Best Plush Finds of 2016

Things are super quiet for me over here in chilly New England so I am going to do a Best Plush Finds post to help pass the time! The great thing about plush is that you can often get it for very cheap – often between 50 cents and a dollar. They are more at the thrift store – usually between $3 and $4 dollars. The bad thing about plush is that really only a small percentage of it is valuable. At least that’s been my experience. The following are 11 plush items that I bought fairly cheaply and sold for at least $19. Here they are.

This guy was quite old. I think from the 70’s or 80’s. He is the dragon from Pete’s Dragon. He was at a tag sale. It took me a minute or two to figure out who he was and then I was able to look him up and see that he had some value. He sold for $29.


This little cat is a Kitty Kitty Kitten. She is full of beans and makes a purring sound when you hold her without batteries. There are many different versions of these. I was excited to find her at the first of my only two trips to the outlet bins this year. She sold for $29.


This Jellycat of London fox came from the thrift store. Jellycat is a good name in plush. I find that the ones with the corduroy sell well. He took a while but finally sold for $19.


Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak is a very popular book. I grab these plush characters whenever I see them. I think these two were on the smaller side. They sold together for $19.


I hear the some Beanie Babies have value again. The only one I know of is this Godzilla that I found at a rummage sale. He sold for $25. There is a version with black eyes that sells too.


Steiff is usually a great find – especially if it’s vintage. I saw this sweet elephant at an estate sale. He’s very small and was marked $20. I was so excited but I knew that at $20 I couldn’t get much profit out of him. I offered $15 and they took it. He only sold for $25 because he did have some damage on his ear but I was just glad to own him for a while.


At the same rummage sale where I picked up the TY Godzilla I bought this Red Sox mascot plush. I had him up for $30 for a while but he didn’t sell until I reduced his price. He sold for $25. He was vintage and in very good condition.


This vintage cat Pillow Pal sold quickly for $19. She is from 1985 and I believe there was a whole series of them.


This monkey was a reproduction of an early plush toy. He still sold for $40 despite his odd appearance. He was a thrift store find.


This cat was a newer Steiff plush but still sold for $35. She was also a thrift store find.


The best plush find of the year was this vintage Steiff terrier. I found him in a children’s blue plastic swimming pool that was at an outdoor rummage sale. The pool was filled with old plush and toys. Everything was $1 – $2. I sold him for a best offer of $95.


So those are my best/most interesting plush finds of 2016. I hope you found it informative and entertaining. Now it’s back to my life of no tag sales to go to!

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