Vintage Toys, Barbies and Pennants!

This weekend I attended a large flea market/tag sale event. This is the one where there are a lot of dealers but there are also people just selling stuff from their home at tag sale prices.

The first item I bought was this glass seal signed Villeroy and Boch. I have bought ceramic items by them and didn’t know that they made glass too. He was $3 and I am hoping to sell him for $20.


I bought 2 Barbie dolls from the Twilight Saga movies. I was a big fan of the books years ago so I recognized these right away. They actually came from two separate sellers and were each $5.


Speaking of finding things in pairs, I also purchased 2 Lightning McQueen Cars items. One is this rolling child’s suitcase. The other is a Halloween costume that is being washed so I haven’t photographed it yet. The suitcase seems to be selling for about $40 with free shipping. It’s pretty big so I imagine that shipping costs are going to take out a big percentage of the $40!


My favorite finds of the day were two Liddle Kiddle items. One is this Liddle Kiddle Kologne Rosebud doll with her bottle. I used to love these! I still do!!


The other was a Liddle Kiddles Jewelry Treasure Box. It had a few Finger Ding dolls inside. It would have been better if it had the original Liddle Kiddles inside. I love the colorful graphics.


The most surprising find of the day was a group of vintage pennants. The surprising part was that the lady only wanted 25 cents for each one. I purchased about 5 but here are the best ones.


The worst part of the day was when I decided to go back to the car to unload and then continue shopping, and then couldn’t find the car. I had set a landmark for myself of 3 red and white stripped tents. I found the tents but couldn’t find my car. I walked around for about 30 minutes and couldn’t find it. I finally walked in a different direction to see if there was another set of three tents with red and white stripes and guess what? There was. Finally found my car. It was pretty funny though because as I was walking around I met a couple that couldn’t find their car either. I was starting to think that they were towing cars or something but maybe they were making the same mistake I had. The bad thing was that by the time I found the car and dumped off my stuff I was pretty done. I did go back for a little bit but I had really had it by then.

It was fun before the car incident. A small haul but a good day.

Vintage Dolls, Dawn, Barbie and Tiny Things

This Saturday there was a semi annual sale which is advertised as the “ultimate yard sale.” People are supposed to bring their yard sale items to this place to sell but about 60% of the tables are other dealers and resellers. The challenge for me is to seek out the people that really just want to get rid of their stuff and aren’t telling you what the Ebay prices are.

One lady had a plastic jar on her table – like an empty cheese ball jar. It was filled with little toys and I spotted some Calico Critter items. I asked if I could look in it and started separating out all the Calico Critter things. And of course she says this “Oh – those are from my collection. I told my daughter not to put those in there.” Ugh! But somehow, this time, she ended up selling them to me anyway for $8. Whew! Usually when that happens – there is no sale!

Then I saw a lady with some old Ken doll items in a bag with a Ken doll. I am more interested in Barbie stuff and at the bottom of this bag I saw a tiny case that looked like it had some Barbie shoes and jewelry in it. For $1 she sold it to me. The items inside included shoes, jewelry, a clock and a little yellow hat. They all seem to be from the early 1960’s.

I also picked up this pretty Gotz doll and a little leather purse with a lucite handle.

At another table a lady had a bag filled with Dawn dolls. I didn’t have Barbie when I was young but I did have a collection of Dawn dolls so these are special to me. She sold it to me for $15 and I may keep some. I especially remember that light blue gown with the gold top. Somehow that always seemed magical to me.


Inside this bag of dolls was a Dawn clone doll which I found out is a Mego doll called Dizzy Girl. What kind of a name is that?


One of my favorite purchases from this day is this cute wooden miniature tea set. It is marked “Made in German Democratic Republic.” It reminds me of a wooden apple with a tea set inside that I bought a few years ago. If you scroll to older posts you will see it.


Here are some recent sales updates:

Zippy the Cheerful Chimp – $39.

The Fisher Price tudor dollhouse – $42

Kermit the Frog puppet – $24

Little Tikes Dollhouse items – $38

Vintage Tigger plush – $17

2 Vera Bradley wristlets – $20

Atari style plug and play – $19

Summer is winding down! Keep shopping!

Blythe doll, Monopoly and 300 Families

The big 300 family yard sale that I go to twice a year was on Saturday but I only had an hour to shop it because at 10:00 am my son was graduating from High School. I was really excited for his graduation and not at all sad that I couldn’t spend more time at the 300 family yard sale because only a crazy person, or a bad mother would feel like that. Right? And I’m not either one of those. I don’t think. I could have skipped it but it’s not too far from me so all I had to do was get up at 5:o0 am. I think I have mentioned before that at this sale it is supposed to be families selling tag sale stuff (hopefully at tag sale prices) but more than half the vendors are resellers. You can tell when the have a giant truck, lots of antiques and high prices. I try to shop at the ones that look more like tag sales. Here’s what I bought:

There was a bag of 14 Littlest Pet Shop pets. None of these have any great value but surprisingly the refrigerator is worth about $10 on it’s own. I paid $1 for the bag of them and have it up for $19.


I don’t buy many Monopoly games but this nice classic version comes in a wooden box and the contents inside are sealed. It appears to sell for about $25 and I bought it for $5.


This is a Monstrous Nightmare figure from How to Train Your Dragon. I picked it up for $1 and am hoping to get between $15 and $20.


The find of the day, and probably the year, was this Blythe doll. These dolls are from 1972 and I believe were made in the style of the Keane big eyed paintings. They are quite distinctive/weird looking. I saw it peeking out in a bin of dolls and stuffed toys. The woman only wanted $1 for it. Depending on condition, these can go for hundreds of dollars. But as we all know, it is a long way from finding an item, to receiving payment and positive feedback so I am holding my breath.

Another item that I picked up from last week is this pretty oyster plate. For some reason, people collect oyster plates and I’m so glad they do! This one was $3 and I’m hoping to get $50 for it. Unfortunately it has no marks or makers name on it.


I also got this Count Von Count Wilton cake pan. I have sold several Count Von Count stuffed animals so I’m hoping this will also sell. It has the color insert and the instructions.


Summer is here so it’s time to go full force on Ebay!!

Vintage Toys, Games and Small Animals Galore!

To continue from the big children’s sale from last weekend, there was a bag of Calico Critters. Two of the figures were from a set called Willow and Carly’s First Horse Show and some of the figures were dressed which makes them more collectible. The lot sold a day after I listed it for $29.

P1310442 P1310443 P1310444

I also picked up a bag of Littlest Pet Shop there for $3. There was one rare one, a purple Cocker Spaniel. He has already sold for $19 with free shipping. The others I tried to lot up in groups and hopefully they will sell too.

P1310446 P1310453 P1310458

I also bought a set of Uno Hearts. I am putting them up for $19 because the box is pretty worn. Mint in the box they can go for $30.


This weekend there was only one big sale that I found and only bought a few things for $15.

This is a vintage maze game with a clear plastic cube and a marble. You tip the cube in order to guide the marble through the maze. It comes with it’s original box which is unfortunately missing the top. It has some nice vintage illustrations.


The other interesting piece is this battery operated tin toy of a dog with a tennis racket. He originally came with a ball and I guess he bounced the ball on the racket. Unfortunately he doesn’t work. I’m still hoping to get something for him for his display value.


I found this guy at the thrift store. He’s from Star Wars. It took me hours to identify him and I thought he would be valuable because it’s a pretty rare character, but no. Maybe he’ll bring $10. He is spirit Anakin as he appears at the Ewok festival. This is how he would have looked if he hadn’t gotten all burned up in the lava.


That’s all for this week!

Vintage Pencils, Plush, Pads and a Picture

This weekend I went to a few sales on Long Island. One was a boy scout sale that started way before I got there so I only found a few things. I picked up this Bear in the Big Blue House cookie jar. This is from a show from about 15 years ago. It would be a great item except that this one has quite a few areas of chipped paint and some chips in the ceramic too. Still it’s cute and rare so I put it up for $25. It also says “Yum! I smell cookies” when you open the lid and it went off continuously in the car on my way back from that sale so that was no fun.


My favorite find there was this vintage needlepoint of a ballerina. I think it is very pretty and well done although it is dirty. I put it up a little high though because I think it’s so nice.

P1310089 P1310091

The next day at a sale at a Temple I found this cute address book. I love the illustration of the little girl. It looks like it is from the 1960’s or 1970’s and is marked Japan on the back. It is unused.


At a tag sale I picked up these boxes of vintage pencils. Each was only 50 cents so I took a chance on them. I think the graphics on the boxes are great. They are made in the USA.

P1310085 P1310088

I bought 3 plush items. I found this giant Animal from the Muppets at a tag sale. He is 28″ tall. At the same sale I picked up this vintage Teddy Beddy bear by Fisher Price.

P1310069 P1310073

The best plush I found was this Flying Monkey from the Wizard of Oz. He has a felt jacket and velvet wings and is very nice quality from Disney.


I had another plush find last week from the thrift store. He is Chewbacca from 1977 which I believe is the year that Star Wars came out. He sold in a few days for $39. He had a lot of hair to brush out. I really try to brush and fluff up the plush items before I photograph them.


That’s all for this week! It has been fairly warm here in the northeast. Nice for outdoor shopping. I hope it holds out a little longer!

Vintage Polly Pockets, Dolls and an Astronaut Quilt

Today was a rainy Saturday for sales but there were a few that were indoors. I went to a large community sale where I only found a few items.

I picked up this Gotz baby doll. She has loads of blond hair!

P1300994 P1300995

I picked up this small quilt. It is only 12″ by 15″. It has a great vintage outer space pattern on it but I don’t know what it is. it looks like it may have been a doll quilt but that is an unusual theme for a doll quilt. My husband suggested that it might be a placement. It’s one of those mystery items.


The best find of the week was again from the thrift store. I spent $25 and picked up about 5 bags filled with vintage Polly Pocket items. There were several compacts and in one bag was a bunch of the tiny figures that are so essential to the selling of these items. I had a lot of fun sorting out all the figures and putting as many sets together as I could. Here is some of what was there.

This set of 3 little books that open up into play sets. There was a winter one, a princess one and a tropical one.

P1300960 P1300963 P1300964 P1300965

This hospital that came with some tiny babies and has an X-ray machine that lights up! I love the detail in these sets!

P1300974 P1300975 P1300978

There was a pool party set that looks like a little mansion or hotel inside.

P1300966 P1300968

There was also a bag of these figures which I didn’t recognize as Polly Pocket but I believe they are made by the same company. They are from a series called Mimi and the Goo Goos and are little items that have small baby figures inside. Very cute!

P1300955 P1300956 - Version 2 P1300956

From the vintage dollhouse furniture box last week, the wooden lot sold for $10 and the Liddle Kiddles crib sold for $10 as well. The mid century modern group in pink, green and yellow I put up for auction. It has an opening bid of $19. I don’t know if it will go any higher.

I hope everyone is enjoying fall and finding lots of sales to go to. Remember to list, list, list because holiday shopping season is just about upon us!

Vintage Dollhouse Furniture, Toys and Barbie

This weekend there was a church sale, a fundraiser for a high school band, a tag sale and an estate sale. The high school fund raiser was advertised as starting at 9:00. We arrived at 8:30 and it was already going strong. I don’t know if this is why but we did not find too much there.

I picked up this Scentsy Buddy because I had heard that they could be good sellers. He’s cute and soft. You are supposed to put a scent pack inside him and he will smell nice for your child or baby.


I picked up Count Von Count from Sesame Street. I think I sold one like this last year. He is by Gund.


I also picked up this tin apple box. I thought it might be a nice fall decor piece.


The next stop was a church sale. I only picked up one item there which was this Pokemon Togepi plush. I am pairing him with another Pokemon I found a while ago that didn’t sell on its own.


After those two stops my son and I went to a tag sale where I found this Aladdin’s lamp for 50 cents. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered that it can be a good seller. It should go for around $24.


The most fun purchase for me was at an estate sale where there was a pile of boxes in front of the house. It was like they had just pulled the boxes out of the basement or attic. One box appeared to have some old dollhouse furniture in it. The box was filthy and falling apart. I took the box inside and asked the lady how much. She said $5 so I took it not knowing what was inside. It was fun to look through and sort it all. I got five lots out of it. The oldest items were these wooden furniture pieces. I believe they are from the 1940’s. They are in really rough condition.


My favorite group is this set of plastic furniture. I believe they are from the 1960’s. They are marked Topper. I like the colors and the mid century modern style. They are in very good shape.


There was a group of Plasco furniture in varying degrees of condition.


This group of Liddle Kiddle items for baby Biddle which sold a few minutes after I listed it for $10.


And finally there was this sweet tiny tea set.


None of it will make a fortune but it was a pretty fun find for $5.

The best find of the week came from the thrift shop. I haven’t found anything to resell at the thrift store since July. I had the day off on Wednesday and went over there in the afternoon and saw this pretty Barbie doll on one of the toy shelves. I thought she looked like Marie Antoinette and when I looked her up on my phone I saw that Marie Antoinette Barbie goes for upwards of $500. That was a fun 30 seconds.  On closer look though, she was not Marie Antoinette Barbie but Madame Du Barbie designed by Bob Mackie. She sold a few days after I listed her for $85. She cost $7 at the thrift store.



Those were the highlights for this week! Happy Fall!