A tree fell on my house but I’m still shopping!

On May 14 tornadoes hit my small Connecticut town bringing a giant tree down on top of my house. The consensus is that the house has to be rebuilt. In a matter of days we had to move what we needed into an apartment. Everything else will be stored until we can move back into the house. I had hours to cut my Ebay inventory down and eliminated many lower priced items. I was left with about 90 items in 8 storage bins that could go to the apartment. It’s been an adventure and I’m over the sad part. Since that event I have resumed shopping but I’m trying to purchase small items. That part isn’t really going very well but I have been hitting some good sales.

Last weekend I attended a sale at a Jewish center. The first item I saw was this pretty covered dish with a colorful graphic design. When I flipped it over I saw that it was an Arabia of Finland piece. I think it’s lovely and I will enjoy it on my dresser until it sells. This piece was marked $3 and I am hoping to get $70 for it.


On a nearby table, for $3 I saw this pretty brush and mirror set. The turquoise color caught my eye and I’ve learned that the pattern is called Guilloche. I’m hoping to get $30 for the set.


This unusual pin was only $1. It is marked Sterling Boris. I have not been able to find out much about it but it looks mid century modern to me. The turquoise is unusual with all that black in it.


I picked up two mugs at this sale. One is a Taylor and Ng mug called Doggie Do Good. The other is by an artist named Emma Bridgewater from England. The Bridgewater mugs can sell very well although I don’t really see the appeal. I like the Taylor and Ng mug better but it is worth much less – maybe $15.

My gamble of the day was a set of dishes that caught my eye because of their lovely blue color and pattern. They are by Mottahedeh which is a brand I have sold before. The set included 8 dinner plates, 4 cups, 4 saucers, and 4 salad plates. It was $10 for all of it. The first lot I put up for sale is for four dinner plates. I have it up for $80 which may be high. I’ll be nervous to ship these. Did I say I was going to pick up only small items? Oops.

At another sale near this one I picked up a signed print by the artist Stephen Huneck called Greetings. It pictures a dog greeting another dog by sniffing his bottom. Dogs are gross. I have cats. Anyway, it was $10 and I’m hoping to get $50 for it.


Those were the first sales I attended after the tornado storm and it really cheered me up. I had some good finds from this weekend too that I will share in a few days.


Dolls, Calico Critters and Steiff

This was a big weekend for dolls. I was at a large sale with loads of stuff piled everywhere. I was looking under a table and saw a clear bag marked “baby dolls $4” but when I looked at it I saw that they were American Girl dolls. I put them into my bag and they were half sticking out. Another lady saw them and said to her friend “Oh look – she got them.” I don’t know what that was about. Were these dolls meant for her with “baby dolls” written on it as a decoy? Maybe next time don’t put them in a clear bag.

The other doll I found this weekend was at a community tag sale where it was pouring rain. There was one man who had a little tent. He had a box of Barbie’s and said I could have the box for $5. There was only one I wanted but I didn’t want to just ask for the one so I took the whole box. The Barbie I wanted was a bubble cut Barbie with a 1958 date. She is in pretty good condition but there is a defect on her chin. She sold quickly for $24. She also came in a cute vintage outfit.

Again from the first sale, for $4, I got a box of Calico Critter figures and furniture. From another area I also picked up a green car which I have sold before. I am separating these items into lots and hope to get between $15 and $20 for each group. Here are some of them.

Some other odds and ends that I picked up include a pair of ceramic Japanese Emperor and Empress figures, a stone/fossil pyramid paperweight, a lucky charms charm bracelet and a Pokemon game in the style of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

I haven’t been finding much at the thrift store lately. I wonder if people have yard sales instead of just donating things, now that the weather is nice. I did pick up this giant tiger stuffed animal that I believe is a Steiff. Unfortunately he is missing one eye which has been replaced by a button. He was only $7 so I think I can still get a good profit from him but I have to figure out what the cost of shipping him will be first. He’s very heavy!


That was a fun, busy weekend! Hopefully the abundance of good weather and sales will continue!

Far Away Rummage Sales

The season of sales has not really started yet here in New England but there were two rummage sales about one hour away from me. I don’t like to drive that far for a sale unless I know it’s a good one but I have been missing rummage sales too much. Both were fairly small and had a lot of clothing but I picked up a few items.

I found two housewares items. The first is this Daffy Duck sugar dispenser. I’m hoping to get $10 for it and it cost about $1. The second item is a very pretty April Cornell tablecloth. I like the country/shabby chic style she has. I have this up for $30.

At this first sale I also picked up a pair of Harley Davidson shoes for $3. I just picked them up because of the brand and they appeared to be in good condition. I have them listed for $30.


I arrived at the second sale about one hour after it started so I was surprised to find this Coach bag sitting on a table with other bags. Above the table was a sign that said “$7 bag.” I though that meant the bags were $7 but I found out that this was a fill a bag sale for $7. I think I’ll try to hit this sale first next year! The Coach bag was pretty rough with discolorations and stains but I have sold bags in similar condition before. It is a desirable color and style so hopefully that will help it to sell.

Besides the Coach bag, here are some of the other items I stuffed into my $7 bag. I found this vintage flowered pillbox hat, a 1989 US Open tennis jacket that says Pringles on it for some reason and a Jimmy Buffet concert t-shirt. The hat sold right away for $18.50.

I also have a few pick ups from an estate sale and the thrift store including two vintage Fisher Price stuffed Christmas mice, a set of four Wizard of Oz Christmas ornaments from the Smithsonian Institution, a Harry Potter wand and a Hot Wheels game rug.

The following are some sales of items from recent posts.

American Girl Doll dog and sled: $19

Toys with Feelings plush: $19 (this guy was in the free pile)

Neptune Bubble Starcastle toy: $49

Hello Kitty salt and pepper shakers: $29

Jadeite reamer and measuring cup: $24

Howard Wolowitz bobblehead: $30

Count von Count plush: $15

Taylor and Ng dog mug: $24

Nellie American Girl doll: $84

Hope you are all doing well. Winter seems to be tightening its grip a bit as Spring approaches but it will have to give up eventually!

First Sale Toys and other Goodies

The first rummage sale of 2018 for me was on Saturday. This is a children’s sale that has a $10 early bird. I bought quite a bit of stuff but much of it I will only be able to sell for about $10. However, I’m happy to be able to put some fresh items in my store.

I found two dolls that are Best Friends Club dolls. They are 18″ and are jointed. I have sold some of these before for about $20 so I’m hoping to get the same for these. Most of the dolls and toys were $2 each.

I found a few American Girl doll items including 2 outfits, Kit’s orange crate scooter and a dog sled, complete with the dog. They really have these American Girl dolls doing quite a variety of activities. I’d be happy to get $10 for each outfit and $15 for each of the other items.

This is advertised as a children’s sale so most of the items are children’s clothes, toys and books but there is an area of random household items. I bought three things there. I picked up this Wizard of Oz Hallmark ornament because it was only 50 cents. I didn’t have time to look anything up on my phone while I was there so I just took a chance and it turns out I may get $10 for this one.


I also picked up a pretty wooden advent calendar that looks like it was sold at Joanne Fabrics, and an Alice in Wonderland wall hook rack. I may start both of these at $50 because I don’t see others like them.

This sale usually has some boxes of free plush as well and that’s my favorite thing! I picked up four of them. One of them is called a Kimochi. They are Toys with Feelings. He looks like a kind of frog and he comes with two small toys. One says Happy and one says Sad. It looks to me that he teaches how to eat your feelings. I don’t think that’s healthy. I don’t think these toys caught on.

I also picked up a Buddy dog which is the friend of Boo who is “The Cutest Dog in the World” by Gund. I think Buddy is pretty cute too.


The last two items from the free pile were this artisan made frog who is “Toad of Toad Hall.” I don’t really know what that is. It looks like it is some kind of play and has something to do with “the Wind in the Willows.” There was also a Puppy Surprise with three puppies inside. The vintage versions of these sell well. This is a newer one but as with most of these items, I will be happy if I get $10 for it. I might try to get a little more for the artist crafted frog.

Those were the items I picked up at this first sale. I spent $44. Hopefully the sales will start picking up soon. At least this sale wasn’t snowed out as we are still experiencing lots of winter weather here in the northeast!

March Wind, Waechtersbach, Rae Dunn, and Gurley Candles

The winds of winter storm Riley are whipping outside my window bringing rain, ice and snow to us here in New England. I have a cat sitting on my neck and a cup of hot chocolate so I can’t complain too much. I have some thrift store finds from the last two weeks which I will share.

I was excited to see this Waechtersbach christmas tree coffee pot at the Goodwill. Waechtersbach is a ceramic company from West Germany. It was only marked $3 which is a great price but after I got it home I saw that it had a manufacturing flaw in one of the trees. It is decorated on both sides so if you wanted to display it you could just show the good side. In perfect condition these can go for between $40 and $60. I don’t know how much I’ll get for mine.

I hear about Tiki and bar items a lot but I don’t find them too often. This is a Scorpion bowl which is used for a kind of shared drink. It is decorated with hula girls, palm trees and a volcano and I think it qualifies as Tiki. It is very heavy and was $5. Wish I was wherever they are.


I have also heard about vintage Gurley candles. These are the first ones I have found. They are a Native American and a Pilgrim. I assume they are for Thanksgiving. Gurley made candles for most of the holidays. The Christmas ones are the most common.

Continuing with the housewares theme is this Rae Dunn small dish. She has become popular lately. You can recognize her items by the typewriter style letters on a lot of her pieces. This is from the Home collection.


I found some toys recently too. I was charmed by this miniature block set in a matchbox style box. It is called “Build a Skyscraper” and was made in West Germany. It is from the 1950’s I believe. This one appears to never have been used. The blocks are only about 1″ tall. It doesn’t have a lot of value but was only $1 and I couldn’t leave it behind.


Also on the toy shelf I found this Bitty Baby carrier. It has purple polka dotted fabric and I’m hoping to sell it for between $30 and $40.


The last item I’ll share is this set of pins. They were in a bag hanging on the wall for $1.99. They are Star Trek Cats. The one with the big ears actually looks like the cat I have that sits on me. This may only go for about $10 but it was too funny not to buy.

Version 2

My very own, cute big eared cat.


That’s all for now. It’s finally March so that’s a good thing! Spring is coming!!

Toys from the 90’s and Home Decor

I continue to shop at the thrift stores since there have been no good estate sales for me to visit and tag sale season hasn’t started yet. This week when I was there I noticed a pile of new in the box toys from the 1990’s. I had a feeling some of them were good. I had to look them up on my phone in order to figure out which ones to buy. These are the ones I picked up.

The first is a Neptune Bubble Starcastle from 1997. It has small characters similar to Polly Pocket. Someone on eBay has this listed for over $200. I haven’t seen any sold for nearly that much. I put mine up for $50. This 101 Dalmations locket play set also reminded me of Polly Pocket because of the size of the figures. I put this set up for $20.

This next toy was made by the same company that made Pound Puppies. It is called Pound Ocean which doesn’t sound nearly as nice as Pound Puppies. It features sea animals in families. This set is a dolphin family. It seems like a pretty rare one so I also put it up for $50. I also picked up a Pokemon compact play set which is new in the package. It doesn’t sell for much so I am pairing it with another similar play set that I have been saving.


Hanging in one of the bags on the wall for $2.99 was this set of Hello Kitty salt and pepper shakers. Much of the newer Hello Kitty items don’t have much value but this set from 2000 seems to be selling for about $30. I also picked up this Jadeite reamer and measuring cup set. It is not marked Fire King or Anchor Hocking. I don’t know whether it has to be in order to be Jadeite. The color is the same though.

Two more toys I bought were a Count Von Count plush doll and a Howard Wolowitz Pop Funko figure. I consistently sell Count Von Count dolls for about $14. The Pop Funko seems to be selling for about $40 but since my box is worn, I may get less.

Those are the highlights from this week. Is it spring yet? I could really use a tag sale about now.

Dansk, American Girl, FAO Schwarz and Italian Pottery

Recently there have been days of no finds at the thrift store, followed by days of great finds. I guess the idea is to “just keep swimming.”

I have been finding some nice pottery. This is a piece of Italian pottery marked La Musa. It is a heart shaped trinket box with a very cool modern graphic. I paid $4 for it at Goodwill and it sold quickly for $29. I was glad I was able to list it before Valentines Day and maybe that’s why it sold so fast.


This sugar and creamer set is by Dansk. I love the abstract blue and white decoration. It is a pattern called Arabasque. This was also from the Goodwill and I was happy to be able to find all three pieces of this set even though they were in different spots on the shelf. I paid $6 for the set but I am hoping to get $50 for it.


I thought this mid century modern dog salt shaker marked Japan was too cool to leave behind. Unfortunately it didn’t have its mate and I don’t think it will bring more than $10 but I still think he’s awesome.


Two more ceramic pieces I bought are this blue and white Mottahedeh plate and this Taylor & Ng naughty dog mug. There is a series of Taylor & Ng mugs featuring different types of animals in “playful” positions.

In the plush area I picked up this Noah’s Ark by FAO Schwarz. It is missing the mate to the giraffe set. I have sold this same item a few years ago. I think it sold for $20 then.


My most exciting find recently was this American Girl doll who was in with the regular toys and marked $4. She is a doll named Nellie. Unfortunately she didn’t come dressed but I was still happy to find her!


Those are some finds for the first half of February. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!