Madame Alexander Dolls, Games, Artwork and More!

It was pouring for most of Saturday but I was able to attend one indoor charity sale which lifted my spirits. There was a box of dolls that said $2 each or 3 dolls for $5. I recognized some as Madame Alexander. These dolls have a wide range of values. Two of the dolls that I picked up also had tears in their dresses. The best one I picked up was a cute nurse doll. She’s in good shape and hopefully will bring about $30. The next doll is from Gone With the Wind. She is Melanie and her dress is really beautiful but unfortunately, full of holes and faded. Another doll is from the International Collection and represents the United States. Again her dress is quite torn. A fourth doll I purchased is a Ginny doll by the company Vogue. Older Ginny dolls can bring a lot of money. This one, from 1985, is not very valuable. I can remember looking at the Christmas Sears toy catalog and seeing the beautiful Madame Alexander dolls, which were too expensive for us back then. It’s kind of fun to own them for a little while now.

I also picked up a pair of denim rag dolls by Knickerbocker for Levis. Each has a denim jacket with the Levis logo on it. They seem to be fairly collectible. I hoping to get at least $30 for the pair.


I picked up some artwork as well. First is this pair of cat art printed on ceramic tiles and framed. I love these because I love cats.

The next item is my favorite item that I bought on Saturday. It is a watercolor painting of a highway interchange between the Long Island Expressway and the Clearview Expressway in Queens New York. It seems pretty old but I don’t know the age of it. The reason why I love this so much is because this is exactly where I grew up! I don’t know what the value would be on this – or even how to list it but I think it’s cool. It was $1.


The second coolest thing I bought was this pair of cat shoes. This was a fund raiser for an animal shelter so there were a lot of animal themed items. These are not my style but I wish they were because I think they’re awesome!!


I picked up two games. One is Pretty Pretty Princess which is a pretty popular game but I have never found it complete before. I am hoping to get $40 for it. The other game is called Eve Conquest and I believe it is connected with a game played online. It looks incredibly complicated.

Finally, I picked up this Waffle Weave Loom kit. I believe it is from the 70’s. I picked it up because someone said that weaving items sell. I think I can get at least $20 for it and it has a fun retro look.


Those are the highlights from one good sale I was able to go to. It will keep me busy listing this week!


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