Bitossi, Tiffany, American Girl and Barbie!

Variety was the spice of life – or tag sales – this weekend. I bought many different types of items in different categories. Toys are always my go to but when there are no toys to buy I try to branch out. Here are some of the unusual for me items that I bought this weekend.

I picked up this pretty tapestry. I have a friend who sells them so I thought of her when I saw it. Unfortunately it does have a circular stain at the top. It was $5 which is a lot for me for something I don’t know much about but it’s Paris! I have it up for $39.


I also bought this horse racing picture because it was only $1 and I hear that vintage photos can do well as well as horse themed items. So – here you go. It is from a once famous race track called Latonia in Kentucky. I put it up for auction at $9.99 because I have no idea.


This ceramic horse looks like a Bitossi figure to me but it is not marked. I recognize Bitossi horses by their big bottoms and this one has that attribute. I saw similar ones on Ebay and they are listed as Bitossi so I did the same with mine.


At the same sale where I bought this horse I purchased two of these brown cat trinket boxes. I was excited when I turned them over and saw that they were marked Tiffany & Co. 1977.


I also picked up this set of vintage coloring books. I love the vintage illustrations and since they are from 1965 I could have used a set just like this one! These don’t sell for much but I couldn’t pass it up because it is so nostalgic for me.


So all the above items were pretty much out of my comfort zone but we’ll see how they do. Back in my comfort zone I was happy to see this set of vintage cardboard Barbie chairs and table from 1962. I think it’s surprising that this cardboard furniture survived all these years but there is quite a bit of it available online.


I also found some American Girl doll items including Molly’s purse, a bathroom vanity, some accessories for Julie and a group of pet items.

It was a great weekend but I spent a lot of money so I’d better get listing!!


Vintage Dolls, Dawn, Barbie and Tiny Things

This Saturday there was a semi annual sale which is advertised as the “ultimate yard sale.” People are supposed to bring their yard sale items to this place to sell but about 60% of the tables are other dealers and resellers. The challenge for me is to seek out the people that really just want to get rid of their stuff and aren’t telling you what the Ebay prices are.

One lady had a plastic jar on her table – like an empty cheese ball jar. It was filled with little toys and I spotted some Calico Critter items. I asked if I could look in it and started separating out all the Calico Critter things. And of course she says this “Oh – those are from my collection. I told my daughter not to put those in there.” Ugh! But somehow, this time, she ended up selling them to me anyway for $8. Whew! Usually when that happens – there is no sale!

Then I saw a lady with some old Ken doll items in a bag with a Ken doll. I am more interested in Barbie stuff and at the bottom of this bag I saw a tiny case that looked like it had some Barbie shoes and jewelry in it. For $1 she sold it to me. The items inside included shoes, jewelry, a clock and a little yellow hat. They all seem to be from the early 1960’s.

I also picked up this pretty Gotz doll and a little leather purse with a lucite handle.

At another table a lady had a bag filled with Dawn dolls. I didn’t have Barbie when I was young but I did have a collection of Dawn dolls so these are special to me. She sold it to me for $15 and I may keep some. I especially remember that light blue gown with the gold top. Somehow that always seemed magical to me.


Inside this bag of dolls was a Dawn clone doll which I found out is a Mego doll called Dizzy Girl. What kind of a name is that?


One of my favorite purchases from this day is this cute wooden miniature tea set. It is marked “Made in German Democratic Republic.” It reminds me of a wooden apple with a tea set inside that I bought a few years ago. If you scroll to older posts you will see it.


Here are some recent sales updates:

Zippy the Cheerful Chimp – $39.

The Fisher Price tudor dollhouse – $42

Kermit the Frog puppet – $24

Little Tikes Dollhouse items – $38

Vintage Tigger plush – $17

2 Vera Bradley wristlets – $20

Atari style plug and play – $19

Summer is winding down! Keep shopping!

Barbie, Books, Bambi and Bananas

I have a mix of items this week purchased at the thrift store, a church sale, a temple sale and some tag sales. That sounds like a lot of sales but I didn’t really buy too many items.

This funny guy was from the thrift store for $3. He is Zippy the Cheerful Chimp and a reproduction of an old creepy toy. Now he’s a new creepy toy. I have him listed for $39. Creepy sells.


Also at the thrift, in one of the hanging bags for $2 were these vintage plastic deer. I believe people use them for Christmas decor. I’m hoping to get $19 for the pair. I think they are very charming and vintage looking with their big eyes!


At a church sale I picked up a set of these Nutshell Library Christmas books. They measure about 4″ tall. I believe they are from the 1960’s originally although this set may be later because there is a UPC code on the side. I had a set similar to these when I was a child. I always loved little things so this was nostalgic for me!

I went to a temple sale and purchased a few things. There was an unadvertised early bird so when me and my friend arrived I’m afraid it was already picked through but I found a few items. The best one was this vintage Scooby Doo toy from the 1970’s.


I also like this brass candlestick holder shaped like a little man. It is marked Israel on the bottom. I have no idea of the value. I can’t find anything similar but I think he is funky and someone may love him.


I went to several tag sales on Saturday. I purchased this vintage Kermit the Frog puppet there. He goes with the Kermit the Frog pad that I purchased a few weeks ago!


I don’t know too much about Barbie dolls. I have sold a few vintage dolls and some Pink or Black label newer dolls. I know that if they have thick plastic eyelashes that means they are probably old. There are also many repros being made now with those features. I saw a Barbie with those kind of lashes. She had long blonde hair but seemed to be missing a bunch of hair in the back. She had a funky neck thing going on but other than those issues she didn’t seem to be in too bad shape. She was also a funny color.  The lady wanted $30 for her. I really hesitated but then decided to go for it and I asked her to throw in another doll that was laying nearby. I thought the other doll was a Tammy doll but it turned out to be a Tressy doll.

The Barbie, I believe, is a vintage pony tail number 3 Barbie. I have really learned a lot while researching her. I’m pretty excited and hoping to get a good price for her.

Happy September everyone!!

Vintage Dolls, Dala Horses and More!

There was one good sale for me this weekend and a few yard sale fails. I really should stick with the bigger sales because I have such poor luck at the smaller sales. I spent $37 at the big church sale which included a $10 early bird fee. Here’s what I got.

There was a group of 7 carved wooden animals in a ziploc bag. I’ve never found/sold these before but it seems they might sell all together for about $20. They are about 2″ tall.


The reason I bought them was because they were in a bag with 2 Dala horses that I wanted. These swedish horses are collectible especially if you have an unusual color or size. Red is a pretty common color. The bag was unmarked and the lady charged $9 for the whole bag which seemed like a high price. I had the miniature Dala horse so I am putting all three horses together to sell.


I found this cute vintage Fisher Price picnic basket with some accessories inside. Fisher Price is becoming very common on Ebay. I’ll be lucky to get $10 – $15 for this set, but I think it’s really charming.


I found 2 vintage dolls. The first is a Madame Alexander Alice in Wonderland doll. She is missing some of her accessories like her white apron and headband. I believe she is from 1965 but it’s hard to read the date. I remember looking at holiday catalogs when I was young and wishing for these Madame Alexander dolls.


The other doll is a Diahann Carrol Julia doll. She is a character from a show that was from the 1960’s.

The best find from this sale is this miniature modern art chair that comes in a wooden crate from the Vitra Museum. I saw some writing on it and my first thought was “Oh no, some kid wrote their name on it.” Then I realized that it was autographed by the designer so it may help the value. I’m glad I figured that out before I tried to remove it!

Those were my finds for the weekend! Happy August!!

Here are some sales updates:

Yellow Kobenstyle pot: $34.99

He-man She ra lot with figures and horse: $44.99

Little Tikes red van and figures: $29.99

Bing & Grondahl tuxedo cat figure: $36.99

Glass and brass display cabinet: $39.99

Happy Halloween quilt pattern: $26.99

Lego Christmas village set: $39.99

Vintage Madame Alexander Little Women Amy doll: $47.50

Godzilla Beanie Baby: $24.99

Vintage Barbie, Fisher Price and $10 Early Bird Fees

I attended 3 rummage sales this weekend. Two of them had a $10 early bird fee which feels expensive but I’m OK with it when the prices in the sale are reasonable which was the case at the first sale I went to. The second Early Bird sale had very high prices and in that case the $10 seemed like a lot. Just ranting.

At the first sale there was a “boutique” section which I usually avoid. Most of the items in there were marked between $5 and $10 dollars. Everything else at the sale was unmarked as far as price and the lady at the checkout would give you a reasonable price for all of it.

I didn’t buy anything in the boutique. As usual I found most of my items in the toy area. The first item I picked up was this 18″ Patty O’Green Rainbow Brite doll. They don’t sell for huge amounts but I think I can get $24 for her if I hold out until holiday time. She’s nice and clean and very cute.


I picked up this next item because it was funky looking and new in the box. It is a member of a “Wind-up Band.” His name is Benny and he was designed by a Japanese artist. I think there is a market for him. I saw a similar one sell for $30.


My best find was a box of vintage Barbie Susy Goose furniture. There was a canopy bed, a vanity (missing the mirror) and an armoire. I’m hoping to get $30 for the armoire. The fun part was that when I got home and opened the armoire it was full of Barbie stuff!! Most of these items I believe are from the early 60’s and though none of it will make a fortune on it’s own, if all or most of it sells it should work out pretty well. Here are some photos of the furniture and some of the items that were inside. I didn’t photograph the bed yet.



The last item I picked up there was a Fisher Price farm from 1967. It is in good condition with lots of pieces!


So that was a really fun, exciting sale and worth the $10 entry fee because she only charged me $16 for all my stuff!

The other two sales I attended were not as good and were more expensive but here are some of the items I picked up at those sales.

This pretty paperweight was $5 but it was signed Seegers and Fein and I’ve had some luck with paperweights lately. Some key words I saw when researching this were solar system and it does look like a solar system with planets floating around.


I thought these Strawberry Shortcake melamine plates were sweet.


This Blenko pitcher has some imperfections but I was excited to spot it. It is the second Blenko pitcher I’ve been able to purchase.


Finally, here is Woodstock on a Ice Cream scooter. He is from the 1970’s. I was always a big Snoopy and Woodstock fan so I couldn’t leave this behind.


Hope everyone is having a fun summer of treasure hunting!!

Barbie Clothes, Vintage Dolls and Xmas

This weekend is the Fourth of July weekend. Happy Fourth everyone! There were no good sales here for me so I’m going to continue to write about the items I picked up at the big church sale last weekend.

There were 4 ziplocs filled with Barbie clothes. Each was marked $2. I saw a lot of the metal snaps so to me that indicates older clothes, so I bought them. When I sorted it all out I came up with about 25 pieces that were in good condition. I believe most are from the 1970’s. There is one from the 1960’s ( the blue and yellow plaid dress ). Another outfit called Brocade Shine was red and gold and came with a dress and cape. It seemed like a sought after set. I used a protective cloth and ironed them because most of them had been wadded up into little balls. The group sold for $49 a day after listing.

I was charmed by this group of dolls with their little cookie and ice cream houses. I thought they were Liddle Kiddles but they are called Sweet Treats. They were made by Mattel in the late 1970’s. This group sold for $39 in a few days.

Most of my items sit for a while so it has been fun to list some items that moved quickly.

Another doll related lot I found there was a group of Polly Pocket items from the 90’s. Two are fairy houses and one is called Tropical Pets.

I did find one tag sale on Friday where I picked up a large lot of miniature glass Christmas balls for $2. There were also two boxes, one marked Shiny Brite. I counted over 80 ornaments in all. They range in size from 1″ in diameter to 3/8″ in diameter. From researching it seems these are often used to decorated vintage feather trees. I am nervous to ship them. I think they may sell in the fall.

The last thing I’ll share for this week is a model ship kit that I bought at the thrift store for $5. It appears complete although the box is opened. Fingers crossed.


That’s all for now. I hope everyone is enjoying lovely summer weather and some great sales!!


Vintage Dolls, Toys and Vikings

No matter what I do I always seem to come back to the toys to buy and sell. There was a church sale about an hour away from my house on Saturday morning. I went and decided that I would try to look at housewares, kitchen items and other collectibles first. On that first pass all I picked up was a white glass scotty dog Avon perfume bottle. Then I said, in my head, forget this and made a bee line over to the toy area. There I found an adorable vintage My Child doll. These dolls have soft fabric faces and bodies and big beautiful eyes. I have sold a few before. Even in poor condition they can bring around $20. This one is in very good, clean condition.

P1270924 P1270926

There was an old Playmobil space station which I had never seen before. It looked pretty cool but was missing the top, I found out. It came with 2 astronaut figures so hopefully that will add some value.


There were several vintage Fisher Price toys there. I bought a few but only this airplane has any value. I really like the turquoise color and it is in very good condition. Many Fisher Price toys that used to be valuable have become common on Ebay.


From the thrift store this week I found two wooden items both which said Norge on them. I have learned that this means Norway! The first item was this miniature (4″) wooden chair which I love. It is decorated with flowers which are wood burned into it and then painted. It is a kind of decoration call Rosemaling.


I bought it for $3 and put it in my store for $19 and it sold the next day!

On a nearby shelf at the thrift store I found this wooden plate featuring a Viking ship. It also said Norge and had a similar wood burned design.


Another thrift store purchase was this reproduction Falstaff Beer advertising tray. I think it is a good barware/man cave item.


The last 2 items came from a $2 bag at the thrift store. It was filled with doll clothes and I spotted some metal snaps so I thought it might be worth checking out. After I sorted through it I found these 2 items to sell. One is a sheer Barbie doll night gown from 1966. The second item is a Skipper dress from an outfit called Triple Threat. The complete outfit has about 6 pieces to it and can sell for over $100. Maybe I can sell mine to someone who is piecing the set together.



That is about it. The weather is finally turning nice again! It feels wonderful and is great for strolling around yard sales!