Ceramics, Silver and Seals!

The first church sale I went to this weekend had a $10 early bird. I’ve been to about 4 sales so far this season that have had $10 early bird fees that were really not worth it but I think this one was. There were lots of figurines, ceramics and small items marked $1 or $2 which gives you the opportunity to use your best judgement (there is no time to look anything up) and take some chances.

For $1 I picked up a ziploc bag filled with Hagen Renaker figures. When I sorted through them more than half of them were broken. I was left with 13. I listed them for $19 and they sold immediately. I think the sea gull figure is a rare one.


I love the color on this turquoise bowl which was marked Red Wing. I know that is a good name in pottery so I purchased it for $2. When I got it home I saw that it had two long cracks on the inside plus a chip on the edge. After researching it, I believe it is a piece from the 1940’s and even with the condition issues I am still hoping to get at least $24 for it.

After buying a piece of Lladro last weekend I was on the look out and found this piece marked Nao Lladro. I don’t know what the difference is between this and regular Lladro. This girl reminded me of the Lladro ballerinas that my mother used to collect. Eventually most of the fingers on my mother’s pieces were damaged. I was happy to see that was not the case on this pretty figure. She was $2.


Last year I purchased a bowl shaped like an eggplant from the company Mottahedeh. I remember that the bowl had a chip and would have sold for a lot if it was perfect. I think I ended up selling the damaged one for $25 after a while. So I recognized the name Mottahedeh when I saw it on the bottom of this trinket dish illustrated with a sailing ship. It was marked $1.


This stone carving of a seal has a very charming look. It has a sticker that says Canada Eskimo art. It is very heavy. There is a big price range on these but I am hoping to get at least $19 for him. He was $2.


There were many items there marked between $5 and $10 but I stayed away from those. I ventured into the jewelry room after the rush was over. Most items were marked $4.00. I picked up three items and I think two of them are good. One is a cat head pin marked 925 and the other is a panel and link bracelet with a pyramid design marked Sterling. Both are marked Mexico.

In the toy area I picked up two bags of Littlest Pet Shop toys for $3 each and a vintage Fisher Price little people set in the original box. I have not had time to photograph these items yet.

Later on in the day I went to two other community sales. At the first one I picked up a few items that were marked 25 cents including a vintage set of rainbow drip candles. I believe these were used in the 70’s to make craft projects using bottles. I picked up a paint by number of a German Shepherd and a Janie and Jack visor for a baby.

I arrived at the last sale fairly late and they were doing fill a bag for $5. I picked up a pretty vintage teapot and a set of delft tiles representing the four seasons.

The tag sales have really picked up around here – the challenge is to find the treasures at low prices!!


Vintage Toy Cars and Mini Swarovski!

The first church sale I went to today had my favorite prices – 25 cents, 40 cents and 75 cents. There were high prices too but I stayed in the low range and picked up some fun items. They had a toy area where I found this set of Nylint vintage cars. The red car is a Grand Prix Special that comes with a car trailer. It has a crack in the roof but I am going to try to get $30 for the set.


The other vintage car I bought is this Tonka horse trailer. It has two problems which are a name written on it and a crack in the plastic top. I am going to try to get $14 for this. There is also supposed to be a horse with this set.


I saw this sitting there with a 25 cent sticker on it. It is a part of a Fisher Price Little People doll house. People search for pieces to make their set complete so I am putting this up for $10.


This figure is pretty wrecked but he is also old. I’m not sure if I will list him. His face looks quite strange. Its Donald Duck from Disney looking like he’s had a few too many.


I also attended a community tag sale in a parking lot where I found a plush Kermit the Frog by Fisher Price. I recently sold a similar one but it was a puppet.


The find of the day was a group of Swarovski miniatures which I am tempted to keep. I believe that they are worth about $30 each and the lady charged me $5 each. There is a tea set, champagne set, birthday cake and a wine set which is missing the cups. The tea set is my favorite. She gave me the wine set for free because it was missing the cups. I actually passed on it and she came running after me at the sale and just gave it to me!

Those are my purchases for this weekend! Better get listing!!

Vintage Dolls, Little Collections and Unique Items

There were two sales I attended this weekend. One was a children’s sale at a school and one was a Christmas Bazaar near me that featured 90% second hand items. I picked up a variety of items, some of which I have never seen before.

At the children’s sale there was a box filled with ziploc bags. In each bag was a little collection of toys. I picked up a group of Aristocat PVC figures from Disney, a set of McDonald’s McNugget Buddies with some costume pieces, a set of old Happy Meal toys and a group of Land Before Time PVC dinosaurs. I paid about $1 a bag and I’m hoping to get $10 for each set. I think the Aristocats will go for more.

I found a set of Kitchen Littles. This is a series of miniature Barbie sized toys from the 90’s. They are good quality and highly detailed and people like them for their Barbies. This set is a kitchen island with miniature foods and appliances. I hoping for $49 on this. My daughter had these when she was little and loved them.

In the basement of the church, in a pile of other toys I saw this wonderful Sasha doll looking at me. I think these dolls are so unique and beautiful. She was $2. Some of these can go for over $100 so I am hoping…


This next doll taught me something new. When I researched her I found out that she is a Waldorf style doll. Waldorf is a type of educational program along the lines of Montessori. She is made to look very simple to encourage children to use their imagination more. Most of these are made with organic materials. Compare her to the super realistic reborn style doll that I sold a few weeks ago. I don’t know which one is more frightening. Yes I do.



I also found some unique items that I had a hard time researching because I couldn’t find these items on line. The first is a child’s cup and bowl decorated with an early version of sign language. It is marked MMA (Museum of Modern Art) on the bottom. The art appears to be a reproduction of illustrations on a child’s cup from the 1800’s.

I bought a music box from the movie Black Swan featuring an image of Natalie Portman. I think this was some kind of promotional item. I never saw the movie. Too creepy for me. It’s hard to price things when there are no comparables. I will start high and see what happens.

I also picked up this IKEN create your own watch set. It comes with colorful interchangeable parts. When items are priced low sometimes it pays to take a chance. These seem to go for between $20 and $30.


I also bought some handbags between $1 and $5 including a Vera Bradley purse, a Tignanello backpack and 2 vintage Coach bags.

This may be the last sales of the season for me. I have lots to list for now. Pretty soon it will be time to hit the thrift stores again!

When Life Gives You Lemons – Sell Them!

I went to four sales this weekend and it was good however I did end up with a few lemons. At one sale I bought two porcelain trinket boxes. They were by an English company called Crummles and both appeared to come in the original box. Even though they were $5 each I bought them because I have had luck before selling similar boxes. I only realized after I got home that one of the porcelain boxes was a generic, unmarked box which didn’t belong in the box it came in. This is what the correct set looks like:

This is what the incorrect set looks like.

I decided I would try to sell the square trinket box and also the empty box (separately). Someone may have a Crummles trinket box without an outer box.

The other lemon was a Lenox Christmas music box. When I bought it, it was inside 1/2 of a styrofoam packing container. I left it in there when I bought it thinking it would be protected. When I got home and pulled out the music box – the bottom was covered in mold. Yuck! I wrapped it in a plastic bag and quickly threw it away.

There rest of the items I picked up this weekend were fine. One sale I went to had Christmas ornaments for 25 cents. I picked up a Lenox reindeer, a victorian style porcelain girl holding a doll, a Dunkin’ Donuts cup and a Henning of Norway wooden caroling figure. The last one is a candle holder – not an ornament.

Another group of small items I picked up were these five Hagen Renaker porcelain miniature dogs. I think I was charged $1 for all. Some of these animals can do well even on their own but I am lotting up this group and hope to get $19.99 for it.


At this same sale I also picked up this woven rug for $2. It is marked rug-pirot from Yugoslavia. It is small at only 24″ x 18″. I thought someone might like the primitive graphics on it.


At the same sale where I picked up the moldy Lenox I also picked up this Lenox figure of a snowman pulling a snow boy in a sled. This is marked “retail exclusive” and looks like it may go for between $30 and $40. I paid $3. That’s also how much they charged for the Lenox music box. I’m glad there wasn’t an extra charge for the mold!


At this sale I also picked up a black Coach wristlet phone case for $1. I am hoping to get $24 for it.


I found a box of Lego trains and tracks sitting under some stuffed animals. I believe this is a remote control motorized train which means I will have to test it. She charged me $2 for it. : )


Even though mugs don’t sell well for me, I continue to purchase them. I have a problem but I couldn’t leave this guy behind. According to research that I’ve done he should sell for at least $14. But I have done research before and sometimes what mugs do for other people they don’t do for me. But this guy is super cool!


I stopped at a few yard sales as well, and as usual, didn’t find much except this pair of Nambe lead crystal candle holders. They were marked $3 and had their original box. They are beautiful and I thought it was a good deal.

This weekend had it’s ups and downs. I guess life usually does, but overall – it was a lot of fun!!

A New Kind of Barbie, Mid Century Modern and More!

I found a very quiet tag sale this weekend up the street from me. It was not in the paper but there was a sign on the street for it. It was not very well attended because even on the second day, I was still able to find good items.

I spotted a doll for $1 that kind of looked like the old style Barbie doll and she was dressed in one of those scary crocheted dresses. I don’t know what the deal is with those crocheted doll dresses. Are they for learning how to crochet? Because the finished product is – what’s the word – not flattering on any doll. Anyway, I bought the doll and after I cut that horrible dress off her found that she was marked Davtex on her neck. I learned that this is a kind of Barbie clone doll. Usually repros or copies of things are not valuable but apparently there are people that collect Barbie clone dolls. This one had her original swimsuit and shoes (under the horrible dress). She was in great condition. I put her up for $24 and she sold within 10 minutes of being listed!

For $2 at this same sale I picked up this pretty pin cushion with a half porcelain doll in the middle. It is marked “Foreign” inside the doll. I put her up for $24. I think she’s really sweet. There is no date but I think she may be 50’s or 60’s.

This funky clock was marked $2. I love the colors and the 60’s – 70’s – flower power look that it has.

There was a free box at this sale that was filled with old Fisher Price Little People items. I asked for a bag and filled it with every piece I could find. I was willing to pay something for it because I took quite a few pieces but the lady said they were free. I wasn’t going to argue. I put these pieces together with some other miscellaneous Fisher Price Little People pieces that I had to put together this lot.


Earlier in the day I went to a church sale. I picked up this cat which was marked Flavia Italy and it turns out to be a mid century modern piece.


I picked up a pair of angel candlestick holders that were marked Goebel on the bottom. After I photographed them and was measuring them I saw that they were also signed Lisa L. which I believe is Lisa Larson. I was glad I got that information before I listed them.


I love vintage Christmas ornaments. This box was $3 at the church sale. Most of the ornaments are either marked Shiny Brite or Poland. I especially like the lantern shaped Shiny Brites near the bottom. There is something so precious and festive about a box like this.


The ladies at the church sale were kind of funny. They were oohing and aahhing over all the items that people were buying. The lady checking me out wanted the cat and she said – about the ornaments – you know these are very old – I think they were someones grandma’s. I guess they were trying to make us feel like we were getting good deals which I guess, we were. I felt sorry for this one lady though who wanted to buy a Yankee candle. It was marked 5 and she offered 3 for it and the church lady said “You know – those are $50 dollars at the store!” Yes – maybe – I thought, but this is not a store and that is not a new candle. Just take the $3 for it! I paid $16.50 for all the items I got there.

Those were my purchases this weekend. If you are having a three day weekend like here in the US – enjoy!!

Vintage Fisher Price, Madame Alexander and Anri

It was such beautiful weather here on the east coast this weekend! It was great for being outside and going to sales. There were quite a few around this weekend and while I was on line for one I heard about another one which turned out to be great.

At the first sale I went to I picked up this sweet wooden musical angel who plays Silent Night. She didn’t have a makers name but she looked like nice quality and appeared vintage so I picked her up. After researching a bit I believe she is a carved Anri piece from Italy. I love the gold paint on her.


There was a 50 cent table at this sale where I spotted a small Madame Alexander doll. She is Caroline and was made exclusively for Neiman Marcus. I hope that adds some value to her. I also picked up this Pound Puppy play set at the 50 cent table and was happy to see that it included five characters. Similar to the Polly Pocket sets, these sets are only worthwhile if they have the figures with them.

I picked up a Count von Count puppet by Gund. I believe I have sold this before for about $17.99.


The next sale was a church sale where I bought several sets of Fisher Price items that were bagged up for between $3 and $5 per bag. I love the old Fisher Price sets for the detail and the art on the lithos. There was a pop-up camper set and an RV camper set. I guess this family really liked their camping! Both sets are near complete and I have each one up for $49.99.

There was also a Weebles airplane set which I have never seen before. Weebles are not as collectible as Fisher Price but I think they are really cute.


I bought this Matchbox reproduction set of vehicles from the Thunderbirds for $4. I recognized this set because earlier in the year I sold an original vintage Thunderbird 2 ship.That vehicle is pictured in an earlier post.  This whole set may sell for what that one ship sold for. Probably less.


The best sale was the one I just heard of while standing on line. There were tons of toys there and even though I arrived about 2 1/2 hours after it started I still got some good items.

Originally I purchased this Cars Halloween costume for the dress up bin in my classroom. I have all boys in my class this year and mostly skirts and dresses in the bin. However, of course I looked it up when I got home and it goes for between $50 and $75 so I guess my boys are going to have to wear skirts for a while longer. Just kidding – I also picked up a Thomas the Tank costume and a pair of bat wings which I think they will love.


Here’s a funny item. This little boy Berenguer baby doll has all his naughty bits! Yes he does. People use them to make reborn dolls. I had to pose him very carefully! He is pretty life like.


This Jurassic Park dino had the JP mark on his leg. He is in rough shape and I think he’s supposed to roar and he doesn’t but for $2 I picked him up.


I think my best find was this case of vintage Strawberry Shortcake figures. The figures measure about 2″ tall. Most of the figures sell for between $3 and $5 but it can go high if you have a rare one. I believe there is at least one rare doll in this group but I don’t know if there are any others so I have it at auction. I paid up for it though at $18.


Those are the highlights of my weekend adventures. I’m loving this weather!!

Bitossi, Tiffany, American Girl and Barbie!

Variety was the spice of life – or tag sales – this weekend. I bought many different types of items in different categories. Toys are always my go to but when there are no toys to buy I try to branch out. Here are some of the unusual for me items that I bought this weekend.

I picked up this pretty tapestry. I have a friend who sells them so I thought of her when I saw it. Unfortunately it does have a circular stain at the top. It was $5 which is a lot for me for something I don’t know much about but it’s Paris! I have it up for $39.


I also bought this horse racing picture because it was only $1 and I hear that vintage photos can do well as well as horse themed items. So – here you go. It is from a once famous race track called Latonia in Kentucky. I put it up for auction at $9.99 because I have no idea.


This ceramic horse looks like a Bitossi figure to me but it is not marked. I recognize Bitossi horses by their big bottoms and this one has that attribute. I saw similar ones on Ebay and they are listed as Bitossi so I did the same with mine.


At the same sale where I bought this horse I purchased two of these brown cat trinket boxes. I was excited when I turned them over and saw that they were marked Tiffany & Co. 1977.


I also picked up this set of vintage coloring books. I love the vintage illustrations and since they are from 1965 I could have used a set just like this one! These don’t sell for much but I couldn’t pass it up because it is so nostalgic for me.


So all the above items were pretty much out of my comfort zone but we’ll see how they do. Back in my comfort zone I was happy to see this set of vintage cardboard Barbie chairs and table from 1962. I think it’s surprising that this cardboard furniture survived all these years but there is quite a bit of it available online.


I also found some American Girl doll items including Molly’s purse, a bathroom vanity, some accessories for Julie and a group of pet items.

It was a great weekend but I spent a lot of money so I’d better get listing!!