Rock ‘n Roll and the Lone Ranger!

I was able to attend one estate sale this weekend that was about 30 minutes away from me. There is still hardly anything to go to around here. This one intrigued me because it mentioned vintage toys in the ad. When I got there at 8:30 there was a short line outside this small house and someone said that he had let two dealers go in at 8:00. I guess they must have paid some extra money. I don’t know. There was quite a bit of stuff to go through so it was fun. I spent $23 and here is what I found.

I rudely reached over a lady to grab this Lone Ranger action figure. He was on a shelf above this woman’s head who was in front of me. I just got excited because he had a lot of his accessories like his hat, scarf, boots and gun. I though he was Mego but he was from another company called Gabriel. I am hoping to get $30 for him.

I have sold several vintage metal globes before. This is one of the less desirable ones but I think it’s cool and may make $18 on it. I like to display these when I am waiting for them to sell. It is by Ohio Art.


These are a new items for me to experiment with. They are those mirrors you can win at the carnival and they feature older rock and roll bands. One features the Doors and the other features Yes. I can’t find too much information on these but I thought I would take a chance on them.

I also picked up this very retro paint by numbers artwork featuring a girl wearing flower power pants and playing the guitar. It is very 1960’s and although it has a little damage I’m hoping it is unique enough to do well.


My last purchase were these two Littonware covered casserole dishes. These have a following and I am hoping to get about $15 for each even though they have some wear.


I had two purchases from the thrift store. I love this Lenox Shamrock from the China Treasures collection. It is only 3 1/2″ across. I hope it will sell for St. Patricks Day!


I picked up this 1985 Fisher Price Teddy Beddy Bear. I sold one of these last year for about $24 but that one had his blanket with him.


Two of the plush I found last weekend at the thrift store on Long Island have already sold for $24.99 each. They were the Fisher Price rabbit and the Gilbert cat from Caillou. So I keep shopping for plush!

2 responses to “Rock ‘n Roll and the Lone Ranger!

  1. Wendy Boccuzzi

    Good finds! Love the shamrock dish…that will sell for sure. You did good at the estate sale too. Spring is just around the corner now!

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