Best Doll Sales of 2018

I have always loved dolls and really enjoy selling them. This way I can enjoy them for a little while and then pass them on to someone who will appreciate them. I also get to learn about all kinds of dolls. What follows are 10 of the best doll sales for this year.

The first one is a Madame Alexander 8″ nurse doll. I remember seeing Madame Alexander dolls in the Sears wishbook catalog at christmas time. I never had one but enjoy finding them now. Many are not worth much but some have good value. This doll sold for $39.99. She was found in a box of dolls that were $2 each at a fundraiser for animals.


This next doll was really a puppet. I picked her up at the thrift store for $6. She is an oversized police woman, measuring 30″ tall. She was very detailed and well made. She sold for $39.99.


This doll came from a church sale. I believe she was $3. She’s a Dy-dee doll by Effanbee. She had a rubber body and had some condition issues but sold for $40 on a best offer.


At the same sale as I found the Madame Alexander doll, in the same box, were these two Levi’s dolls. I picked them up because I know people sell vintage Levi’s so I thought – well, maybe dolls made of Levi’s would be good too. I believe they were from the 70s and they look it. I sold the pair for $49.99.


This Dawn doll was one of my favorite doll purchases of 2018. I had Dawn dolls growing up instead of Barbies and I loved them. I do have a small collection now and was very tempted to keep this beautiful doll new in her box but I let her go. She sold for $49.99.


This doll was a Betsy McCall Jane by Robert Tonner. I thought she was porcelain but it turned out she was vinyl. She came from the thrift store for about $7.00. I picked her up because she looked unusual and she was signed. I was able to sell her for $69.99.


I have sold several My Twinn dolls but this was the best one I found all year. She was only $3 at a church tag sale and came in her original box with extra clothing. She sold for $85.


I’m including two lots of doll clothes this year. This first group was in a bag hanging at the thrift store for about $4. I saw a tag that said Tammy on one of the items and that was enough for me to buy it. It turned out to have a rare dress which is the one with the big eyes. Because of that dress I was able to sell the lot for $99.99.


The other lot I sold was a group of Barbie clothes that I found in a Skipper case at a church sale. I paid $8 for the case and was able to sell this lot for $59.99. I love finding a bunch of clothes with snaps and figuring out what dolls the clothes are for and how old they are.


The last doll I’m sharing sold for $99.99. She is a Sasha doll and I may have undersold her. She sold quickly and after she sold someone messaged me and said that the doll was very old and worth about $500. I don’t really know for sure but maybe someone got a great deal that day.


It was a very fun year for finding and selling dolls. Wishing everyone a very happy New Year!!


Best Doll Finds of 2016

I was fortunate to find a variety of vintage dolls this year. One of them was the highest priced item I sold all year and the second highest I ever sold. Here are 10 of them, counting down from the least to most valuable.

Number 10 is a small group of dolls that I thought were Liddle Kiddles but turned out to be called Sweet Treats. I don’t know if they are a type of Liddle Kiddles but I thought they were very cute and similar to dolls I had as a child. I believe I sold them for $29.99.

Number 9 was a doll I found at a church sale. She was $8 but I took a chance because she looked so pretty and her outfit appeared original. After researching her I sold her as a Sweet Sue type doll for $49 or $39. I don’t remember exactly. She was also a walker doll who turned her head when her legs walked.

Doll number 8 was kind of a mystery doll. She was on a shelf at the thrift store for $4. She has a really pretty face and a lovely outfit. I couldn’t find any information about her since she was unmarked. I put her up as a vintage dressed Asian doll for $49 and she sold in 24 hours.

The next doll is Mrs. Frizzle from the PBS show The Magic School Bus. She was new in her box and is hard to find so she sold for $49.99.


Number 6 is a Chatty Cathy doll from 1960. She doesn’t talk any more but came with her original coat and one shoe. She sold after a few months, for $49.


I paid $18 for a collection of vintage Strawberry Shortcake mini dolls in a case. I believe one or two of them were relatively rare figures and they sold, after several months, for $65.


When I saw this doll I had a hard time figuring out what she was. Her face and body looked antique but she had plastic arms. After researching I realized that her arms had been replaced and it was a porcelain Armand Marseille doll. She is the oldest doll I have ever found and I thought her face was beautiful. She sold for a best offer of $85.


At the end of last January there was an estate sale. I don’t usually source too much in the winter because there are no church or tag sales in my area until spring. I was excited to go to this sale because it said they had dolls. I walked in to a room with about 50 dolls. It was overwhelming because I didn’t know about most of them but I recognized a Sasha doll and purchased her for $5. She sold a few weeks later for a best offer of $165.

My number 2 best doll pick up was a Barbie that I bought for $30. I was unsure about buying her because she was in fair condition and I didn’t really know much about Barbie dolls. I know that when they have solid eyelashes it usually means they’re pretty old. I learned a lot about Barbies by trying to figure out what kind of doll she was. I learned that she was a number 3 Barbie. I thought she was missing a lot of hair but she was a pony tail doll so her hair would have been swept up to cover her bald spot. After being sold and returned, she finally sold for good for $235.


Here she is – the number one find of the year. I learned about Blythe dolls a few years ago and have been on the look out ever since. I found her in a $1 box at a flea market and I didn’t believe that she was the real thing at first. Blythe dolls have huge heads and eyes, small bodies and a pull string that makes their eyes change colors. After many questions and offers, she sold for $500. Woohoo!

That is the list for 2016. I hope you have found this entertaining and informative! Best wishes to all for a wonderful 2017!!

Vintage Dolls, Little Collections and Unique Items

There were two sales I attended this weekend. One was a children’s sale at a school and one was a Christmas Bazaar near me that featured 90% second hand items. I picked up a variety of items, some of which I have never seen before.

At the children’s sale there was a box filled with ziploc bags. In each bag was a little collection of toys. I picked up a group of Aristocat PVC figures from Disney, a set of McDonald’s McNugget Buddies with some costume pieces, a set of old Happy Meal toys and a group of Land Before Time PVC dinosaurs. I paid about $1 a bag and I’m hoping to get $10 for each set. I think the Aristocats will go for more.

I found a set of Kitchen Littles. This is a series of miniature Barbie sized toys from the 90’s. They are good quality and highly detailed and people like them for their Barbies. This set is a kitchen island with miniature foods and appliances. I hoping for $49 on this. My daughter had these when she was little and loved them.

In the basement of the church, in a pile of other toys I saw this wonderful Sasha doll looking at me. I think these dolls are so unique and beautiful. She was $2. Some of these can go for over $100 so I am hoping…


This next doll taught me something new. When I researched her I found out that she is a Waldorf style doll. Waldorf is a type of educational program along the lines of Montessori. She is made to look very simple to encourage children to use their imagination more. Most of these are made with organic materials. Compare her to the super realistic reborn style doll that I sold a few weeks ago. I don’t know which one is more frightening. Yes I do.



I also found some unique items that I had a hard time researching because I couldn’t find these items on line. The first is a child’s cup and bowl decorated with an early version of sign language. It is marked MMA (Museum of Modern Art) on the bottom. The art appears to be a reproduction of illustrations on a child’s cup from the 1800’s.

I bought a music box from the movie Black Swan featuring an image of Natalie Portman. I think this was some kind of promotional item. I never saw the movie. Too creepy for me. It’s hard to price things when there are no comparables. I will start high and see what happens.

I also picked up this IKEN create your own watch set. It comes with colorful interchangeable parts. When items are priced low sometimes it pays to take a chance. These seem to go for between $20 and $30.


I also bought some handbags between $1 and $5 including a Vera Bradley purse, a Tignanello backpack and 2 vintage Coach bags.

This may be the last sales of the season for me. I have lots to list for now. Pretty soon it will be time to hit the thrift stores again!

Sasha, Mdme Alex Dolls, Steiff +

There were two church sales that I attended this weekend. One has become so popular that there are huge crowds of people there. It also took me nearly 2 hours to get there plus they were only letting a few people at a time into the toy tent which was were I was waiting to go. It’s hard to wait until 9:00 when the sale is supposed to start, and then wait again until a lady tells you it’s your turn. I was quite crowded in there and practically the only place where I could look was in these big bins of plush. Here are some of the items I pulled out to sell. I think I paid between $1 and $.50 per item.

This sweet German Shepherd puppy is by Steiff. He has his ear button, tag and a red collar that says American Kennel Club on it. He is not made of mohair like the most desirable Steiff are. He has soft fur.


This Red Sox Wally mascot stuffed toy is vintage.


This is a Beanie Baby Godzilla with white eyes. Godzilla in many forms is a good seller. I think he is from 2001.


I think my best find at this sale was this doll. I was trying to look for a mark on her when I was buying her and I thought I saw some letters on the back of her neck. When I got her home and cleaned her up a bit I saw the letters L E X on the back of her neck and knew that was Madame Alexander. She is a vintage Madame Alexander doll from the Little Women Series. She is bigger than most Madame Alexander dolls, at 14″. Unfortunately she has no clothes but she is in pretty good condition with a pretty face.


I made one pretty bad mistake at this sale when I spent $10 on a RC car that was in the box but the box was very taped up. I didn’t open it and when I got home the only thing inside were some wheels and extra pieces. I will still try to sell those to cover what I spent. I should have opened it but I didn’t have the room or energy to do so at the time.

The next day I went to a sale that was much better, closer to my house and not nearly as crowded. It was also a church sale. They had a whole plastic kiddie pool filled with plush and dolls and that’s where I bought most of my items. I was really excited/sad to find 2 Sasha doll that someone tried to punk out by severely cutting and dying their hair. The larger one also had crazy makeup on which thankfully washed off but they had also pierced her ears!! I am grateful that there are people that can fix these dolls and I was able to sell them both for a combined price of $70.

I purchased this old mohair bear. He is only 6″ tall. I was hoping he was a Steiff but he had no ear button.


Also in the plush pile was this character from Where The Wild Things Are.


My best find of the day was this vintage Steiff terrier. I was very excited to find him and he’s in good condition. So happy no one cut and colored his hair! Or pierced his ears!


I don’t have too much luck finding legos anymore but I spotted this bag and saw that there were Christmas trees in it. It is from a set for a Christmas Village Toy Store. I don’t know if all the pieces are there since it didn’t come in the box and there was no manual, but it may do well.

This last funny item is a Kermit the Frog notepad from 1977. It was only a quarter so I had to get it!

So that should keep me busy listing for a while!!