Vintage Toys, Barbies and Pennants!

This weekend I attended a large flea market/tag sale event. This is the one where there are a lot of dealers but there are also people just selling stuff from their home at tag sale prices.

The first item I bought was this glass seal signed Villeroy and Boch. I have bought ceramic items by them and didn’t know that they made glass too. He was $3 and I am hoping to sell him for $20.


I bought 2 Barbie dolls from the Twilight Saga movies. I was a big fan of the books years ago so I recognized these right away. They actually came from two separate sellers and were each $5.


Speaking of finding things in pairs, I also purchased 2 Lightning McQueen Cars items. One is this rolling child’s suitcase. The other is a Halloween costume that is being washed so I haven’t photographed it yet. The suitcase seems to be selling for about $40 with free shipping. It’s pretty big so I imagine that shipping costs are going to take out a big percentage of the $40!


My favorite finds of the day were two Liddle Kiddle items. One is this Liddle Kiddle Kologne Rosebud doll with her bottle. I used to love these! I still do!!


The other was a Liddle Kiddles Jewelry Treasure Box. It had a few Finger Ding dolls inside. It would have been better if it had the original Liddle Kiddles inside. I love the colorful graphics.


The most surprising find of the day was a group of vintage pennants. The surprising part was that the lady only wanted 25 cents for each one. I purchased about 5 but here are the best ones.


The worst part of the day was when I decided to go back to the car to unload and then continue shopping, and then couldn’t find the car. I had set a landmark for myself of 3 red and white stripped tents. I found the tents but couldn’t find my car. I walked around for about 30 minutes and couldn’t find it. I finally walked in a different direction to see if there was another set of three tents with red and white stripes and guess what? There was. Finally found my car. It was pretty funny though because as I was walking around I met a couple that couldn’t find their car either. I was starting to think that they were towing cars or something but maybe they were making the same mistake I had. The bad thing was that by the time I found the car and dumped off my stuff I was pretty done. I did go back for a little bit but I had really had it by then.

It was fun before the car incident. A small haul but a good day.

Mid Century Mod, Vintage Toys and Bobbleheads!

The first community sale I went to wasn’t packed like I like (with stuff, not people) but there were still some good finds. I spent $14 here. I saw this little ceramic dog and was going to walk by but I picked him up and saw that he was marked Lladro on the bottom. This is a collectible brand of ceramics from Spain. Usually any Lladro I find is priced at 20 or more but this guy was $2 so he was mine. He sold for $35 within hours of listing him.


A bag of toy furniture turned out to be from the Calico Critters series. I broke them up into two lots to sell. One is a birthday party set and one is a nursery. I’m hoping for about $14 for each set.

This pretty lady is a vintage paper mache pin cushion from Mexico. I haven’t found any sold listings for similar ones but the asking prices I see are fairly high so I put her up for $60 and will see what happens.


This set was sitting there with a $1 sticker on it. I follow some Youtubers who sell beauty products from tag sales and do well so I took a chance. There are seven different products here. Individually and new these seem to sell for about $30 each but these are used and I’m selling them all together. This will be an experiment for me. It is also an anti-aging system so if it doesn’t sell – maybe I’ll look 10 years younger!!


I picked up some interesting pieces of jewelry at this sale. There was a pair of triangle earrings and a large brooch that kind of looks like coral from the ocean. It can also be worn as a pendant on a necklace.

Some other sales I went to included a sale at a Synagogue and a few tag sales. I picked up a variety of items including a sealed in the package Sony Walkman, a Fossil wallet, a baseball glove and a vintage metal picture frame.

In the toy area I found some vintage Littlest Pet Shop sets. These were the first LPS that Kenner made before all the animals had giant heads.


This mid century modern teak bird is by a Danish artist. Unfortunately he has a bad chip on his beak but I was excited to find him and couldn’t leave him behind for $1.


The last items I will share came from bags hanging on the wall at the thrift store. Each was written on “16th anniversary 1964” so I believe these are about 50 years old. They are called bobble heads or nodder figures. I think the mermaid is so cute.

Many different items to be found this weekend!

Mid Century, American Girl and Toys

Sales were good this weekend although I did pay up a bit. Hopefully it will be worth it. I found some cool mid century items such as this wooden cat by Laurids Lonborg who I believe is a Danish artist.


I love this wooden Swedish girl dressed in colorful traditional clothes. She is a double candle holder. Next to it I found this heart shaped plate of JFK with Jackie. This plate isn’t valuable but it was only 50 cents.

Another vintage item I picked up was this wooden piece. At first I thought it was an old bowling pin but now I believe it is a potato masher. It’s quite heavy and could probably also be used as a weapon if you were mashing potatoes and an intruder came into your house.


At two of the sales I went to I was able to purchase some American Girl doll items. I picked up a vintage Bitty Baby marked Pleasant Company and several American Girl pets plus accessories for them.

I bought two pretty wicker chairs from a set made for the doll Samantha.


There were also some clothes and other American Girl accessories as well.

Some other toys that I picked up this weekend include a Calico Critters house with some furniture and accessories and a My Twinn doll that has some issues.

I was excited at first about the My Twinn doll but after I got her home I realized she has some issues including no eyebrows, very short bangs which may have been cut and some short eyelashes that look like they were cut. I don’t know how much this will affect her value. I need to make some good money because theses items, plus some others cost me about $100. Yikes.

That’s about it for this weekend. Looking forward to getting this all listed!

Trying New Categories

Today I went to a fund raiser for a school. I went to this sale last year and strangely enough it seemed to me that some of the items were the same as last year. I wasn’t finding much but then I found a Candyland Castle game in the game area. The last Candyland Castle game that I found several months ago was complete except for one missing blue X. Guess what? This game is complete except for one missing blue X. Isn’t that a coincidence or synchronicity or something? So I’m doing the same thing that I did last time which is to purchase a replacement piece on Ebay so I can complete the game and sell it. The only other item I found in the toy area was this Fisher Price Happy Apple chiming toy which I have sold before and can bring around $20.


I wasn’t finding much else so I starting looking in areas that I don’t usually look in like the hat, tie and scarf area. There were a few very pretty hat boxes but I left them. I found this interesting scarf with an illustration of a jockey on it. If my research is accurate it may be from The 21 Club which is a restaurant which has been around since the 1920’s and they used to give out scarves to some customers. It has some stains and a small hole but it still may have a good value.

P1290788 P1290790


In the luggage area I picked up this Ralph Lauren duffle bag. It is used but still in good condition.


This marble elephant reminded me of the mid century modern F. Mannelli travertine elephant that I picked up at a sale last year. The picture of that piece is in the November 2 2014 post. It certainly has a similar shape but I haven’t seen any other Mannelli pieces in marble so it may just be in his style. I paid $8 for it which was a lot but I am hoping it will sell well.


I think he is meant to hold letters in those slits. He also has two holes on top where pens could go. He’s in good condition too.

Today is Friday and I didn’t have a lot of time for tag sales. I went to three local sales and they were they kind of sales that make me never want to go to a tag sale again. It’s a long story. I think that it’s not that all tag sales are bad of course but that the majority of the sales in my area are not great. That’s why I end up driving so much. Anyway- I will be traveling for a few days so that is all the shopping I can do for now. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!!

A Slow Start

Saturday I went to several tag sales and one church sale. The tag sales were not very good. There were not many items and the prices were mostly $5 and up. I went to one sale that was advertised as 20+ families in a church parking lot and even there I couldn’t find one item. The last sale was a church sale. There were tons of people waiting for it to open at 10:00 and it was pretty good. First of all, the prices were 25 cents, 50 cents and 1 dollar for the most part. It was pretty big and I didn’t know where to look first. Plus there were so many people. I saw 4 boxes of stuffed animals where no one else was so I plopped myself down and starting looking through those. I found a group of Beatrix Potter stuffed animals, a Disney Nightmare Before Christmas stuffed toy and this funky rag doll.






At the sale I also found a bag of Calico Critter figures and a sweet little blue enamel creamer with a mark on the bottom that I can’t identify. All this stuff came to only $13. Did I mention that when I went to the 200+ family yard sale a few weeks ago I spent $68 and probably won’t even make half of that back? 






Then, just when I stop believed in the good old fashioned house sale, I went to one that was right near my house, late in the day, and found this Dala horse in a basket of Christmas ornaments. 




So – it turned out to be a good day for finds! I hope you all had some fun and good luck too!!

A New Idea

Here’s a new idea. There was a boy scout sale advertised. I have been to several boy scout sales that have been loaded with items and very good. This one said there was an early bird but to get in you have to bring a bag of things to donate. OK. Well – that’s better than $20. So I went in the attic and filled a bag with items. When I got to the sale at 8:00 there was one small table with a few things on it. Apparently they had not gotten many donations so the lady’s idea was to have people bring items and, I guess, create a sale right there on the spot. Great. Glad I could help.

The rest of the weekend was not much better sale wise but I found a few things. I found a Caddyshack musical Gopher that plays “I’m Alright” and dances in the most adorable way. These can go for about $40. A lady at the same sale was selling off her collection of boxed Barbie dolls. Most of these are not really that valuable because there must be so many of these out there. The really valuable ones are those from the 1960’s that mostly got thrown away because people didn’t know what “collectible” was. I couldn’t resist buying one which was a 30th anniversary Francie doll. I paid $12 for it which was too much. There was a giant box with an entire Barbie bridal party in it. The lady next to me asked how much and the answer was $20. So she snatched it up. It looks like that set sells for about $75.







I also found this staircase from a vintage Fisher Price dollhouse for 25 cents. My auctions have not been so great lately but items have been selling through the store so that’s been good. Most of the items I have pictured in my recent posts have been sold.


I hope you are enjoying the beginning of summer and lots of good treasure hunting!!

Crowded Sales

The first sale I went to on Saturday was a Boy Scout sale and at 7:45, when I arrived, there was a pretty big line for the 8:00 early bird. As I waited I overheard people saying things like “there isn’t as much stuff as last year” and “the volunteers pre shop all the good things.” I don’t know if they were trying to make other people leave or what but there was tons of stuff there. It was very crowded which made it hard to look at things. I got quite a few items and spent $30 plus the $10 to get in. I think the best thing I got was a shoe box of items in ziploc bags marked Dansk on the bags. There were salt and pepper shakers and napkin rings that were not marked Dansk on the items. I hope they are Dansk because that is how I am selling them. There was a pepper grinder similar to the one I wrote about last time. The box was $20 which I was unsure about but hopefully it will do well. I got some Playmobil items, a caterpillar pull toy and 2 Cars costumes. I also got a vintage Old Maid card game which is fun to look at. I like the illustrations.


I went to three other sales later that day. At one I made the mistake of buying a Peter Rabbit ceramic cup and bowl that were marked Wedgewood. I paid $10 for the pair and when I got home I noticed a big gray mark on the rim of the bowl and guess what? In excellent condition the set would only bring $10. I don’t get it. Wedgewood – good. Peter Rabbit – good. Peter Rabbit by Wedgewood – not so good.





Today is Sunday and there was a community sale in a parking lot not too far from me. One lady brought out a vintage Barbie doll case. It had a note on it that said “2 dolls and clothes $10.” I was hoping the dolls were as old as the case and it appeared that they were. While I was looking at it the lady said “I know this is worth more but I don’t know what to do with these.” I don’t know if I was supposed to offer her more money than $10 but that is not something I do. So I said “I’ll take it for 10.” and I purchased it because I do know what to do with it – sort it, research it, wash it, photograph it and list it! It will be quite a project and I will post some photos when I start it.


I hope you found some great stuff this weekend!