400 Families

Every time they run this sale they up the number of families that they say are participating. When it started out it was the Ultimate Yard Sale with 200 families participating. Now they say it is 400 families. To me it looks like it is at least 50% antique dealers or resellers. When I go to this semi annual sale I try to find the people who are really selling as if it were a yard sale at their house. This is what I found this time.

The three plush items I picked up were a Molly doll from The Big Comfy Couch, a learn to  dress Caillou doll and a Muppet from the Whatnot Workshop. I love the Muppets like this and have one that I designed from FAO Schwarz in NYC. This one is very funny with her long curly blond hair, fancy princess dress and glasses. I have sold these before and can usually get between $40 and $60 for them. I paid $7 for this one. I’m hoping to get $40 for the Molly doll. She is a rarer vinyl version. Caillou won’t bring much – maybe $14 but I only paid $1 for him.

Two other items I picked up were this vintage big eyed girl print from the 1960s. I paid $2 and am hoping to get $24 for her. I paid $5 for this Lego set of the Eiffel Tower which turned out to be new in the box.

I also picked up one of these little flocked animals from West Germany. The brand is Kunstlerschutz. I used to collect these as a child. The frog seems to be fairly rare and I am hoping to get $40 for him.


I hit one good church sale last weekend with great prices. Everything I bought there cost $10. I was excited to find this Wham-o sand art toy. These are pretty valuable now. I found one once at a thrift store but the sand was hard and didn’t flow anymore. This one is in great condition. I paid $1 for it at the sale and am hoping to get $50 for it.


These ceramic pixie elf figures dressed up as devils were among an entire table of salt and pepper shakers. The little Christmas elves like this are popular but if you can find unusual ones, in pink or green, or devils like these, they will be more valuable. I’m hoping to get $40 for the pair. They are small at only 3″ tall. All the salt and pepper sets were $1 and that’s what they charged me for these.


At this same sale I picked up two handbags and a wooden inlay picture of a bee and a hummingbird. I really like the Nerds messenger bag!

I also want to mention two finds from a tag sale. I believe the blue vase is a Rookwood pottery piece. I paid $10 for the Oswald figure which is high. I am hoping to get $40 for him. The vase was only $1. I have it up for auction starting at $99.

That’s all for this week. We are having a heat wave here in the northeast but prefer it to the snow!!


Artwork, American Girl and Steam Punk

There are two items from last week’s library sale that I’m going to mention here. In the barn area they have an entire hallway filled with paintings and artwork. This year I picked up two pieces for $8 all together. The first print is a picture by C.W. Anderson who was an illustrator of many book about horses. I think the pony in the picture is very adorable. The frame is worn. I don’t know why his friend is a chicken.


The next picture was also very vintage looking in a very old frame. It is entitled “A Yard Of Puppies” because it is a 3 foot long illustration of puppies. It will be a bear to ship but hopefully will sell for a good price. Who can resist a yard of puppies? No me!


This week there were a few tag sales and two community sales. At the tag sales I picked up these vintage motorcycle military goggles. They are not very valuable but someone might use them for part of a costume. I saw other people listing them with the key word “Steam Punk” so I did the same. I liked that they came with their own metal case.


I also picked up this cute Scandanavian Viking figure and this peg rack. I have tried selling peg racks before with no success but this one seemed like an especially nice one.

I bought some plush this weekend which included a lot of 3 muppet characters and Mr. Bim the monkey. He sold quickly for $39. This is the second one of these that I have sold. I don’t know what the appeal is but they seem to sell. It may be a remake of an old stuffed animal that people are nostalgic about.

The best find of the weekend was a beautiful old dollhouse. It was marked $10 and I didn’t know what it was because there was no makers name but I knew it was vintage. It turns out to be a Keystone of Boston dollhouse from the 1940’s and since dollhouses are my thing, I can’t part with it. I will take a picture of it soon in its new home on top of my cabinet in the dining room.

I had a great surprise at the thrift store. I had been walking out empty handed for the past couple of weeks but when I looked in the toy section this week I saw a doll wearing Samantha’s Meet dress. As I approached it I thought that even if the doll did not have any value, if the price was good, I could sell the dress. I thought that it couldn’t actually be Samantha because they usually take the American Girl dolls and place them behind the counter with a $50 price tag. But guess what? They missed this one. It was a Samantha doll. I don’t know if this threw them off because she was not marked American Girl on her neck she was marked Pleasant Company, making her a more valuable vintage doll. She was marked $6.99. That find balanced out a mediocre weekend of finds and me keeping the dollhouse. That’s how I justify it anyway!


Things have been selling well in the past few weeks. I have sold both Fisher Price sets and one of the American Girl dolls. I have already sold 5 of the Polly Pockets sets as well as the vintage perfume which sold for $69! I think holiday shopping has begun!

Sasha, Mdme Alex Dolls, Steiff +

There were two church sales that I attended this weekend. One has become so popular that there are huge crowds of people there. It also took me nearly 2 hours to get there plus they were only letting a few people at a time into the toy tent which was were I was waiting to go. It’s hard to wait until 9:00 when the sale is supposed to start, and then wait again until a lady tells you it’s your turn. I was quite crowded in there and practically the only place where I could look was in these big bins of plush. Here are some of the items I pulled out to sell. I think I paid between $1 and $.50 per item.

This sweet German Shepherd puppy is by Steiff. He has his ear button, tag and a red collar that says American Kennel Club on it. He is not made of mohair like the most desirable Steiff are. He has soft fur.


This Red Sox Wally mascot stuffed toy is vintage.


This is a Beanie Baby Godzilla with white eyes. Godzilla in many forms is a good seller. I think he is from 2001.


I think my best find at this sale was this doll. I was trying to look for a mark on her when I was buying her and I thought I saw some letters on the back of her neck. When I got her home and cleaned her up a bit I saw the letters L E X on the back of her neck and knew that was Madame Alexander. She is a vintage Madame Alexander doll from the Little Women Series. She is bigger than most Madame Alexander dolls, at 14″. Unfortunately she has no clothes but she is in pretty good condition with a pretty face.


I made one pretty bad mistake at this sale when I spent $10 on a RC car that was in the box but the box was very taped up. I didn’t open it and when I got home the only thing inside were some wheels and extra pieces. I will still try to sell those to cover what I spent. I should have opened it but I didn’t have the room or energy to do so at the time.

The next day I went to a sale that was much better, closer to my house and not nearly as crowded. It was also a church sale. They had a whole plastic kiddie pool filled with plush and dolls and that’s where I bought most of my items. I was really excited/sad to find 2 Sasha doll that someone tried to punk out by severely cutting and dying their hair. The larger one also had crazy makeup on which thankfully washed off but they had also pierced her ears!! I am grateful that there are people that can fix these dolls and I was able to sell them both for a combined price of $70.

I purchased this old mohair bear. He is only 6″ tall. I was hoping he was a Steiff but he had no ear button.


Also in the plush pile was this character from Where The Wild Things Are.


My best find of the day was this vintage Steiff terrier. I was very excited to find him and he’s in good condition. So happy no one cut and colored his hair! Or pierced his ears!


I don’t have too much luck finding legos anymore but I spotted this bag and saw that there were Christmas trees in it. It is from a set for a Christmas Village Toy Store. I don’t know if all the pieces are there since it didn’t come in the box and there was no manual, but it may do well.

This last funny item is a Kermit the Frog notepad from 1977. It was only a quarter so I had to get it!

So that should keep me busy listing for a while!!

Best Plush/Stuffed Animal Finds of 2015

One of my readers requested a plush finds post so here it is, on this blizzarding day in January.

I love to sell plush. People at tag sales and even at the thrifts usually have them priced fairly low. I don’t like to sell them unless I can get at least $19.99 so last year I didn’t pick up too many but it’s fun when you can.

I’ll start with this Flying Monkey from the Wizard of Oz. He seems to be a favorite character. If you find the Barbie version of the Flying Monkey – that is a good pick up too. I think I paid $3 for him and sold him for $24.99. He is very good quality.


Teddy Ruxpin is a good find if he is working. He is originally from the 1980’s I believe and I thought that only the good ones were the vintage ones. They did a reissue of these in 2006 and I sold this newer one for about $34.99.


Some muppet/Jim Henson plush will do well. Beaker and his partner, Dr. Honeydew are good to pick up. They can sell for between $24 and $29 usually. This colorful muppet sold pretty well. Her name is Tingo. This muppet from the FAO Schwarz Whatnot Workshop sold for $29.99.

Plush that has advertising can sell well. One of my best finds was this Coach logo dog. This plush Rudolph had a Pepsi logo on it. It sold for about $24. It may have moved at some point but I wasn’t able to test it and it still sold well. The white bear had a BMW sweater on him. I believe he sold for $19. Recently I pick up a bulldog that is a mascot for Mini Cooper. I think he might be a good seller too.

Steiff is always exciting to find. Sometimes people miss the small ear button and just throw them in with the pile of other stuffed animals.

This old zebra was only a quarter.


Coincidentally, a week earlier I found this newer Steiff Zebra. I believe this one sold for $38 and cost $3.


The third Steiff I found this year was this sweet little deer. It was $5.00 at a yard sale and I think brought about $29.


Star Wars can be great too find but there is a tremendous amount of items out there and it is not all worth picking up. The two plush I found this year were an Ewok (which I think only sold for $10 or $14) and this older Chewbacca which brought $39 fairly quickly.



Sometimes if you find a nice oversized plush you can get good money for it. I found these 2 giant How To Train Your Dragon stuffed toys at a church sale. They sold together for $39.


This jumbo Bananas in Pajamas sold for $39 but I lost $10 because I underestimated the shipping costs. This is something to be careful of when you are buying large items – even plush.


This dancing gopher from the movie Caddyshack can sell between $29 and $39 in working condition. This is the one I found this year.


My best plush sale for this year was this Balto dog which sold for $99. All the characters from the movie Balto sell really well. I don’t know why. I’ve never seen the movie.


Those are some highlights of 2015. I hope you found some of this information helpful. Now I miss tag sale season more than ever.


Vintage Pencils, Plush, Pads and a Picture

This weekend I went to a few sales on Long Island. One was a boy scout sale that started way before I got there so I only found a few things. I picked up this Bear in the Big Blue House cookie jar. This is from a show from about 15 years ago. It would be a great item except that this one has quite a few areas of chipped paint and some chips in the ceramic too. Still it’s cute and rare so I put it up for $25. It also says “Yum! I smell cookies” when you open the lid and it went off continuously in the car on my way back from that sale so that was no fun.


My favorite find there was this vintage needlepoint of a ballerina. I think it is very pretty and well done although it is dirty. I put it up a little high though because I think it’s so nice.

P1310089 P1310091

The next day at a sale at a Temple I found this cute address book. I love the illustration of the little girl. It looks like it is from the 1960’s or 1970’s and is marked Japan on the back. It is unused.


At a tag sale I picked up these boxes of vintage pencils. Each was only 50 cents so I took a chance on them. I think the graphics on the boxes are great. They are made in the USA.

P1310085 P1310088

I bought 3 plush items. I found this giant Animal from the Muppets at a tag sale. He is 28″ tall. At the same sale I picked up this vintage Teddy Beddy bear by Fisher Price.

P1310069 P1310073

The best plush I found was this Flying Monkey from the Wizard of Oz. He has a felt jacket and velvet wings and is very nice quality from Disney.


I had another plush find last week from the thrift store. He is Chewbacca from 1977 which I believe is the year that Star Wars came out. He sold in a few days for $39. He had a lot of hair to brush out. I really try to brush and fluff up the plush items before I photograph them.


That’s all for this week! It has been fairly warm here in the northeast. Nice for outdoor shopping. I hope it holds out a little longer!

Sunday, Muddy Sunday

OK – the muddy sale was on Saturday, but that doesn’t rhyme with the U2 song. So I went to a sale on Saturday that is held twice a year under these great big white tents. When I went to this sale in the spring I found nothing and I had gotten up early to get there. This time I wasn’t even going to go at all but around 10:00 I headed there despite the fact that it was pouring rain. I wasn’t really expecting to find anything but I did manage to find a few things. Sometimes things work out better if you’re not expecting too much. It was so muddy! My shoes and pants were soaked! The tents are put up on a field and the ground was just drenched. This little girl found a doll she wanted and then proceeded to drop her right in mud! My favorite find were these crepe paper turkey decorations. I think they look quite vintage and I love their faces. There were 7 in a ziploc bag for $1.


I found a Little Einsteins figure that I am putting with a rocket I found earlier.


I also found a storage case for the Madeline dolls that I am putting with 2 dolls from that set to sell as a lot.


Earlier in the day I went to a different sale where I found this bride Kewpie doll. I think she’s pretty cute – all dressed in lace.


Here is a baby honey pot Halloween costume from the Disney Store that I hope will bring about $25. I paid $5. I like the detail of the two bees on the lid. Can’t you picture some chubby legs sticking out of the bottom there?


I also had a few finds at the thrift store. One was this Dansk flatware set that is a complete service for 4 still wrapped inside the box. I paid $15 for this but I am hoping to get $75. P1260087

Last I picked up this big Rizzo the Rat who is a popular character from the Muppets. He measures about 21″ tall and I paid $7 for him. P1260124

Well – the weather is definitely turning. Hope you are still enjoying some good sales where you are!!