Sourcing and Reselling During a Pandemic

I thought I would do an update on how my sourcing/selling is doing during this global pandemic where we are at home if we can be. I can’t source for eBay in my usual places so I have been sourcing differently with mixed results. My eBay sales have been steady through this, mostly from items that were sourced previously. I have sourced items in two different ways during this situation. Three times I have bought items on eBay to flip. The first purchase was a pair of Lenci dolls. I spent $35 all in for two 18″ cloth Lenci fairy tale dolls. One is a Little Red Riding Hood doll and the other is a Pinocchio doll. So far I have only put up the Little Red Riding Hood doll and she has not sold.


I have posted previously about the mystery box of vintage doll clothes that I bought for $30 including shipping. So far I am in profit by $45. Here is what I sold so far from that collection.

I have 10 more lots from this box listed so hopefully more will sell eventually.

Another lot I purchased from Ebay was a buy it now on a set of Barbie doll clothes and accessories. I paid $19.89 for this all in. I bought it because I recognized a few of the outfits and was pretty sure that I could fairly quickly make my money back and I did. Within about the first 2 weeks of listing I sold this Francie outfit for $29 and this set of curlers for $9.

Here are some of the other clothes and items I have listed from this eBay purchase that have not sold yet.

The next way I have tried to source is through Facebook Marketplace. I haven’t had any luck finding items to purchase. All the prices have been too high for a reseller but what I did find were a few bags of free stuffed animals that someone was giving away. So my investment in these items would be minimal – basically just the cost of the gas to drive to the house where I picked these up. I have yet to sell anything from this pick-up but I listed many things and hopefully, by Christmas, I should at least sell some of them. The best item, I think was actually not a stuffed animal but an electronic Jurassic Park dinosaur that was in one of the bags. Another good one was a large, realistic kangaroo with a joey in her pouch. I also got a pair of plush toys from Hershey Park. Here are photos of some of the items I have listed.

I am grateful that these finds have given me the opportunity to add fresh inventory to my store and help me to stay busy during these stressful times. Hope everyone is doing well!

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