Some Thrifty Finds

Very sparse in the way of sales around here so I visited the thrift store this week and had some good luck.

Sometimes, even if you feel that you aren’t finding anything, if you keep looking and digging you can get something. The toy shelves at my thrift stores are usually quite messy. There is a sign that says “This is not a play area. Please supervise your children.” Ha ha. I was looking on the crowded shelves and saw the wing of a Pat Pat Little Einsteins Rocket. I have sold these several times before. The rocket alone can go for between $20 and $40 so I was very happy and surprised to see that this one had the four characters in it.


I picked up this vintage Dodgers metal serving tray. I’ll use the key words man cave in the title and hopefully that will help it sell. It’s in fairly good condition.


I saw this snowman on a shelf for $6. The price tag was covering the bottom of him but he looked like a Jim Shore piece to me. I looked it up before I bought him because some Jim Shore pieces have a good value but others don’t. I think I can get between $40 and $50 for this one so I took the chance. I really love the harbor scene he has on his belly. He is also not only a Christmas item but could be displayed all winter. At least that’s what I’m going to say in my listing!


In the doll section I found this Corolle doll. She would be good except her head is quite tilted and I don’t know how this will affect her value. She was $3.


My last thrift store buy was this pretty planner. It looks new, but the box it is in was opened. I also may have missed the planner buying window. I saw this one selling for $24 on line. If it is too late now I will hold onto it until next year since it is an undated planner. It cost $3.


There were 2 estate sales near me which I attended late the day. I only picked up two things at the first one. I got this Star Wars Darth Vader tape dispenser dated 1983. Who doesn’t need this on their desk? It was only 50 cents.


For an addition 50 cents I picked up a lot of 19 children’s Valentines Day cards from 1983. I love old cards so I had to get these. If they don’t sell I will keep them for my collection. I especially like the astronaut cards. I think these illustrations are so charming!

The other estate sale I went to was in a very old house with crooked wooden floors. There was a beautiful head vase on a shelf and I asked how much it was. The guy said $69. He said “We looked in up online.” Oh – so that’s how its going to be. I knew that if I bought anything it have to be something humble that they didn’t think was valuable and hadn’t looked up. I found a Nils Johan stackable canister. I asked the lady how much it was and she said the lovely words “How much to you want to pay?” So I got it for $5 and I was very happy. I kind of love it so I will keep it for a while before I sell it so I don’t have a picture of it.

That’s all the shopping I did this weekend. For a sales update I will mention a few things that sold from the estate sale I went to last weekend:

Shaker Maker lot: $59

Baby Crissy doll: $39 (buyer has not paid yet)

Fisher Price camper: $59

Some other items that have been in my store for a few months but have sold recently are:

IKEN create your own watch set: $26.99

Kitchen Littles kitchen island and food: $75

L.L. Bean vintage dog bag: $22.99

Dansko black clogs: $28.99

Kidrobot ice cream sandwich plush: $18.99

Dansk mid century teak pepper mill: $40

FDR ceramic plaque: $16

Hope you are all staying cozy this winter!!

2 responses to “Some Thrifty Finds

  1. Wendy Boccuzzi

    Great eye, as usual! I don’t think I would have zeroed in on that snowman. I love the greeting cards, but if they are dated 1980’s they must have been reprints, because they look like illustrations from the 1960s. I have been listing old inventory, and had a good week. There is money in the clutter. 🙂

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