Pop Culture, Perfume and Christmas

As garage sale season winds down there are still a few sales and holiday bazaars out there. I went to a few last weekend and found some interesting items. At the first sale I was able to find a collection of Littlest Pet Shop and some Sylvanian Families items. I paid $10 for all of it. There were 45 pets and 9 vintage Sylvanian figures with furniture and accessories for their dollhouse.


At another sale I found some pop culture items. The first is a pair of plush dolls. They are from a video game called Little Big Planet. I’m hoping to get $20 for the pair. They were $1 each. At the same sale, also for $1 was this set of figures from a show called Gravity Falls. I am also hoping for $20 on these.

I also picked up two Christmas items. First is a vintage Hallmark Baby’s First Christmas ornament. It shows a 3D scene of a baby in a crib with a little stocking on the edge of the crib. The scene is inside a sweet little rattle. I actually had purchased one of these ornaments in 1982 for a friend who was having a baby. This was when Hallmark just started coming out with their amazing ornaments. I’ve been hooked since then.


The second Christmas item is a Waechterbach butter dish in the Christmas tree pattern. This one has a little chip inside but I am still hoping to get about $30 for it. It was $2. Depending on the item, pieces in this pattern can go for good money.


I also picked up some Cinnabar perfume for $1 and a Mets baseball souvenir  “Peppy the Owl” (from Wise potato chips) bobblehead. He was $5 and I can’t find any sold listings on him so I have him up for auction.

That’s what I found as this tag sale season winds down. I hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for the holidays!!


Mosaic Frames, Tribal Baskets, German Paper Mache Eggs and Toys

There was one sale that I attended at a church that was good for me this week. I headed to the toy area first where I picked up a boy Bitty Baby and a bag of small animals, including Littlest Pet Shop. The doll was $2 and the bag of animals was $5. The bag had 30 Littlest Pet Shop pets in it.

After the toy area I went to the household area where I found some interesting items. The first one is a small micro mosaic picture frame. When I researched it they seem to sell for good money if they are marked Italy but mine is not marked. It’s still very pretty and seems old so hopefully it will still sell. I picked up a set of 8 glass colored lantern slides. I don’t know much about these. I guess, in the old days, before TV and anything fun, they would project these onto the wall. This set includes scenes from Gulliver’s Travels, Peter Pan and some animal pictures. It is not very valuable at all. I’ll be lucky if I get $10 – $14 for it regardless of it being old and interesting.

I bought two baskets which look like they could be Native American baskets but since I have no information about them I have to sell them as vintage baskets with geometric designs. They are not marked or signed anywhere.

I also picked up a large paper mache Erzgebirge Easter egg from Germany. I think I may have to wait for next Easter for it to sell.  Finally I picked up two cast iron Scotty dogs.

I paid $30 for everything at this sale. Hopefully there are some good ones coming up and it may finally be warming up here in May!!!

Best Toy and Game Sales of 2017

I usually do a best plush sales of the year blog but this year I didn’t really sell too much plush so I am including them in the toy and game category. These are my top 10 toy and game sales on Ebay for 2017 plus one honorable mention.

This little duck is an origami rubber ducky. He is an honorable mention. I thought he was so unique and I couldn’t find another one anywhere. I picked him up at the thrift store for $1. He sold for $20.


In the plush category, this watercolor Build A Bear Hello Kitty sold for $34.99. I don’t come across many Build A Bears that have value but I know that some of them do. This one was unusual looking and since I am a Hello Kitty fan I researched it and found that it would sell for a good price. It was important that it came with it’s detachable pink bow.


I found this vintage board game at a school sale for $2 and fell in love with the little Hawaiian Punch mover pieces. This colorful game was complete and sold for $44.99.



Pokemon can sell well and Tamagotchi’s can sell well so combine the two and you’ve got a good item. This is a Pokemon Pikachu Tamagatchi. It was new in the package however, I crushed the package under another item that I bought at the same sale and cut the value of this item in half. Good going me! It still sold for $49.99.


I love to find vintage Fisher Price. This is the hospital set that came with some of the Little People and accessories. It was picked up at a church sale for $5. I was very surprised to find it because it was about 2 hours after the sale had begun and I expected all the good items to be gone. It sold for $49.99.


Shaker Maker is a toy from my childhood, in the 1960’s. I found this set at an estate sale, nearly complete and it even came with the powder solution. I picked it up for $3 and it sold for $59.99.



I keep waiting for the Littlest Pet Shop resale bubble to burst but it hasn’t happened yet. This lot was $5 at a library sale, it included 39 pets and sold for $59.99.


Also in the plush category, I found this Brer Fox Folkmanis puppet at a very expensive tag sale where they had researched everything and priced it all at Ebay prices. Except for the puppets. I bought this one for $5 and it sold for 64.99.


Many years ago I picked up a vintage Park and Shop board game that was incomplete and in very bad condition but what I learned at the time was that, in good condition, these games sell well. This summer I found this one in beautiful condition and complete and it sold for $72.99.


The new King Kong movie had just come out when I found this guy. He was very detailed and I felt like he was good quality. He was also quite large and heavy. I paid $4 for him and a church sale and sold him for $74.99. He looks so happy to have been sold for that much!


I knew that these oversized Tinkertoys were valuable but I didn’t think I wanted to deal with the shipping headache. I saw these at a tag sale and when the guy said they were only $5 I was like “bring on the shipping headache!” I shipped them in their original box and they sold for $89.99.




Those are my top ten toy and game sales for 2017!

Vintage Toys, Games, Halloween and More!

There were two good sales this weekend. One was at a church and one was at a school. The school sale is advertised as starting at 9 but when I arrived at 8:15 it appeared to me that people were walking in. The sale helpers were pulling out a lot of stuff to place outside so all the doors were open. I asked one lady if the sale was open and she said “No, we open at 9.” So I dutifully went to sit in my car but as I was sitting there I saw person after person with tote bags over their shoulder walking in so I got out of my car and walked in too. No one really seemed to care. Someone at the sale said “Who are all these people?” and someone answered her saying “They’re early birds.” I got some good things there and I credit it to being an early bird.

I found this vintage Hawaiian Punch board game from 1978. I really like the 3″ colorful figures of Punchy. It is nearly complete but is missing the instructions. I am hoping to get $40 for it. I think she charged me $2. Hawaiian Punch was big when I was growing up. We didn’t know about sugar back then.

I spotted two Littlest Pet Shop play sets but was hunting for the figures. Fortunately, nearby I saw a little plastic container and when I opened it there were 25 pets inside!


I didn’t see anything good in the bag and purse area but there was a separate area for wallets and there I found two wristlets, a Coach and a Sakroots.

I spotted a TI 83 plus calculator but someone “artistically” spray painted it with yellow! It was only marked 25 cents so I bought it. It works so I’m hoping someone who doesn’t care, or who likes yellow will buy it. I am selling it at a discounted price. Also marked a quarter was this stereoscope which is missing some parts so I’m selling it for parts or repair. These were the view masters of the past.

I also found a tote bag full of Fisher Price Adventure People. They are being washed now but I will post the photo when I have it. I’m trying to post as many toys as I can for the holiday shoppers!

At the church sale I found a wonderful set of artist colored pencils in a colorful tin. I picked up a very ragged Popeye toy, a cool vintage baseball trophy dated 1955 and some old cross stitch pieces.

I only bought one item at a regular tag sale which was this witch knee hugger. I have seen and bought many Christmas elf knee huggers but I haven’t seen a Halloween figure like this before. She has a sticker on her that says Japan. She certainly has a unique look!


I’m running out of sales to go to. I’m going to have to do some detective work to find some for next week!

Vintage Toys, Wooden Objects and some Designer Finds!

There was only one church sale for me this weekend. Other than that I just went to a bunch of good old tag sales. I went to about 15 on saturday but I only bought items at about 5 of them. That’s usually how it goes for me at tag sales.

Late in the day, when I usually don’t find things anymore, I stopped at a sale that was pretty close to my house. I picked up this set of vintage Tomy dollhouse furniture. I love the mid century modern style of it and how you can move the pieces of the couch around to make different designs.

More surprising to find late in the day was a bag of littlest pet shop pets. These are usually snatched up early but don’t think that many people had attended this sale. There were 26 pets in this group plus a bunch of accessories. I am hoping to get $30 for the lot. I was charged $7 for the pets and the furniture.


Another sale I went to had a big tarp where everything on it was free! I picked up a Barney school house playset and two stuffed animals. I am going to save the Barney house until I find a few more figures for it. One of the stuffed animals I got there was this mouse who is Tutter from the Bear in the Big Blue House. My daughter used to watch that show when she was young. I think I might get $10 for him.

Keeping with the toy theme, I picked up 6 Lego baseplates at another sale. Depending on which kind they are, these can go for about $10 each.

I found two wooden items this weekend at the church sale. I was excited at first to find this Dansk ice bucket for only $3. Then I saw the big chip it has on the lid. I am still hoping to get $20 for it. I also found this photo/scrapbook album. It has a wooden front and back cover with metal hinges and painted ducks. I think this would be great for that cabin decor that some people like.

At the same sale I found an eyeglass case with the Chanel logo on it. I think it’s authentic because I found the same one online. It’s not worth too much but for 50 cents I couldn’t leave it behind. I don’t find many Chanel items. For $1 I picked up a pink striped Swatch watch that came with its case.

I will end with two tin boxes I found. At the church sale was this sweet bunny tin from England and last weekend I picked up this picnic basket tin at a thrift store while I was traveling.

It was fun going around to all the different tag sales. It was a beautiful cool day for July around here. There is such an assortment of homes, items and people!

Ceramics, Silver and Seals!

The first church sale I went to this weekend had a $10 early bird. I’ve been to about 4 sales so far this season that have had $10 early bird fees that were really not worth it but I think this one was. There were lots of figurines, ceramics and small items marked $1 or $2 which gives you the opportunity to use your best judgement (there is no time to look anything up) and take some chances.

For $1 I picked up a ziploc bag filled with Hagen Renaker figures. When I sorted through them more than half of them were broken. I was left with 13. I listed them for $19 and they sold immediately. I think the sea gull figure is a rare one.


I love the color on this turquoise bowl which was marked Red Wing. I know that is a good name in pottery so I purchased it for $2. When I got it home I saw that it had two long cracks on the inside plus a chip on the edge. After researching it, I believe it is a piece from the 1940’s and even with the condition issues I am still hoping to get at least $24 for it.

After buying a piece of Lladro last weekend I was on the look out and found this piece marked Nao Lladro. I don’t know what the difference is between this and regular Lladro. This girl reminded me of the Lladro ballerinas that my mother used to collect. Eventually most of the fingers on my mother’s pieces were damaged. I was happy to see that was not the case on this pretty figure. She was $2.


Last year I purchased a bowl shaped like an eggplant from the company Mottahedeh. I remember that the bowl had a chip and would have sold for a lot if it was perfect. I think I ended up selling the damaged one for $25 after a while. So I recognized the name Mottahedeh when I saw it on the bottom of this trinket dish illustrated with a sailing ship. It was marked $1.


This stone carving of a seal has a very charming look. It has a sticker that says Canada Eskimo art. It is very heavy. There is a big price range on these but I am hoping to get at least $19 for him. He was $2.


There were many items there marked between $5 and $10 but I stayed away from those. I ventured into the jewelry room after the rush was over. Most items were marked $4.00. I picked up three items and I think two of them are good. One is a cat head pin marked 925 and the other is a panel and link bracelet with a pyramid design marked Sterling. Both are marked Mexico.

In the toy area I picked up two bags of Littlest Pet Shop toys for $3 each and a vintage Fisher Price little people set in the original box. I have not had time to photograph these items yet.

Later on in the day I went to two other community sales. At the first one I picked up a few items that were marked 25 cents including a vintage set of rainbow drip candles. I believe these were used in the 70’s to make craft projects using bottles. I picked up a paint by number of a German Shepherd and a Janie and Jack visor for a baby.

I arrived at the last sale fairly late and they were doing fill a bag for $5. I picked up a pretty vintage teapot and a set of delft tiles representing the four seasons.

The tag sales have really picked up around here – the challenge is to find the treasures at low prices!!

Bizarre Christmas Bazaars

From November to the beginning of December there are still sales that I like to go to but they take on a sort of schizophrenic quality in that they don’t really know what they are. Often they are advertised as Christmas Bazaars which means they can be a combination of craft fair, bake sale, vendor sale and sometimes – the part that I’m interested in – tag sale, white elephant or Grandma’s attic.

One Christmas sale that I attended on Saturday had baked goods, crafts and some older items but it was confusing. In one area items were marked so high! I picked up a blue Herend bear. It was priced 200. Two dollars? No. Two hundred. Which is the top price you can get on Ebay for this kind of figure. So – am I at a tag sale or a very expensive, actually overpriced antique store? On another table there were some items priced lower but still between $5 and $10 for things like candles and placemats. I headed out the door but on the way out, in the small entrance way were two tables with items priced between $1 and $2. Here is where I shopped and this is what I found.

For $2 I picked up this big eyed doll from 1965 by a company named Royal. She has her complete outfit and I am hoping to get $30 for her. She is my favorite pick up of the whole day.

For another $2 I picked up was a vintage Madame Alexander baby doll which I believe is called a Puddin’ doll. She has a very cute face but unfortunately has had her hair cut.

The third and last thing I purchased, also for $2 was this yellow Sony walkman with headphones. I was relieved to find that they worked after I put in new batteries. These can sell for between $2o and $30.

The first sale I attended Saturday morning was at a school. It also was advertised as a Holiday sale but appeared to be families set up at tables selling their stuff. There was one lady there selling American Girl doll items at Ebay prices but at other tables I found some items.

I picked up a bottle of Cinnabar perfume by Estee Lauder. It was $2 and I am hoping to sell it for $39. Some perfumes can sell for good money and you can still get them cheaply.


I picked up a glass and brass curio cabinet. I have sold these before and they are scary to ship. I paid $5 for this one and am hoping to get $39 for it.


The sale I was most looking forward to was a used toy sale at a school which was not as good as I hoped. I bought three things. This set of 3 vintage Strombecker doll furniture pieces was $8 which was probably too much but I love things like this. I am probably reaching but I am starting this set at $29.


I found one Super Why Princess doll. If you find the set of 4 you can sell it for over $50. I hope to get $14 for her.


The last thing I bought was a small set of Littlest Pet Shop items.


So, those were my adventures at the bizarre bazaars. I hope everyone who celebrates has a great Thanksgiving! I am hoping to attend more holiday craft bake tag grandma’s attic white elephant or whatever sales next week!