Plush, Dolls and Scandinavian Pottery

No estate sales for me this week so it was back to the thrift stores! You never really know when the new stuff is coming out at the thrift stores but I happened to be there one afternoon when a whole bunch of toy bags came out from the  back. The first thing I spotted was this Quincy doll from Little Einsteins. I was saving a June doll from the same set. She doesn’t sell too when on her own but I am hoping to get $30 for the pair. They talk when you squeeze their belly.


I got a bit lucky with a small bag on a wall of household accessory bags. This small heart shaped plate by Joan Walsh Anglund caught my eye. I like her sweet characters with the big heads and small dots for eyes. When I was young I had a doll designed by her and I loved it. The bag was $3 and I was deciding whether to get it. There was another item in the bag which was a very small, leaf shaped dish. What sold me was that this second dish was marked Sweden. After researching at home I figured out that this small dish is by an artist or artist group called Stig Lindberg design for Gustavsberg. It is a Modernist piece from the 50’s or 60’s and hopefully I will be able to sell it for at least $50. The Anglund dish is not very valuable although I have not been able to find this exact piece on line.

I took a trip down to Long Island to visit with my sister and we went to a thrift store down there. Everything is bigger on Long Island. Her thrift store was huge with shelves upon shelves of bagged up toys and items and three shelves of plush. I spent $9 and purchased 4 stuffed toys.

This cat is Gilbert from the PBS show Caillou. This is a kind of obscure show that still has a devoted young fan base. I am hoping to get $20 for him.


I picked up a Scentsy Buddy which is a baby lion named. He still has his paper tag so I’m hoping that will help him to sell. Without his tag he appears to go for about $10.


My son had a whole collection of these stuffed animals when he was young. They are from Fisher Price and made of a thermal material. I believe they are called Cozies. I purchased a few off Ebay for him years ago. I was always on the look out for ones he didn’t have. So when I saw this guy he really tugged at my heart. I am hoping to sell him for $20. Of course I had to send a picture of him to my 19 year old son and say “Remember these guys?” I’m sure it’s just what he wanted to think about in the middle of a busy day at college.


The last plush is a small Hello Kitty. I picked her up because she was a Blockbuster promotional item. She’s eating popcorn. Remember renting movies at Blockbuster? She may bring $10.


Those were my finds for this week in February. Really waiting on Spring to come now!

One response to “Plush, Dolls and Scandinavian Pottery

  1. Wendy Boccuzzi

    Great eye on the Modernist piece! It was so nice and warm this weekend. I feel like spring is around the corner. In fact, I think we’ll be back to tag sales within 4 weeks. Almost there!

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