Best Plush Sales of 2018

As the year draws to a close and I am grateful for another fun year of finding and reselling toys, dolls and many other unique and interesting items. The following are my top ten plush sales of this year from the least expensive to the more valuable items.

This plush was bought for about $1 at a church rummage sale that I arrived late to. I am mentioning that because sometimes, even if you aren’t the first one in the door, you can still find good items. This is a plush of the character MO from the Disney Pixar film Walle. The minor characters from movies can be more rare and sought after than the main characters. He sold within a few weeks for $19.99.


This Donkey Kong plush was a thrift store find. He took longer to sell than I thought he would. I had found another one of these a while ago but realized after I got that one home that his arm had a large hole in it and was coming off his body. I had to toss that one so I was happy to find this one that was in good condition. I paid about $4 for him. He sold after several months for $32.99.


At the same sale where I found MO I picked up another Disney character that I didn’t recognize at all. With the help of a facebook group I was able to identify him as a character from a Pixar short movie. This character is called La Luna Bambino. He was pretty rare and sold for $39.99.


I get very excited when I see a plush pile at a sale. I attended one church sale where they had a kiddie pool full of plush! Searching through that pool I pulled out this small vintage Steiff cat. She sold for $39.99.


This vintage Gund bear came out of another plush pile that was fill a bag for $1! He appears fairly plain looking but his 1980s date and the Gund name gave him some value. He sold for $49.99.


Also from the thrift store was this plush Copper from the Disney movie The Fox and the Hound. I paid about $4.00 for him. I think he’s super cute! He was a larger size at about 12″ tall and sold for $49.99.


While I was fishing through another box of plush under a table at a tag sale I saw a little paw sticking out and I recognized it right away as a Steiff hand puppet. I had this one when I was a child and was able to sell it for $49.99. There was also a black cat puppet there but I decided to keep it for my collection.


This next plush was a find from a nursery school sale where all the plush was 50 cents. The year before the plush was free but that’s a price increase that I can live with! This one was purchased on a gut feeling that it might be something good. You can take chances when you are paying 50 cents for an item. I thought that it looked vintage and the outfit looked cute. Only after I got it home did I find the tag which said it was a Le Mutt dog from France. He sold within a month for $55.99.


This next item was certainly unusual looking. He was a large stuffed robot call the Iron Giant. Even though he had a hole in his foot, he sold for $99.99.


This last plush really cheered up my January. He was a thrift store purchase. I had just seen a video about a man that sold a giant plush Mufasa from the Lion King for $600. I had that in my brain when I saw this large Simba plush at the thrift store for $7. When I got home I realized that this one was the same brand as the Mufasa. Although not quite as valuable, I was thrilled to be able to sell him for $300.


Those are my top ten plush finds! Stay tuned for more top ten lists!!


Vintage Coach Bags and Navajo Jewelry

I attended two Christmas Bazaar/Tag Sales this weekend. The first was a sale I had been to last year where it seemed they had more items. I really wasn’t finding much of anything and then, in the corner I saw a pile of handbags on a table. The bags were $2 each. I saw two vintage black leather small bags that looked like Coach to me. Since they didn’t have the Coach logo on the outside anywhere they may have escaped the attention of others. When I looked inside I was happy to see the Coach story panel in each one. One had an interesting triangle shape to it. It appears to be a bit hard to find. The style is called Megan. It is worn but I hope it will bring at least $40 because it is rare. The other bag also had a unique design on the flap. I’m hoping for $30 on this one.

I picked up this colorful Juicy Couture bag, a Lauren cosmetic case and a Vera Bradley bag as well.

I don’t pick up too much jewelry because I don’t like to fight the crowds that usually surround the jewelry tables. I arrived at the second sale almost an hour after it opened and there was only one other shopper there. There was a small area with some jewelry. The one thing that caught my eye was this pretty feather necklace decorated with blue stones. When I turned it over I saw that it was marked sterling. It was $1. When I got home I saw that there was an artist’s name on it – Lena Platero who is a native american Navajo artist! I think it’s very beautiful and cool and hopefully it will sell well.

I picked up a few items at the thrift store this week including this talking Emperor Zurg from Toy Story:


This vintage box purse which I believe is from the 1950’s. It’s in rough shape but I couldn’t leave it behind for $3. It was in the basket section at the thrift store!

For $1 I picked up this Star Trek the Experience glass from Las Vegas. I recently heard on a youtube video that souvenir cups and mugs from specific events could do well so I took a chance on this.


Sales are finally starting to pick up for the holidays. Here are some recent sales:

Estee Lauder Cinnabar: $44

Vintage Hello Kitty dishes: $19

Hallmark Rocking Horse Ornament 2nd in Series: $24

Yellow Sony Sports Walkman: $29

Berenguer anatomically correct baby boy: $34

Glass brass curio cabinet: $39

Constructo boat kit: $29

Royal Dux mid century owl: $19

Fisher Price royal family lot: $39

Happy picking and selling everyone!

Bizarre Christmas Bazaars

From November to the beginning of December there are still sales that I like to go to but they take on a sort of schizophrenic quality in that they don’t really know what they are. Often they are advertised as Christmas Bazaars which means they can be a combination of craft fair, bake sale, vendor sale and sometimes – the part that I’m interested in – tag sale, white elephant or Grandma’s attic.

One Christmas sale that I attended on Saturday had baked goods, crafts and some older items but it was confusing. In one area items were marked so high! I picked up a blue Herend bear. It was priced 200. Two dollars? No. Two hundred. Which is the top price you can get on Ebay for this kind of figure. So – am I at a tag sale or a very expensive, actually overpriced antique store? On another table there were some items priced lower but still between $5 and $10 for things like candles and placemats. I headed out the door but on the way out, in the small entrance way were two tables with items priced between $1 and $2. Here is where I shopped and this is what I found.

For $2 I picked up this big eyed doll from 1965 by a company named Royal. She has her complete outfit and I am hoping to get $30 for her. She is my favorite pick up of the whole day.

For another $2 I picked up was a vintage Madame Alexander baby doll which I believe is called a Puddin’ doll. She has a very cute face but unfortunately has had her hair cut.

The third and last thing I purchased, also for $2 was this yellow Sony walkman with headphones. I was relieved to find that they worked after I put in new batteries. These can sell for between $2o and $30.

The first sale I attended Saturday morning was at a school. It also was advertised as a Holiday sale but appeared to be families set up at tables selling their stuff. There was one lady there selling American Girl doll items at Ebay prices but at other tables I found some items.

I picked up a bottle of Cinnabar perfume by Estee Lauder. It was $2 and I am hoping to sell it for $39. Some perfumes can sell for good money and you can still get them cheaply.


I picked up a glass and brass curio cabinet. I have sold these before and they are scary to ship. I paid $5 for this one and am hoping to get $39 for it.


The sale I was most looking forward to was a used toy sale at a school which was not as good as I hoped. I bought three things. This set of 3 vintage Strombecker doll furniture pieces was $8 which was probably too much but I love things like this. I am probably reaching but I am starting this set at $29.


I found one Super Why Princess doll. If you find the set of 4 you can sell it for over $50. I hope to get $14 for her.


The last thing I bought was a small set of Littlest Pet Shop items.


So, those were my adventures at the bizarre bazaars. I hope everyone who celebrates has a great Thanksgiving! I am hoping to attend more holiday craft bake tag grandma’s attic white elephant or whatever sales next week!

Vintage Charm and Christmas!

I found several charming vintage items this weekend. I attended 3 church sales. None of them were spectacular but there was enough stuff to keep me happy!

At the first sale I picked up this Triple Treasure coin bank. It is cardboard and metal and I love the illustrations. It is dated 1957. I think it could be put out at Christmas because it features Santa!


I purchased four other Christmas items this weekend including a vintage glass ornament with glass angels and a Christmas tree inside,  a Joan Anglund Walsh ornament of one of her cute figures as a chef baking Christmas cookies and two plastic Chrismas village houses with holes for lights. My favorite was a set of 4 Goebel angel bells each holding a different instrument.

At the housewares table at one sale, these Villeroy & Boch Design Naif trays were each marked $1. They are decorated with colorful primitive style illustrations and signed Laplau. I have sold similar items before.

This also seemed to be a weekend for figurines. This music box by Schmid caught my eye. It features a bunny dressed as an English Bobby and plays Waltzing Matilda. I don’t know what the connection is between the subject matter and the song. I also found a sweet Beswick England Beatrix Potter figurine of Mrs. Rabbit.

This wooden giraffe puzzle box was too unique to pass up even though I don’t think it has a lot of value. There was also this vintage set of 3 poodles held together with a chain. They would be more valuable if they were ceramic but they are plastic painted to look like wood. I like their gem eyes!

I picked up a Kipling bag which I have heard can do well. I love the blue gorilla key chain it comes with and apparently is part of the brand.

I also picked up a box of 26 Littlest Pet Shop animals for $1. There are several cats and dogs here so I hope it will do well.


The last thing I will share is this funny vintage Executive Teddy Bear. When you pull his string he says encouraging phrases like “You’re a born leader” and “You’re going to the top”. I need a bear for Ebay that says “That’s going to sell for a lot of money” and “Get off your bottom and start listing!”


Antique Dolls, Chatty Cathy, Dansk and a Special Dooney

I was able to attend a church sale this week that started on Thursday morning. There was a line and suddenly this woman started ranting about how they weren’t going to let her in and said they were going to call the cops on her. She said “I bought a box of dolls here last year for $10.” Someone on line asked her “Did you get your dolls?” It was all very confusing and then, word spread up the line that this lady was a “dealer” (which aren’t many of us now?) but that she was so aggressive and pushy last year the church didn’t want to let her in. Well – good for them! It’s awful to be at a sale and have someone shove you! They also said that she was just sweeping stuff into her bags. I’m glad that someone called her on her bad behavior and I can tell you that everyone at the sale this time was super polite! No one wanted to get banned for next year!

Anyway – it was a really good sale. The first item I picked up was a mohair bear from Germany by the company Hermann. I picked him up because he looked like he might be a Steiff. He is the Happy Wanderer bear and plays that song when you wind him up. He has a great felt hat and backpack. I hope to get between $30 and $40 for him.


Also at the toy table I picked up a Chatty Cathy doll which I have never found before. She is from 1960 and has kind of a strange face. Her red coat is original with very nice details. She is supposed to talk but when you pull her string there is a loud whirring sound. Prices for these seem all over the place so I think I will put her at auction.


At the same table I bought this small porcelain head doll which I believe is an antique. I was confused because the way her eyes and body looked, she appeared quite old but her arms were plastic. My non-expert conclusion is that she had her arms replaced. She is marked Germany on her head with some numbers and letters that I believe indicate she was made by a company called Armand Marseille. I never found anything like this before and I love dolls so this was an exciting find!

In the toy area I also picked up this wooden jigsaw puzzle which features a scene from a tapestry by William Morris.


There were also these two tin toy cars marked Japan. I like the way they are color coordinated together. I will sell them as a set.


In the housewares area I found a Dansk pepper mill with a cool mid century design. I am hoping to get $50 for this.


My best find from this sale was a Minnie Mouse bow Dooney and Bourke bag which is pretty collectible. I was surprised.


On the down side, I left behind a Norman Rockwell perpetual calendar which I thought about but decided not to take because it was pretty big and marked $5. It is worth about $150. There was no phone service in the church so I only found this out after.

All those items above cost $21. I love rummage sales.

I was also wondering how much I this stuff I would have been able to get had they let that aggressive lady in because she mentioned she bought dolls last year!

In contrast to this great sale was the church sale I went to on Saturday that had a $10 early bird. They charged me $10 for my items which brought my total to $20. I will be lucky to break even. I just wasn’t finding much good stuff at all but here’s what I picked up:

A perfume and moisturizer set, a vintage Yankee doll, a Barbie Fashion Avenue outfit from 2002 and a Thirty-One bag.


I also went to a multi-family yard sale which was on the Yard Sale App on my phone. There were actually two sales across the street from each other. At the first sale there was an American Girl doll priced at $40 and her hair was fried. Across the street, coincidentally, there was another American Girl doll. This one was priced at $5 except her hair had been cut. Still – I bought the $5 doll because I think I can still make a good profit. I believe this doll is Felicity. I didn’t recognize her at first because of her modern hair do.


Another doll I took a chance on at this sale was an old doll that the woman said was a Patsy doll. The doll came with a little note that said “Patsy doll from the 1920’s.” Unfortunately the doll was not marked in any way and buyers don’t usually put a lot of stock in old hand written notes. I am listing her as a “Patsy type doll.” She is a painted composition doll in good condition except for a lot of chippy paint. I think she has a great look.

I also picked up a large plush Chewbacca toy. He isn’t too old but I am hoping to get about $20 for him. Here he is socializing with the girls.


Those were the highlights of my weekend. It certainly had ups and downs but in general was very fun!

Vintage Disney, Fisher Price and Dolls

The weather was gray and wet this weekend but the sales brightened my spirits. There was a large community sale that was very crowded. I had to really dig to find a few good items. The best find there was this group of vintage dolls from 1970 called Finger Ding dolls. You put your fingers in their legs to make them walk. I only recognized one doll because it was one I had as a child. The other characters in the bag looked very odd to me but I found out later that they were animal Finger Dings and are somewhat rare. I guess little girls like me thought they were freaky looking back then too and didn’t purchase them too often, making them hard to find today.


This next item is a small pocket knife with a Shell Oil logo on it. I thought the material was some kind of faux mother of pearl. My husband informed me that in fact it is referred to as Mother of Toilet Seat which I think is hilarious.


I picked up this pair of leather horse figures. I think they are ornaments because they have strings attached to them. They have a very tacky vintage look.


I like this sweet vintage child’s drinking cup from Italy. These items don’t sell for very much but I enjoy them, so when they are cheap I usually pick them up.

Another large item I bought at this sale was a fold up vinyl Barbie Country Living Home which came with some of the original furniture pieces inside. Although big and bulky to ship, for $2 I couldn’t pass it up.


At a church sale I bought some vintage Hallmark ornaments and this Fisher Price Happy Apple toy which I have sold before.


Surprisingly many of the items from the last post have sold already so I will do a quick sales update.

Cars Lightning McQueen costume: $49.99

Count Von Cout Puppet: $24.99

Madame Alexander “Caroline” doll: $49.95

Anri music box angel: $45.99

Fisher Price RV camper set: $49.99

Weebles Wooble airplane with figures: $24.99

I’m hoping this is a sign that holiday shopping has begun!

Vintage Dolls, Dawn, Barbie and Tiny Things

This Saturday there was a semi annual sale which is advertised as the “ultimate yard sale.” People are supposed to bring their yard sale items to this place to sell but about 60% of the tables are other dealers and resellers. The challenge for me is to seek out the people that really just want to get rid of their stuff and aren’t telling you what the Ebay prices are.

One lady had a plastic jar on her table – like an empty cheese ball jar. It was filled with little toys and I spotted some Calico Critter items. I asked if I could look in it and started separating out all the Calico Critter things. And of course she says this “Oh – those are from my collection. I told my daughter not to put those in there.” Ugh! But somehow, this time, she ended up selling them to me anyway for $8. Whew! Usually when that happens – there is no sale!

Then I saw a lady with some old Ken doll items in a bag with a Ken doll. I am more interested in Barbie stuff and at the bottom of this bag I saw a tiny case that looked like it had some Barbie shoes and jewelry in it. For $1 she sold it to me. The items inside included shoes, jewelry, a clock and a little yellow hat. They all seem to be from the early 1960’s.

I also picked up this pretty Gotz doll and a little leather purse with a lucite handle.

At another table a lady had a bag filled with Dawn dolls. I didn’t have Barbie when I was young but I did have a collection of Dawn dolls so these are special to me. She sold it to me for $15 and I may keep some. I especially remember that light blue gown with the gold top. Somehow that always seemed magical to me.


Inside this bag of dolls was a Dawn clone doll which I found out is a Mego doll called Dizzy Girl. What kind of a name is that?


One of my favorite purchases from this day is this cute wooden miniature tea set. It is marked “Made in German Democratic Republic.” It reminds me of a wooden apple with a tea set inside that I bought a few years ago. If you scroll to older posts you will see it.


Here are some recent sales updates:

Zippy the Cheerful Chimp – $39.

The Fisher Price tudor dollhouse – $42

Kermit the Frog puppet – $24

Little Tikes Dollhouse items – $38

Vintage Tigger plush – $17

2 Vera Bradley wristlets – $20

Atari style plug and play – $19

Summer is winding down! Keep shopping!