pretty big church sale. There were quite a few people there with multiple large bags. These people were intense. The prices were very good. Many things were only priced at 25 cents so I picked up things that I thought looked interesting in a lot of different categories.

One of my favorites, though not that valuable, is this light blue Domino Confectioners Sugar canister. I think its really cute and I love the colors. There are two other larger ones apparently that go with it.


In the same box with this, which was a box under a table, I found these two candy tins. I like how they have metal handles. All these items were marked 25 cents.


In the toy area I picked up this funky looking doll for 25 cents. She is a Uneeda doll from a line called Little Miss Sophisticates. In excellent condition they can go for $50. Mine has a bit of an eyelash issue since she is missing most of the lashes on one of her eyes. She does have part of her original outfit. Her hair is kind of messy. I will put her up for auction and see what happens.


I picked up a small plush Beaker toy. I have sold larger versions of him for about $30. This one is only 12″ tall. Along the muppet line I also found this cool puppet. She is called Tingo. I think she looks kind of like Zoe from Sesame Street. She is a Jim Henson puppet but I’m not sure what show she is from. She is very fluffy and colorful.

P1290267 P1290296

I found an older Pluto toy and a Mickey Mouse clubhouse camper play set. My daughter used to love sets like this when she was little.

P1290280 P1290286

In the collectibles area I picked up this pull string music box which plays the theme from Love Story. It is marked Edle W. Germany. I also picked up a small carved figure of a boy with a pig. This is marked Anri Italy. I don’t know if it is missing a piece or if it is complete.

P1290263 P1290274

Those were the highlights. Can’t let mistakes get you down. Keep moving forward!!

Video Games and Disney Castles

I went to three sales this weekend. One was on Friday where I found some video game items. I rarely find those anymore because there is so much competition for them. I picked up some Pokemon games and a red DS lite for a good price.

P1260616 P1260636

The sale I went to on Saturday was at a school where they usually have a lot of toys and this year was no exception. I picked up a box that said Disney Theme Park which looked like it had a bunch of random toys in it. When I got it home and sorted through it there was a light up Beauty and the Beast castle with some figures and a Cinderella castle that also came with a few figures. They put lots of details in these items. In the Cinderella castle the bottom step flips open to reveal a tiny shoe. One of the towers has a screen that pulls out from the side with fireworks drawn on it to celebrate the wedding of Cinderella and the Prince.

P1260652 P1260663

Some other small items I picked up there include a Little Einsteins magnetic play set, Hello Kitty purse and a set of Land Before Time dinosaurs.

P1260675 P1260688 P1260693

Another item from this sale is this Lucille Ball doll trunk from the Franklin Mint. It is very pretty with lots of details and it should sell for a good price except I have to figure out the shipping cost first because it is very big and very heavy.

P1260705 P1260712

When I moved out from the toy area I picked up a small bracelet with yellow beads that I thought might be bakelite but it turned out they were not. I purchased this turquoise vase which I kind of love for its color and unusual shape.


At the last sale I went to I purchased this Cinderella music box. I guess it really was a Disney day!


Thanks for visiting!