Vintage Cookbook, Dolls and Clothes!

You know I’m getting desperate when I start sourcing clothes to sell. Clothes are just not my thing. I don’t like washing them or measuring them and I don’t have a mannequin but here goes anyway. I purchased two pieces of clothing at thrift stores this week to resell. The first is a pretty pink spring dress by Eileen Fisher. I paid $11 for it which is too much. I am hoping to get $30 for it. It is something I would wear and I like the brand.


The second clothing item is a sweatshirt made to look like a knight in shining armor. It really stood out to me when I was looking at the clothing and they seem to sell well. It is called The Knight Hoodie. I think it may be used for cosplay. A man could wear it while proposing and be a knight in shining armor for his girl. It cost $6 and I’m hoping to get $50 for it.

My thrift store sells dolls in bags. I picked up a bag because this doll had a big eyed, anime look. She is a Takara doll from Japan and I’m hoping she will do well.

This item was in the glassware section. Somewhere I heard that some people collect juicers. This is a pretty blue one marked Arc France. It was $3 and I’m hoping it will bring $20.


Mary Englebreit is a popular illustrator. Some of her items sell well. When I looked this metal cup and saucer set up I saw similar ones selling for $20 so at $2, I picked it up. Maybe it will sell for Valentine’s Day!


Books are another item I don’t sell much of. I know a lot of people use an app to scan them and see what they are worth. I just spotted this for $1 at the thrift store and knew that this version of Betty Crocker cookbook is collectible. This is called the red pie book because of the cover. There are lots of these out there but this one is in good condition so I’m hoping that will help it sell.


Those are my thrifty finds for this week! Glad that February is here and March and spring aren’t too far away!!

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