Vintage Toys, Wooden Objects and some Designer Finds!

There was only one church sale for me this weekend. Other than that I just went to a bunch of good old tag sales. I went to about 15 on saturday but I only bought items at about 5 of them. That’s usually how it goes for me at tag sales.

Late in the day, when I usually don’t find things anymore, I stopped at a sale that was pretty close to my house. I picked up this set of vintage Tomy dollhouse furniture. I love the mid century modern style of it and how you can move the pieces of the couch around to make different designs.

More surprising to find late in the day was a bag of littlest pet shop pets. These are usually snatched up early but don’t think that many people had attended this sale. There were 26 pets in this group plus a bunch of accessories. I am hoping to get $30 for the lot. I was charged $7 for the pets and the furniture.


Another sale I went to had a big tarp where everything on it was free! I picked up a Barney school house playset and two stuffed animals. I am going to save the Barney house until I find a few more figures for it. One of the stuffed animals I got there was this mouse who is Tutter from the Bear in the Big Blue House. My daughter used to watch that show when she was young. I think I might get $10 for him.

Keeping with the toy theme, I picked up 6 Lego baseplates at another sale. Depending on which kind they are, these can go for about $10 each.

I found two wooden items this weekend at the church sale. I was excited at first to find this Dansk ice bucket for only $3. Then I saw the big chip it has on the lid. I am still hoping to get $20 for it. I also found this photo/scrapbook album. It has a wooden front and back cover with metal hinges and painted ducks. I think this would be great for that cabin decor that some people like.

At the same sale I found an eyeglass case with the Chanel logo on it. I think it’s authentic because I found the same one online. It’s not worth too much but for 50 cents I couldn’t leave it behind. I don’t find many Chanel items. For $1 I picked up a pink striped Swatch watch that came with its case.

I will end with two tin boxes I found. At the church sale was this sweet bunny tin from England and last weekend I picked up this picnic basket tin at a thrift store while I was traveling.

It was fun going around to all the different tag sales. It was a beautiful cool day for July around here. There is such an assortment of homes, items and people!


When Life Gives You Lemons – Sell Them!

I went to four sales this weekend and it was good however I did end up with a few lemons. At one sale I bought two porcelain trinket boxes. They were by an English company called Crummles and both appeared to come in the original box. Even though they were $5 each I bought them because I have had luck before selling similar boxes. I only realized after I got home that one of the porcelain boxes was a generic, unmarked box which didn’t belong in the box it came in. This is what the correct set looks like:

This is what the incorrect set looks like.

I decided I would try to sell the square trinket box and also the empty box (separately). Someone may have a Crummles trinket box without an outer box.

The other lemon was a Lenox Christmas music box. When I bought it, it was inside 1/2 of a styrofoam packing container. I left it in there when I bought it thinking it would be protected. When I got home and pulled out the music box – the bottom was covered in mold. Yuck! I wrapped it in a plastic bag and quickly threw it away.

There rest of the items I picked up this weekend were fine. One sale I went to had Christmas ornaments for 25 cents. I picked up a Lenox reindeer, a victorian style porcelain girl holding a doll, a Dunkin’ Donuts cup and a Henning of Norway wooden caroling figure. The last one is a candle holder – not an ornament.

Another group of small items I picked up were these five Hagen Renaker porcelain miniature dogs. I think I was charged $1 for all. Some of these animals can do well even on their own but I am lotting up this group and hope to get $19.99 for it.


At this same sale I also picked up this woven rug for $2. It is marked rug-pirot from Yugoslavia. It is small at only 24″ x 18″. I thought someone might like the primitive graphics on it.


At the same sale where I picked up the moldy Lenox I also picked up this Lenox figure of a snowman pulling a snow boy in a sled. This is marked “retail exclusive” and looks like it may go for between $30 and $40. I paid $3. That’s also how much they charged for the Lenox music box. I’m glad there wasn’t an extra charge for the mold!


At this sale I also picked up a black Coach wristlet phone case for $1. I am hoping to get $24 for it.


I found a box of Lego trains and tracks sitting under some stuffed animals. I believe this is a remote control motorized train which means I will have to test it. She charged me $2 for it. : )


Even though mugs don’t sell well for me, I continue to purchase them. I have a problem but I couldn’t leave this guy behind. According to research that I’ve done he should sell for at least $14. But I have done research before and sometimes what mugs do for other people they don’t do for me. But this guy is super cool!


I stopped at a few yard sales as well, and as usual, didn’t find much except this pair of Nambe lead crystal candle holders. They were marked $3 and had their original box. They are beautiful and I thought it was a good deal.

This weekend had it’s ups and downs. I guess life usually does, but overall – it was a lot of fun!!

Vintage Legos, Star Wars, Costumes and a MCM Clock

Hello to the Netherlands, Finland, Canada, Portugal, Australia, France, the UK and all the other people from all over that read this blog. That’s surprising!!

This weekend I went to a church sale on Friday with my son. It started at 10 am and we didn’t get there until about 4 so I wasn’t expecting too much but we did find a few things. He is a gamer and he found this Sega McDonalds game. He just picked it up for his own collection but then he found out that it could sell for about $40 so I think he’s going to sell it.

P1310174 P1310175

Then he found this unusual item called a Walkie Talkie Boy. It is part of a Walkie Talkie set by Nintendo. It’s too bad that he didn’t find a pair but he was happy to find a Nintendo item that he didn’t even know existed!


I picked up two things at this sale. The first was a pretty vintage Shiny Brite box filled with ornaments. It is missing one and one is broken but some are unusual an a little rare. I think this set may be as old as the 1940’s.

P1310162 P1310163 P1310164 P1310165

The second item I bought is this Star Wars sleeping bag. In general I think it looks good but unfortunately, it has some condition issues – a few stains, a small hole and the zipper doesn’t work. I think it came out with the first wave of Star Wars merchandise in the 1970’s. I’m putting it up for auction.

P1310210 P1310213

Today there was a church sale/fall festival not too far from my house. Yipee! I don’t have to drive for an hour. The best item I found there was this box of vintage Legos. Legos have not been as good for me lately as they used to be so now I don’t pick them up unless they are complete in the box, Star Wars themed or very old. These fall under the last category.

P1310186 P1310189 P1310187 P1310188

This sale always has a giant plush pile for 50 cents each so I bought about 8 but only a few turned out to be any good. There was this Scratchy character from the Simpsons TV show.


I picked up a big eyed doll which I think is by the company Bradley. It is hit or miss when selling these but I think she is pretty.

P1310195 P1310197

I found a green Gloworm from 1985. I haven’t photographed him yet because I have to check to see if he works first.

On the way home I stopped at a tag sale where I picked up this Stitch Halloween costume and this mid century modern clock. That will be a bear to ship but its very cool and atomic looking.



The clock is hanging on my wall because I don’t know where else to keep it that it would be safe. It’s fairly large. I might get used to it there. Hmm.

Those are the highlights for this weekend. It’s getting cold out there already!!

Wedgwood, Steiff, Teacups, Christmas and lots of other fun stuff.

I spent a lot of money this weekend. I spent about $100 so I hope I do well. If I make $100 from eBay in a week I’m happy so unless I make a multiple of 100, I guess I could have slept in! Anyway – on Friday night there was a sale that started at 5:00 pm with a $10 “first dibbs” option. Since I usually am out of work by 3:00 I was able to make it there. Here is what I picked up.

I found this pretty pink Wedgwood heart shaped trinket box. Wedgwood used to be great but the blue Jasperware is very common now. You can’t really make money unless you have an unusual piece or an unusual color. I’m hoping this will bring about $30. It was marked $3.


This next item is a red enamel footed tray with heart and circle cut outs around the rim. The reason I bought it is because it said “Made in Sweden.” I couldn’t find anything just like it online so I don’t know what will happen with it. I think it’s pretty. It would be a nice piece for Valentine’s Day.

P1300638 P1300639

I don’t usually pick up teacups and saucers but I thought these were so pretty and I wasn’t finding too much else so I purchased them. They were $2.00 each. They are both bone china, made in England. One is Grosvenor and the other is by Foley. I especially like the blue set.

P1300661 P1300668

There was not much in the toy area for me but I did pick up this zebra because he had a button in his ear and is marked as a Steiff. He is softer than the mohair older Steiff  and I believe is a newer item but I still hope he has value. I couldn’t find an exact match for him online.

P1300647 P1300651

I went to a local church on Saturday morning that had a sale that started at 8:00 am. I don’t think anyone else knew that it started at 8:00 because for the first 1/2 hour I was there by myself! I was able to pick up a boxed Nintendo set for my son which he was thrilled about. I found quite a few holiday items. There was this Playmobil nativity set.

P1300759 P1300760

This lego advent calendar.

P1300766 P1300767

Several Christmas stocking felt appliqué needlework kits. The kits were 50 cents each and I’m hoping to get $20 for each of them.

P1300690 P1300694 P1300696 P1300698

The bags were $5 each which is a lot. I got these two Coach bags.

P1300715 P1300736

Two others I picked up turned out to be fake. $10 down the drain!

At the jewelry table everything was $2. I found an Alex and Ani graduation bracelet.


And finally, in the toy area I found this Pac-man plug n play.


Well, I hope some of this stuff sells well because I have to make $100 just to break even! It was a fun time though!

Sales Report – here are some items that sold recently:

Ralph Lauren small houndstooth pattern purse: $14

Peter Pan and Captain Hook figures: $24

Catherineholm green tray: $44

Pair of How to Train your Dragon plush: $39

Disco LeSportsac bag: $34

Vintage plush German Shephard: $29

Polly Pocket Cinderella’s Castle: $54

A Variety of Sales, Part 2

I have finished cleaning and photographing some more of the items from the weekend. I mentioned that I found a Bitty Baby doll at the same sale where I got the Steiff deer. I had a Bitty Bear that I was saving too.


This is the Corolle doll that has already sold for $19.99. People seem to like these dolls that are designed in France.


These are the shoes that I got that I thought were Air Jordans at first. I put them at $29.99 and they have 5 watchers.


At one of the yard sales I went to on Sunday I picked up these Lego base boards. If it wasn’t for the hours of Youtube videos I watch I would never have known to look out for these. Pick them up especially if they have unique shapes or colors.


At this same sale I picked up a Masterpiece game for $1. Unfortunately it is missing the easel piece. If I can find it on Ebay it might be worth picking up to complete the game and be able to sell it.

At another yard sale I went to I bought this Disney Cheshire plush cat and two small sterling silver charms in a bag for $1. One is a pair of tap shoes and the other is a heart locket.


P1290570 P1290574

I went to a terrible sale today. It had a $5 early bird and was at a Historical Society. It was like an antique shop. Everything was expensive. They had some very common Pyrex for $10! Oh well. The weekend is almost here!