The Last Hurrah Before Winter

For about the past five years the sales I go to on the first weekend of December are the last good sales of the year for me. There is usually a church sale in a town near me and a school sale where I have pretty good luck and it was no different this year. I went to the church sale first. It started at 10:00 and the lady had us waiting in the lobby. At about 9:59 sirens started going off and I thought – oh great. The fire alarm. Now we have to go outside but it was only Santa. Then she had to talk for 5 minutes about Santa and the sale and the charities it was all going to and I was getting antsy. It’s hard when you’ve already been waiting and then you are waiting some more when you’re supposed to be going in.

I went to the toy area first which was a little smaller than usual but I found two vintage puppets from Germany. I love puppets so I was excited to find these even though my son found them so creepy he told me to burn them.


After that I went into the part of the church where they sell everything else. I was walking around when I spotted this black Catherineholm pot high up on a shelf. It was marked $4. I love these mid century modern pots from Norway and they sell well. I also have a small collection in my dining room. The colors I collect are yellow, orange and red. The funny thing was that earlier in the week I found a yellow pan at the thrift store which I decided to keep. I haven’t found many Catherineholm pieces in all my years of thrifting so I was surprised to find two in one week!

I found a zip lock bag for $1 with six charming angels playing instruments. They reminded me of Erzebirge figures from Germany. After researching I discovered that they are by an Italian company called Sevi. The learning never stops!


After this sale I went to a craft sale at a school where they also have a tag sale room. It appeared as though there were a lot of toys before I got there but you can only get to one sale first. I still picked up a few items including a Sesame Street play set and a blue Dansk teapot.

At another small sale I went to I picked up a few vintage toys including a Betty Boop cloth doll and a prize from Coney Island which is a dog that looks a lot like Snoopy except in red.

Finally I found a few pop culture items including a sealed figure from the Cartoon Network show Adventure time, and a figure from the show South Park.

As the days grow shorter the sales in the northeast become scarce. Time to start getting ready for the holidays and focusing on thrift store shopping instead!


American Girl, Barbie and Plush!

I attended a children’s sale this morning that I go to every year and every year they have boxes of free plush. I only took two items this year. First I got this plush bee hive with ten numbered bees. The hive has numbered doors to match the bees. It would be great for my preschool class so that’s where it will go if it doesn’t sell.


The second item I found was this bear that is covered in differently textured fabrics for babies to play with. The brand is called Ebulobo which is based in France.


When I went inside a man and woman were fighting over a Duplo set. She said she put her bag down so she could pick it up and as she was doing that he snatched it up. If your hands aren’t actually on the item its fair game I think but I guess she really wanted it and was very upset. He wasn’t giving it up though. They were getting kind of nasty with each other until a lady from the sale said “This is a fund raiser for a school. Let’s remember that.”

I got excited when I saw an American Girl doll sitting there. She was priced at $25 which is high but I picked her up anyway because she also had a ziplock bag of clothes rubber banded to her. She is another Samantha similar to one I found at the thrift store a few weeks ago. Besides the bag of clothes attached to her there was another bag of clothes. It had “American Girl Clothes” written on it and was priced at $15. I grabbed that too. I also saw Kit’s bed which was only $3. So, the bad news was that in the $15 bag there was not one single American Girl doll piece. Why didn’t I check? In the bag of clothes that was attached to her there was her plaid dress and three pieces from Josefina’s meet outfit. Among all the non-American girl doll clothes in the $15 bag was a Gotz doll dress that I am trying to sell. I was really hoping that the clothing bags would be filled with American Girl items!

At other sales during the day I picked up this funny “Pack Rat” Folkmanis puppet which is gross and cute at the same time. I also found this Kelly Bathtime playset dated 1995 and I recognized it right away because it was something my daughter received years ago on her third birthday! I sent her a picture of it and she remembered it too.

Those were the pick ups for today! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is almost here!!

Turning It Around with Vintage Toys and Holiday Sales

Last week I was a little down on the whole ebay/reselling thing but this week things have gone much better. I sold the American Girl Doll Saige and she was returned but then quickly sold again. I finally hit a good sale for finding items (thank you Wendy) and my sales have picked up and items I’ve had listed for several months are beginning to sell!

I went to a Children’s Sale on Saturday where I picked up most of my items for the weekend. There were lots of toys and also lots of people. The first item I spotted was this Muppet puppet from FAO Schwarz. I love these things because they look and feel like the professional puppets used on Sesame Street and puppets are my thing. I bought one of these for my birthday during a trip into the city where I went to the Muppet Workshop at FAO Schwarz and made one. It was $99. So I recognized this right away and it was only $2. It won’t sell for $99 but maybe between $30 and $40. I think he’s really cool.


There was some plush there for $1 each so I bought a few. This is a Kitty Kitty Kitten by Tyco. This is the second one I bought this year. I think the other one sold for $19. It purrs when you hold it.


This is a Jellycat plush. It was designed in London and these are collectible. The first Jellycat I ever found was also at this same sale 2 years ago. It is pretty small but may be one of those items that children use as a lovey and then the parents need multiples of them if one gets lost or damaged. He may sell for $30.


I found this small cute mouse puppet by Folkmanis. He may sell for $10. This My First Dolly by Gund is very cute too but also may only bring $10.

P1310383 P1310387

I had a few American Girl finds too. The first was at the same sale where I got all of the above items. The last two are from a community sale that I went to later in the day.

First there is this American Girl 6″ mini doll. I believe her name is Caroline. I was happy that she came in her complete outfit.


Coincidentally (these seem to happen often) at the later sale I found another American Girl mini doll. This one is named Emily and unfortunately she doesn’t have her shoes or socks.


The best American Girl find was this Bitty Baby for $1. I am hoping to get $25 for her. Unfortunately I don’t have an outfit for her. The Bitty Baby books and bottle are items I had picked up and was saving until I found a doll to go with them.


There were some other purchases that I haven’t photographed yet. If I can I will do an update later this week.

Sales have been picking up the last few days. The colorful Wedgwood items that I have had listed for quite awhile finally all sold to three different people. There was a yellow cup, a pink heart box and two purple pieces. I paid $7 for all and they sold collectively for $82.

So, this weekend Ebay was fun again. Like anything else, reselling certainly has its ups and downs.