Best Doll Sales of 2018

I have always loved dolls and really enjoy selling them. This way I can enjoy them for a little while and then pass them on to someone who will appreciate them. I also get to learn about all kinds of dolls. What follows are 10 of the best doll sales for this year.

The first one is a Madame Alexander 8″ nurse doll. I remember seeing Madame Alexander dolls in the Sears wishbook catalog at christmas time. I never had one but enjoy finding them now. Many are not worth much but some have good value. This doll sold for $39.99. She was found in a box of dolls that were $2 each at a fundraiser for animals.


This next doll was really a puppet. I picked her up at the thrift store for $6. She is an oversized police woman, measuring 30″ tall. She was very detailed and well made. She sold for $39.99.


This doll came from a church sale. I believe she was $3. She’s a Dy-dee doll by Effanbee. She had a rubber body and had some condition issues but sold for $40 on a best offer.


At the same sale as I found the Madame Alexander doll, in the same box, were these two Levi’s dolls. I picked them up because I know people sell vintage Levi’s so I thought – well, maybe dolls made of Levi’s would be good too. I believe they were from the 70s and they look it. I sold the pair for $49.99.


This Dawn doll was one of my favorite doll purchases of 2018. I had Dawn dolls growing up instead of Barbies and I loved them. I do have a small collection now and was very tempted to keep this beautiful doll new in her box but I let her go. She sold for $49.99.


This doll was a Betsy McCall Jane by Robert Tonner. I thought she was porcelain but it turned out she was vinyl. She came from the thrift store for about $7.00. I picked her up because she looked unusual and she was signed. I was able to sell her for $69.99.


I have sold several My Twinn dolls but this was the best one I found all year. She was only $3 at a church tag sale and came in her original box with extra clothing. She sold for $85.


I’m including two lots of doll clothes this year. This first group was in a bag hanging at the thrift store for about $4. I saw a tag that said Tammy on one of the items and that was enough for me to buy it. It turned out to have a rare dress which is the one with the big eyes. Because of that dress I was able to sell the lot for $99.99.


The other lot I sold was a group of Barbie clothes that I found in a Skipper case at a church sale. I paid $8 for the case and was able to sell this lot for $59.99. I love finding a bunch of clothes with snaps and figuring out what dolls the clothes are for and how old they are.


The last doll I’m sharing sold for $99.99. She is a Sasha doll and I may have undersold her. She sold quickly and after she sold someone messaged me and said that the doll was very old and worth about $500. I don’t really know for sure but maybe someone got a great deal that day.


It was a very fun year for finding and selling dolls. Wishing everyone a very happy New Year!!


Madame Alexander Dolls, Games, Artwork and More!

It was pouring for most of Saturday but I was able to attend one indoor charity sale which lifted my spirits. There was a box of dolls that said $2 each or 3 dolls for $5. I recognized some as Madame Alexander. These dolls have a wide range of values. Two of the dolls that I picked up also had tears in their dresses. The best one I picked up was a cute nurse doll. She’s in good shape and hopefully will bring about $30. The next doll is from Gone With the Wind. She is Melanie and her dress is really beautiful but unfortunately, full of holes and faded. Another doll is from the International Collection and represents the United States. Again her dress is quite torn. A fourth doll I purchased is a Ginny doll by the company Vogue. Older Ginny dolls can bring a lot of money. This one, from 1985, is not very valuable. I can remember looking at the Christmas Sears toy catalog and seeing the beautiful Madame Alexander dolls, which were too expensive for us back then. It’s kind of fun to own them for a little while now.

I also picked up a pair of denim rag dolls by Knickerbocker for Levis. Each has a denim jacket with the Levis logo on it. They seem to be fairly collectible. I hoping to get at least $30 for the pair.


I picked up some artwork as well. First is this pair of cat art printed on ceramic tiles and framed. I love these because I love cats.

The next item is my favorite item that I bought on Saturday. It is a watercolor painting of a highway interchange between the Long Island Expressway and the Clearview Expressway in Queens New York. It seems pretty old but I don’t know the age of it. The reason why I love this so much is because this is exactly where I grew up! I don’t know what the value would be on this – or even how to list it but I think it’s cool. It was $1.


The second coolest thing I bought was this pair of cat shoes. This was a fund raiser for an animal shelter so there were a lot of animal themed items. These are not my style but I wish they were because I think they’re awesome!!


I picked up two games. One is Pretty Pretty Princess which is a pretty popular game but I have never found it complete before. I am hoping to get $40 for it. The other game is called Eve Conquest and I believe it is connected with a game played online. It looks incredibly complicated.

Finally, I picked up this Waffle Weave Loom kit. I believe it is from the 70’s. I picked it up because someone said that weaving items sell. I think I can get at least $20 for it and it has a fun retro look.


Those are the highlights from one good sale I was able to go to. It will keep me busy listing this week!

Best Doll Finds of 2017

There were lots of wonderful dolls to be found this year. This Liddle Kiddles doll in a perfume bottle was found at a tag sale/flea market for $2. I love finding Liddle Kiddles because I had them as a child. This one still had it’s sweet smell. It sold for 19.99.


This Happy Haley doll from the 1960’s was found at an estate sale for about $1. I picked her up because she has those mod oversized sad looking eyes and she sold for 29.99.


This funny looking Drowsy Baby doll is a repro of a 1964 doll. It is from 1984 and says phrases like “I’m so sleepy.” Often repro dolls do not have any value but in this case they do. This one sold for $29.99. I think I paid $3 at a rummage sale.


These dolls are designed in Japan and I believe are called Licca or Jenny dolls. The company is Takara Tomy. Their faces are in the style of the anime cartoons with big pretty eyes.  I have found a few of these at the thrift store. This one had a beautiful traditional style outfit on and sold for $34.99. I believe she cost about $3.


This Madame Alexander doll came from a community tag sale for $2. She is from the Hannah Pepper series which is what makes her valuable. She measures about 9″ tall and sold fairly quickly for $40.


Modern Barbie dolls flood the market but some are still valuable. Some of the dolls from the Twilight series can have good value. This doll is Alice. She was $5 and although she appeared new she had become detached from the box. She sold for $49.99.


Sometimes an older doll that ordinarily would have no value can have some value if you find it new in the box. This Stella Winx fairy doll was at the thrift store for $5 and sold for $49.99


I was excited to find this lot of Madeline dolls in the carrying case at a rummage sale for $4. These 8″ plastic dolls are made by Eden and sell best in lots or if you can find them new in the package. This took a while to sell but finally sold on a best offer for $53.


Many American Girl dolls are not as valuable as they used to be but are still worth picking up if you can get them for a good price. I bought this Felicity doll for $25 and she sold for $79.99.


I paid up for this vintage Sasha doll at $40 and sold her for $140. Sasha dolls are from Germany and have very strange, I mean distinctive faces. They come as boys, girls and babies and have a range of values.


Those are my top 10 doll finds that were resold on Ebay, for 2017!

Roller Coaster Ride of Sales

There were some very bad sales this weekend and some very good sales. The trick is to hit the good sales first. Instead I hit the bad sales first. I went to an overpriced church sale on Friday and picked up two pieces of David Frykman holiday decorations. They reminded me of Jim Shore which is why I picked them up. When I researched them they seemed to be selling but they really only sell for between $10 and $15. The lady there charged me $8 each and I should have put them back. They would be an OK buy at $1 or $2.

The better buy at this sale, even though she charged me another $8, was this Madame Alexander Puddin’ doll in her original box. It doesn’t look like she’s ever been played with. She is dated 1975. The Puddin’ dolls from the 60’s are more valuable. You can tell she is a Puddin’ doll by her pouty face.

The next day I attended a Women’s League of voters tag sale that had very few items. The only good item I bought was this Goebel mouse which was $3. He’s only 1 1/2″ tall.


The next sale was advertised as a used toy and book sale and I arrived there after it began. I picked up a few Littlest Pet Shop pets, a Corelle high chair and a die cast air stream trailer. I also found a boxed set of hard cover Narnia books but when I took it up to check out and the lady asked her friend how much to charge for it, the other women said “Oh – wait – those are mine!” Really?

The next sale I went to was advertised as a Church Bazaar but actually was a rummage sale and that was the one I wish I had gone to first. They had a whole area filled with toys and even though I arrived two hours after it started I still found a few things.

I picked up this funny doll. The brand is Rubens Barn and it is from Sweden. She is a large doll at about 18″ and she has a unique expression on her face. I learned that these kinds of dolls are sometimes used as therapy dolls.

In the toy area I also picked up a Count Von Count plush and an American Girl doll carrier.

They also had a household and knick knack area where I picked up this cute ceramic vase shaped like a Danish girl, and the best find from that sale which was a Lily Pulitzer duvet cover. I haven’t photographed that yet because I have to check it for flaws. I have been on the look out for Lily Pulitzer but didn’t expect to find a duvet cover. It was $2.


I went to quite a few sales that day because I was feeling like I wasn’t really finding too much. The last sale I ended up at was an estate sale that was having their half price day. I picked up a pretty doll for $20 which was originally priced at $40. She is made by artist Bettina Feigenspan Hirsch. She has beautiful clothes and seemed to be a really special doll. I couldn’t find a definite price to put her at because there weren’t many that were listed or sold by that artist. I’m going to start high and hope that someone falls in love with her.

She is vinyl and cloth, not porcelain. That’s what I picked up this weekend as sales continue to wind down and I continue to pretend it’s not happening. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!!