Charming Things, Vintage Toys and Books

There were several sales this weekend. The one that I thought I would do well at, which is advertised as a 200 family tag sale, I did terrible at. That was the first one that I went to and got there at 7:00 AM. I felt discouraged after that but I found my second wind and drove another 45 minutes and found some great sales and great items! Never give up!!

At a church sale that I went to I found two items that I just thought were very charming and bought them even though I don’t think they have great value. They were about $1 each and I couldn’t leave them behind. The first is a small wooden carousel that is actually a top! The second is this pretty music box by Anri and Reuge that plays Lara’s Theme from the movie Doctor Zhivago.

At the same sale I picked up this vintage yellow Tonka Jeep for $1 and it sold already for $24. It’s in very good condition which I think is why it sold so fast. I also picked up this baby toy of plastic beans that snap together and fit into a shiny green plastic pod. It is by Playskool and when I researched it I saw that one had sold on Etsy for $20.

The last item I bought at this sale is this Michelin Tire stuffed doll. I am hoping he will do well since he is vintage car related advertising.


I usually don’t find much when I arrive late to sales but all the following items were bought after 11:00 which I think is late for tag sales. I stopped at a small community sale and picked up these two Where the Wild Things Are plush toys. These can do well depending on the character and condition. I have this pair up for $29.


I also found some Playmobil sets at this sale. I don’t pick up too much Playmobil any more but these sets were only $1 each.

The biggest surprise of the day was at a tag sale I stopped at which seemed like a group of neighbors who had gotten together to sell their stuff. One lady had a table and she had a group of five Calico Critters on it. I asked how much they were and she said $5. I felt like that was too much. She said “Do you know what these are?” I said yes, they’re Calico Critters. I wanted to say “Yes, they Calico Critters, not Tiffany bracelets.” So I was beginning to think this sale was going to be overpriced. Then I saw a box that had “Dolls $2” written on it. I walked over because I thought I saw an American Girl doll sticking out of it but was sure it was going to be one of those AG type dolls like Madame Alexander or Our Generation. To my surprise it was an American Girl doll wearing a very pretty dress. I picked it up and asked another lady (not the Calico Critter lady) “How much is this doll?” She said $2. So that was my deal of the day. The dress she was wearing turned out to be from a doll named Cecile. I sold the dress separately for $19. The doll is a Just Like Me American Girl doll where you get to pick the hair style and colors to match yourself. Those are not the most valuable American Girl dolls but I’m not complaining for $2.

After that I went to another church sale where they had some vintage Fisher Price sets for $5 each. There was a Play Family Hospital and a Play Family Village. I paid $15 for everything in these photos.

Another interesting find was a children’s book from 1967. It is the story of a little girl who has a doll and a stuffed dog that come to life after she goes to sleep. It is all done with photographs. I couldn’t find any sold listings of this book but I saw one site where some one was asking several hundred dollars for it. It appears to be rare but I don’t really know its value.

I had a fun find at the thrift store. It was from one of those bags on the wall which had a whole bunch of small toys inside a margarine container. It turned out to include some vintage Barbie accessories. I didn’t spend too much time researching it but sold it for $9.99 as a Barbie junk drawer lot. I love to find little collections like this.


Fall is almost here so hopefully the sales will continue and we can stock up for the holiday season!!


Vintage Pyrex, American Girl, vintage toys and more!

This past weekend there was another large community tag sale about 15 minutes north of me. They had a central area where people were set up and there were also a lot of houses that were having sales. There are many churches in this town and several of them were having sales too. And yes, I was in my happy place.

In the central area there was a woman selling some American Girl doll clothes and items. I picked out a few accessories and she let me have them for $3. They included several items from Samantha’s “Meet Samantha” ensemble. There was a tin lunch box with food inside but I found out that the food was from Kirsten’s set so I am selling that separately.

I was at one of the house sales and some children were fighting with these oversized foam Hulk Hands that I knew had some value. So in my head I was thinking “please put those down” and they did! The best thing was that I bought two pair for $2. I have already sold the first set for $29. Unfortunately the second set has some damage so I will ask less for those. Sometimes the foam on these gets torn. They are great for getting your aggressions out because they also have sound effects.


At one house a woman had a box of older toys, still in the package, for a quarter each. There I bought this Snoopy pen holder shaped like a dog house.


At another house a boy was selling some of his toys and I picked up this Playmobil Take Along Medical Center. He charged me $5 which is high since Playmobil doesn’t sell nearly as well as it used to for me. I am hoping to get $30 for it because it is nearing Christmas. It comes with lots of accessories. A few houses later, for $2 I bought this Playmobil toy shop that was still in the box. I am hoping to get $20 for it.

I found a pair of interesting old children’s board books that were printed in the Netherlands. They are colorful fairytale books with beautiful illustrations and they are 16″ tall! I don’t know the value but I thought I would take a chance for 50 cents each.

For a dollar I picked up a package of vintage Hallmark animal stickers. They reminded me of ones I used to collect when I was young, although these are more recent than that. I don’t know how they make them so cute. I saw someone selling these by the sheet for $10 a piece!


I picked up one piece of Pyrex which was $3. It was this bright casserole dish with the Friendship pattern on the lid. It’s not very valuable but it’s so pretty I thought someone would like to add it to their collection.


I had never seen this before. One house I walked up to had a sign that said “Free Sale.” Really? She said her daughter gave her a bunch of stuff and asked her to get rid of it. Works for me! It was fun but there wasn’t a lot of great stuff. I picked up a collection of buttons from the 1970’s. I really like the large pink smiley face button and the Beatles Fan Club button.


The last item I will share is this pretty wood carving of the Holy Family. When I looked at it I thought it may be an Anri piece from Italy but there are no markings anywhere. I paid $5 for it because I thought it was such nice quality. I put it up for $59 with a best offer and already received an offer for $32 so I think it has some value.


Those I the highlights from this past weekend. I’m thinking good thoughts for anyone affected by these hurricanes!

Wedgwood, Steiff, Teacups, Christmas and lots of other fun stuff.

I spent a lot of money this weekend. I spent about $100 so I hope I do well. If I make $100 from eBay in a week I’m happy so unless I make a multiple of 100, I guess I could have slept in! Anyway – on Friday night there was a sale that started at 5:00 pm with a $10 “first dibbs” option. Since I usually am out of work by 3:00 I was able to make it there. Here is what I picked up.

I found this pretty pink Wedgwood heart shaped trinket box. Wedgwood used to be great but the blue Jasperware is very common now. You can’t really make money unless you have an unusual piece or an unusual color. I’m hoping this will bring about $30. It was marked $3.


This next item is a red enamel footed tray with heart and circle cut outs around the rim. The reason I bought it is because it said “Made in Sweden.” I couldn’t find anything just like it online so I don’t know what will happen with it. I think it’s pretty. It would be a nice piece for Valentine’s Day.

P1300638 P1300639

I don’t usually pick up teacups and saucers but I thought these were so pretty and I wasn’t finding too much else so I purchased them. They were $2.00 each. They are both bone china, made in England. One is Grosvenor and the other is by Foley. I especially like the blue set.

P1300661 P1300668

There was not much in the toy area for me but I did pick up this zebra because he had a button in his ear and is marked as a Steiff. He is softer than the mohair older Steiff  and I believe is a newer item but I still hope he has value. I couldn’t find an exact match for him online.

P1300647 P1300651

I went to a local church on Saturday morning that had a sale that started at 8:00 am. I don’t think anyone else knew that it started at 8:00 because for the first 1/2 hour I was there by myself! I was able to pick up a boxed Nintendo set for my son which he was thrilled about. I found quite a few holiday items. There was this Playmobil nativity set.

P1300759 P1300760

This lego advent calendar.

P1300766 P1300767

Several Christmas stocking felt appliqué needlework kits. The kits were 50 cents each and I’m hoping to get $20 for each of them.

P1300690 P1300694 P1300696 P1300698

The bags were $5 each which is a lot. I got these two Coach bags.

P1300715 P1300736

Two others I picked up turned out to be fake. $10 down the drain!

At the jewelry table everything was $2. I found an Alex and Ani graduation bracelet.


And finally, in the toy area I found this Pac-man plug n play.


Well, I hope some of this stuff sells well because I have to make $100 just to break even! It was a fun time though!

Sales Report – here are some items that sold recently:

Ralph Lauren small houndstooth pattern purse: $14

Peter Pan and Captain Hook figures: $24

Catherineholm green tray: $44

Pair of How to Train your Dragon plush: $39

Disco LeSportsac bag: $34

Vintage plush German Shephard: $29

Polly Pocket Cinderella’s Castle: $54

Vintage Dolls, Toys and Vikings

No matter what I do I always seem to come back to the toys to buy and sell. There was a church sale about an hour away from my house on Saturday morning. I went and decided that I would try to look at housewares, kitchen items and other collectibles first. On that first pass all I picked up was a white glass scotty dog Avon perfume bottle. Then I said, in my head, forget this and made a bee line over to the toy area. There I found an adorable vintage My Child doll. These dolls have soft fabric faces and bodies and big beautiful eyes. I have sold a few before. Even in poor condition they can bring around $20. This one is in very good, clean condition.

P1270924 P1270926

There was an old Playmobil space station which I had never seen before. It looked pretty cool but was missing the top, I found out. It came with 2 astronaut figures so hopefully that will add some value.


There were several vintage Fisher Price toys there. I bought a few but only this airplane has any value. I really like the turquoise color and it is in very good condition. Many Fisher Price toys that used to be valuable have become common on Ebay.


From the thrift store this week I found two wooden items both which said Norge on them. I have learned that this means Norway! The first item was this miniature (4″) wooden chair which I love. It is decorated with flowers which are wood burned into it and then painted. It is a kind of decoration call Rosemaling.


I bought it for $3 and put it in my store for $19 and it sold the next day!

On a nearby shelf at the thrift store I found this wooden plate featuring a Viking ship. It also said Norge and had a similar wood burned design.


Another thrift store purchase was this reproduction Falstaff Beer advertising tray. I think it is a good barware/man cave item.


The last 2 items came from a $2 bag at the thrift store. It was filled with doll clothes and I spotted some metal snaps so I thought it might be worth checking out. After I sorted through it I found these 2 items to sell. One is a sheer Barbie doll night gown from 1966. The second item is a Skipper dress from an outfit called Triple Threat. The complete outfit has about 6 pieces to it and can sell for over $100. Maybe I can sell mine to someone who is piecing the set together.



That is about it. The weather is finally turning nice again! It feels wonderful and is great for strolling around yard sales!

The Sale That Almost Wasn’t

I was planning to go to a sale on Saturday however, it began to snow Friday night and there was snow in the forecast for Saturday as well. The weather here doesn’t seem to know that it is spring according to the calendar. I thought for sure that this sale would be cancelled but it was held anyway. Yeah! It was advertised as a children’s sale so I was hoping to find some toys to resell but there was also a table of knick knacks where I was able to pick up a few things.

I found a Candy Land Castle matching game like the one I sold over the summer. I think that one sold for $40. However, when I got home and looked at the pieces, one was missing. I am purchasing the missing piece off ebay for $5. I think it is worth it to complete the game. Probably the best find I had, even though I had to pay $8 for it, was a lot of Playmobil pieces from the Egyptian sets. Some of the pieces sell pretty well individually, but I am lotting up the whole group.

P1270690 P1270691

As for dolls, I found an American Girl doll mini who I did not recognize at first but after researching found out that her name is Ruthie and she is a friend to the doll Kit. These dolls are 6″ replicas of the 18″ versions.


I priced her at $14 and she sold within an hour of listing her.

This doll was a mystery to me but he had an unusual face and after I researched him I found out he is Brandon from the Winx Club which has something to do with fairies. He may sell for about $10.


I picked up two plush items. The first is this BMW bear by Gund still in a sealed bag. He is wearing a blue sweater with a BMW logo on him. I also found a huge Scooby Doo. He may be a bear to ship though. The plush items were $2 each.

P1270684 P1270704

On the small table of knick knacks where everything was marked 50 cents I picked up 3 items. The first is a Hello Kitty Yankee Baseball figurine that was a give away on one of the game days. The second is a Beatrix Potter figure named Mr. Jackson, made in England by Beswick pottery. The third is a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy figures. None of these will make a fortune but for the price they were worth it.

P1270650 P1270658 P1270666

Well, those are the highlights of what I found at sale number 2 so far this year. I paid $31 for everything because there was a $10 early bird. It kind of makes me nuts when they do such a high early bird at a sale where there was a preview sale the night before for the volunteers, cause you’re not really the early birds then, are you?

Hope you are enjoying the spring that doesn’t feel like spring yet and that situation is making me a little grumpy.