Tiny Things in Bags, Dolls and Mugs!

I have been sourcing quite a few mugs lately because some of them have been selling! I recently picked up the following three mugs and the bird cage mug has already sold for $19.99. The face mug is Dwight Schrute from “The Office.” It is a discontinued mug that seems to go for about $25.  Mugs are great because even at the thrift store they are usually not more than $2.

I found two vintage dolls at estate sales. One is a Miss Revlon doll by Ideal. She comes with a dress and slip. I don’t know the brand of the other one but I think she is a little older than the Revlon doll. She has no clothes. I don’t have a picture of her yet.


I found a few more small items in the bags on the wall at the thrift store. These two mice are marked MMA for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They are also marked “France.” The other blue and white mouse is also marked MMA. I think this dachshund figure is very cute in his “play with me” pose. He is marked Germany. The three mice came together in a $3 bag. The dog was in another bag for $3.

Another bag had this pair of rabbits inside. They were marked Herend Hungary which is a great brand. I hoping someone might like to add them to their Easter decor. This bird came with the rabbits. He is marked KE for Ken Edwards. It was made in Mexico.

I’m getting impatient for tag sale season to start!!


Thrift Store Finds

I have picked up a few dolls and toys at the thrift store lately. I also got one unusual item which I picked up because it was marked on the bottom Jeffrey Bernett Corian and Conde Nast. From my research I found out that he is a famous designer. I don’t really know what exactly this thing is. I guess it is some kind of box or container. I listed it as a desk accessory. I think it looks cool and you don’t find many things made of Corian besides counter tops.


I found an older Barbie doll in a vintage dress hanging in one of the bags on the wall. I’m selling the doll and the dress separately. Unfortunately both are in pretty poor condition. I picked up a Radio City Rockettes doll because she was new in her box. The last doll I found came from an estate sale. I think she has a really beautiful painted face and some lovely, well made clothing.


I purchased two plush items which are this green Crayola crayon bear and a Kipling gorilla mascot key chain.


The find of the week came from a $4.00 bag on the wall. I picked it up because I thought I saw one of those flocked animals from Germany. It turned out that this cute dog was an Original Real Fur animal from West Germany. He sold quickly for $15.00. But also in the bag, which I didn’t even notice until I opened it, was a small vintage Steiff pig!


The last two things I bought this week came from the same estate sale where I found the cloth doll. They are a painted wooden box from Italy and a glass golf putter head paperweight. Lots of variety of finds this week. I am anxiously awaiting spring!


Pottery and Jewelry at the Thrift and Estate Sales

The weather is getting worse here in New England as we get deeper into winter. But, you know, it’s always nice and warm in the thrift stores. I purchased some jewelry from the items on the rotating rack the other day. My favorite piece is a glass pendant featuring millefiori flowers. It’s marked Murano Vetro Artistico. I have it up for sale but have worn it a few times. I found a similar glass necklace, also with millefiori flowers, but featuring a menorah. I picked up this fob because it said Stella McCartney on it. This metal bookmark was also on the jewelry rack. I picked it up because it is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and features their cute mascot, William the hippo.

I have also been picking up some Italian pottery. This pretty flowered wall plate is by La Musa. Last year I sold a heart box by the same company  for $29. This small trinket box was also made in Italy. It has a scene of a seaside town on it.

Two other ceramic pieces from the thrift store include this commemorative Zeppelin plate and an Italian espresso mug by a company named illy. The plate sold for $99.99!

I only found one toy recently and it is this Little Bo Peep doll from Toy Story. I hope that since there is a new Toy Story movie coming out, it may help her to sell. She is also one of the more rare characters.


That’s all there is to mention for now. This is going to be a quiet weekend with frigid temperatures around here. Time to hunker down and watch Youtube videos about reselling!

Best Plush Sales of 2018

As the year draws to a close and I am grateful for another fun year of finding and reselling toys, dolls and many other unique and interesting items. The following are my top ten plush sales of this year from the least expensive to the more valuable items.

This plush was bought for about $1 at a church rummage sale that I arrived late to. I am mentioning that because sometimes, even if you aren’t the first one in the door, you can still find good items. This is a plush of the character MO from the Disney Pixar film Walle. The minor characters from movies can be more rare and sought after than the main characters. He sold within a few weeks for $19.99.


This Donkey Kong plush was a thrift store find. He took longer to sell than I thought he would. I had found another one of these a while ago but realized after I got that one home that his arm had a large hole in it and was coming off his body. I had to toss that one so I was happy to find this one that was in good condition. I paid about $4 for him. He sold after several months for $32.99.


At the same sale where I found MO I picked up another Disney character that I didn’t recognize at all. With the help of a facebook group I was able to identify him as a character from a Pixar short movie. This character is called La Luna Bambino. He was pretty rare and sold for $39.99.


I get very excited when I see a plush pile at a sale. I attended one church sale where they had a kiddie pool full of plush! Searching through that pool I pulled out this small vintage Steiff cat. She sold for $39.99.


This vintage Gund bear came out of another plush pile that was fill a bag for $1! He appears fairly plain looking but his 1980s date and the Gund name gave him some value. He sold for $49.99.


Also from the thrift store was this plush Copper from the Disney movie The Fox and the Hound. I paid about $4.00 for him. I think he’s super cute! He was a larger size at about 12″ tall and sold for $49.99.


While I was fishing through another box of plush under a table at a tag sale I saw a little paw sticking out and I recognized it right away as a Steiff hand puppet. I had this one when I was a child and was able to sell it for $49.99. There was also a black cat puppet there but I decided to keep it for my collection.


This next plush was a find from a nursery school sale where all the plush was 50 cents. The year before the plush was free but that’s a price increase that I can live with! This one was purchased on a gut feeling that it might be something good. You can take chances when you are paying 50 cents for an item. I thought that it looked vintage and the outfit looked cute. Only after I got it home did I find the tag which said it was a Le Mutt dog from France. He sold within a month for $55.99.


This next item was certainly unusual looking. He was a large stuffed robot call the Iron Giant. Even though he had a hole in his foot, he sold for $99.99.


This last plush really cheered up my January. He was a thrift store purchase. I had just seen a video about a man that sold a giant plush Mufasa from the Lion King for $600. I had that in my brain when I saw this large Simba plush at the thrift store for $7. When I got home I realized that this one was the same brand as the Mufasa. Although not quite as valuable, I was thrilled to be able to sell him for $300.


Those are my top ten plush finds! Stay tuned for more top ten lists!!

Toys from the 90’s and Home Decor

I continue to shop at the thrift stores since there have been no good estate sales for me to visit and tag sale season hasn’t started yet. This week when I was there I noticed a pile of new in the box toys from the 1990’s. I had a feeling some of them were good. I had to look them up on my phone in order to figure out which ones to buy. These are the ones I picked up.

The first is a Neptune Bubble Starcastle from 1997. It has small characters similar to Polly Pocket. Someone on eBay has this listed for over $200. I haven’t seen any sold for nearly that much. I put mine up for $50. This 101 Dalmations locket play set also reminded me of Polly Pocket because of the size of the figures. I put this set up for $20.

This next toy was made by the same company that made Pound Puppies. It is called Pound Ocean which doesn’t sound nearly as nice as Pound Puppies. It features sea animals in families. This set is a dolphin family. It seems like a pretty rare one so I also put it up for $50. I also picked up a Pokemon compact play set which is new in the package. It doesn’t sell for much so I am pairing it with another similar play set that I have been saving.


Hanging in one of the bags on the wall for $2.99 was this set of Hello Kitty salt and pepper shakers. Much of the newer Hello Kitty items don’t have much value but this set from 2000 seems to be selling for about $30. I also picked up this Jadeite reamer and measuring cup set. It is not marked Fire King or Anchor Hocking. I don’t know whether it has to be in order to be Jadeite. The color is the same though.

Two more toys I bought were a Count Von Count plush doll and a Howard Wolowitz Pop Funko figure. I consistently sell Count Von Count dolls for about $14. The Pop Funko seems to be selling for about $40 but since my box is worn, I may get less.

Those are the highlights from this week. Is it spring yet? I could really use a tag sale about now.

Dansk, American Girl, FAO Schwarz and Italian Pottery

Recently there have been days of no finds at the thrift store, followed by days of great finds. I guess the idea is to “just keep swimming.”

I have been finding some nice pottery. This is a piece of Italian pottery marked La Musa. It is a heart shaped trinket box with a very cool modern graphic. I paid $4 for it at Goodwill and it sold quickly for $29. I was glad I was able to list it before Valentines Day and maybe that’s why it sold so fast.


This sugar and creamer set is by Dansk. I love the abstract blue and white decoration. It is a pattern called Arabasque. This was also from the Goodwill and I was happy to be able to find all three pieces of this set even though they were in different spots on the shelf. I paid $6 for the set but I am hoping to get $50 for it.


I thought this mid century modern dog salt shaker marked Japan was too cool to leave behind. Unfortunately it didn’t have its mate and I don’t think it will bring more than $10 but I still think he’s awesome.


Two more ceramic pieces I bought are this blue and white Mottahedeh plate and this Taylor & Ng naughty dog mug. There is a series of Taylor & Ng mugs featuring different types of animals in “playful” positions.

In the plush area I picked up this Noah’s Ark by FAO Schwarz. It is missing the mate to the giraffe set. I have sold this same item a few years ago. I think it sold for $20 then.


My most exciting find recently was this American Girl doll who was in with the regular toys and marked $4. She is a doll named Nellie. Unfortunately she didn’t come dressed but I was still happy to find her!


Those are some finds for the first half of February. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!

Villeroy & Boch, Scandinavian Tiles, Plush and Dolls!

This has been another week of visits to the thrift store. I find myself going more and more often. I think I may have some sort of thriftaholic problem but I keep finding good items so, the question is – are all addictions unhealthy? Anyway – that’s a question for another day. Let me tell you some of the items I found.

I always look in the doll area, mostly on the off chance that they have let an American Girl doll slip through but this time I found a My Twinn doll. These are the 23″ dolls from the 90’s that you could customize to look like yourself. They went out of business a while ago and there is a market for them. She was $7. I have found these before and they have sold after a while for between $30 and $40. This one was in very good condition and sold quickly for $50. She also came with her complete outfit – down to the shoes and socks.

While I was there I saw some Twelve Days of Christmas themed tiles. They were signed and were only $1 each. I tried to look them up on my phone but since my reception was bad at the time, I couldn’t and I left them there. After I got home I looked them up and saw that they were Scandanavian and could sell for between $9 and $15 each. I got so frustrated that I didn’t trust myself to buy them in the first place that I got back in the car and drove back to the thrift store. Happily they were still there and I picked up three of them. The one below has already sold for $12.95.


While I was there I noticed that they had put out some Villeroy and Boch pieces. I bought a serving platter, a bowl and a sugar and creamer set. The sugar bowl was missing the lid and I ordered a replacement off Ebay because I think I can sell it for a good price if the set is complete. The pieces below were $5 each. I am hoping to get $20 for the platter. I don’t know if the bowl will sell because it is missing the lid.

When I went back later in the week I found a really fun police woman puppet. She is huge at 30″ and I love and want to keep her. But I’m not going to. I hope at least she doesn’t sell until after community helper week at preschool where I can use her for the kids. Her uniform is amazingly detailed.


The best find of the week was this large Simba plush. I had read that the large Mufasa or older Simba can go for about $500. Apparently these Simba cub versions can go for about $200.


Those are my pick ups for this week. Happily there were no big storms to trap me inside this week!