Estate Sale Finds including Barbies and Jewelry!

I found an estate sale that was about 45 minutes away from me. I live in the country so I often have to drive a bit to get to a good rummage or estate sale. The reason I choose this sale is because when I looked at the photos they had in the listing I saw two things. I saw some Christmas caroler Byer’s figures and I saw Barbie doll items. I arrived about 2 hours after the sale had opened and the caroler figures were gone but the Barbie items were still there. They had a small box of dolls labeled at $8 each. I picked up this Twist n Turn 1966 Barbie because she had rooted eyelashes. I have her up for $24. There was a Malibu Barbie that I also should have picked up but didn’t realize it. I was unsure what would still have enough profit in it at $8.


There were some Barbie cases marked fairly high. I’ve never had luck selling cases. They had small bags of clothing marked at $5 each. Many were not labeled so I was unsure what to choose. Some of the clothes looked homemade and I didn’t want those. I found a bag with clothes inside that were labeled Francie 1966 so I picked up those. I bought three bags in all and also got a Ken felt jacket and a pair of pink boots which have already sold for $19. The Francie set is from the Wild Bunch outfit and will hopefully bring about $50. There was also a wedding dress and a hot pink jumpsuit.

There were quite a few other dolls at this sale. Many were just generic porcelain dolls. I found this pair of Furga dolls from Italy that came in plastic fruit containers. They have some condition issues. They were $5 each and I’m hoping for $20 on each one.

This sale was not at all cheap but I felt like if I choose the right items, I could still make a profit. I also picked up some jewelry. This turquoise and silver ring looks like it has a native american design due to the feather on the side but it is unsigned. It was $10.


I also picked up this silver and marcasite pin for $4 as well as this Wedgwood pendant necklace for $12.

The last item I bought at this sale was a Coach bag that I found in a closet. It was marked $10 but it had a bucket shape that I have never seen before. It is in rough shape but I hope someone that knows how to fix up leather bags will buy it.


I spent a lot of money at this sale so I hope it will be worth it! Hope you are all finding fun ways to get through the winter!!


Colorful Items

The theme of this weeks finds seemed to be bright and beautiful colors! There were only two sales for me this holiday weekend. One was an estate sale and the other was a tag sale.

I’m not big on selling jewelry because I don’t like how all the people crowd around the jewelry at the sales. I went to this estate sale and they had about 5 boxes of jewelry laid out and this guy came in and just stacked them all up and took them all. I guess that’s OK but I think that if I was a jewelry person I would have felt a little bummed. I only picked up one item at this sale. It is this child’s apron featuring Elsie and Elmer the cow and their family having a BBQ. This is from the Borden milk company where a man there said his father had worked. It’s a little funny to see cows having a BBQ. They only charged me a dollar and I think it’s really cute.


The next sale I went to was at a woman’s house who had run a preschool. She said that this was the third week of her sale. I picked up this Barbie Polaroid camera. Unfortunately since I don’t have any film I can’t test it. Wow – is it colorful!


I also picked up this Little Tikes horse trailer and jeep set in a pretty aqua color. It has some condition issues which make affect it’s price. In good condition these can go for around $50 for the set.


I made two purchases at the thrift store this week. One is this very funky make-up case. I think the brand is Heys Britto. The art on it is very modern and colorful. The interior has polka dots. The cashier at the thrift store was very taken with it. She asked me what it was and if she could open it up to see the inside. I said sure but while she was doing that she proceeded to drop it on the floor. Fortunately it is very sturdy.

The other item I picked up is an enormous book called Kirsten’s Scenes and Settings. It is for the American Girl doll Kirsten and the pages are background scenes such as the interior of her log cabin home. I have to figure out the shipping cost before I can list it and it has some condition issues. I haven’t photographed it yet but I will add the picture when I do.

That is all I have for this week. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday (if you celebrate). The weather’s getting cooler and the days are getting shorter and the sales are getting scarcer!

American Girl, Barbie and Plush!

I attended a children’s sale this morning that I go to every year and every year they have boxes of free plush. I only took two items this year. First I got this plush bee hive with ten numbered bees. The hive has numbered doors to match the bees. It would be great for my preschool class so that’s where it will go if it doesn’t sell.


The second item I found was this bear that is covered in differently textured fabrics for babies to play with. The brand is called Ebulobo which is based in France.


When I went inside a man and woman were fighting over a Duplo set. She said she put her bag down so she could pick it up and as she was doing that he snatched it up. If your hands aren’t actually on the item its fair game I think but I guess she really wanted it and was very upset. He wasn’t giving it up though. They were getting kind of nasty with each other until a lady from the sale said “This is a fund raiser for a school. Let’s remember that.”

I got excited when I saw an American Girl doll sitting there. She was priced at $25 which is high but I picked her up anyway because she also had a ziplock bag of clothes rubber banded to her. She is another Samantha similar to one I found at the thrift store a few weeks ago. Besides the bag of clothes attached to her there was another bag of clothes. It had “American Girl Clothes” written on it and was priced at $15. I grabbed that too. I also saw Kit’s bed which was only $3. So, the bad news was that in the $15 bag there was not one single American Girl doll piece. Why didn’t I check? In the bag of clothes that was attached to her there was her plaid dress and three pieces from Josefina’s meet outfit. Among all the non-American girl doll clothes in the $15 bag was a Gotz doll dress that I am trying to sell. I was really hoping that the clothing bags would be filled with American Girl items!

At other sales during the day I picked up this funny “Pack Rat” Folkmanis puppet which is gross and cute at the same time. I also found this Kelly Bathtime playset dated 1995 and I recognized it right away because it was something my daughter received years ago on her third birthday! I sent her a picture of it and she remembered it too.

Those were the pick ups for today! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is almost here!!

Vintage Plush and Hello Kitty!

There was a great estate sale 20 minutes from my house. Unfortunately, I only got there on the afternoon of the second day. Apparently it was filled with vintage toys but because I got there so late I missed out on most of the good stuff. I know it was a good one because even as late as I was there I still found a few good things. I spent $8 and this is what I picked up.

There was a pile of plush for $1 each. I found a vintage puppy surprise and a kitty surprise. These can be hit or miss but I’m hoping that at least the puppy set will sell. The momma dog comes with her original collar. Her puppies have their original bows which indicate whether they are boys or girls. These items are missing in the Kitty surprise group. What also helps the value on these are the number of babies that are inside the moms. I was happy to discover four babies inside the momma dog and three kittens inside the momma cat.

I picked up one of these Jibba Jabba dolls which are from the 90’s and make a really funny noise when you wiggle them. I think I can get $20 for this goofy guy.


At the bottom of a bin with many small toys I found this Twin Stars Sanrio mirror with heart shaped case. Twin Stars are friends of Hello Kitty and are collectible because there were not as many Twin Stars items made as Hello Kitty items.


Coincidentally when I went to the thrift store this week I bought a vintage Hello Kitty storage/jewelry box dated 1976. I don’t know why but it seems to happen fairly often that when you find one of a type of item, you shortly after find another similar item. I love this box with the illustrations and words that describe Hello Kitty’s life and family.


The reason that I didn’t go to the estate sale earlier was because I went to a rummage sale which I thought might be good but turned out to be mostly clothes which is not my thing. I picked up a few bags there.

One of the bags is a Jana Feifer faux alligator brown bag. I also picked up two backpack/laptop cases and a small Thirty-one wallet/wristlet.

That’s all for this weekend. Hoping for more finds coming soon!

Vintage Disney, Fisher Price and Dolls

The weather was gray and wet this weekend but the sales brightened my spirits. There was a large community sale that was very crowded. I had to really dig to find a few good items. The best find there was this group of vintage dolls from 1970 called Finger Ding dolls. You put your fingers in their legs to make them walk. I only recognized one doll because it was one I had as a child. The other characters in the bag looked very odd to me but I found out later that they were animal Finger Dings and are somewhat rare. I guess little girls like me thought they were freaky looking back then too and didn’t purchase them too often, making them hard to find today.


This next item is a small pocket knife with a Shell Oil logo on it. I thought the material was some kind of faux mother of pearl. My husband informed me that in fact it is referred to as Mother of Toilet Seat which I think is hilarious.


I picked up this pair of leather horse figures. I think they are ornaments because they have strings attached to them. They have a very tacky vintage look.


I like this sweet vintage child’s drinking cup from Italy. These items don’t sell for very much but I enjoy them, so when they are cheap I usually pick them up.

Another large item I bought at this sale was a fold up vinyl Barbie Country Living Home which came with some of the original furniture pieces inside. Although big and bulky to ship, for $2 I couldn’t pass it up.


At a church sale I bought some vintage Hallmark ornaments and this Fisher Price Happy Apple toy which I have sold before.


Surprisingly many of the items from the last post have sold already so I will do a quick sales update.

Cars Lightning McQueen costume: $49.99

Count Von Cout Puppet: $24.99

Madame Alexander “Caroline” doll: $49.95

Anri music box angel: $45.99

Fisher Price RV camper set: $49.99

Weebles Wooble airplane with figures: $24.99

I’m hoping this is a sign that holiday shopping has begun!

Vintage Polly Pockets, Dolls and an Astronaut Quilt

Today was a rainy Saturday for sales but there were a few that were indoors. I went to a large community sale where I only found a few items.

I picked up this Gotz baby doll. She has loads of blond hair!

P1300994 P1300995

I picked up this small quilt. It is only 12″ by 15″. It has a great vintage outer space pattern on it but I don’t know what it is. it looks like it may have been a doll quilt but that is an unusual theme for a doll quilt. My husband suggested that it might be a placement. It’s one of those mystery items.


The best find of the week was again from the thrift store. I spent $25 and picked up about 5 bags filled with vintage Polly Pocket items. There were several compacts and in one bag was a bunch of the tiny figures that are so essential to the selling of these items. I had a lot of fun sorting out all the figures and putting as many sets together as I could. Here is some of what was there.

This set of 3 little books that open up into play sets. There was a winter one, a princess one and a tropical one.

P1300960 P1300963 P1300964 P1300965

This hospital that came with some tiny babies and has an X-ray machine that lights up! I love the detail in these sets!

P1300974 P1300975 P1300978

There was a pool party set that looks like a little mansion or hotel inside.

P1300966 P1300968

There was also a bag of these figures which I didn’t recognize as Polly Pocket but I believe they are made by the same company. They are from a series called Mimi and the Goo Goos and are little items that have small baby figures inside. Very cute!

P1300955 P1300956 - Version 2 P1300956

From the vintage dollhouse furniture box last week, the wooden lot sold for $10 and the Liddle Kiddles crib sold for $10 as well. The mid century modern group in pink, green and yellow I put up for auction. It has an opening bid of $19. I don’t know if it will go any higher.

I hope everyone is enjoying fall and finding lots of sales to go to. Remember to list, list, list because holiday shopping season is just about upon us!