Thrift Store and Estate Sale Finds

I have been visiting the thrift stores and a few estate sales to pass the cold winter here in the northeast. I seem to be hitting the estate sales on the second day so there isn’t much left but it is usually cheaper. The last sale I went to had everything at 30% off and jewelry was 20% off. This pretty turquoise and silver ring was $8. The stone is very green but I still think that it is turquoise.


There was a bit of vintage Christmas. These two boxes of Shiny Brites were $3 each.


This wooden solider was very charming to me at $2. He reminds me of the Scandinavian viking figures that I have found.


These next pick ups are from the thrift store. Most were between $4 and $5. First there are two alcohol related finds. One is a vintage Mohawk whiskey bottle and the other is a tin sign for Tito’s vodka. Sometimes these man cave items can do well.

On the other end of the spectrum, I found this wooden Bombay Company bible box. It was $6 at Goodwill but I am hoping to get $40 for it.


Finally, also from the thrift stores, are two plush which are a vintage Queen Celeste elephant from Babar, and a vintage Gund Muttsy dog.

Hopefully there will be some more estate sales coming up! Belated Happy New Year to everyone!!

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