Vintage Plush, Dollhouse Furniture, Mid Century and More!

This weekend I picked up quite a lot of plush items from TV shows and movies from the 1990s. I found two dinosaurs from the Land Before Time. I also picked up Steve from Blues Clues in addition to Mr. Salt. Mrs. Pepper and their baby, Paprika. I paired the seasoning family with Tickety Tock which I had before but wasn’t selling. Hopefully it will sell now that I’ve “spiced it up” haha! I also found Baby Sinclair from the show “Dinosaurs.” He has a pull string but doesn’t work properly – he talks too fast. I hope he will still sell.

I attended an estate sale where I picked up some interesting vintage items including this pair of cat eye glasses. They have a cool “mother of pearl” look and remind me of the ones my mother wore in the 60s. I found a vintage army bag and an interesting kaleidoscope shaped like an egg. My favorite find was an old tin miniature stove. After I got it home I found a mark that said “made in Western Germany.” I think it may be from the 1930s or 40s.

I hadn’t been finding much at the thrift store lately but was able to pick up a few vintage items the other day. This Trifari butterfly pin was hanging on the jewelry rack for $2. This brass anchor door knocker was also $2. I picked up a dog figurine for $3 because I thought he was so cute and looked like good quality. He has no marking on him. The best thrift find was in one of the bags hanging on the wall for $2. It is a small (4″) swan by a mid century Brazilian artist named Palatnik. He creates striped animals in lucite.

Those are the highlights from the past weekend! Can’t believe it’s already November. I hope people start holiday shopping in my store!!

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