Vintage Christmas Finds

Last weekend I attended what was called a Christmas Bazaar with a Christmas tag sale. There was a large area that was full of vintage Christmas items at low prices. Most of the ornaments were 25 cents! I picked up this wooden rooster which had a string wrapped around it but I realized that it was not really an ornament. It was a Nils Olsson figure in the style of the Dala horses from Sweden.  I also picked up this box of 4 satin ornaments with velvet trim. Unfortunately some of the beads are missing on some of the ornaments.

These two toys are marked “made in Hong Kong.” They are chimneys and Santa pops up out of them. I picked up a ceramic tree marked “made in Brazil.” It has small holes all over it and a stopper so I think you are supposed to put potpourri or something fragrant inside.

The best piece I picked up was this plastic church. It plays “Silent Night” and is from the 1950’s. It is meant to light up with a bulb inserted inside. There are colorful stained glass windows that would look pretty when lit. I paid $16.50 for all my finds at this sale.


I had one thrift store find this week which was also a vintage Christmas item. It was this cute wreath with a praying angel in the middle. It doesn’t have a sticker but it looks like a made in Japan item to me.


It was really fun to look through all the vintage items at this sale. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays!!


Vintage Toys, Wooden Objects and some Designer Finds!

There was only one church sale for me this weekend. Other than that I just went to a bunch of good old tag sales. I went to about 15 on saturday but I only bought items at about 5 of them. That’s usually how it goes for me at tag sales.

Late in the day, when I usually don’t find things anymore, I stopped at a sale that was pretty close to my house. I picked up this set of vintage Tomy dollhouse furniture. I love the mid century modern style of it and how you can move the pieces of the couch around to make different designs.

More surprising to find late in the day was a bag of littlest pet shop pets. These are usually snatched up early but don’t think that many people had attended this sale. There were 26 pets in this group plus a bunch of accessories. I am hoping to get $30 for the lot. I was charged $7 for the pets and the furniture.


Another sale I went to had a big tarp where everything on it was free! I picked up a Barney school house playset and two stuffed animals. I am going to save the Barney house until I find a few more figures for it. One of the stuffed animals I got there was this mouse who is Tutter from the Bear in the Big Blue House. My daughter used to watch that show when she was young. I think I might get $10 for him.

Keeping with the toy theme, I picked up 6 Lego baseplates at another sale. Depending on which kind they are, these can go for about $10 each.

I found two wooden items this weekend at the church sale. I was excited at first to find this Dansk ice bucket for only $3. Then I saw the big chip it has on the lid. I am still hoping to get $20 for it. I also found this photo/scrapbook album. It has a wooden front and back cover with metal hinges and painted ducks. I think this would be great for that cabin decor that some people like.

At the same sale I found an eyeglass case with the Chanel logo on it. I think it’s authentic because I found the same one online. It’s not worth too much but for 50 cents I couldn’t leave it behind. I don’t find many Chanel items. For $1 I picked up a pink striped Swatch watch that came with its case.

I will end with two tin boxes I found. At the church sale was this sweet bunny tin from England and last weekend I picked up this picnic basket tin at a thrift store while I was traveling.

It was fun going around to all the different tag sales. It was a beautiful cool day for July around here. There is such an assortment of homes, items and people!

Vintage, Mid Century Modern and Pop Culture

There were a variety of sales and a variety of items this weekend. At one community sale I went to I had a box that I was putting stuff in. There were a lot of volunteers who kept asking me if I wanted to put my box in the hold area. I don’t trust the hold area. Two years ago I had a very bad experience with the hold area and a chess set. I also know that where there is confusion things in the hold area sometimes end up back in the selling area. I know everyone has good intentions but I just like to hold my stuff. I ending up saying that “No thank you. I’m trying to see how much I can carry.” I found a couple of Betty Crocker pie cover Cookbooks and a large heavy mid century sculpture. My box was quite heavy. The sculpture reminded me of one I found last summer except this one is smaller. It was marked $10.


The hard covered books were $1. I have sold this cookbook before and found 2 this time. Unfortunately they don’t have the chapter dividers but they still should sell. I am hoping for $25.


I love to find vintage pin cushions. Last year I found a half doll pin cushion. I think this bluebird and nest pin cushion is very sweet.


The last two vintage mohair Teddy Bears I found sold for $19 each and I found two more this weekend! These are small bears that measure about 8″.

Another vintage plush I picked up was this Minnie Mouse. She is marked Walt Disney Productions. She is also small at about 6″.


Keeping with the vintage theme, I spotted a pan on a table that looked like Pyrex but I didn’t recognize the pattern. I flipped it over and saw that it was in fact marked Pyrex. Many Pyrex pieces don’t sell for much and this one had dark staining on the handles so I left it. After shopping for a while I walked back and saw that the piece was still there so I looked up “Pyrex Black Rooster” and it turns out to be a hard to find pattern.


The last vintage item I’m going to share is this wooden pull string soldier who actually bangs on his drum when you pull him along. He is made to look older then he is and is marked 1983.


I also bought some pop culture items this weekend. These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures from the 80’s came in a ziploc marked $2.


This is a Pokemon Pikachu virtual pet. I grabbed it because it was $1 and new in the package, not knowing if it had any value. I later realized that it had good value, especially in a pristine package. Maybe if I had known that I would not have put it in a place in the trunk of my car where the front of the package got damaged. I succeeding in decreasing it’s value by about half. Yay me.


I also picked up a Game Boy which unfortunately is missing the battery cover and a Pokemon game. These items cost $2. I hardly ever find things like this anymore because there are so many people looking for vintage video game items. I think the reason I got these was because I was at a tag sale in a very quiet rural area. This was in the afternoon on the second day of the sale too.

Those are the finds for this mid July weekend. I wish summer could last forever!

Vintage Christmas, Barbie and Tiny Treasures

There were only a few good tag sales this weekend. I attended about 6 tag sales in all. I purchased items only at two. At the first sale I saw a box of vintage glass Christmas ornaments. I pulled out a small box of miniature ornaments and when I asked how much the lady said that I could have the whole box for $20. I took it but I wish I had bargained for a better price. Sometimes I freeze when I should be haggling. I split the ornaments into three lots. One lot included all the miniature ornaments. This lot sold already for $29. Most of the ornaments look like small lanterns. I like the small ball ornaments.

The other two lots are a group of 13 and a group of 11. They are regular sized ornaments. Some of them are very unique and beautiful. Some of these were marked Shiny Brite, West Germany or Poland. The lot of 13 includes many indent ornaments. I will have to do some careful packing for these!

The other thing I bought at this sale was a bag of old Barbie clothes. There were several bags there but I had to make a fast decision and only ended up choosing one. The items I lotted together wouldn’t sell for much individually (most for about $5). I love looking through bags like this. I especially like the pink bathroom scale and the hot water bottle.


I also picked up a plush Mordecai from Cartoon Network’s “The Regular Show” which my son used to watch. That’s how I recognized him. I’m trying to get $18 for him. I also picked up a Kliban Cat Christmas mug.

The last thing from this sale is this vintage Snoopy coin bank. This looks like an early version of Snoopy. The stopper is marked Made in Taiwan. I’m hoping to get $19 for him.


That sale was on Friday. On Saturday I went to four tag sales all together. Only one was good. The other three had overpriced junk. It’s one thing to have cheap junk. That’s fair – or good stuff that’s overpriced. Neither situation is good but at least they make sense. When you have bad items for high prices – it gets depressing! For example, one lady had generic handbags for $5 – $10 and baskets for $5. End of rant.

The sale that was fun had some neat vintage items for low prices. There was not a lot of great stuff for resale but I love to buy those small old charming things. I picked up a pencil box from 1960 that shows countries and their capitals, a nursery block with an image of the old lady who lived in a shoe, a renwal dollhouse red plastic table, a wooden man and, my favorite item which is a French candy shop jewelry box that looks like a house. I think it is from the 1960’s. The sticker on it says it was designed by Earl Bernard, made in Japan.


Here is a close up of the house box.


Those were the highlights for the weekend. I hope things will pick up after Easter. Hope you all are enjoying the holidays!

Trying New Categories

Today I went to a fund raiser for a school. I went to this sale last year and strangely enough it seemed to me that some of the items were the same as last year. I wasn’t finding much but then I found a Candyland Castle game in the game area. The last Candyland Castle game that I found several months ago was complete except for one missing blue X. Guess what? This game is complete except for one missing blue X. Isn’t that a coincidence or synchronicity or something? So I’m doing the same thing that I did last time which is to purchase a replacement piece on Ebay so I can complete the game and sell it. The only other item I found in the toy area was this Fisher Price Happy Apple chiming toy which I have sold before and can bring around $20.


I wasn’t finding much else so I starting looking in areas that I don’t usually look in like the hat, tie and scarf area. There were a few very pretty hat boxes but I left them. I found this interesting scarf with an illustration of a jockey on it. If my research is accurate it may be from The 21 Club which is a restaurant which has been around since the 1920’s and they used to give out scarves to some customers. It has some stains and a small hole but it still may have a good value.

P1290788 P1290790


In the luggage area I picked up this Ralph Lauren duffle bag. It is used but still in good condition.


This marble elephant reminded me of the mid century modern F. Mannelli travertine elephant that I picked up at a sale last year. The picture of that piece is in the November 2 2014 post. It certainly has a similar shape but I haven’t seen any other Mannelli pieces in marble so it may just be in his style. I paid $8 for it which was a lot but I am hoping it will sell well.


I think he is meant to hold letters in those slits. He also has two holes on top where pens could go. He’s in good condition too.

Today is Friday and I didn’t have a lot of time for tag sales. I went to three local sales and they were they kind of sales that make me never want to go to a tag sale again. It’s a long story. I think that it’s not that all tag sales are bad of course but that the majority of the sales in my area are not great. That’s why I end up driving so much. Anyway- I will be traveling for a few days so that is all the shopping I can do for now. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!!

Thrift Store and Flea Market Finds

This was a quiet weekend for tag sales due to the holiday. On Sunday I went to a big flea market which is lots of fun to walk around but is not a place to find items for resale. It is more like an antiques show. I always keep my eye out for the dollar boxes and picked up a few items.

The first item I picked up was this vintage doll talking on the telephone. Of course, today, she would be staring at the little rectangular box we all have, but in the day she has a nice bright red telephone. I like the way she kind of looks annoyed at whoever is interrupting her phone call. Once I was trying to get my daughter’s attention when she was texting and she was completely ignoring me. I finally got the idea to text her at which point she finally picked up her head and looked at me.


In another dollar box I picked up this vintage Tonka motorcycle made in Hong Kong.


The last $1 flea market purchase was this cute book that folds out into a dollhouse! It reminds me of something I had as a child. They are only worth money if you have the plastic furniture that goes with it. I’m happy to keep it thou.

P1290381 P1290382 P1290383

I will also mention some items I picked up at the thrift stores recently. This lovely doll is an Adora doll. She was $5 but I’m hoping to sell her for at least $40.

P1290095 P1290098

I found a Teddy Ruxpin. This one is a reproduction from 2006 – not the 80’s version. I was surprised to find at that in this case the repros have some value and I was able to sell this one for $30.


I purchased a $2 bag that included some items from the hair growing dolls Crissy and Velvet from the 60’s? 70’s?

P1290338 P1290342

So far Velvet’s purple dress and shoes have sold for $15. Finally, at my local thrift store, I purchased another glass and brass curio cabinet for $4. This one just sold for $50. It is tricky to pack and I hope it makes it to its destination in one piece!


Hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday!!

Desperate times call for desperate thrifters

I don’t know what the title of this post means really. It’s just that it’s very cold here with lots of snow days, school delays and bad driving weather. I am cocooning in my home, on the couch under many blankets. Or hibernating, or becoming a hermit. One of those. I venture out to go to work, or the grocery store or, of course the thrift store! I like selling on ebay because you can do it at home which is really perfect for this time of year.

So, here’s what I bought this week! This is a heavy horseshoe shaped ashtray marked Victory.


This is a vintage glass display case. I have had some luck selling rectangular display cases like this but have never found one with this shape before. I had one when I was a child and used it to display miniatures.


I finally got around to listing this Corolle doll which I picked up last summer. These dolls have pretty faces and can sell for $20+.


I found this snail planter. It looks kind of mid century modern to me but it is not marked.


Actually this snail reminds me of how my sales have been this month.

I found this cool backpack with graffiti style artwork on it from Ecko Unlimited.


My favorite find this week is this wooden deer or antelope sculpture. I think it’s beautiful. It is marked Handmade in Norway. It’s from Goodwill for $4.


I have heard that the thrift stores have lots of inventory this time of year because so many people make resolutions to clear out clutter. That’s great news for us!!