Driving Far to a Winter Sale

I drove over an hour today to go to a sale because I miss sales so much. This one was advertised as a high school multi family fund raiser for a baseball team to go to Florida. That sounded to me like it might be good and since there was nothing else around I went. It was pretty small but fun! There was enough stuff to hunt through, although the prices were high. I over heard the lady talking to her friend and she said she could sell stuff on Facebook or on Ebay if it didn’t sell today. Not as good as those sales where they just want to get rid of stuff.

There was a wall of Vera Bradley bags and to give you and idea of prices, they were asking between $10 and $25 depending on the size. I wish I knew my patterns and knew which ones were worth a lot but I don’t. They also had wallets for $5.00 and since I couldn’t leave all that Vera goodness behind, I bought these two wallets. I am hoping for between $15 and $20 for them.

I spotted this small Dooney and Bourke coin purse. I convinced the lady that this was not a wallet and she sold it to me for $2.


I found a pair of boots in the shoe area. The shoes were marked between $5 and $10. I saw a pair of boots and they were marked Ugg on the bottom and were not the typical Ugg style. She sold them to me for $5. I think she would have said $10 had she realized they were Uggs. I believe they are men’s motorcycle boots and may do well.


This cute Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving trinket box was $1. Yay! I love that price! It’s not worth a lot but it’s very sweet.


I think the best find was this set of Haba wooden blocks. I believe these toys are made in Germany. It is a nativity set. It was $5. It’s very heavy so I have to figure out the shipping cost before I can list it but I have seen similar sets selling for $50 so I have high hopes.


Coincidentally this is the second nativity toy I’ve found recently. The other one is this nativity sand box play set that I picked up at the thrift store. I wonder if these items will sell before next Christmas.


That was my tag sale adventure of the weekend. The weather has not been too bad around here. I wish more people would have some sales!

3 responses to “Driving Far to a Winter Sale

  1. Fonda Rush

    A sandbox nativity set!?! That’s weird!

    I can understand your frustration. I am lucky enough to have a few thrift stores near me that keep me thrilled with a few finds. I don’t resell — yet (?). I look for things I could use around the house, but I’ve found a few things that I can’t use, and I would love to sell on Etsy. It will take a bit more time to find enough things for it to be worth it, though. I also need to get a garage sale together. I will have to wait for it to be a little warmer to go through boxes and boxes of decor that I lugged from the last house to this one a little over a year ago.

    Enjoy. Fonda

  2. The nativity sand box is weird. I agree!! You could try selling on Ebay. You don’t need a lot. You could sell as little as you want but it adds a whole new element of fun to the hunt for stuff!

    • Wendy

      That’s true Jill. The fun is in the hunt! i haven’t seen many sales around here either, but my neighbor is cleaning out his basement, and keeps bringing stuff over that he want to through out, and my husband keeps taking it. He also has a trunk full of Annalee dolls that his wife left when she died, and his girls don’t want them. So we started digging through, and some original price tags read $40, $60,$120..he was like “is this what she was spending my money on?” They are these ugly rag dolls, but he asked me to sell them for him, and I took a few home. My hopes were high…only to be dashed when I looked them up and they go for $16 or $10. The did not hold their value. I’ve been rockin’ craigslist lately with the bigger items.

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