Vintage, Mid Century Modern and Pop Culture

There were a variety of sales and a variety of items this weekend. At one community sale I went to I had a box that I was putting stuff in. There were a lot of volunteers who kept asking me if I wanted to put my box in the hold area. I don’t trust the hold area. Two years ago I had a very bad experience with the hold area and a chess set. I also know that where there is confusion things in the hold area sometimes end up back in the selling area. I know everyone has good intentions but I just like to hold my stuff. I ending up saying that “No thank you. I’m trying to see how much I can carry.” I found a couple of Betty Crocker pie cover Cookbooks and a large heavy mid century sculpture. My box was quite heavy. The sculpture reminded me of one I found last summer except this one is smaller. It was marked $10.


The hard covered books were $1. I have sold this cookbook before and found 2 this time. Unfortunately they don’t have the chapter dividers but they still should sell. I am hoping for $25.


I love to find vintage pin cushions. Last year I found a half doll pin cushion. I think this bluebird and nest pin cushion is very sweet.


The last two vintage mohair Teddy Bears I found sold for $19 each and I found two more this weekend! These are small bears that measure about 8″.

Another vintage plush I picked up was this Minnie Mouse. She is marked Walt Disney Productions. She is also small at about 6″.


Keeping with the vintage theme, I spotted a pan on a table that looked like Pyrex but I didn’t recognize the pattern. I flipped it over and saw that it was in fact marked Pyrex. Many Pyrex pieces don’t sell for much and this one had dark staining on the handles so I left it. After shopping for a while I walked back and saw that the piece was still there so I looked up “Pyrex Black Rooster” and it turns out to be a hard to find pattern.


The last vintage item I’m going to share is this wooden pull string soldier who actually bangs on his drum when you pull him along. He is made to look older then he is and is marked 1983.


I also bought some pop culture items this weekend. These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures from the 80’s came in a ziploc marked $2.


This is a Pokemon Pikachu virtual pet. I grabbed it because it was $1 and new in the package, not knowing if it had any value. I later realized that it had good value, especially in a pristine package. Maybe if I had known that I would not have put it in a place in the trunk of my car where the front of the package got damaged. I succeeding in decreasing it’s value by about half. Yay me.


I also picked up a Game Boy which unfortunately is missing the battery cover and a Pokemon game. These items cost $2. I hardly ever find things like this anymore because there are so many people looking for vintage video game items. I think the reason I got these was because I was at a tag sale in a very quiet rural area. This was in the afternoon on the second day of the sale too.

Those are the finds for this mid July weekend. I wish summer could last forever!

Vintage Christmas, Barbie and Tiny Treasures

There were only a few good tag sales this weekend. I attended about 6 tag sales in all. I purchased items only at two. At the first sale I saw a box of vintage glass Christmas ornaments. I pulled out a small box of miniature ornaments and when I asked how much the lady said that I could have the whole box for $20. I took it but I wish I had bargained for a better price. Sometimes I freeze when I should be haggling. I split the ornaments into three lots. One lot included all the miniature ornaments. This lot sold already for $29. Most of the ornaments look like small lanterns. I like the small ball ornaments.

The other two lots are a group of 13 and a group of 11. They are regular sized ornaments. Some of them are very unique and beautiful. Some of these were marked Shiny Brite, West Germany or Poland. The lot of 13 includes many indent ornaments. I will have to do some careful packing for these!

The other thing I bought at this sale was a bag of old Barbie clothes. There were several bags there but I had to make a fast decision and only ended up choosing one. The items I lotted together wouldn’t sell for much individually (most for about $5). I love looking through bags like this. I especially like the pink bathroom scale and the hot water bottle.


I also picked up a plush Mordecai from Cartoon Network’s “The Regular Show” which my son used to watch. That’s how I recognized him. I’m trying to get $18 for him. I also picked up a Kliban Cat Christmas mug.

The last thing from this sale is this vintage Snoopy coin bank. This looks like an early version of Snoopy. The stopper is marked Made in Taiwan. I’m hoping to get $19 for him.


That sale was on Friday. On Saturday I went to four tag sales all together. Only one was good. The other three had overpriced junk. It’s one thing to have cheap junk. That’s fair – or good stuff that’s overpriced. Neither situation is good but at least they make sense. When you have bad items for high prices – it gets depressing! For example, one lady had generic handbags for $5 – $10 and baskets for $5. End of rant.

The sale that was fun had some neat vintage items for low prices. There was not a lot of great stuff for resale but I love to buy those small old charming things. I picked up a pencil box from 1960 that shows countries and their capitals, a nursery block with an image of the old lady who lived in a shoe, a renwal dollhouse red plastic table, a wooden man and, my favorite item which is a French candy shop jewelry box that looks like a house. I think it is from the 1960’s. The sticker on it says it was designed by Earl Bernard, made in Japan.


Here is a close up of the house box.


Those were the highlights for the weekend. I hope things will pick up after Easter. Hope you all are enjoying the holidays!

Fun Mix of Estate Sale and Thrift Finds

I went to an estate sale near my town this weekend. It was on Friday and since there was a snow day and I work at a school, I was able to go. Like most estate sales I attend, the items they determine as being the good stuff is high priced. They had vintage sports pennants for $20 each and ceramic Christmas trees for $10. I always try to find the things they don’t see value in.

The first thing I found was this pair of decorated cocktail picks and holders. I think they’re pretty kitschy and unique. I have seen a similar set on Etsy where they are asking $18. There must have been a third holder shaped like an eggplant.


I was excited to find a box of vintage Hallmark Christmas cards with really cute illustrations. I saw someone on Etsy selling single cards from this set for $4. This box has 22 cards in it.

I think the best find at this sale was a collection of miniature perfume bottles marked Bloomingdales 7 Scents. I am hoping to get $24. I love the tiny glass bottles.


The last find was this Mickey Mouse club keychain. I picked it up because it is vintage Mickey Mouse and new on the card. Not worth a lot – maybe $10? The estate man charged me $9 for these 4 items which I thought was pretty good.


Thrift store prices are killing me!! I saw these lego head storage boxes and they were $5 each! It looks like they can bring $20 each so I bought them but that’s a lot of money to spend.


I love this old rolling pin with green painted handles. It was $2 which is almost like a tag sale price so I bought it.


Also marked $2 was this miniature Hello Kitty play set that came in its own box. Super cute. I used to buy this type of toy for my daughter to keep her busy at restaurants.

For another $5 (ugh) I bought this Winx fairy doll because she was still in her package. Similar ones seem to sell for $40 so I took a chance.p1380716

I forgot to mention this charming item which I’m in love with. Its a tiny metal box decorated to look like a house and when you open it up its all illustrated like a dollhouse. It is by artist Dana Kubick. I have sold two other metal boxes of hers. I always want to keep them. This one is only worth about $10 but I only paid $1.

That’s it for this wintery week. Valentine’s Day is almost here! Enjoy!

Vintage Pencils, Plush, Pads and a Picture

This weekend I went to a few sales on Long Island. One was a boy scout sale that started way before I got there so I only found a few things. I picked up this Bear in the Big Blue House cookie jar. This is from a show from about 15 years ago. It would be a great item except that this one has quite a few areas of chipped paint and some chips in the ceramic too. Still it’s cute and rare so I put it up for $25. It also says “Yum! I smell cookies” when you open the lid and it went off continuously in the car on my way back from that sale so that was no fun.


My favorite find there was this vintage needlepoint of a ballerina. I think it is very pretty and well done although it is dirty. I put it up a little high though because I think it’s so nice.

P1310089 P1310091

The next day at a sale at a Temple I found this cute address book. I love the illustration of the little girl. It looks like it is from the 1960’s or 1970’s and is marked Japan on the back. It is unused.


At a tag sale I picked up these boxes of vintage pencils. Each was only 50 cents so I took a chance on them. I think the graphics on the boxes are great. They are made in the USA.

P1310085 P1310088

I bought 3 plush items. I found this giant Animal from the Muppets at a tag sale. He is 28″ tall. At the same sale I picked up this vintage Teddy Beddy bear by Fisher Price.

P1310069 P1310073

The best plush I found was this Flying Monkey from the Wizard of Oz. He has a felt jacket and velvet wings and is very nice quality from Disney.


I had another plush find last week from the thrift store. He is Chewbacca from 1977 which I believe is the year that Star Wars came out. He sold in a few days for $39. He had a lot of hair to brush out. I really try to brush and fluff up the plush items before I photograph them.


That’s all for this week! It has been fairly warm here in the northeast. Nice for outdoor shopping. I hope it holds out a little longer!

Vintage Polly Pockets, Dolls and an Astronaut Quilt

Today was a rainy Saturday for sales but there were a few that were indoors. I went to a large community sale where I only found a few items.

I picked up this Gotz baby doll. She has loads of blond hair!

P1300994 P1300995

I picked up this small quilt. It is only 12″ by 15″. It has a great vintage outer space pattern on it but I don’t know what it is. it looks like it may have been a doll quilt but that is an unusual theme for a doll quilt. My husband suggested that it might be a placement. It’s one of those mystery items.


The best find of the week was again from the thrift store. I spent $25 and picked up about 5 bags filled with vintage Polly Pocket items. There were several compacts and in one bag was a bunch of the tiny figures that are so essential to the selling of these items. I had a lot of fun sorting out all the figures and putting as many sets together as I could. Here is some of what was there.

This set of 3 little books that open up into play sets. There was a winter one, a princess one and a tropical one.

P1300960 P1300963 P1300964 P1300965

This hospital that came with some tiny babies and has an X-ray machine that lights up! I love the detail in these sets!

P1300974 P1300975 P1300978

There was a pool party set that looks like a little mansion or hotel inside.

P1300966 P1300968

There was also a bag of these figures which I didn’t recognize as Polly Pocket but I believe they are made by the same company. They are from a series called Mimi and the Goo Goos and are little items that have small baby figures inside. Very cute!

P1300955 P1300956 - Version 2 P1300956

From the vintage dollhouse furniture box last week, the wooden lot sold for $10 and the Liddle Kiddles crib sold for $10 as well. The mid century modern group in pink, green and yellow I put up for auction. It has an opening bid of $19. I don’t know if it will go any higher.

I hope everyone is enjoying fall and finding lots of sales to go to. Remember to list, list, list because holiday shopping season is just about upon us!

Vacation Finds, American Girl and a Giant Banana

I tried to visit some tag sales while I was on vacation but only made it to 3 of them. At one I was excited to get a Molly American Girl doll for $15. The last time I saw an American Girl Doll at a tag sale the lady wanted $75. The eBay price. I wonder if she got it. Next to the doll was a pretty box made prettier by the sticker on it which said “American Girl Doll Clothes Entire Box $5.” When I looked inside I saw some stuff that was just regular doll clothes, including one bright yellow hand knitted sweater, but I did see some stuff that was AG so I figured that even if there were only a few items in there it would be OK. It turned out to be pretty good. After sorting I came up with 2 lots of clothes (mostly for Molly) and a Molly mini doll.

P1290872 P1290884 P1290885 P1290887 P1290895 P1290904

After that sale I went to a sale of a man who was a collector or reseller. He had a lot of cool stuff but the prices were pretty high. I picked up this vintage package of doll clothes for Ted or the Dad from the Tammy family. There were 3 packages that were exactly the same. He wanted 5 dollars for each but I only picked up one. I should have picked up all three because it sold quickly for $17.99 plus shipping of $3. Leaving things behind that I should have bought seems to be one of my specialties.


One of the Youtube channels I watch is Texas Gal Treasures and she talked about buying and selling some vintage wrapping paper. I bought 3 pieces at another sale. I think they are fun and cool but they don’t appear to sell too well on eBay. Maybe Etsy is the place to sell them but I don’t have an account there.

P1290909 P1290912 P1290915

The last one is kind of funny. It’s like Back to School wrapping paper for when you give your kids gifts for going back to school? Maybe it can be used to wrap school supplies? I like the Birthday Wrap with the partying Zodiac signs.

After I got home from vacation I visited one tag sale where I picked up this giant (30″) stuffed Bananas in Pajamas. He was $2. They don’t sell as well as they used to but this one is a little different because he is so big.


I hope you all are having lots of fun hitting the sales this summer!!

A Dancing Gopher, Dolls and Bags

There was a church sale on Friday with a $10 early bird. That’s a pretty high early bird fee so I was determined to make it worthwhile. I have to believe that some of the other people waiting on line were also pickers but most of them were in and out of there in about 15 minutes. It’s seems they have a category they look for and then they’re done. I was there for about 40 minutes. This time, when I walked back to the toy area I had company. A man next to me swooped up a tub of legos and a sealed lego architecture set before I even saw them. Luckily he was not interested in the plush. I was able to pick up a Caddyshack Gopher, which I have sold twice before, and a vintage promotional Pepsi Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. He is about 20″ tall.



Another promotional item I bought was this Nabisco logo clock in the box. I don’t know if it is new but it is pretty big with a diameter of 12″.


I found this unusual telephone mug. It’s so narrow that I think it would be a better pencil holder than a mug. It was only $1. My mug luck has gotten a little better since I sold the Kliban cat mug for $14.99 and the taxi Starbucks mug for $19.99 so I decided to take a chance.


I found a Raggedy Ann Jack in the Box. It has very pretty vintage style illustrations.


At a small community sale I found this old doctors bag. I’m not sure what people do with these but they seem to sell. This one has a nice vintage look. It was $5.


They also had this tiny Coach bag which is missing the shoulder strap. It’s very worn but kind of sweet. I don’t think it has much value.


In the toy area I found a bag that had some Build a Bear items mixed in with a few American Girl items. This shawl for Kirsten already sold for $14.95 and I just listed it a few hours ago!


On Saturday there was a big charity sale at a church. It was very well organized and kind of strict. We were ordered not to bring anything to the cashier without a price sticker. If we found an item without a price sticker, which they said, was highly unlikely because they had taken great care to price everything, we were to find a volunteer and get a price. Apparently nothing with wheels was allowed into the sale like strollers or shopping carts, because, I guess the aisles were narrow. This poor woman with a shopping cart was practically jumped. “No carts! No carts! You must leave now!!” Yikes.

The doll box said “Dolls $2.” I bought two Corolle dolls. One is a girl with brown hair and one is a cute baby.

P1290681 P1290687 P1290689

My best finds were two American Girl twin Bitty Babies. Unfortunately the boy received a severe haircut which will bring his value down a lot. There were some of their clothes in an adjacent box which were not marked with a price so I dutifully found a volunteer who thankfully priced them at $1 each.

P1290694 P1290706 P1290708

Another doll I picked up was a blonde Annie Little Einsteins doll. I had a June doll that was not worth much on her own so I was hoping to find something to put with her. I am hoping to get $20 for the pair.


Another find I had there was a group of Little Tikes plastic dollhouse furniture pieces. These can be pretty collectible but they need cleaning up first. Lots of listing to do! Hope you are finding fun sales out there!!