Thrifting Time as Sales Wind Down

It’s that time of year where the tag sales and rummage sales come to an end in the northeast. It makes me very sad but at least there’s still the thrift store for shopping! I found a few good items this week including two holiday items. This Santa on a Scooter caught my eye because of his unique look. He was marked on the bottom Vaillancourt Folkart. This brand seems to sell pretty well. I will display him in my holiday decor until he sells. I also picked up this pretty brass menorah with a spinning star on the inside. These items were $4 each.


I found some dolls this week including two Best Friend dolls, a Dancerella doll from the 1970s and, my best find which was a 1975 Mego Wonder Woman doll with her military outfit.



Two more toys I picked up at the trift store were this Danny Phantom figure from Nickelodeon and a Calico Critters red car that I put with a pig family I had recently bought.



The last thing I picked up at the thrift store was the vintage Couroc tray featuring a mom cat and kitten. I thinks it’s very cute!


Well, those are my thrifty finds for this week. I hope there will be a few more sales coming up before it all ends for the season.

2 responses to “Thrifting Time as Sales Wind Down

  1. Wendy Boccuzzi

    I guess the fun goes on! Love the Santa! Amazing eye you have.

  2. It’s the phone really. I wouldn’t have picked it up if I wasn’t able to look it up.

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