Best Doll Finds of 2017

There were lots of wonderful dolls to be found this year. This Liddle Kiddles doll in a perfume bottle was found at a tag sale/flea market for $2. I love finding Liddle Kiddles because I had them as a child. This one still had it’s sweet smell. It sold for 19.99.


This Happy Haley doll from the 1960’s was found at an estate sale for about $1. I picked her up because she has those mod oversized sad looking eyes and she sold for 29.99.


This funny looking Drowsy Baby doll is a repro of a 1964 doll. It is from 1984 and says phrases like “I’m so sleepy.” Often repro dolls do not have any value but in this case they do. This one sold for $29.99. I think I paid $3 at a rummage sale.


These dolls are designed in Japan and I believe are called Licca or Jenny dolls. The company is Takara Tomy. Their faces are in the style of the anime cartoons with big pretty eyes.  I have found a few of these at the thrift store. This one had a beautiful traditional style outfit on and sold for $34.99. I believe she cost about $3.


This Madame Alexander doll came from a community tag sale for $2. She is from the Hannah Pepper series which is what makes her valuable. She measures about 9″ tall and sold fairly quickly for $40.


Modern Barbie dolls flood the market but some are still valuable. Some of the dolls from the Twilight series can have good value. This doll is Alice. She was $5 and although she appeared new she had become detached from the box. She sold for $49.99.


Sometimes an older doll that ordinarily would have no value can have some value if you find it new in the box. This Stella Winx fairy doll was at the thrift store for $5 and sold for $49.99


I was excited to find this lot of Madeline dolls in the carrying case at a rummage sale for $4. These 8″ plastic dolls are made by Eden and sell best in lots or if you can find them new in the package. This took a while to sell but finally sold on a best offer for $53.


Many American Girl dolls are not as valuable as they used to be but are still worth picking up if you can get them for a good price. I bought this Felicity doll for $25 and she sold for $79.99.


I paid up for this vintage Sasha doll at $40 and sold her for $140. Sasha dolls are from Germany and have very strange, I mean distinctive faces. They come as boys, girls and babies and have a range of values.


Those are my top 10 doll finds that were resold on Ebay, for 2017!


Vintage Toys, Barbies and Pennants!

This weekend I attended a large flea market/tag sale event. This is the one where there are a lot of dealers but there are also people just selling stuff from their home at tag sale prices.

The first item I bought was this glass seal signed Villeroy and Boch. I have bought ceramic items by them and didn’t know that they made glass too. He was $3 and I am hoping to sell him for $20.


I bought 2 Barbie dolls from the Twilight Saga movies. I was a big fan of the books years ago so I recognized these right away. They actually came from two separate sellers and were each $5.


Speaking of finding things in pairs, I also purchased 2 Lightning McQueen Cars items. One is this rolling child’s suitcase. The other is a Halloween costume that is being washed so I haven’t photographed it yet. The suitcase seems to be selling for about $40 with free shipping. It’s pretty big so I imagine that shipping costs are going to take out a big percentage of the $40!


My favorite finds of the day were two Liddle Kiddle items. One is this Liddle Kiddle Kologne Rosebud doll with her bottle. I used to love these! I still do!!


The other was a Liddle Kiddles Jewelry Treasure Box. It had a few Finger Ding dolls inside. It would have been better if it had the original Liddle Kiddles inside. I love the colorful graphics.


The most surprising find of the day was a group of vintage pennants. The surprising part was that the lady only wanted 25 cents for each one. I purchased about 5 but here are the best ones.


The worst part of the day was when I decided to go back to the car to unload and then continue shopping, and then couldn’t find the car. I had set a landmark for myself of 3 red and white stripped tents. I found the tents but couldn’t find my car. I walked around for about 30 minutes and couldn’t find it. I finally walked in a different direction to see if there was another set of three tents with red and white stripes and guess what? There was. Finally found my car. It was pretty funny though because as I was walking around I met a couple that couldn’t find their car either. I was starting to think that they were towing cars or something but maybe they were making the same mistake I had. The bad thing was that by the time I found the car and dumped off my stuff I was pretty done. I did go back for a little bit but I had really had it by then.

It was fun before the car incident. A small haul but a good day.

Best Doll Finds of 2016

I was fortunate to find a variety of vintage dolls this year. One of them was the highest priced item I sold all year and the second highest I ever sold. Here are 10 of them, counting down from the least to most valuable.

Number 10 is a small group of dolls that I thought were Liddle Kiddles but turned out to be called Sweet Treats. I don’t know if they are a type of Liddle Kiddles but I thought they were very cute and similar to dolls I had as a child. I believe I sold them for $29.99.

Number 9 was a doll I found at a church sale. She was $8 but I took a chance because she looked so pretty and her outfit appeared original. After researching her I sold her as a Sweet Sue type doll for $49 or $39. I don’t remember exactly. She was also a walker doll who turned her head when her legs walked.

Doll number 8 was kind of a mystery doll. She was on a shelf at the thrift store for $4. She has a really pretty face and a lovely outfit. I couldn’t find any information about her since she was unmarked. I put her up as a vintage dressed Asian doll for $49 and she sold in 24 hours.

The next doll is Mrs. Frizzle from the PBS show The Magic School Bus. She was new in her box and is hard to find so she sold for $49.99.


Number 6 is a Chatty Cathy doll from 1960. She doesn’t talk any more but came with her original coat and one shoe. She sold after a few months, for $49.


I paid $18 for a collection of vintage Strawberry Shortcake mini dolls in a case. I believe one or two of them were relatively rare figures and they sold, after several months, for $65.


When I saw this doll I had a hard time figuring out what she was. Her face and body looked antique but she had plastic arms. After researching I realized that her arms had been replaced and it was a porcelain Armand Marseille doll. She is the oldest doll I have ever found and I thought her face was beautiful. She sold for a best offer of $85.


At the end of last January there was an estate sale. I don’t usually source too much in the winter because there are no church or tag sales in my area until spring. I was excited to go to this sale because it said they had dolls. I walked in to a room with about 50 dolls. It was overwhelming because I didn’t know about most of them but I recognized a Sasha doll and purchased her for $5. She sold a few weeks later for a best offer of $165.

My number 2 best doll pick up was a Barbie that I bought for $30. I was unsure about buying her because she was in fair condition and I didn’t really know much about Barbie dolls. I know that when they have solid eyelashes it usually means they’re pretty old. I learned a lot about Barbies by trying to figure out what kind of doll she was. I learned that she was a number 3 Barbie. I thought she was missing a lot of hair but she was a pony tail doll so her hair would have been swept up to cover her bald spot. After being sold and returned, she finally sold for good for $235.


Here she is – the number one find of the year. I learned about Blythe dolls a few years ago and have been on the look out ever since. I found her in a $1 box at a flea market and I didn’t believe that she was the real thing at first. Blythe dolls have huge heads and eyes, small bodies and a pull string that makes their eyes change colors. After many questions and offers, she sold for $500. Woohoo!

That is the list for 2016. I hope you have found this entertaining and informative! Best wishes to all for a wonderful 2017!!

Barbie Clothes, Vintage Dolls and Xmas

This weekend is the Fourth of July weekend. Happy Fourth everyone! There were no good sales here for me so I’m going to continue to write about the items I picked up at the big church sale last weekend.

There were 4 ziplocs filled with Barbie clothes. Each was marked $2. I saw a lot of the metal snaps so to me that indicates older clothes, so I bought them. When I sorted it all out I came up with about 25 pieces that were in good condition. I believe most are from the 1970’s. There is one from the 1960’s ( the blue and yellow plaid dress ). Another outfit called Brocade Shine was red and gold and came with a dress and cape. It seemed like a sought after set. I used a protective cloth and ironed them because most of them had been wadded up into little balls. The group sold for $49 a day after listing.

I was charmed by this group of dolls with their little cookie and ice cream houses. I thought they were Liddle Kiddles but they are called Sweet Treats. They were made by Mattel in the late 1970’s. This group sold for $39 in a few days.

Most of my items sit for a while so it has been fun to list some items that moved quickly.

Another doll related lot I found there was a group of Polly Pocket items from the 90’s. Two are fairy houses and one is called Tropical Pets.

I did find one tag sale on Friday where I picked up a large lot of miniature glass Christmas balls for $2. There were also two boxes, one marked Shiny Brite. I counted over 80 ornaments in all. They range in size from 1″ in diameter to 3/8″ in diameter. From researching it seems these are often used to decorated vintage feather trees. I am nervous to ship them. I think they may sell in the fall.

The last thing I’ll share for this week is a model ship kit that I bought at the thrift store for $5. It appears complete although the box is opened. Fingers crossed.


That’s all for now. I hope everyone is enjoying lovely summer weather and some great sales!!