Caps, Shirts and an American Girl Mystery Box

There were not many tag sales for me this weekend due to a family wedding. These are finds from last week that I haven’t mentioned yet. One sale that I attended actually started on a Wednesday. I wasn’t finding much so I starting looking through the piles of clothing that were on tables. I picked up two XL rock band T shirts. One is a Buffalo Springfield shirt and the other is a Ray Davies of the Kinks Come Dancing shirt. I remember that song from the 80’s! I hear that rock band shirts can do well and this is my first try with them.


I also picked up two West Point caps. One is also Nike and new with tags. As you can see I was out of my comfort zone here, trying new things.


While we were in upstate NY for a family wedding I did visit a few tag sales while no one was looking. I found one item which was this Phantom of the Opera tote bag. It was marked 75 cents.


One of the best finds I had last weekend was at a community tag sale that had a toy tent. It was very crowded and they were only letting in 20 people at a time and I wasn’t in the first group. When I got in I noticed a girl carrying two American Girl dolls. I missed those and wasn’t finding much else. It was kind of a rainy damp day. I saw a box tucked under one of the tables and when I bent down to look at it I saw that it was marked American Girl clothes. I got excited but as I looked through it I saw a lot of home made doll blankets and clothes. I did spy a few clothes with American Girl doll labels. The box was wet and dirty on the bottom. I really didn’t know what I was getting – or how much they were going to ask for this mystery box. I gathered the box and a few other items. They charged me $20 for all of it.


It was fun getting home and digging through it. I was surprised at the amount of stuff that was in this box. About half of it turned out to be American Girl doll clothes. After much sorting and researching I was able to put together about about 20 different outfits. So that was super fun.


Hoping to find some sales to hit this weekend!

Vintage Rosenthal, Anri and Christmas too!

The sales in my area finally seem to be picking up. Hooray! I went to a mix of sales this weekend. The first one had a $10 early bird and I found very little there. This was a community sale and I found out they have some kind of party the night before and I think people can shop. The tables looked like they were half empty. I don’t think they should charge an early bird in a case like that.

I found a good sale through a yard sale app on my phone while I was driving around. It was a community yard sale in a small building. I found one of my favorite things which is a little box filled with small treasures. The lady there charged me $1 for the whole box! Here’s the box before I looked through it.


The item that I was interested was the small porcelain figure. It was marked Rosenthal Germany plus some other words, on the bottom. After researching him I believe he is called a child Satyr or faun. He is a mythical character – half human, half goat? He appears to be rare and I am hoping to get a good price for him.  He is also very strange with his Little Lord Fauntleroy haircut and his parts showing.


Also in the box were these cute wooden figures on sleds marked Made in Russia.


These three metal figures were in there too. They are only marked China so probably not particularly special or old but still kind of cool.


There was this bride and groom pair of mice from Original Fur Toys of West Germany. I have sold some of these before but not the bride and groom. Unfortunately their condition is not great and their tails came off.

P1390756 - Version 2

On the tables at this sale I found a beautiful carved horse which turned out to be marked very faintly Anri Italy.


It was marked $1! Also wooden and $1 was this little shoe which is also a box. I think it may be handmade. After researching, I believe it may be a snuff box.

I picked up this vintage two faced clown who was too funny/creepy to leave behind.

The last two items from this sale were a Harajuku Lovers purse with very fun, cool graphics and a small doll which is Kirsten’s rag doll from American Girl. They charged me $10 for everything I bought at this sale.

I stopped at a Girl Scout sale which was outdoors. It started raining and I think people were lowering their prices. I picked up this American Girl Felicity doll for $25.


On Sunday I went to a Junk in the Trunk sale at a local High School. That’s where people drive their cars into a parking spot and set up tables to sell their items. I spent $12 there and this is what I bought.

Two vintage coach bags in TLC condition:

A Madame Alexander Madeline doll and a lego base plate from an Indiana Jones set:

And finally, two vintage chenille and plastic Santas which I don’t think I can part with just yet!


I was happy to be able to buy some good items at reasonable prices and hoping that the tag sale season will continue this way! I hope you are finding great bargains where you are shopping!

Best Finds for Ebay – Mixed Categories 2016

It almost the end of 2016 and that means it’s time for some “best finds” blog entries! This has been a great year for sourcing for Ebay with many fun sales and exciting items. This list includes 10 of my best selling items in a variety of categories. My highest selling items this year have all been dolls and I will do a separate entry about them. The following items sold for prices between $100 and $50.

This purse had three things going for it. It was a Dooney and Bourke, it featured Minnie Mouse, and it was in great condition. I believe I paid $5 for it and it sold for $99.


This next item was sitting on a table at a church sale with a group of vases. It looked like a plain wooden box but inside was a wonderful surprise which was a miniature replica of a mid century modern chair. It was also signed by the artist. I paid $3 and it sold for $99.


My best ornament find of the year was this Hallmark rocking horse ornament which was the first in the series. This was at a church sale where ornaments were marked $.50 each. It sold for $99.


Some needlecraft kits can do really well but it’s best, as with everything, to research before you buy because many of them have no value. This elaborate stocking kit sold for $99.


I don’t usually pick up art but my mother was a big JFK fan so this original painting caught my eye. I think he looks so handsome here and it is really well done. I took a chance at the thrift store for $10 and sold it for $99. It took several months to sell.


Next is actually a group of items. I was at a large fundraising sale and saw a box that had several ziploc bags filled with toy cars and vehicles. I didn’t know anything about cars but I saw one that looked like a VW bus from the 60’s. I saw some names on the bottoms of them that sounded familiar to me like Corgi and Lesney. Each bag was marked $5 and I just jumped in and purchased 5 bags for $25. Over the next several months I sold nearly all of the cars for a total of over $300. Below are some of the highest selling vehicles.


This next item is a ceramic figurine by Goebel of West Germany. He is a character called Butch and there are many different versions of him. Even with some damage, he sold for $99.


The next item is a necklace that was purchased at a sale for $1. I picked it up because I liked the blue stones and it was marked silver. I didn’t see until later that it was stamped Lena Platero. She is a Navajo artist. This piece sold for $70.


I don’t know too much about Pyrex but I know some of it is collectible. This set caught my eye because of the beautiful turquoise color. It turned out to be a rare color and I was able to sell the set for $80. It was purchased for $4 at a girl scout sale.


For item(s) number 10 I will mention 2 dresses. They are child size American Girl doll dresses. They only made these for a short amount of time. These were found at an estate sale. They were $15 for the pair and sold together for $150.

I hope you enjoyed this list or found it informative. I tried to show that profit can be found in many different types of items.

I am so grateful for Ebay and all the people that shop there, for all the bloggers and Youtubers that share their knowledge and experiences, for the Facebook reseller groups that I was able to join this year and for everyone who reads this blog. Hope you all had a wonderful year and that 2017 will be even better!!

Thrifting Time!

Looks like there will be no more big sales for me to go to until the spring. Sigh. So on Saturday I planned to list the back log of items I have. But then I had to go to the post office and while I was out anyway I thought I would pop in to my local thrift store. I don’t mention that place much because I hardly EVER find ANYTHING there. Either the sorting lady is an ebayer or there are local people that jump in there first thing every morning. Something’s going on there. But – guess what? I found some stuff!!

Christmas was 50% off and this Hallmark Ewok ornament set was only marked $1. It’s not a great one but it may sell for $16 – $18.


These two items were in the case. They were each marked $3. They looked Scandinavian to me so I got them both for $3 and when I got them home and removed the price sticker they each said Made in Sweden. Why would they put the price sticker right over that information that would help them sell? I think they’re really sweet and they will be part of my Christmas decor until they sell.


Toys were 25% off and here’s what I picked up in the toy area.

This is the Brain from Pinky and the Brain. I think it’s the Brain because he looks like he has a big brain. He is from the series Animaniacs. I hoping to get $10 for him.


There was a bag marked $2 that had some American Girl doll clothes in it. There was a dress that I thought was a Kaya Pow Wow dress but it turned out to be a home made piece. The shoes might bring in at least $10.


There was a Lisa Frank storage box that someone might like to put a gift in. Some Lisa Frank items can do well.


The last item I purchased there was this metal train tunnel that looks vintage to me. I don’t know that much about it a will probably put it on auction. I like the way it is painted. It was marked $4. With Christmas at 50% off and the toys being 25% the lady charged me $10 for everything. This sounds low to me. I don’t think she wanted to do the math and I won’t complain.

Earlier in the week I visited my favorite thrift store and bought a brown haired Bitty Baby twin. Sometimes I can get these for $3 because they don’t realize they are American Girl dolls and they throw them in with the regular dolls but this time they saw what she was and so she had a price of $14.99. I bought her anyway and she sold immediately after listing for $44.99.


This was also at the thrift store for $5.99. It is an vintage Star Wars Imperial Shuttle from 1985. I was very excited to find it. Now I have to figure out how to ship it and how much it will cost before I can list it!


So thats it for the first week of back to thrifting only. Hope everyone is having fun preparing for the holidays and having some great sales!!

Tag Sale Haul For Resale – Toys, Dolls and Plush

I attended three sales this weekend. The first and best was a children’s sale for a nursery school. They had a $5 early bird fee but what made that OK was there were 3 big boxes out front filled with free plush! I fished through and took about 12 without researching. After bringing them home it seems there are 3 I can sell. The best one is this pink owl by Nat and Jules. I have seen them sell between $25 and $36. I picked it up because it’s very cute.


The other 2 items I hope will sell for at least $10 each are this family hand puppet from Austria and this Gund baby toy of a stylized Big Bad Wolf filled with small toys.

Inside I paid 7 more dollars and bought this Lammily doll which apparently is a doll developed to represent a more realistic body type than Barbie. I don’t know. To me she just looks like she has bad posture.


Another find at this sale was this American Girl Bitty Baby. She comes with her pajamas and a doll /bitty bear carrier. All the dolls were marked at $2. (photo to come). When I took the doll’s pajamas off to clean her I discovered that her arm was ripped with stuffing coming out between the vinyl arm and cloth body. I think I can still sell her as a TLC doll. I’m sure there is someone who can repair her.


On the way home I stopped at a Church Christmas Bazaar with a small tag sale area. It was about 11:00 and it had started at 9:00 so I didn’t have high hopes but I found a bag of fisher  price Royal Family Little People for $2. I have seen similar groups sell for between $40 and $50. Sometimes you can still find good items at a sale even if you go late!


At this same sale I picked up these two plastic canoes by a company called Timpo. They are vintage and were made in Great Britain. I paid $1 and am hoping to make $10 from the pair.


One item that was not pictured from last week was this set of miniature Hello Kitty dishes. They were in a bag for $1 and I believe they are from the 1970’s. My first ever sales on Ebay were when I sold my sister’s childhood Hello Kitty collection for her. She found them in a shoebox and was going to toss them. I couldn’t believe how much money she made and I was hooked!


Those are the highlights from this weekend! Tag sales are definitely beginning to wind down but should be able to hold on for a few more weeks!

Antique Dolls, Chatty Cathy, Dansk and a Special Dooney

I was able to attend a church sale this week that started on Thursday morning. There was a line and suddenly this woman started ranting about how they weren’t going to let her in and said they were going to call the cops on her. She said “I bought a box of dolls here last year for $10.” Someone on line asked her “Did you get your dolls?” It was all very confusing and then, word spread up the line that this lady was a “dealer” (which aren’t many of us now?) but that she was so aggressive and pushy last year the church didn’t want to let her in. Well – good for them! It’s awful to be at a sale and have someone shove you! They also said that she was just sweeping stuff into her bags. I’m glad that someone called her on her bad behavior and I can tell you that everyone at the sale this time was super polite! No one wanted to get banned for next year!

Anyway – it was a really good sale. The first item I picked up was a mohair bear from Germany by the company Hermann. I picked him up because he looked like he might be a Steiff. He is the Happy Wanderer bear and plays that song when you wind him up. He has a great felt hat and backpack. I hope to get between $30 and $40 for him.


Also at the toy table I picked up a Chatty Cathy doll which I have never found before. She is from 1960 and has kind of a strange face. Her red coat is original with very nice details. She is supposed to talk but when you pull her string there is a loud whirring sound. Prices for these seem all over the place so I think I will put her at auction.


At the same table I bought this small porcelain head doll which I believe is an antique. I was confused because the way her eyes and body looked, she appeared quite old but her arms were plastic. My non-expert conclusion is that she had her arms replaced. She is marked Germany on her head with some numbers and letters that I believe indicate she was made by a company called Armand Marseille. I never found anything like this before and I love dolls so this was an exciting find!

In the toy area I also picked up this wooden jigsaw puzzle which features a scene from a tapestry by William Morris.


There were also these two tin toy cars marked Japan. I like the way they are color coordinated together. I will sell them as a set.


In the housewares area I found a Dansk pepper mill with a cool mid century design. I am hoping to get $50 for this.


My best find from this sale was a Minnie Mouse bow Dooney and Bourke bag which is pretty collectible. I was surprised.


On the down side, I left behind a Norman Rockwell perpetual calendar which I thought about but decided not to take because it was pretty big and marked $5. It is worth about $150. There was no phone service in the church so I only found this out after.

All those items above cost $21. I love rummage sales.

I was also wondering how much I this stuff I would have been able to get had they let that aggressive lady in because she mentioned she bought dolls last year!

In contrast to this great sale was the church sale I went to on Saturday that had a $10 early bird. They charged me $10 for my items which brought my total to $20. I will be lucky to break even. I just wasn’t finding much good stuff at all but here’s what I picked up:

A perfume and moisturizer set, a vintage Yankee doll, a Barbie Fashion Avenue outfit from 2002 and a Thirty-One bag.


I also went to a multi-family yard sale which was on the Yard Sale App on my phone. There were actually two sales across the street from each other. At the first sale there was an American Girl doll priced at $40 and her hair was fried. Across the street, coincidentally, there was another American Girl doll. This one was priced at $5 except her hair had been cut. Still – I bought the $5 doll because I think I can still make a good profit. I believe this doll is Felicity. I didn’t recognize her at first because of her modern hair do.


Another doll I took a chance on at this sale was an old doll that the woman said was a Patsy doll. The doll came with a little note that said “Patsy doll from the 1920’s.” Unfortunately the doll was not marked in any way and buyers don’t usually put a lot of stock in old hand written notes. I am listing her as a “Patsy type doll.” She is a painted composition doll in good condition except for a lot of chippy paint. I think she has a great look.

I also picked up a large plush Chewbacca toy. He isn’t too old but I am hoping to get about $20 for him. Here he is socializing with the girls.


Those were the highlights of my weekend. It certainly had ups and downs but in general was very fun!

Bitossi, Tiffany, American Girl and Barbie!

Variety was the spice of life – or tag sales – this weekend. I bought many different types of items in different categories. Toys are always my go to but when there are no toys to buy I try to branch out. Here are some of the unusual for me items that I bought this weekend.

I picked up this pretty tapestry. I have a friend who sells them so I thought of her when I saw it. Unfortunately it does have a circular stain at the top. It was $5 which is a lot for me for something I don’t know much about but it’s Paris! I have it up for $39.


I also bought this horse racing picture because it was only $1 and I hear that vintage photos can do well as well as horse themed items. So – here you go. It is from a once famous race track called Latonia in Kentucky. I put it up for auction at $9.99 because I have no idea.


This ceramic horse looks like a Bitossi figure to me but it is not marked. I recognize Bitossi horses by their big bottoms and this one has that attribute. I saw similar ones on Ebay and they are listed as Bitossi so I did the same with mine.


At the same sale where I bought this horse I purchased two of these brown cat trinket boxes. I was excited when I turned them over and saw that they were marked Tiffany & Co. 1977.


I also picked up this set of vintage coloring books. I love the vintage illustrations and since they are from 1965 I could have used a set just like this one! These don’t sell for much but I couldn’t pass it up because it is so nostalgic for me.


So all the above items were pretty much out of my comfort zone but we’ll see how they do. Back in my comfort zone I was happy to see this set of vintage cardboard Barbie chairs and table from 1962. I think it’s surprising that this cardboard furniture survived all these years but there is quite a bit of it available online.


I also found some American Girl doll items including Molly’s purse, a bathroom vanity, some accessories for Julie and a group of pet items.

It was a great weekend but I spent a lot of money so I’d better get listing!!