Giant Tinker Toys and Misfit Toys!

Happy Fourth of July everyone. Too bad that means hardly any sales for me to go to. I just went to a few tag sales on Saturday. They were all the kind of tag sales where I can’t find items for resale. Some of them I call the “Home Goods” tag sales. Its when someone has decorated their house all in items from Target, Walmart or Home Goods and is now selling all that stuff. The other kind is when the person is a retired antiques dealer and is selling their stuff still with the price tags from their antique store and the prices are the same as years ago before Ebay when everything was more valuable. This man had a Pepper doll. I think you can get about $10 for them on a good day. He had it priced at $50. He said it was negotiable. Oy.

I made one purchase at the first sale I went to. I bought ten Rudolp the Red Nosed Reindeer plush. Many of these characters are from the Island of Misfit Toys. Unfortunately none of these have their original tags which greatly affects their value. I only paid $3 so hopefully I can still make a good profit. Maybe I have to wait until it is closer to the holiday season.


At the thrift store I picked up 2 yards of patriotic fabric for $3. It’s too bad that I didn’t find this before the fourth of July. It is marked Old Glory Tablecloth so I imagine it would easily be made into a tablecloth. A few weeks ago at a rummage sale I found another fabric which features old fashioned pastoral scenes. I am putting each listing up for $20.

Another item that I bought several weeks ago but didn’t photograph until now is this set of giant Tinker Toys. They are from the 1970s and are about 4x as big as the normal Tinker Toys. I wasn’t going to get them because of all the headaches that are going to be involved with shipping these but the guy only wanted $5 for them. They seem to sell pretty well but I have to figure out the shipping cost. This set is very heavy!!


Since I didn’t find a lot of new items this weekend I have been trying to list items that I have been avoiding and those are what I have been sharing with you. I hope that everyone in the US has a happy Fourth of July and that everyone else is enjoying some good weather!


Diversifying with Fabric, Purses and a My Twinn Doll

This weekend included several church sales, a temple sale and a yard sale. Surprisingly to me the tag sale was were I found the best itemsĀ – even though this was on the second day of the sale. It was advertised as being a 12 family sale. I wasn’t finding many of the items I usually look for so I checked out the shoes and found a beautiful pair of blue Dr. Martens for $2!


Next to the shoes they had some bags. I saw this bag called Pacsafe. I never saw this brand before so I walked up the drive way and looked it up on my phone and found that they sell well. It has some kind of security feature to it. It’s brown with a pretty bright blue interior. They had $3 on it.

They also had some fabric for sale so I picked up this retired Susan Branch fabric called Tea Party. There was about 2 yards of it. She is a writer and a watercolor artist who is very popular. I didn’t know she had fabric too. It sold in 2 days for $29.99.


I also picked up this nursery fabric which is very cute.


Keeping with the theme of fabric I went to one church sale where I picked up this vintage tablecloth for $2. Unfortunately it has some staining. I recently purchased a vintage tablecloth for myself from Ebay for $39 and have been on the lookout for them ever since. I love the pink and the flowers. I arrived at this sale pretty late and this was my only purchase there.


I went to one church sale that was advertised as being huge with “thousands of items.” No truth in advertising here. I was just about 7 people set up with tables. I only found a few Littlest Pet Shop pets and these vintage children’s Disney hats which I think are from the 1970’s. I think they’re pretty cute. They were $1 each.


On Sunday there was a sale at a Temple near my house which I have been to every year. I went first to look at the toys on the table. I saw some larger dolls and there was a lady in front of me holding an American Girl Doll! I missed out by a few seconds. There was another large doll lying there which I recognized as a My Twinn Doll. The lady was blocking my way. She was looking at her American Girl Doll and so I rudely reached in front of her to grab the other doll. She gave me a strange look which I guess I deserved but I wanted that other doll. I think ownership at a tag sale occurs when the item is touched by the person. Not when you are standing in front of it. It’s not like I grabbed something out of her hands. I would never do that. I would probably never do that. Anyway – My Twinn Dolls were made in the 2000’s. You got a catalog and picked out the features you wanted your doll to have including face shape, eye color, hair color and hair style. I remember these because the year I got my daughter an American Girl Doll for Christmas, my sister in law bought my niece a My Twinn Doll. The idea is that you customize it to look like your child. Then you can buy matching doll and child outfits. I remember some kind of fiasco where my sister in law didn’t think the doll’s hair looked like her daughters and since she is a hair stylist she started to redo the hair then was unhappy with the whole thing. I think they were able to return it and get another one. These dolls are pretty collectible. Here is the one I got.

I also picked up a large lot of Littlest Pet Shop toys and some Minecraft figures.

Those were the highlights of the sales I went to this weekend. I am looking forward to the Fall rummage sales!!