Best Toy and Game Sales of 2017

I usually do a best plush sales of the year blog but this year I didn’t really sell too much plush so I am including them in the toy and game category. These are my top 10 toy and game sales on Ebay for 2017 plus one honorable mention.

This little duck is an origami rubber ducky. He is an honorable mention. I thought he was so unique and I couldn’t find another one anywhere. I picked him up at the thrift store for $1. He sold for $20.


In the plush category, this watercolor Build A Bear Hello Kitty sold for $34.99. I don’t come across many Build A Bears that have value but I know that some of them do. This one was unusual looking and since I am a Hello Kitty fan I researched it and found that it would sell for a good price. It was important that it came with it’s detachable pink bow.


I found this vintage board game at a school sale for $2 and fell in love with the little Hawaiian Punch mover pieces. This colorful game was complete and sold for $44.99.



Pokemon can sell well and Tamagotchi’s can sell well so combine the two and you’ve got a good item. This is a Pokemon Pikachu Tamagatchi. It was new in the package however, I crushed the package under another item that I bought at the same sale and cut the value of this item in half. Good going me! It still sold for $49.99.


I love to find vintage Fisher Price. This is the hospital set that came with some of the Little People and accessories. It was picked up at a church sale for $5. I was very surprised to find it because it was about 2 hours after the sale had begun and I expected all the good items to be gone. It sold for $49.99.


Shaker Maker is a toy from my childhood, in the 1960’s. I found this set at an estate sale, nearly complete and it even came with the powder solution. I picked it up for $3 and it sold for $59.99.



I keep waiting for the Littlest Pet Shop resale bubble to burst but it hasn’t happened yet. This lot was $5 at a library sale, it included 39 pets and sold for $59.99.


Also in the plush category, I found this Brer Fox Folkmanis puppet at a very expensive tag sale where they had researched everything and priced it all at Ebay prices. Except for the puppets. I bought this one for $5 and it sold for 64.99.


Many years ago I picked up a vintage Park and Shop board game that was incomplete and in very bad condition but what I learned at the time was that, in good condition, these games sell well. This summer I found this one in beautiful condition and complete and it sold for $72.99.


The new King Kong movie had just come out when I found this guy. He was very detailed and I felt like he was good quality. He was also quite large and heavy. I paid $4 for him and a church sale and sold him for $74.99. He looks so happy to have been sold for that much!


I knew that these oversized Tinkertoys were valuable but I didn’t think I wanted to deal with the shipping headache. I saw these at a tag sale and when the guy said they were only $5 I was like “bring on the shipping headache!” I shipped them in their original box and they sold for $89.99.




Those are my top ten toy and game sales for 2017!


Vintage Toys, Games, Halloween and More!

There were two good sales this weekend. One was at a church and one was at a school. The school sale is advertised as starting at 9 but when I arrived at 8:15 it appeared to me that people were walking in. The sale helpers were pulling out a lot of stuff to place outside so all the doors were open. I asked one lady if the sale was open and she said “No, we open at 9.” So I dutifully went to sit in my car but as I was sitting there I saw person after person with tote bags over their shoulder walking in so I got out of my car and walked in too. No one really seemed to care. Someone at the sale said “Who are all these people?” and someone answered her saying “They’re early birds.” I got some good things there and I credit it to being an early bird.

I found this vintage Hawaiian Punch board game from 1978. I really like the 3″ colorful figures of Punchy. It is nearly complete but is missing the instructions. I am hoping to get $40 for it. I think she charged me $2. Hawaiian Punch was big when I was growing up. We didn’t know about sugar back then.

I spotted two Littlest Pet Shop play sets but was hunting for the figures. Fortunately, nearby I saw a little plastic container and when I opened it there were 25 pets inside!


I didn’t see anything good in the bag and purse area but there was a separate area for wallets and there I found two wristlets, a Coach and a Sakroots.

I spotted a TI 83 plus calculator but someone “artistically” spray painted it with yellow! It was only marked 25 cents so I bought it. It works so I’m hoping someone who doesn’t care, or who likes yellow will buy it. I am selling it at a discounted price. Also marked a quarter was this stereoscope which is missing some parts so I’m selling it for parts or repair. These were the view masters of the past.

I also found a tote bag full of Fisher Price Adventure People. They are being washed now but I will post the photo when I have it. I’m trying to post as many toys as I can for the holiday shoppers!

At the church sale I found a wonderful set of artist colored pencils in a colorful tin. I picked up a very ragged Popeye toy, a cool vintage baseball trophy dated 1955 and some old cross stitch pieces.

I only bought one item at a regular tag sale which was this witch knee hugger. I have seen and bought many Christmas elf knee huggers but I haven’t seen a Halloween figure like this before. She has a sticker on her that says Japan. She certainly has a unique look!


I’m running out of sales to go to. I’m going to have to do some detective work to find some for next week!

Festival of Finds from Tag Sales

Last week I wrote about how hard it was for me to find items to resell at tag sales and this week most of my finds are from tag sales. I went to one church sale that was in a parking lot and was pretty bad but I found one item. It is this vintage game called Park and Shop by Milton Bradley from 1960. Years ago I purchased this game but it was in bad shape with many missing pieces but I learned about it. What I learned was that, in good condition, this game can do well. This one seems to be complete, down to the booklet that shows the Milton Bradley games available to the customer in 1960!

After that sale I hit a bunch of yard sales where I found some items. This New York City water globe features the Twin Towers as well as other iconic NYC buildings. When you wind it up it plays “New York, New York” and the subway train goes around. I believe this was made before 9/11.


I picked up this toy replica wrestling belt. I heard that they can sell well and this one is still in the package.


At this same sale I saw a pair of Tory Burch shoes marked $1. I didn’t know if they were real but for $1 I took a chance and they appear to be authentic. I don’t buy shoes too often unless I recognize the name and they usually take a while to sell for me.


By coincidence I found another Tory Burch item at another sale. I have never purchased anything Tory Burch before and this weekend I bought two! This is a bag and I am still researching to try to figure out if it is authentic.


The last item that I found at tag sales this weekend is this Cookie Carousel cookie jar. It was on a free table but you had to buy another item to get something off of the free table. The lady was surprised that I only wanted an item from the free table but she sold it to me for $3. I think it is from the 1950s and it is very sweet!


I had a good pick up at the thrift store this week which was this Dansk pepper mill. I have sold several different styles of these. It has a cool mid century modern design.


Sales have been pretty consistent lately. Here are some sales of recently posted items:

Lot of 10 Christmas plush figures: $49.99.

Longaberger game basket: $34.99

Tiffany cat box: $29.99

Clown bear: $19.99

Little Einstein figures: $19.99

Alice from Twilight Barbie doll: $59.99 (with free shipping)

Jane from Twilight Barbie doll: $32.99 (with free shipping)

Tatty worn out bear: $19.99

Plush Aristocats cats: $18.99

Hoping for some good sales to go to next week! Have a good week everyone!!