Vintage, Mid Century Modern and Pop Culture

There were a variety of sales and a variety of items this weekend. At one community sale I went to I had a box that I was putting stuff in. There were a lot of volunteers who kept asking me if I wanted to put my box in the hold area. I don’t trust the hold area. Two years ago I had a very bad experience with the hold area and a chess set. I also know that where there is confusion things in the hold area sometimes end up back in the selling area. I know everyone has good intentions but I just like to hold my stuff. I ending up saying that “No thank you. I’m trying to see how much I can carry.” I found a couple of Betty Crocker pie cover Cookbooks and a large heavy mid century sculpture. My box was quite heavy. The sculpture reminded me of one I found last summer except this one is smaller. It was marked $10.


The hard covered books were $1. I have sold this cookbook before and found 2 this time. Unfortunately they don’t have the chapter dividers but they still should sell. I am hoping for $25.


I love to find vintage pin cushions. Last year I found a half doll pin cushion. I think this bluebird and nest pin cushion is very sweet.


The last two vintage mohair Teddy Bears I found sold for $19 each and I found two more this weekend! These are small bears that measure about 8″.

Another vintage plush I picked up was this Minnie Mouse. She is marked Walt Disney Productions. She is also small at about 6″.


Keeping with the vintage theme, I spotted a pan on a table that looked like Pyrex but I didn’t recognize the pattern. I flipped it over and saw that it was in fact marked Pyrex. Many Pyrex pieces don’t sell for much and this one had dark staining on the handles so I left it. After shopping for a while I walked back and saw that the piece was still there so I looked up “Pyrex Black Rooster” and it turns out to be a hard to find pattern.


The last vintage item I’m going to share is this wooden pull string soldier who actually bangs on his drum when you pull him along. He is made to look older then he is and is marked 1983.


I also bought some pop culture items this weekend. These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures from the 80’s came in a ziploc marked $2.


This is a Pokemon Pikachu virtual pet. I grabbed it because it was $1 and new in the package, not knowing if it had any value. I later realized that it had good value, especially in a pristine package. Maybe if I had known that I would not have put it in a place in the trunk of my car where the front of the package got damaged. I succeeding in decreasing it’s value by about half. Yay me.


I also picked up a Game Boy which unfortunately is missing the battery cover and a Pokemon game. These items cost $2. I hardly ever find things like this anymore because there are so many people looking for vintage video game items. I think the reason I got these was because I was at a tag sale in a very quiet rural area. This was in the afternoon on the second day of the sale too.

Those are the finds for this mid July weekend. I wish summer could last forever!


Wedgwood, Steiff, Teacups, Christmas and lots of other fun stuff.

I spent a lot of money this weekend. I spent about $100 so I hope I do well. If I make $100 from eBay in a week I’m happy so unless I make a multiple of 100, I guess I could have slept in! Anyway – on Friday night there was a sale that started at 5:00 pm with a $10 “first dibbs” option. Since I usually am out of work by 3:00 I was able to make it there. Here is what I picked up.

I found this pretty pink Wedgwood heart shaped trinket box. Wedgwood used to be great but the blue Jasperware is very common now. You can’t really make money unless you have an unusual piece or an unusual color. I’m hoping this will bring about $30. It was marked $3.


This next item is a red enamel footed tray with heart and circle cut outs around the rim. The reason I bought it is because it said “Made in Sweden.” I couldn’t find anything just like it online so I don’t know what will happen with it. I think it’s pretty. It would be a nice piece for Valentine’s Day.

P1300638 P1300639

I don’t usually pick up teacups and saucers but I thought these were so pretty and I wasn’t finding too much else so I purchased them. They were $2.00 each. They are both bone china, made in England. One is Grosvenor and the other is by Foley. I especially like the blue set.

P1300661 P1300668

There was not much in the toy area for me but I did pick up this zebra because he had a button in his ear and is marked as a Steiff. He is softer than the mohair older Steiff  and I believe is a newer item but I still hope he has value. I couldn’t find an exact match for him online.

P1300647 P1300651

I went to a local church on Saturday morning that had a sale that started at 8:00 am. I don’t think anyone else knew that it started at 8:00 because for the first 1/2 hour I was there by myself! I was able to pick up a boxed Nintendo set for my son which he was thrilled about. I found quite a few holiday items. There was this Playmobil nativity set.

P1300759 P1300760

This lego advent calendar.

P1300766 P1300767

Several Christmas stocking felt appliqué needlework kits. The kits were 50 cents each and I’m hoping to get $20 for each of them.

P1300690 P1300694 P1300696 P1300698

The bags were $5 each which is a lot. I got these two Coach bags.

P1300715 P1300736

Two others I picked up turned out to be fake. $10 down the drain!

At the jewelry table everything was $2. I found an Alex and Ani graduation bracelet.


And finally, in the toy area I found this Pac-man plug n play.


Well, I hope some of this stuff sells well because I have to make $100 just to break even! It was a fun time though!

Sales Report – here are some items that sold recently:

Ralph Lauren small houndstooth pattern purse: $14

Peter Pan and Captain Hook figures: $24

Catherineholm green tray: $44

Pair of How to Train your Dragon plush: $39

Disco LeSportsac bag: $34

Vintage plush German Shephard: $29

Polly Pocket Cinderella’s Castle: $54

Mid Century Madness

I spent the weekend at my sister’s house in long island and didn’t think I would get to too many sales. It also poured on Saturday but there was one sale that was advertised as the contents of house when really it was more like an estate sale. The mom of this family was moving and the children were trying to empty the house. Mom was 95 and had many interesting things. The prices were great since this was not being run by an estate sale company. I was reading about how important eye appeal can be when shopping for items to resell so I was thinking about that when choosing items to buy. I found this interesting salt and pepper shaker set featuring this pretty african american woman. It was marked Royal Winton. Because I didn’t see anything else like it when researching, I put a price of $49.99 on it and surprisingly it sold within 10 hours.


I also picked up this candy dish that is marked “A Barton Creation” on the base. I think it has a nice mid century modern shape and abstract design. I also love the turquoise color. It was $3.


The third interesting piece I bought at this sale was this unusually shaped teapot. It is stamped on the bottom “The Cube” and has an art deco look to it. There is a chip on the bottom. It was $1.50.


I also had heard on Youtube that miniature oil paintings can sell well and that was my motivation for buying this pair.


They are small, measuring only 6″ tall. On Friday I went to a church sale where I found a Madame Alexander ballerina doll that was very pretty except for the fact that one of her eyes fell down and out of place which now makes her look very creepy. I don’t know whether I should try to fix her or sell her as is.

I am trying to sell some Halloween items that I bought over the summer and then forgot about. I hope it’s not too late. Here is what I listed:

P1260277 P1260281 P1260285

There are 2 costumes from the TV cartoon Adventure Time and a mask from a cartoon called Avatar The Last Airbender.

Can’t wait to see what you have picked up!!

Sunday, Muddy Sunday

OK – the muddy sale was on Saturday, but that doesn’t rhyme with the U2 song. So I went to a sale on Saturday that is held twice a year under these great big white tents. When I went to this sale in the spring I found nothing and I had gotten up early to get there. This time I wasn’t even going to go at all but around 10:00 I headed there despite the fact that it was pouring rain. I wasn’t really expecting to find anything but I did manage to find a few things. Sometimes things work out better if you’re not expecting too much. It was so muddy! My shoes and pants were soaked! The tents are put up on a field and the ground was just drenched. This little girl found a doll she wanted and then proceeded to drop her right in mud! My favorite find were these crepe paper turkey decorations. I think they look quite vintage and I love their faces. There were 7 in a ziploc bag for $1.


I found a Little Einsteins figure that I am putting with a rocket I found earlier.


I also found a storage case for the Madeline dolls that I am putting with 2 dolls from that set to sell as a lot.


Earlier in the day I went to a different sale where I found this bride Kewpie doll. I think she’s pretty cute – all dressed in lace.


Here is a baby honey pot Halloween costume from the Disney Store that I hope will bring about $25. I paid $5. I like the detail of the two bees on the lid. Can’t you picture some chubby legs sticking out of the bottom there?


I also had a few finds at the thrift store. One was this Dansk flatware set that is a complete service for 4 still wrapped inside the box. I paid $15 for this but I am hoping to get $75. P1260087

Last I picked up this big Rizzo the Rat who is a popular character from the Muppets. He measures about 21″ tall and I paid $7 for him. P1260124

Well – the weather is definitely turning. Hope you are still enjoying some good sales where you are!!

Vintage Fisher Price, Legos and a tiny small

This weekend there was basically only one sale that I went to. It was part of a church harvest fair and there was no early bird fee! I found a bag of pieces from the Fisher Price circus which I had as a child. Nostalgia! They are not that valuable but for $2 I picked them up. I found a zip lock bag with a doll outfit inside that turned out to be an outfit for the American Girl Molly for $1. They had quite a few legos and legos have been hit or miss for me. There wasn’t a lot of time so I quickly looked up a few. One was a christmas village scene which was my best buy of the day. Then I picked up two Star Wars Lego sets which looked good when I looked them up. They were not in sealed boxes so I knew I was taking a chance because there was no time to see what exactly was in there. I got two for $6 and unfortunately they are both missing quite a few pieces. I am going to lot them up with another Star Wars set that I am having a hard time selling.

P1260030 P1260057

P1260057 - Version 2P1260062

I found a tiny Minton thimble which has an ornate elephant graphic. It’s very pretty in blue, green and gold. Back to legos, I also found a Lego Architecture Big Ben. Lego did a whole series of famous landmarks and some of them are collectible.

P1260037 P1260043

It was a beautiful day to be outside so even though I didn’t get any amazing finds, I still had fun!

Remember ugly wild boar puppet? That guy sold for $70!

Good Things in Small Packages

This weekend a lot of what I got was quite small. I went to a sale with a $20 early bird. That is too much for an early bird but I had to see what kind of spectacular sale had this expensive of an early bird price. Well -of course- it wasn’t so spectacular. It was a lot of furniture and high end china. I found 2 baskets in the toy area for $2 each that had figures, cars and little things so I bought those and hoped for the best. This is what came out of those baskets after it was all sorted out.













At least these are the items that I think have some value. The top picture are of figures called Hershkins. They have heads like Hersheys Kisses!


Besides those 2 baskets, I picked up at this sale an orange Dala horse and a stuffed Pink Panther. Somehow I need to make at least $35 just to cover the cost of this sale. Not a good strategy!






My most interesting find, at a different sale, was this handbag shaped like a teapot! Several years ago I found a bag by the same company, Pylones, shaped like a watering can. That one sold for $10. I’m kind of loving this one though.




The deal of the day was a small bag of playmobil items marked $.50, also at the second sale. Playmobil used to sell like crazy – no matter what it was. Now, only certain sets sell. This one turned out to be a dentists office which seems to sell fairly well.





One more item I found was a blue and white small Pyrex bowl with a cute pattern. It is the same size as the yellow one I found last week. If I didn’t have to sell them I might start collecting this small size of Pyrex. They are very sweet.




Well, those were my adventures for this weekend. More fun than profit I think!

Thrift Store and Flea Market Finds

I went to a large flea market on Sunday. I am collecting items from the 60’s and 70’s in a wooden Larkin cabinet that my father-in-law gave us when we moved into this house. I am trying to do a kind of color story because I saw something on pinterest featuring red, orange, yellow, black and white and I like the way it looked. So on Sunday I was looking for orange items and yellow items. For orange I found a really neat tin and plastic toy typewriter. For yellow i found a yellow handled egg beater which I love. I took some pictures showing how they are arranged in my cabinet. I also included the red group which shows a Dansk pot that I found at the thrift store a few weeks ago.




I also stopped by the thrift store yesterday and found these nesting wooden Japanese Kokeshi dolls in a $4.00 bag. I had a set of Russian nesting dolls when I was a child so they are nostalgic for me.