Vintage Plush and Hello Kitty!

There was a great estate sale 20 minutes from my house. Unfortunately, I only got there on the afternoon of the second day. Apparently it was filled with vintage toys but because I got there so late I missed out on most of the good stuff. I know it was a good one because even as late as I was there I still found a few good things. I spent $8 and this is what I picked up.

There was a pile of plush for $1 each. I found a vintage puppy surprise and a kitty surprise. These can be hit or miss but I’m hoping that at least the puppy set will sell. The momma dog comes with her original collar. Her puppies have their original bows which indicate whether they are boys or girls. These items are missing in the Kitty surprise group. What also helps the value on these are the number of babies that are inside the moms. I was happy to discover four babies inside the momma dog and three kittens inside the momma cat.

I picked up one of these Jibba Jabba dolls which are from the 90’s and make a really funny noise when you wiggle them. I think I can get $20 for this goofy guy.


At the bottom of a bin with many small toys I found this Twin Stars Sanrio mirror with heart shaped case. Twin Stars are friends of Hello Kitty and are collectible because there were not as many Twin Stars items made as Hello Kitty items.


Coincidentally when I went to the thrift store this week I bought a vintage Hello Kitty storage/jewelry box dated 1976. I don’t know why but it seems to happen fairly often that when you find one of a type of item, you shortly after find another similar item. I love this box with the illustrations and words that describe Hello Kitty’s life and family.


The reason that I didn’t go to the estate sale earlier was because I went to a rummage sale which I thought might be good but turned out to be mostly clothes which is not my thing. I picked up a few bags there.

One of the bags is a Jana Feifer faux alligator brown bag. I also picked up two backpack/laptop cases and a small Thirty-one wallet/wristlet.

That’s all for this weekend. Hoping for more finds coming soon!

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