Vintage Christmas, Dolls and Ponies

There were no exciting sales for me this weekend so off to the thrift store I went and found a few good items. I bought two dolls. First I saw this doll laying in the toy area. She looked older to me because her clothes had metal snaps but her face looked more modern. She had no markings on her. I walked around with her for a while and decided I should buy her since she was only 4 dollars and in fairly good condition. It took me a long time to figure out that she is a Betsy McCall 20″ ballerina doll from the 1960’s. I don’t know her price so I am starting high and will see what happens! She is the kind of doll I would have loved when I was a child. That’s probably why I couldn’t leave her at the store.

The other doll I bought is a Licca doll by Tomy. It is an anime style doll which I believe is like the Japanese version of Barbie. I have sold a few of this type of doll in the past for about $20.

The next thing I spotted was on the wall of toy bags. It was two My Little Pony figures. I have only been able to sell the G-1 figures from the 1980’s and that’s what these two turned out to be. The bag was $4. These are not rare ones which can go for a lot of money. I’ll be happy to get $10 for each one.

With so many people opening jewelry jars and talking about jewelry on Youtube I’ve started looking at the jewelry counter more closely. This blue egg locket caught my eye. It just really charmed me and I bought it even though it was $10. It opens and has an adorable little apple inside. This is something that I wouldn’t mind keeping.

I forgot to mention this item which I bought at a tag sale last weekend. It is an old box of bubble lights. There were 6 lights inside but I really love the look of the box.

Not too much to report today. That’s what happens when it’s almost winter and the tag sales run out. Hope you are all having fun and looking forward to the holidays!!


Thrifty Finds and a Visit to the Bins!

Not much yet in the way of exciting sales here. I attended one little flea market that had a White Elephant room. I found a few things there for $3. There was a small amount of jewelry on a table marked at 50 cents each. I picked up three pins. The first is a pewter pin that was marked Frederick Canada. After researching I discovered that it represents a stylized raven which is a symbol of knowledge and creativity. I have it up for $15. I picked up a Trifari pin of a leaf. Unfortunately it is missing several rhinestones so I am selling it as a repair piece. I am hoping to get $10 for it.

The third is a geometric style pin. I don’t have a testing kit so I took it to a jeweler. He tested it and said it is silver with gold plated lines. It looks like the opal is fake. (Would you call that a fauxpal? Ha ha)


The other item that I picked up there is this sweet plush sleeping Bambi. It is also musical and plays a lullaby when you wind it up. It is by Gund and may bring around $30.


I picked up this Japanese anime style doll at the thrift store. I think she is a Takara Jenny doll although she is not marked. She was in a doll bag for $2.99. I love her costume!

When I pulled her out of the bag I noticed she was wearing a necklace that didn’t seem to belong to her. It turned out to be a necklace for an American Girl doll tennis outfit. That’s called a freebie!


Also at the thrift store I picked up a Winnie the Pooh trinket box featuring Pooh eating honey surrounded by pumpkins and other fall items. It was in a bag for $1.99 and I picked it up because I had recently sold a similar box for $12.99.


My last purchase from the thrift store was this Today NBC mug featuring the logo of the morning show. You can drink your coffee and pretend to interview someone.


I have a few days off this week so I decided to take a trip to the Bins which is the Goodwill Outlet store. I don’t go often because it is about 1 1/2 hours away from me. Including this trip I have been there a total of 4 times. The first 2 times were fairly successful. The last time I went was pretty unsuccessful (I sold only one item that I picked up on that day.) I don’t sell clothes usually so I go for the hard goods they have there. Today was the first time that I was actually there when they brought out new bins of hard goods so that was exciting. I think I found some good items and since it is pay by weight, I spent only $16.00.

One of my favorite items was this pair of Disney plush which is Mrs. Jumbo and her baby Dumbo. Their label says Disney Parks. I found Mrs. Jumbo first, and then, a few feet away, found Dumbo. It think they are really cute. Mrs. Jumbo is a good example of a secondary character from a movie that sells well. Often the main characters are so abundant that they have little value. I am hoping to get $30 for the pair.


I picked up a pair of vintage My Little Pony tray puzzles from 1983. One of them has some writing on it but I am going to try for $12 for the pair.


These next items are unusual. I believe that they are vintage spun wool animals. They are also made with felt and pipe cleaners. I can’t find these exact items online but similar items seem to be selling for about $10 each. They are only about 3″ tall. When you hunt through the hard good bins there are all these small items that go to the bottom of the bins. Sometimes you can finds Littlest Pet Shop animals or Playmobil figures. Today I found these.


I picked up two bags. One is a Victoria’s Secret cosmetic case. The second is a vintage red leather bag marked Cristian Made in Italy.

I picked up a few more vintage items from the bins including a metal mid century wall organizer in rough shape,


a hexagonal lampshade featuring botanical flower artwork,


and a funky melamine tray from Ikea.


Those are the highlights of what I found there today.  It was a fun trip! Hope you are enjoying some good sales and weather wherever you are!

Wedgwood, Steiff, Teacups, Christmas and lots of other fun stuff.

I spent a lot of money this weekend. I spent about $100 so I hope I do well. If I make $100 from eBay in a week I’m happy so unless I make a multiple of 100, I guess I could have slept in! Anyway – on Friday night there was a sale that started at 5:00 pm with a $10 “first dibbs” option. Since I usually am out of work by 3:00 I was able to make it there. Here is what I picked up.

I found this pretty pink Wedgwood heart shaped trinket box. Wedgwood used to be great but the blue Jasperware is very common now. You can’t really make money unless you have an unusual piece or an unusual color. I’m hoping this will bring about $30. It was marked $3.


This next item is a red enamel footed tray with heart and circle cut outs around the rim. The reason I bought it is because it said “Made in Sweden.” I couldn’t find anything just like it online so I don’t know what will happen with it. I think it’s pretty. It would be a nice piece for Valentine’s Day.

P1300638 P1300639

I don’t usually pick up teacups and saucers but I thought these were so pretty and I wasn’t finding too much else so I purchased them. They were $2.00 each. They are both bone china, made in England. One is Grosvenor and the other is by Foley. I especially like the blue set.

P1300661 P1300668

There was not much in the toy area for me but I did pick up this zebra because he had a button in his ear and is marked as a Steiff. He is softer than the mohair older Steiff  and I believe is a newer item but I still hope he has value. I couldn’t find an exact match for him online.

P1300647 P1300651

I went to a local church on Saturday morning that had a sale that started at 8:00 am. I don’t think anyone else knew that it started at 8:00 because for the first 1/2 hour I was there by myself! I was able to pick up a boxed Nintendo set for my son which he was thrilled about. I found quite a few holiday items. There was this Playmobil nativity set.

P1300759 P1300760

This lego advent calendar.

P1300766 P1300767

Several Christmas stocking felt appliqué needlework kits. The kits were 50 cents each and I’m hoping to get $20 for each of them.

P1300690 P1300694 P1300696 P1300698

The bags were $5 each which is a lot. I got these two Coach bags.

P1300715 P1300736

Two others I picked up turned out to be fake. $10 down the drain!

At the jewelry table everything was $2. I found an Alex and Ani graduation bracelet.


And finally, in the toy area I found this Pac-man plug n play.


Well, I hope some of this stuff sells well because I have to make $100 just to break even! It was a fun time though!

Sales Report – here are some items that sold recently:

Ralph Lauren small houndstooth pattern purse: $14

Peter Pan and Captain Hook figures: $24

Catherineholm green tray: $44

Pair of How to Train your Dragon plush: $39

Disco LeSportsac bag: $34

Vintage plush German Shephard: $29

Polly Pocket Cinderella’s Castle: $54