Miss Cutie Pie Cups, Dala, Fiestaware, Villeroy & Boch and More!

This was another good weekend for sales with two large community sales. They were both on fields and it had rained hard the day before so I was glad I wore my boots! The first sale had a toy tent but I only found three items there and they were all dolls. The first was a modern Madame Alexander Doll from the Hannah Pepper Collection. She sold in 24 hours for $39.

The other dolls were both realistic Berenguer baby dolls. People use these often to make reborn dolls and I will use that key word when I list them. First they both need a bath so I haven’t photographed them yet.

Another tent had housewares and collectibles. Some of the items were marked between $5 and $10. Others were marked 25 cents! I may have overpaid for this Villeroy & Boch quiche dish by the artist Laplau, which was $8.


I picked up some items that were marked 50 cents because they were so cheap. These include a Snoopy and Woodstock figure marked Japan, a Boynton coffee mug, a vintage velvet apple and a ceramic fox.

At another small church sale I picked up this Coach wallet which was $1.


I picked up this Dala horse at another community sale. I love to find these. This orange one is a common color. I was a little sad when I saw another man at the sale holding a blue Dala that he picked up. Those are more rare and valuable. This one cost $5.


My favorite find on Saturday actually came from a tag sale. It is this pair of Miss Cutie Pie egg cups that were only $1 each. Apparently they made a whole series of kitchen items in this style. I recognized them because a blogger I read had found a pair of similar mugs. I think their faces are so charming and I love the colors!


On Sunday another large community sale yielded some good finds. There was a huge line at this sale. They let 100 people in at a time and walking in I was doubtful I would find anything but there was so much stuff!

The toy tent was so organized and most of the prices reflected that items were looked up and priced at about 50% of the ebay price. But I don’t think they looked up all the Folkmanis puppets. I picked up a Brer Fox and a Brer Rabbit puppet for $5 each and I am hoping to get $40 each for them.

I have been looking for a troll with the Dam mark for a while and finally found one. It was marked $1 and I am hoping to get $20 for it. It has fabulous pink hair and eyes.


After waiting on line to get into the sale at first, I then waited on another line to get into the housewares building where I found two more items. This little guy I recognized right away as William the Egyptian hippo from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is smaller than others I have sold before but I could not leave him behind for $1.


The last item I bought was this pair of salt and pepper shakers by the same artist that did the quiche bowl which I bought on Saturday. It looks like these are hard to find so I am hoping to get a least $30 for the pair and they were also marked at $1. So what I learned from this sale is that even when it looks like the odds are against you and there are a lot of people shopping before you, if you look for a variety of items and it is a really big sale – you can still do well!


4 responses to “Miss Cutie Pie Cups, Dala, Fiestaware, Villeroy & Boch and More!

  1. Fonda Rush

    Lots of nice finds for you! Yes, it takes persistence and patience. I’m glad you had both!

  2. Wendy

    Love the Miss Cutie Pie cups! Great finds!

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