Vintage Puzzles, Christmas and Dollhouses

I went to a terrible church sale on Saturday morning and paid a $5 early bird to boot! It was all tag sale left overs that had been donated. Most of the items still had their tag sale stickers on them. There was really nothing there for me. Disappointing since this was the sale I choose to go to first. The second sale was great but unfortunately I got there about 1/2 hour after it started. It think I still found some interesting things though.

I found a Dansk pepper mill. I love finding these unusually shaped grinders. Depending on which one it is they can have a good value. This one was $5 so I purchased it.


Also in the housewares area I picked up this silver plated bowl which says “New Jersey Sire Stakes” on the inside. I believe it is some kind of horse racing trophy or souvenir. Equestrian items sometimes sell for me so I picked it up for $5.

My favoite find at this sale was this dollhouse for your dollhouse. It measures only 3″ tall and is fully furnished! I wanted to keep it but since I kept the big dollhouse that I found a few weeks ago, I decided to sell it. I was hoping it wouldn’t sell to quickly so I could enjoy it for a while but it sold within 24 hours for $24.99. I should have priced it higher. Look how cute it is!!

I went to another church sale where I found some vintage wooden puzzles including this Peter Pan Playskool puzzle and a Noah’s Ark puzzle.

In the Christmas area at this sale I picked up three Byer’s Choice Carolers. Unfortunately these are not rare pieces and there is damage to their stands so I will be grouping them together for sale. This is a popular collectible but I think their faces are really odd.


The best find of the weekend was probably this Danish modern sterling silver deer pin. The lady by the jewelry area was telling some one that an expert had come in and pulled out all the gold and silver. I guess this was donated after or they just missed this one. It was $3.


Those were the highlights of my sales this weekend. I hope you all are enjoying the fall and finding fun items if you are out there shopping!


Vintage Toys, Wooden Objects and some Designer Finds!

There was only one church sale for me this weekend. Other than that I just went to a bunch of good old tag sales. I went to about 15 on saturday but I only bought items at about 5 of them. That’s usually how it goes for me at tag sales.

Late in the day, when I usually don’t find things anymore, I stopped at a sale that was pretty close to my house. I picked up this set of vintage Tomy dollhouse furniture. I love the mid century modern style of it and how you can move the pieces of the couch around to make different designs.

More surprising to find late in the day was a bag of littlest pet shop pets. These are usually snatched up early but don’t think that many people had attended this sale. There were 26 pets in this group plus a bunch of accessories. I am hoping to get $30 for the lot. I was charged $7 for the pets and the furniture.


Another sale I went to had a big tarp where everything on it was free! I picked up a Barney school house playset and two stuffed animals. I am going to save the Barney house until I find a few more figures for it. One of the stuffed animals I got there was this mouse who is Tutter from the Bear in the Big Blue House. My daughter used to watch that show when she was young. I think I might get $10 for him.

Keeping with the toy theme, I picked up 6 Lego baseplates at another sale. Depending on which kind they are, these can go for about $10 each.

I found two wooden items this weekend at the church sale. I was excited at first to find this Dansk ice bucket for only $3. Then I saw the big chip it has on the lid. I am still hoping to get $20 for it. I also found this photo/scrapbook album. It has a wooden front and back cover with metal hinges and painted ducks. I think this would be great for that cabin decor that some people like.

At the same sale I found an eyeglass case with the Chanel logo on it. I think it’s authentic because I found the same one online. It’s not worth too much but for 50 cents I couldn’t leave it behind. I don’t find many Chanel items. For $1 I picked up a pink striped Swatch watch that came with its case.

I will end with two tin boxes I found. At the church sale was this sweet bunny tin from England and last weekend I picked up this picnic basket tin at a thrift store while I was traveling.

It was fun going around to all the different tag sales. It was a beautiful cool day for July around here. There is such an assortment of homes, items and people!

Festival of Finds from Tag Sales

Last week I wrote about how hard it was for me to find items to resell at tag sales and this week most of my finds are from tag sales. I went to one church sale that was in a parking lot and was pretty bad but I found one item. It is this vintage game called Park and Shop by Milton Bradley from 1960. Years ago I purchased this game but it was in bad shape with many missing pieces but I learned about it. What I learned was that, in good condition, this game can do well. This one seems to be complete, down to the booklet that shows the Milton Bradley games available to the customer in 1960!

After that sale I hit a bunch of yard sales where I found some items. This New York City water globe features the Twin Towers as well as other iconic NYC buildings. When you wind it up it plays “New York, New York” and the subway train goes around. I believe this was made before 9/11.


I picked up this toy replica wrestling belt. I heard that they can sell well and this one is still in the package.


At this same sale I saw a pair of Tory Burch shoes marked $1. I didn’t know if they were real but for $1 I took a chance and they appear to be authentic. I don’t buy shoes too often unless I recognize the name and they usually take a while to sell for me.


By coincidence I found another Tory Burch item at another sale. I have never purchased anything Tory Burch before and this weekend I bought two! This is a bag and I am still researching to try to figure out if it is authentic.


The last item that I found at tag sales this weekend is this Cookie Carousel cookie jar. It was on a free table but you had to buy another item to get something off of the free table. The lady was surprised that I only wanted an item from the free table but she sold it to me for $3. I think it is from the 1950s and it is very sweet!


I had a good pick up at the thrift store this week which was this Dansk pepper mill. I have sold several different styles of these. It has a cool mid century modern design.


Sales have been pretty consistent lately. Here are some sales of recently posted items:

Lot of 10 Christmas plush figures: $49.99.

Longaberger game basket: $34.99

Tiffany cat box: $29.99

Clown bear: $19.99

Little Einstein figures: $19.99

Alice from Twilight Barbie doll: $59.99 (with free shipping)

Jane from Twilight Barbie doll: $32.99 (with free shipping)

Tatty worn out bear: $19.99

Plush Aristocats cats: $18.99

Hoping for some good sales to go to next week! Have a good week everyone!!

Antique Dolls, Chatty Cathy, Dansk and a Special Dooney

I was able to attend a church sale this week that started on Thursday morning. There was a line and suddenly this woman started ranting about how they weren’t going to let her in and said they were going to call the cops on her. She said “I bought a box of dolls here last year for $10.” Someone on line asked her “Did you get your dolls?” It was all very confusing and then, word spread up the line that this lady was a “dealer” (which aren’t many of us now?) but that she was so aggressive and pushy last year the church didn’t want to let her in. Well – good for them! It’s awful to be at a sale and have someone shove you! They also said that she was just sweeping stuff into her bags. I’m glad that someone called her on her bad behavior and I can tell you that everyone at the sale this time was super polite! No one wanted to get banned for next year!

Anyway – it was a really good sale. The first item I picked up was a mohair bear from Germany by the company Hermann. I picked him up because he looked like he might be a Steiff. He is the Happy Wanderer bear and plays that song when you wind him up. He has a great felt hat and backpack. I hope to get between $30 and $40 for him.


Also at the toy table I picked up a Chatty Cathy doll which I have never found before. She is from 1960 and has kind of a strange face. Her red coat is original with very nice details. She is supposed to talk but when you pull her string there is a loud whirring sound. Prices for these seem all over the place so I think I will put her at auction.


At the same table I bought this small porcelain head doll which I believe is an antique. I was confused because the way her eyes and body looked, she appeared quite old but her arms were plastic. My non-expert conclusion is that she had her arms replaced. She is marked Germany on her head with some numbers and letters that I believe indicate she was made by a company called Armand Marseille. I never found anything like this before and I love dolls so this was an exciting find!

In the toy area I also picked up this wooden jigsaw puzzle which features a scene from a tapestry by William Morris.


There were also these two tin toy cars marked Japan. I like the way they are color coordinated together. I will sell them as a set.


In the housewares area I found a Dansk pepper mill with a cool mid century design. I am hoping to get $50 for this.


My best find from this sale was a Minnie Mouse bow Dooney and Bourke bag which is pretty collectible. I was surprised.


On the down side, I left behind a Norman Rockwell perpetual calendar which I thought about but decided not to take because it was pretty big and marked $5. It is worth about $150. There was no phone service in the church so I only found this out after.

All those items above cost $21. I love rummage sales.

I was also wondering how much I this stuff I would have been able to get had they let that aggressive lady in because she mentioned she bought dolls last year!

In contrast to this great sale was the church sale I went to on Saturday that had a $10 early bird. They charged me $10 for my items which brought my total to $20. I will be lucky to break even. I just wasn’t finding much good stuff at all but here’s what I picked up:

A perfume and moisturizer set, a vintage Yankee doll, a Barbie Fashion Avenue outfit from 2002 and a Thirty-One bag.


I also went to a multi-family yard sale which was on the Yard Sale App on my phone. There were actually two sales across the street from each other. At the first sale there was an American Girl doll priced at $40 and her hair was fried. Across the street, coincidentally, there was another American Girl doll. This one was priced at $5 except her hair had been cut. Still – I bought the $5 doll because I think I can still make a good profit. I believe this doll is Felicity. I didn’t recognize her at first because of her modern hair do.


Another doll I took a chance on at this sale was an old doll that the woman said was a Patsy doll. The doll came with a little note that said “Patsy doll from the 1920’s.” Unfortunately the doll was not marked in any way and buyers don’t usually put a lot of stock in old hand written notes. I am listing her as a “Patsy type doll.” She is a painted composition doll in good condition except for a lot of chippy paint. I think she has a great look.

I also picked up a large plush Chewbacca toy. He isn’t too old but I am hoping to get about $20 for him. Here he is socializing with the girls.


Those were the highlights of my weekend. It certainly had ups and downs but in general was very fun!

Cats, Dogs and a Variety of Items

I went to three sales this weekend. There was one I planned to go to but because it was second on my list I didn’t arrive until 45 minutes after it started and couldn’t find a place to park anywhere. There were no residential streets nearby to park on either so I gave up on that one.

I picked up two cat items this week. One is a Kliban cat mug that I think is very funny. It pictures a cat with a guitar singing this song – “Love to eat them mousies, Mousies what I love to eat, Bite they little heads off… Nibble on they tiny feet.” I hope no mice people are offended.


I picked up this little ceramic cat figurine. I like the position he is laying in because I have a cat that lays like that.


I also found a vintage ceramic dog planter with a cute face and a bow tie. They don’t bring a lot of money but he is just so kitschy I had to get him.


I found a cross stitch kit to make 8 napkins. I don’t pick these up much anymore but this one seems to sell for about $20.


I sold my first bottle of perfume a few days ago for $34 which was a men’s cologne that I had picked up at an estate sale in the fall. There were several old perfume bottles at the sale which weren’t worth picking up but this Chamade Guerlain soap sold for $24 in two days after it was listed.


Another interesting pick up was the handmade sweetgrass basket from South Carolina. These can go for a lot of money and this one has a very interesting shape and is signed but there is some damage around the rim.


I also picked up this army hat from a table of miscellaneous items. It’s not very valuable and has a couple of small holes in it but I was still happy to find it.


Probably my favorite find of the weekend is this Kobenstyle Dansk pot. I love the look of these items and I have some in my own collection and am considering keeping this one. It was made in France. It’s not perfect but it only cost $5.


I had two good finds from the thrift store. One was a Jurassic Park dinosaur from 1996. These are pretty collectible, especially the large ones. He sold for $54 within a few hours of listing him.


The other item appears to be an original painting of JFK. It is signed NR 63. I think it’s really well done. I have bought some art before and not had too much luck but I decided to take a chance on this one.


A very mixed bag of items this week. The weather here has been cool in the northeast. Hoping for warmer weather soon!

Vintage Toys, Dansk and Getting Lost

I was driving to a large tag sale on Friday. It was advertised as being a big event that people planned their vacations around. Even though it was about 1 1/2 hours away from me, I was intrigued and decided to try to go so I plugged the address into my navigation system. After 1 1/2hours of driving the navigation shows me a picture of a small boat in the corner of my screen where it usually shows me what direction I should be turning next. Sure enough, it was leading me to a ferry. I was pretty sure that I shouldn’t need to take a ferry to get to my destination. The people at the ferry were very helpful and gave me directions to get to the sale. I don’t know where the car wanted to take me because after I got there the navigation was telling me that I was still 20 minutes away. With all that it took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to arrive. It was a good sale but super crowded. They had a toy tent (joy!) where I found a cool vintage box with a Suzy Cute high chair set from 1964. I love to find old toys in their original box, even if it is quite damaged, as this one is. I also picked up a little tin ice cream man wind up toy, a dinosaur Folkmanis puppet, a Jessie doll and a Balto plush dog. The prices here were very cheap.

P1290404 P1290406 P1290408P1290434 P1290439P1290419


On Saturday I went to a small church sale where they had needlecraft kits for 10 cents! I bought 6 of them and 3 are worth selling. They are Christmas themed and cat themed.

P1290443P1290447 P1290454


My best purchase at this sale was this lovely Dansk wooden bowl. It was $10 but I’m hoping to get $100.



On Sunday I was in Long Island by my sister’s house. I am amazed at the number of tag sales that they have. There must have been at least 50 but I only got to 4 of them. These are the 2 best things I bought. One is an old briefcase and the other is this funny plastic gorilla bank from 1971. Not too much time to write this morning so I’ll end now and do a sales update next time!

P1290464 P1290471

First Sale of 2015

I was way too excited for the first sale of the year which was a church charity sale. It’s been a long cold winter and this feels like a sure sign that spring is moments away. This church sale had a $5 early bird and the tables were organized by price so there was a $20 table, $10, $5, $3, $2, $1, $.50 and $.25. In the center was a big table with toys. That was the area that interested me the most. The first thing I picked up was a vintage doll that was wrapped in tape with some clothes that turned out to not go with her. She was a Suzy Sunshine doll with a mess of hair and in the end not, worth the work it would have taken to try to fix her up. I found a kangaroo puppet with a tag that said Jim Henson but one of the eyes had been replaced by a button – so again – no value. Next I picked up this small doll which is a Tiny Terry doll by My Toy Co., from 1966. She seems to be pretty collectible and she has her original outfit.


I don’t know why this was on the toy table but there was this globe light. It’s pretty cool and it works but it is quite discolored. I mean it has a nice vintage patina!

P1270601 P1270608

Also on the toy table was this wooden rod puppet from Indonesia. I thought that this could have some decorative value.

P1270609 P1270612

My favorite find was my most expensive purchase – from the $5 table. It is a set of 3 wooden egg cups from Italy. I love their pastel colors and I think they are very sweet. They don’t have great value but I like them.


Another vintage find, also for some reason on the toy table, was this cute football figure.


From the $1 table I bought this Folkmanis bear in a sleeping bag puppet. I don’t think this will bring more than $10.


There is usually no time at a sale like this to look anything up but fortunately most of the items are inexpensive so it’s OK to take a chance and just go with your gut. I’m not going to make a fortune but it was just fun to be looking through masses of stuff again.

I had two interesting finds from the thrift store earlier in the week. The first was a Dansk oil and vinegar set. I have not been able to find a similar one online anywhere.


The second find was a Global Friends doll dressed as an Egyptian in a lovely outfit. I think that her face is very pretty and she is made of a hard vinyl that has the look of porcelain.

P1270594 P1270598

The following are some sales from last week:

Mr. Machine: $45

Corolle ballerina doll: $18

Duplo Snow White set: $19

American Girl horse: $34

Have sales started where you are? Happy treasure hunting!!