American Girl, Barbie and Plush!

I attended a children’s sale this morning that I go to every year and every year they have boxes of free plush. I only took two items this year. First I got this plush bee hive with ten numbered bees. The hive has numbered doors to match the bees. It would be great for my preschool class so that’s where it will go if it doesn’t sell.


The second item I found was this bear that is covered in differently textured fabrics for babies to play with. The brand is called Ebulobo which is based in France.


When I went inside a man and woman were fighting over a Duplo set. She said she put her bag down so she could pick it up and as she was doing that he snatched it up. If your hands aren’t actually on the item its fair game I think but I guess she really wanted it and was very upset. He wasn’t giving it up though. They were getting kind of nasty with each other until a lady from the sale said “This is a fund raiser for a school. Let’s remember that.”

I got excited when I saw an American Girl doll sitting there. She was priced at $25 which is high but I picked her up anyway because she also had a ziplock bag of clothes rubber banded to her. She is another Samantha similar to one I found at the thrift store a few weeks ago. Besides the bag of clothes attached to her there was another bag of clothes. It had “American Girl Clothes” written on it and was priced at $15. I grabbed that too. I also saw Kit’s bed which was only $3. So, the bad news was that in the $15 bag there was not one single American Girl doll piece. Why didn’t I check? In the bag of clothes that was attached to her there was her plaid dress and three pieces from Josefina’s meet outfit. Among all the non-American girl doll clothes in the $15 bag was a Gotz doll dress that I am trying to sell. I was really hoping that the clothing bags would be filled with American Girl items!

At other sales during the day I picked up this funny “Pack Rat” Folkmanis puppet which is gross and cute at the same time. I also found this Kelly Bathtime playset dated 1995 and I recognized it right away because it was something my daughter received years ago on her third birthday! I sent her a picture of it and she remembered it too.

Those were the pick ups for today! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is almost here!!


Thrifting in Los Angeles

Last week we went to California to visit some friends and family who live out there now. They don’t understand why I don’t want to live where the weather is perfect all the time. I guess I like thunderstorms, leaves changing color, snow days and spring. Anyway of course while I was there my husband alerted me to a Goodwill where I picked up some goodies.

This first item is a vintage beauty school supply case. It has some damage, especially to the corners. I’m not sure of the age but it may be from the 70’s or 80’s. The school is now closed. There is an ID tag included which I think is neat. I wasn’t going to get it because I didn’t think I could get it back home but my husband suggested that I pack clothes inside and around it and we fit it into my suitcase!

I picked up this Tory Burch note pad set. It’s not very valuable (maybe $10) but it was only marked 99 cents and I new I could get it home.

The last item I picked up there was this Anthropologie Dachshund mug. Dachshunds are one of my favorite breeds so it caught my eye and when I researched it they seem to go for about $20.


Before I left I had a few pickups from my local thrift store including this Calico Critters car. I had the rabbit family and I am putting them with the car in hopes of selling it for more.


I also picked up two plush toys including this American Girl doll pet cat and a Jellycat dog.

That’s all for now. Summer is winding down. Time to get ready for cooler days – at least if you live in New England!

Sasha, Mdme Alex Dolls, Steiff +

There were two church sales that I attended this weekend. One has become so popular that there are huge crowds of people there. It also took me nearly 2 hours to get there plus they were only letting a few people at a time into the toy tent which was were I was waiting to go. It’s hard to wait until 9:00 when the sale is supposed to start, and then wait again until a lady tells you it’s your turn. I was quite crowded in there and practically the only place where I could look was in these big bins of plush. Here are some of the items I pulled out to sell. I think I paid between $1 and $.50 per item.

This sweet German Shepherd puppy is by Steiff. He has his ear button, tag and a red collar that says American Kennel Club on it. He is not made of mohair like the most desirable Steiff are. He has soft fur.


This Red Sox Wally mascot stuffed toy is vintage.


This is a Beanie Baby Godzilla with white eyes. Godzilla in many forms is a good seller. I think he is from 2001.


I think my best find at this sale was this doll. I was trying to look for a mark on her when I was buying her and I thought I saw some letters on the back of her neck. When I got her home and cleaned her up a bit I saw the letters L E X on the back of her neck and knew that was Madame Alexander. She is a vintage Madame Alexander doll from the Little Women Series. She is bigger than most Madame Alexander dolls, at 14″. Unfortunately she has no clothes but she is in pretty good condition with a pretty face.


I made one pretty bad mistake at this sale when I spent $10 on a RC car that was in the box but the box was very taped up. I didn’t open it and when I got home the only thing inside were some wheels and extra pieces. I will still try to sell those to cover what I spent. I should have opened it but I didn’t have the room or energy to do so at the time.

The next day I went to a sale that was much better, closer to my house and not nearly as crowded. It was also a church sale. They had a whole plastic kiddie pool filled with plush and dolls and that’s where I bought most of my items. I was really excited/sad to find 2 Sasha doll that someone tried to punk out by severely cutting and dying their hair. The larger one also had crazy makeup on which thankfully washed off but they had also pierced her ears!! I am grateful that there are people that can fix these dolls and I was able to sell them both for a combined price of $70.

I purchased this old mohair bear. He is only 6″ tall. I was hoping he was a Steiff but he had no ear button.


Also in the plush pile was this character from Where The Wild Things Are.


My best find of the day was this vintage Steiff terrier. I was very excited to find him and he’s in good condition. So happy no one cut and colored his hair! Or pierced his ears!


I don’t have too much luck finding legos anymore but I spotted this bag and saw that there were Christmas trees in it. It is from a set for a Christmas Village Toy Store. I don’t know if all the pieces are there since it didn’t come in the box and there was no manual, but it may do well.

This last funny item is a Kermit the Frog notepad from 1977. It was only a quarter so I had to get it!

So that should keep me busy listing for a while!!

A Children’s Sale

The first sale I went to this year was a children’s sale through a church. I have been to this sale before. They give out numbers at 7:30. I got there at 7:30 and I got #110. How did that happen? It didn’t matter though because when the sale opened you just walked in with your “number” and it didn’t matter what number it was. I don’t think they understood the giving out of numbers concept. I probably would have been mad if I had been number 4. It was $10 for the early bird. I spent $40 at this sale. Here’s what I got.

Someone on Youtube mention these “Little Live Pets.” This is a parrot. It repeats what you say (when you hold the button down) in a little parrot voice. Some seem to sell for about $20. It’s pretty fun.


There was a doll table where I found this Disney Water Baby dressed as Piglet. You are supposed to fill them with water to make them feel like a real baby. I think this one has a cute face. I have sold a few of these over the years but never a Piglet. They are from 1990.


I was happy to find another Bitty Baby. The other one just sold for $24. This one was marked Pleasant Company on her neck so I think she is older than the last one.


In the plush area I picked up this Folkmanis peacock puppet. I think it’s really beautiful. I had another one of these and I believe it took a long time but finally sold for about $20. I love the way they made the feathers look.


There was a Jellycat zebra crib toy. Jellycat can sell well but I don’t know about the crib toys. Usually it’s the plushes that sell.


These Bunnybees are by Xavier Roberts who made the Cabbage Patch kids. They are from 1985. I hoping they will sell because Easter is near and they look pretty Eastery to me.


There was a big box of backpacks and purses and out of that I pulled out this pretty Vera Bradley wallet. I don’t usually find these in good condition but this one looks new.


I took a chance on this aviator simulation video game and joystick. I channeled my son for this who is the video game expert. It was $6 but I hope I can get $30 out of it.


There was a 25 cents table where I picked up a few items. I got two dollhouse people, a Breyer cowboy figure and a set of Disney button pins. It’s always fun to pick up some 25 cent items.


Earlier in the week at the thrift store I bought some train related items. These two Buchmann trains sold for $24 within a few minutes of listing them. I paid $6 for both.


The other train item was a vintage Lionel hand car. It appears to be new in the box but I can’t tell if it has been opened and taped up again so I have to sell it as used.


Those were the highlights for this week. Are sales starting where you are or are you one of the lucky ones who live where it’s warm all year? Either way – happy shopping!!