Summer Fun with Sunglasses, Jewelry and a Christmas Elf!

There were some summer themed finds this weekend. I picked up two pairs of sunglasses at the first church sale I went to for a quarter each! The first pair are Kate Spade and I believe they are decorated with Swarovski crystals. They have an unusual exaggerated cat eye shape. The second pair are some kind of safety sunglasses. I guess for people that are doing dangerous things in the sun?

There was a small box of Barbie dolls. I try to check for older Barbies and this time I found one. I believe she is a Titian bubble cut Barbie. Her information on her bottom is worn down and I can’t see her date or country of origin. Her paint is very rubbed off in areas but I’m hoping that someone will buy her to restore.


I picked up this bobble head of Will Ferrell from the Christmas movie “Elf.” I loved that movie! I am hoping to get $20 for him.


In a box of small toys I found a sealed pack of Pokemon cards and a Power Ranger monster. It took me a long time to figure out the name of the Power Ranger character. I was looking up every combination of snake, dragon, reptile, lizard, Godzilla and alien that I could think of. I finally asked a Facebook reselling group and someone told me that his name is Snizzard. I would never have come up with that.

At the second sale I picked up this round bottomed copper mixing bowl and a mid century teak desk organizer.

The jewelry was marked $1 each. I bought these Laurel Burch bird themed earrings. She is most famous for her cats but does pieces with many different kinds of animals.


I found these two paint by number dog paintings at a tag sale. I don’t usually have much luck at regular tag sales but at $2 each I though this was a good purchase. They are super cute!!

The weather has started to heat up here in the northeast! Summer is almost here!!


Unusual Estate Sale

Tag sales are non existent at this time and estate sales are few and far between as well so when I saw an ad for an estate sale just about 5 minutes from my house I had to check it out. When I walked in the door of a large and very beautiful house there were a few small tables set up with some toys and small items with tag sale type price stickers¬†on them. I saw a basket of dinosaurs with a $1 sticker on it. I looked through and pulled out 4 Jurassic Park dinosaurs. Then I went to look around the house. There were no prices on anything anywhere. I asked – “Is there stuff upstairs” and an older gentleman told me that there was a bedroom set for sale. When I went upstairs I saw 4 bedrooms with stuff all over the rooms. Some of it was in boxes, some was just strewn about. I had no idea what was for sale and what was not. I decided to go downstairs because someone there said that there was a downstairs. I saw a box of Christmas ornaments that I looked through but again saw no prices. I came upstairs and asked a woman who seemed to be in charge if the ornaments were for sale. She said “Oh no – I have to put a sheet over them.” I have no idea what, if anything was for sale in that house but I had a feeling some ugly stuff might start to happen if people started coming up with their arms full of ornaments. I paid $1 for my four dinosaurs and left. Not too productive.


I had a few thrift store finds. I purchased this mint in the package set of toys for the Cabbage Patch Kids. Since the year was 1984 I knew it was the older stuff which is what tends to sell in that category. I put it up for $14.95 and it sold within 30 minutes. I had to have a Cabbage patch at the age of 21 when they first came out. I wasn’t going to miss out on a great doll just because I had supposedly become an adult! The rattle and pacifier set¬†was purchased for $2.


This pomegranate tray was something I had seen and went back for after looking it up and seeing one had sold for over $60. I don’t know if mine will sell though because there is a big scratch in the center of it. The name of the artist is Mimi Rogers.It’s a little ornate for my taste, although I do like pomegranates! It was $5.


Another purchase I made at the thrift was a little pricey at $8. I really miss tag sale prices!!! This was a red and black set of oversized chess pieces. Last winter I sold an oversized chess set with large plastic pieces and a game board for $50. I thought this was a similar item although these pieces are foam instead of plastic and there is no board. I think people like these big chess pieces to teach children about chess.

P1270366 P1270368

I spotted this Laurel Burch cat picture frame in a $3 plastic bag hanging on the wall. I don’t usually find good things in those plastic bags but I knew Laurel Burch items can sell. I hope to get about $15. It’s very colorful and I like her graphic depiction of cats.


The last thrift store pick up was a pair of Ralph Lauren pillowcases. These are the yellow stripe version with the Teddy Bears. Last year I found a blue stripe version of a similar sheet set. The pillowcases will hopefully bring about $20 for the pair. They were $2.


I had a few sales last week including the following:

Navy emblem for $19 with free shipping

Madeline dolls, Pepito and Miss Clavel for $29

Glass display case for $34

It is beyond cold here in the northeast. It was 3 degrees this afternoon. So many reasons I am looking forward to Tag Sale season!!