Handbags, Toys and Pillowcases!

I went to a few sales this weekend. On Friday I went to a charity sale since I had the day off. It was advertised as 30 families and there were boxes of stuff. Some was priced and some wasn’t. They had a Dooney bag marked $7 and another with a $20 price on it. I filled my box with items that weren’t priced and she let me have it all for $10. The best find there was a red coach bag. I also picked up a Tignanello orange bag. Maybe the fall colors will help them sell? I have mixed luck with Tignanaello bags but I am hoping the Coach will do well.

I also picked up a sealed Pokemon toy and a plush Koala bear.

The next day I went to a large community sale where all I found was this Little Einsteins magnetic set. P1420619

I went to a small church sale and wasn’t finding much so I looked at the linens section and found this Ralph Lauren pillowcase set still sealed in the package. It had and original price tag of $80 on it so I picked it up and it sold in a day for $49! I also picked up a Bagallini handbag.

After that I attended a few regular tag sales. I went to one where a lady had several vintage dolls including a Tiffany Taylor and two Chrissy doll. I don’t think those are worth a lot but she was asking between $20 and $30 for them. Then I saw a Sasha doll. She looked like she was in good condition. The woman was asking $50 which is not a terrible price for a Sasha doll, but it’s high for me. I left there and thought about it and went back and purchased it for $40. It sold that night for $139. Here comes the problem. As I was packing her I noticed that her face looked a little pushed in. I didn’t notice it when I bought it but I don’t think I damaged it in the brief time I owned her. I didn’t want the buyer to be disappointed so I took more pictures showing the pushed in part of the face, contacted him and asked if he would like to cancel the order. To my surprise he still wanted her! I sent her out but will be holding my breath until he receives her and everything is OK.

Those are some of the ups and downs of my week. Hope you all are enjoying the Fall where ever you are!

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