Charming Things, Vintage Toys and Books

There were several sales this weekend. The one that I thought I would do well at, which is advertised as a 200 family tag sale, I did terrible at. That was the first one that I went to and got there at 7:00 AM. I felt discouraged after that but I found my second wind and drove another 45 minutes and found some great sales and great items! Never give up!!

At a church sale that I went to I found two items that I just thought were very charming and bought them even though I don’t think they have great value. They were about $1 each and I couldn’t leave them behind. The first is a small wooden carousel that is actually a top! The second is this pretty music box by Anri and Reuge that plays Lara’s Theme from the movie Doctor Zhivago.

At the same sale I picked up this vintage yellow Tonka Jeep for $1 and it sold already for $24. It’s in very good condition which I think is why it sold so fast. I also picked up this baby toy of plastic beans that snap together and fit into a shiny green plastic pod. It is by Playskool and when I researched it I saw that one had sold on Etsy for $20.

The last item I bought at this sale is this Michelin Tire stuffed doll. I am hoping he will do well since he is vintage car related advertising.


I usually don’t find much when I arrive late to sales but all the following items were bought after 11:00 which I think is late for tag sales. I stopped at a small community sale and picked up these two Where the Wild Things Are plush toys. These can do well depending on the character and condition. I have this pair up for $29.


I also found some Playmobil sets at this sale. I don’t pick up too much Playmobil any more but these sets were only $1 each.

The biggest surprise of the day was at a tag sale I stopped at which seemed like a group of neighbors who had gotten together to sell their stuff. One lady had a table and she had a group of five Calico Critters on it. I asked how much they were and she said $5. I felt like that was too much. She said “Do you know what these are?” I said yes, they’re Calico Critters. I wanted to say “Yes, they Calico Critters, not Tiffany bracelets.” So I was beginning to think this sale was going to be overpriced. Then I saw a box that had “Dolls $2” written on it. I walked over because I thought I saw an American Girl doll sticking out of it but was sure it was going to be one of those AG type dolls like Madame Alexander or Our Generation. To my surprise it was an American Girl doll wearing a very pretty dress. I picked it up and asked another lady (not the Calico Critter lady) “How much is this doll?” She said $2. So that was my deal of the day. The dress she was wearing turned out to be from a doll named Cecile. I sold the dress separately for $19. The doll is a Just Like Me American Girl doll where you get to pick the hair style and colors to match yourself. Those are not the most valuable American Girl dolls but I’m not complaining for $2.

After that I went to another church sale where they had some vintage Fisher Price sets for $5 each. There was a Play Family Hospital and a Play Family Village. I paid $15 for everything in these photos.

Another interesting find was a children’s book from 1967. It is the story of a little girl who has a doll and a stuffed dog that come to life after she goes to sleep. It is all done with photographs. I couldn’t find any sold listings of this book but I saw one site where some one was asking several hundred dollars for it. It appears to be rare but I don’t really know its value.

I had a fun find at the thrift store. It was from one of those bags on the wall which had a whole bunch of small toys inside a margarine container. It turned out to include some vintage Barbie accessories. I didn’t spend too much time researching it but sold it for $9.99 as a Barbie junk drawer lot. I love to find little collections like this.


Fall is almost here so hopefully the sales will continue and we can stock up for the holiday season!!


Some Finds and Some Mistakes

Let’s start with the mistakes. I went to a church sale on Friday that is usually very small and not very good but since I love church sales, I went anyway. I found a few small items. I saw a wooden play set in a nice wooden box and it said Woodland Fantasies on it. I looked it up but I was not standing in front of it when I looked it up so I looked up Woodland Fantasy and couldn’t find it. It was only marked $3 but I didn’t buy it. When I looked it up again, with the correct spelling, after I got home I saw that this set which was an eskimo and arctic animal set, sells for about $60. : (. The other mistake I made on Friday was that I didn’t realize that 5 minutes away from the small church, a much bigger church was also having a sale. It was not in the paper. I noticed it the next day because the sale I went to on Saturday was also in the same area. Two big missed opportunities.

Moving on – today I went to a pretty big church sale. There were quite a few people there with multiple large bags. These people were intense. The prices were very good. Many things were only priced at 25 cents so I picked up things that I thought looked interesting in a lot of different categories.

One of my favorites, though not that valuable, is this light blue Domino Confectioners Sugar canister. I think its really cute and I love the colors. There are two other larger ones apparently that go with it.


In the same box with this, which was a box under a table, I found these two candy tins. I like how they have metal handles. All these items were marked 25 cents.


In the toy area I picked up this funky looking doll for 25 cents. She is a Uneeda doll from a line called Little Miss Sophisticates. In excellent condition they can go for $50. Mine has a bit of an eyelash issue since she is missing most of the lashes on one of her eyes. She does have part of her original outfit. Her hair is kind of messy. I will put her up for auction and see what happens.


I picked up a small plush Beaker toy. I have sold larger versions of him for about $30. This one is only 12″ tall. Along the muppet line I also found this cool puppet. She is called Tingo. I think she looks kind of like Zoe from Sesame Street. She is a Jim Henson puppet but I’m not sure what show she is from. She is very fluffy and colorful.

P1290267 P1290296

I found an older Pluto toy and a Mickey Mouse clubhouse camper play set. My daughter used to love sets like this when she was little.

P1290280 P1290286

In the collectibles area I picked up this pull string music box which plays the theme from Love Story. It is marked Edle W. Germany. I also picked up a small carved figure of a boy with a pig. This is marked Anri Italy. I don’t know if it is missing a piece or if it is complete.

P1290263 P1290274

Those were the highlights. Can’t let mistakes get you down. Keep moving forward!!