Roller Coaster Ride of Sales

There were some very bad sales this weekend and some very good sales. The trick is to hit the good sales first. Instead I hit the bad sales first. I went to an overpriced church sale on Friday and picked up two pieces of David Frykman holiday decorations. They reminded me of Jim Shore which is why I picked them up. When I researched them they seemed to be selling but they really only sell for between $10 and $15. The lady there charged me $8 each and I should have put them back. They would be an OK buy at $1 or $2.

The better buy at this sale, even though she charged me another $8, was this Madame Alexander Puddin’ doll in her original box. It doesn’t look like she’s ever been played with. She is dated 1975. The Puddin’ dolls from the 60’s are more valuable. You can tell she is a Puddin’ doll by her pouty face.

The next day I attended a Women’s League of voters tag sale that had very few items. The only good item I bought was this Goebel mouse which was $3. He’s only 1 1/2″ tall.


The next sale was advertised as a used toy and book sale and I arrived there after it began. I picked up a few Littlest Pet Shop pets, a Corelle high chair and a die cast air stream trailer. I also found a boxed set of hard cover Narnia books but when I took it up to check out and the lady asked her friend how much to charge for it, the other women said “Oh – wait – those are mine!” Really?

The next sale I went to was advertised as a Church Bazaar but actually was a rummage sale and that was the one I wish I had gone to first. They had a whole area filled with toys and even though I arrived two hours after it started I still found a few things.

I picked up this funny doll. The brand is Rubens Barn and it is from Sweden. She is a large doll at about 18″ and she has a unique expression on her face. I learned that these kinds of dolls are sometimes used as therapy dolls.

In the toy area I also picked up a Count Von Count plush and an American Girl doll carrier.

They also had a household and knick knack area where I picked up this cute ceramic vase shaped like a Danish girl, and the best find from that sale which was a Lily Pulitzer duvet cover. I haven’t photographed that yet because I have to check it for flaws. I have been on the look out for Lily Pulitzer but didn’t expect to find a duvet cover. It was $2.


I went to quite a few sales that day because I was feeling like I wasn’t really finding too much. The last sale I ended up at was an estate sale that was having their half price day. I picked up a pretty doll for $20 which was originally priced at $40. She is made by artist Bettina Feigenspan Hirsch. She has beautiful clothes and seemed to be a really special doll. I couldn’t find a definite price to put her at because there weren’t many that were listed or sold by that artist. I’m going to start high and hope that someone falls in love with her.

She is vinyl and cloth, not porcelain. That’s what I picked up this weekend as sales continue to wind down and I continue to pretend it’s not happening. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!!


Vintage Toys, Games, Halloween and More!

There were two good sales this weekend. One was at a church and one was at a school. The school sale is advertised as starting at 9 but when I arrived at 8:15 it appeared to me that people were walking in. The sale helpers were pulling out a lot of stuff to place outside so all the doors were open. I asked one lady if the sale was open and she said “No, we open at 9.” So I dutifully went to sit in my car but as I was sitting there I saw person after person with tote bags over their shoulder walking in so I got out of my car and walked in too. No one really seemed to care. Someone at the sale said “Who are all these people?” and someone answered her saying “They’re early birds.” I got some good things there and I credit it to being an early bird.

I found this vintage Hawaiian Punch board game from 1978. I really like the 3″ colorful figures of Punchy. It is nearly complete but is missing the instructions. I am hoping to get $40 for it. I think she charged me $2. Hawaiian Punch was big when I was growing up. We didn’t know about sugar back then.

I spotted two Littlest Pet Shop play sets but was hunting for the figures. Fortunately, nearby I saw a little plastic container and when I opened it there were 25 pets inside!


I didn’t see anything good in the bag and purse area but there was a separate area for wallets and there I found two wristlets, a Coach and a Sakroots.

I spotted a TI 83 plus calculator but someone “artistically” spray painted it with yellow! It was only marked 25 cents so I bought it. It works so I’m hoping someone who doesn’t care, or who likes yellow will buy it. I am selling it at a discounted price. Also marked a quarter was this stereoscope which is missing some parts so I’m selling it for parts or repair. These were the view masters of the past.

I also found a tote bag full of Fisher Price Adventure People. They are being washed now but I will post the photo when I have it. I’m trying to post as many toys as I can for the holiday shoppers!

At the church sale I found a wonderful set of artist colored pencils in a colorful tin. I picked up a very ragged Popeye toy, a cool vintage baseball trophy dated 1955 and some old cross stitch pieces.

I only bought one item at a regular tag sale which was this witch knee hugger. I have seen and bought many Christmas elf knee huggers but I haven’t seen a Halloween figure like this before. She has a sticker on her that says Japan. She certainly has a unique look!


I’m running out of sales to go to. I’m going to have to do some detective work to find some for next week!

Dolls, Teddy Bears, Vintage Toys and More!

Last weekend there were two church sales. One was 1 1/2 hours away on Friday night and the other was 1 hour away on Saturday morning. The Friday night sale was actually one I had been to two years ago. I didn’t remember it until I got there. Two years ago I didn’t do well there but I found some good items this year. They had toys in the basement so that’s where I went first. I saw a Madeline doll case and I was happy to discover that it had 3 dolls and clothes inside. It was marked $3. The clothes needed a lot of cleaning.


In the plush area I bought these two Teddy Bears. They reminded me of Steiff bears that I saw as a child but they have no ear buttons or markings. After researching, they look a lot like bears called Zotty bears by Steiff but as I said, they have no ID. I think they’re cute and unique with their long curly hair. They were $1 each.


There was a small plastic bucket filled with little toys. I pulled out a pink lanyard which had about 7 Disney pins attached to it. There are three Cinderella themed pins and I’m hoping those will do well. I was charged a dollar for the lanyard. My kids loved those pins when we would go to Disney and they were a pretty good bargain compared to a lot of the other Disney souvenirs!


Another item I bought for $1 was this inflatable cruise ship that is still in its original package. I’m hoping to get $10 – $14 for it.


After that I went upstairs. In the linens section found two Ralph Lauren Teddy Bear pillow cases wrapped together for $1.


Usually I avoid the “boutique” areas at the church sales. Items I find there are often priced at Ebay prices or more but I took a look around and saw a unique looking doll that was signed Dianne Dengel. She was marked $10. I walked away and looked her up. Similar ones seemed to be selling between $50 and $100 so I went back to grab her. I think she was my best find there.


The next day there was another sale that was only 1 hour away. Woohoo! The only problem with this sale was that there was no AC, it was super crowded and it was really hot. This doesn’t happen to me often. Usually excitement and adrenaline pull me through but I eventually had to leave because of the heat. Before that happened here is what I picked up.

I first headed to the toy table. There I picked up this King Kong figure. He looked well made and I thought he might do well since the new movie came out recently. I can’t find who made him anywhere. Cute isn’t he?


I found this Dick Tracy mini color Tele-Viewer from 1973. It is new in the package but the package is damaged.


Right next to this I found this Looney Tunes eraser set. I collected erasers when I was young and so did my daughter. I couldn’t leave these behind. I love their bright colors.


I picked up a mystery bag that had some tiny Polly Pocket figures and some Littlest Pet Shop pets inside. I couldn’t sell what exactly was in there but for $3 I thought it would be fun to find out.


I am away again this week so there will be a delay in the posting of this. Once school starts again I will get back on track!

Thrifting in Los Angeles

Last week we went to California to visit some friends and family who live out there now. They don’t understand why I don’t want to live where the weather is perfect all the time. I guess I like thunderstorms, leaves changing color, snow days and spring. Anyway of course while I was there my husband alerted me to a Goodwill where I picked up some goodies.

This first item is a vintage beauty school supply case. It has some damage, especially to the corners. I’m not sure of the age but it may be from the 70’s or 80’s. The school is now closed. There is an ID tag included which I think is neat. I wasn’t going to get it because I didn’t think I could get it back home but my husband suggested that I pack clothes inside and around it and we fit it into my suitcase!

I picked up this Tory Burch note pad set. It’s not very valuable (maybe $10) but it was only marked 99 cents and I new I could get it home.

The last item I picked up there was this Anthropologie Dachshund mug. Dachshunds are one of my favorite breeds so it caught my eye and when I researched it they seem to go for about $20.


Before I left I had a few pickups from my local thrift store including this Calico Critters car. I had the rabbit family and I am putting them with the car in hopes of selling it for more.


I also picked up two plush toys including this American Girl doll pet cat and a Jellycat dog.

That’s all for now. Summer is winding down. Time to get ready for cooler days – at least if you live in New England!

Vintage Rosenthal, Anri and Christmas too!

The sales in my area finally seem to be picking up. Hooray! I went to a mix of sales this weekend. The first one had a $10 early bird and I found very little there. This was a community sale and I found out they have some kind of party the night before and I think people can shop. The tables looked like they were half empty. I don’t think they should charge an early bird in a case like that.

I found a good sale through a yard sale app on my phone while I was driving around. It was a community yard sale in a small building. I found one of my favorite things which is a little box filled with small treasures. The lady there charged me $1 for the whole box! Here’s the box before I looked through it.


The item that I was interested was the small porcelain figure. It was marked Rosenthal Germany plus some other words, on the bottom. After researching him I believe he is called a child Satyr or faun. He is a mythical character – half human, half goat? He appears to be rare and I am hoping to get a good price for him.  He is also very strange with his Little Lord Fauntleroy haircut and his parts showing.


Also in the box were these cute wooden figures on sleds marked Made in Russia.


These three metal figures were in there too. They are only marked China so probably not particularly special or old but still kind of cool.


There was this bride and groom pair of mice from Original Fur Toys of West Germany. I have sold some of these before but not the bride and groom. Unfortunately their condition is not great and their tails came off.

P1390756 - Version 2

On the tables at this sale I found a beautiful carved horse which turned out to be marked very faintly Anri Italy.


It was marked $1! Also wooden and $1 was this little shoe which is also a box. I think it may be handmade. After researching, I believe it may be a snuff box.

I picked up this vintage two faced clown who was too funny/creepy to leave behind.

The last two items from this sale were a Harajuku Lovers purse with very fun, cool graphics and a small doll which is Kirsten’s rag doll from American Girl. They charged me $10 for everything I bought at this sale.

I stopped at a Girl Scout sale which was outdoors. It started raining and I think people were lowering their prices. I picked up this American Girl Felicity doll for $25.


On Sunday I went to a Junk in the Trunk sale at a local High School. That’s where people drive their cars into a parking spot and set up tables to sell their items. I spent $12 there and this is what I bought.

Two vintage coach bags in TLC condition:

A Madame Alexander Madeline doll and a lego base plate from an Indiana Jones set:

And finally, two vintage chenille and plastic Santas which I don’t think I can part with just yet!


I was happy to be able to buy some good items at reasonable prices and hoping that the tag sale season will continue this way! I hope you are finding great bargains where you are shopping!

Plush, Dolls and Scandinavian Pottery

No estate sales for me this week so it was back to the thrift stores! You never really know when the new stuff is coming out at the thrift stores but I happened to be there one afternoon when a whole bunch of toy bags came out from the  back. The first thing I spotted was this Quincy doll from Little Einsteins. I was saving a June doll from the same set. She doesn’t sell too when on her own but I am hoping to get $30 for the pair. They talk when you squeeze their belly.


I got a bit lucky with a small bag on a wall of household accessory bags. This small heart shaped plate by Joan Walsh Anglund caught my eye. I like her sweet characters with the big heads and small dots for eyes. When I was young I had a doll designed by her and I loved it. The bag was $3 and I was deciding whether to get it. There was another item in the bag which was a very small, leaf shaped dish. What sold me was that this second dish was marked Sweden. After researching at home I figured out that this small dish is by an artist or artist group called Stig Lindberg design for Gustavsberg. It is a Modernist piece from the 50’s or 60’s and hopefully I will be able to sell it for at least $50. The Anglund dish is not very valuable although I have not been able to find this exact piece on line.

I took a trip down to Long Island to visit with my sister and we went to a thrift store down there. Everything is bigger on Long Island. Her thrift store was huge with shelves upon shelves of bagged up toys and items and three shelves of plush. I spent $9 and purchased 4 stuffed toys.

This cat is Gilbert from the PBS show Caillou. This is a kind of obscure show that still has a devoted young fan base. I am hoping to get $20 for him.


I picked up a Scentsy Buddy which is a baby lion named. He still has his paper tag so I’m hoping that will help him to sell. Without his tag he appears to go for about $10.


My son had a whole collection of these stuffed animals when he was young. They are from Fisher Price and made of a thermal material. I believe they are called Cozies. I purchased a few off Ebay for him years ago. I was always on the look out for ones he didn’t have. So when I saw this guy he really tugged at my heart. I am hoping to sell him for $20. Of course I had to send a picture of him to my 19 year old son and say “Remember these guys?” I’m sure it’s just what he wanted to think about in the middle of a busy day at college.


The last plush is a small Hello Kitty. I picked her up because she was a Blockbuster promotional item. She’s eating popcorn. Remember renting movies at Blockbuster? She may bring $10.


Those were my finds for this week in February. Really waiting on Spring to come now!

Some Thrifty Finds

Very sparse in the way of sales around here so I visited the thrift store this week and had some good luck.

Sometimes, even if you feel that you aren’t finding anything, if you keep looking and digging you can get something. The toy shelves at my thrift stores are usually quite messy. There is a sign that says “This is not a play area. Please supervise your children.” Ha ha. I was looking on the crowded shelves and saw the wing of a Pat Pat Little Einsteins Rocket. I have sold these several times before. The rocket alone can go for between $20 and $40 so I was very happy and surprised to see that this one had the four characters in it.


I picked up this vintage Dodgers metal serving tray. I’ll use the key words man cave in the title and hopefully that will help it sell. It’s in fairly good condition.


I saw this snowman on a shelf for $6. The price tag was covering the bottom of him but he looked like a Jim Shore piece to me. I looked it up before I bought him because some Jim Shore pieces have a good value but others don’t. I think I can get between $40 and $50 for this one so I took the chance. I really love the harbor scene he has on his belly. He is also not only a Christmas item but could be displayed all winter. At least that’s what I’m going to say in my listing!


In the doll section I found this Corolle doll. She would be good except her head is quite tilted and I don’t know how this will affect her value. She was $3.


My last thrift store buy was this pretty planner. It looks new, but the box it is in was opened. I also may have missed the planner buying window. I saw this one selling for $24 on line. If it is too late now I will hold onto it until next year since it is an undated planner. It cost $3.


There were 2 estate sales near me which I attended late the day. I only picked up two things at the first one. I got this Star Wars Darth Vader tape dispenser dated 1983. Who doesn’t need this on their desk? It was only 50 cents.


For an addition 50 cents I picked up a lot of 19 children’s Valentines Day cards from 1983. I love old cards so I had to get these. If they don’t sell I will keep them for my collection. I especially like the astronaut cards. I think these illustrations are so charming!

The other estate sale I went to was in a very old house with crooked wooden floors. There was a beautiful head vase on a shelf and I asked how much it was. The guy said $69. He said “We looked in up online.” Oh – so that’s how its going to be. I knew that if I bought anything it have to be something humble that they didn’t think was valuable and hadn’t looked up. I found a Nils Johan stackable canister. I asked the lady how much it was and she said the lovely words “How much to you want to pay?” So I got it for $5 and I was very happy. I kind of love it so I will keep it for a while before I sell it so I don’t have a picture of it.

That’s all the shopping I did this weekend. For a sales update I will mention a few things that sold from the estate sale I went to last weekend:

Shaker Maker lot: $59

Baby Crissy doll: $39 (buyer has not paid yet)

Fisher Price camper: $59

Some other items that have been in my store for a few months but have sold recently are:

IKEN create your own watch set: $26.99

Kitchen Littles kitchen island and food: $75

L.L. Bean vintage dog bag: $22.99

Dansko black clogs: $28.99

Kidrobot ice cream sandwich plush: $18.99

Dansk mid century teak pepper mill: $40

FDR ceramic plaque: $16

Hope you are all staying cozy this winter!!