Ceramics, Silver and Seals!

The first church sale I went to this weekend had a $10 early bird. I’ve been to about 4 sales so far this season that have had $10 early bird fees that were really not worth it but I think this one was. There were lots of figurines, ceramics and small items marked $1 or $2 which gives you the opportunity to use your best judgement (there is no time to look anything up) and take some chances.

For $1 I picked up a ziploc bag filled with Hagen Renaker figures. When I sorted through them more than half of them were broken. I was left with 13. I listed them for $19 and they sold immediately. I think the sea gull figure is a rare one.


I love the color on this turquoise bowl which was marked Red Wing. I know that is a good name in pottery so I purchased it for $2. When I got it home I saw that it had two long cracks on the inside plus a chip on the edge. After researching it, I believe it is a piece from the 1940’s and even with the condition issues I am still hoping to get at least $24 for it.

After buying a piece of Lladro last weekend I was on the look out and found this piece marked Nao Lladro. I don’t know what the difference is between this and regular Lladro. This girl reminded me of the Lladro ballerinas that my mother used to collect. Eventually most of the fingers on my mother’s pieces were damaged. I was happy to see that was not the case on this pretty figure. She was $2.


Last year I purchased a bowl shaped like an eggplant from the company Mottahedeh. I remember that the bowl had a chip and would have sold for a lot if it was perfect. I think I ended up selling the damaged one for $25 after a while. So I recognized the name Mottahedeh when I saw it on the bottom of this trinket dish illustrated with a sailing ship. It was marked $1.


This stone carving of a seal has a very charming look. It has a sticker that says Canada Eskimo art. It is very heavy. There is a big price range on these but I am hoping to get at least $19 for him. He was $2.


There were many items there marked between $5 and $10 but I stayed away from those. I ventured into the jewelry room after the rush was over. Most items were marked $4.00. I picked up three items and I think two of them are good. One is a cat head pin marked 925 and the other is a panel and link bracelet with a pyramid design marked Sterling. Both are marked Mexico.

In the toy area I picked up two bags of Littlest Pet Shop toys for $3 each and a vintage Fisher Price little people set in the original box. I have not had time to photograph these items yet.

Later on in the day I went to two other community sales. At the first one I picked up a few items that were marked 25 cents including a vintage set of rainbow drip candles. I believe these were used in the 70’s to make craft projects using bottles. I picked up a paint by number of a German Shepherd and a Janie and Jack visor for a baby.

I arrived at the last sale fairly late and they were doing fill a bag for $5. I picked up a pretty vintage teapot and a set of delft tiles representing the four seasons.

The tag sales have really picked up around here – the challenge is to find the treasures at low prices!!

Bizarre Christmas Bazaars

From November to the beginning of December there are still sales that I like to go to but they take on a sort of schizophrenic quality in that they don’t really know what they are. Often they are advertised as Christmas Bazaars which means they can be a combination of craft fair, bake sale, vendor sale and sometimes – the part that I’m interested in – tag sale, white elephant or Grandma’s attic.

One Christmas sale that I attended on Saturday had baked goods, crafts and some older items but it was confusing. In one area items were marked so high! I picked up a blue Herend bear. It was priced 200. Two dollars? No. Two hundred. Which is the top price you can get on Ebay for this kind of figure. So – am I at a tag sale or a very expensive, actually overpriced antique store? On another table there were some items priced lower but still between $5 and $10 for things like candles and placemats. I headed out the door but on the way out, in the small entrance way were two tables with items priced between $1 and $2. Here is where I shopped and this is what I found.

For $2 I picked up this big eyed doll from 1965 by a company named Royal. She has her complete outfit and I am hoping to get $30 for her. She is my favorite pick up of the whole day.

For another $2 I picked up was a vintage Madame Alexander baby doll which I believe is called a Puddin’ doll. She has a very cute face but unfortunately has had her hair cut.

The third and last thing I purchased, also for $2 was this yellow Sony walkman with headphones. I was relieved to find that they worked after I put in new batteries. These can sell for between $2o and $30.

The first sale I attended Saturday morning was at a school. It also was advertised as a Holiday sale but appeared to be families set up at tables selling their stuff. There was one lady there selling American Girl doll items at Ebay prices but at other tables I found some items.

I picked up a bottle of Cinnabar perfume by Estee Lauder. It was $2 and I am hoping to sell it for $39. Some perfumes can sell for good money and you can still get them cheaply.


I picked up a glass and brass curio cabinet. I have sold these before and they are scary to ship. I paid $5 for this one and am hoping to get $39 for it.


The sale I was most looking forward to was a used toy sale at a school which was not as good as I hoped. I bought three things. This set of 3 vintage Strombecker doll furniture pieces was $8 which was probably too much but I love things like this. I am probably reaching but I am starting this set at $29.


I found one Super Why Princess doll. If you find the set of 4 you can sell it for over $50. I hope to get $14 for her.


The last thing I bought was a small set of Littlest Pet Shop items.


So, those were my adventures at the bizarre bazaars. I hope everyone who celebrates has a great Thanksgiving! I am hoping to attend more holiday craft bake tag grandma’s attic white elephant or whatever sales next week!

Vintage Charm and Christmas!

I found several charming vintage items this weekend. I attended 3 church sales. None of them were spectacular but there was enough stuff to keep me happy!

At the first sale I picked up this Triple Treasure coin bank. It is cardboard and metal and I love the illustrations. It is dated 1957. I think it could be put out at Christmas because it features Santa!


I purchased four other Christmas items this weekend including a vintage glass ornament with glass angels and a Christmas tree inside,  a Joan Anglund Walsh ornament of one of her cute figures as a chef baking Christmas cookies and two plastic Chrismas village houses with holes for lights. My favorite was a set of 4 Goebel angel bells each holding a different instrument.

At the housewares table at one sale, these Villeroy & Boch Design Naif trays were each marked $1. They are decorated with colorful primitive style illustrations and signed Laplau. I have sold similar items before.

This also seemed to be a weekend for figurines. This music box by Schmid caught my eye. It features a bunny dressed as an English Bobby and plays Waltzing Matilda. I don’t know what the connection is between the subject matter and the song. I also found a sweet Beswick England Beatrix Potter figurine of Mrs. Rabbit.

This wooden giraffe puzzle box was too unique to pass up even though I don’t think it has a lot of value. There was also this vintage set of 3 poodles held together with a chain. They would be more valuable if they were ceramic but they are plastic painted to look like wood. I like their gem eyes!

I picked up a Kipling bag which I have heard can do well. I love the blue gorilla key chain it comes with and apparently is part of the brand.

I also picked up a box of 26 Littlest Pet Shop animals for $1. There are several cats and dogs here so I hope it will do well.


The last thing I will share is this funny vintage Executive Teddy Bear. When you pull his string he says encouraging phrases like “You’re a born leader” and “You’re going to the top”. I need a bear for Ebay that says “That’s going to sell for a lot of money” and “Get off your bottom and start listing!”


Vera Bradley, LPS and American Girl

This week I had some luck at my local thrift store. First I found two bags of Little Tikes dollhouse furniture. Recently I sold a red van and some Little Tikes people for $29 so I was excited to find some more. I broke it up into 3 lots.  It cost $8.

I never heard of these vintage 1980’s toys by Tonka. They are called Keypers and they are supposed to have a tiny pet inside them. You can open their body up with the key they have around their neck. Mine doesn’t have the pet but it does have the key. She was $3 and I am putting her up for $24. I think she’s super cute. I thought she was a turtle at first but she is a ladybug. She has long legs for a ladybug.


The most surprising find from the thrift store was from the doll section. There were a few baby dolls in a pile for $3 each. This one stood out to me because she looked like she was good quality. When I looked at her marking I was surprised to see that it said American Girl. I was not familiar with this long haired Bitty Baby doll. I was saving a Bitty Bear that I found for $1 at a tag sale recently. The bears don’t sell on their own.



I went to one church sale on Saturday. It was fun because there were a lot of items to look through. The best items I found there were 2 bags of Littlest Pet Shop for $1 each. The last group of LPS items I had up sold for $59. (Unfortunately I lost $10 in shipping because they went to Utah). There were lots of cats and dogs which seem to do the best.

Most of the items at this sale were $1 and most of what I purchased will sell only for about $10. I like to sell items for a minimum of $20 but this is what was there this week.

I found 2 Vera Bradley wallets and a makeup case. People love Vera Bradley stuff! I see it all over.

One of my favorite finds is this sweet little Christmas decoration by Josef Originals. The deer and the tree are fuzzy. I love the face of the deer. It is a little discolored but I am trying to get $20 for this because of the charm factor. It’s only about 3″ tall.


I picked up a box of Eaton stationery because I saw a Youtuber who had success with vintage stationery. I like paper items.


Another paper item I found was this Art-tissue Halloween spider by Beistle. I had some luck last year when I found about 7 paper and tissue paper Beistle Christmas Carol figures new in the package at the thrift store. I have sold about 4 of them so far for $10 each.


I picked up this hot pink makeup case by Caboodles for $1. I bought it because it reminded my of a similar one by Victoria’s secret that I recently sold.

The last thing I will share is this Atari Plug and Play TV game console. Normally items like this usually sell between $10 and $15 but I will try for a little more because it’s new.


Those are the results of my adventures this week! Hope you all had some great finds!


Vintage Pottery, American Girl and Toys!

I went to four sales this weekend. That seems to be my number lately and as usual, two were good and two were so so. I wish I could foresee the better ones and only go to those but that’s the trick, isn’t it?

I went to an estate sale were everything was super expensive but I saw two American Girl dresses for girls – not for dolls. They are copies of dresses made for Kirsten. I asked one lady how much they were and she said $5 each but when I brought it up to pay I got the old “Oh – no no no no no. Those are American Girl. I can do $30 for both.” I got them for $25. I think she felt bad. Good. She should feel bad. If someone who works at the sale quotes a price, you should honor that price. I’m ranting. Anyway. I’m hoping to sell them for $50 each because they don’t make them anymore and they’re hard to find.

The best sale I went to was at a local church where everything was about $1. They hold this one twice a year and I usually walk out empty handed but not this time. I got these Fiestaware deep purple candlesticks – $1 for the pair. They sold shortly after being listed for $18.99!


There were 7 pieces of Quimper pottery. This pottery is hand painted and made in France. It is has a lovely folk art style. The tag said $1 for all.

I really like this little painted shelf. It looks shabby chic and would look nice displaying a few items.


The last item from this sale was a pair of patent leather Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. These are not the most popular style but I am hoping to get $30 for them.


On Saturday I went to a sale that was under a huge tent but most of the tables were resellers and I never can find much stuff in that situation. There were a few tables with tag sale items. At one I picked up an American Girl doll for $15. The only problem is that one of her eyes sticks so I will try to fix it before I sell her.


At the other sales I also picked up a bunch of Littlest Pet Shop. I spent $7 altogether and have sold the first group for $19.

The weather has been great making it so much fun to walk around at these sales! Hope you are all enjoying it!!

Vintage Dolls and Star Wars

The thrift store came through this week with some dolls and toys. I recognized right away this hair growing Mia doll by Ideal from the 1970’s because I sold a similar one several years ago. Ideal came out with a whole line of hair growing dolls. I think the most famous ones were Crissy and Velvet. Besides Mia there were several dolls that I didn’t recognize but they all had the same hair growing feature. I left the Crissy and the Velvet because I think that, unless they are in excellent condition, they are not too rare or valuable. I picked up several and after some research found out what member of the “Crissy Family” they were. Each was marked $1.99.

Here is Mia. Unfortunately she is wearing two different shoes which I didn’t realize at first because they are similar in color. Her jumper is the original outfit she was sold in.

This next doll is Brandi. I think she is Crissy’s cousin from California. She is very tan. Really tan. Kind of orange.

I am selling these next two dolls together. The small one is Cinnamon and she looks like a small version of Crissy. The other doll is Dina and she also is quite tan. This was before sunscreen became popular.

This last pair of dolls sold yesterday for $24.99.

Another doll I found was this topsy turvy Alice in Wonderland by Jellycat of London. When you flip her over she becomes the Queen of Hearts. She has very nice details in her dress that show parts of her story.

I picked up two Star Wars items. The first is an AT AT vehicle. Unfortunately it is missing a lot of parts and may not sell.


The other Star Wars item is this set of 6 character Gingerbread cookie cutters. I really wish I had found this item a month ago. I may have to save it until next Christmas.

The last item was a new in the box Littlest Pet Shop game called Hideaway Haven. There is another game that is more valuable than this one.


I hope everyone enjoys the holidays!! Stay tuned for some Best Of 2015 posts!!

Vintage Toys, Games and Small Animals Galore!

To continue from the big children’s sale from last weekend, there was a bag of Calico Critters. Two of the figures were from a set called Willow and Carly’s First Horse Show and some of the figures were dressed which makes them more collectible. The lot sold a day after I listed it for $29.

P1310442 P1310443 P1310444

I also picked up a bag of Littlest Pet Shop there for $3. There was one rare one, a purple Cocker Spaniel. He has already sold for $19 with free shipping. The others I tried to lot up in groups and hopefully they will sell too.

P1310446 P1310453 P1310458

I also bought a set of Uno Hearts. I am putting them up for $19 because the box is pretty worn. Mint in the box they can go for $30.


This weekend there was only one big sale that I found and only bought a few things for $15.

This is a vintage maze game with a clear plastic cube and a marble. You tip the cube in order to guide the marble through the maze. It comes with it’s original box which is unfortunately missing the top. It has some nice vintage illustrations.


The other interesting piece is this battery operated tin toy of a dog with a tennis racket. He originally came with a ball and I guess he bounced the ball on the racket. Unfortunately he doesn’t work. I’m still hoping to get something for him for his display value.


I found this guy at the thrift store. He’s from Star Wars. It took me hours to identify him and I thought he would be valuable because it’s a pretty rare character, but no. Maybe he’ll bring $10. He is spirit Anakin as he appears at the Ewok festival. This is how he would have looked if he hadn’t gotten all burned up in the lava.


That’s all for this week!