A Grimy Winter Estate Sale

I attended an estate sale in a neighboring town. There were some photos in the craigslist ad and it said dolls so I was there. It was one of those where you take a number and they only let a certain number in at a time so that was frustrating. It was so packed with stuff. It may have been a hoarder. The stuff was kind of organized in piles but there was a lot of dirt and grime. Many of the items were from the early 1970’s which is when I was a child. I spent $69 which is high for me. Here are some of the items I picked up.

In a box of dolls I found these two Barbies with no legs. They are talking Barbies from 1967. These don’t talk any more. I am hoping to get about $20 for each one – even without the legs.

This next doll is a Happy Haley doll made in Hong Kong. She has that big eyed mod look. I really don’t know her value but I hope I can at least get $20 for her. She has quite a face.

This small 6″ doll is a Holly Hobbie doll by American Greetings from the 1970’s. I hope to get about $14 for her. She has her complete outfit.


The last doll I bought is this Baby Crissy doll. She is part of the Crissy Velvet Ideal hair growing doll family and she is giant. She is 24″ tall. In good condition she can bring good money but this one has some bad stains on her skin. I cleaned her up as best as I could. She has a very cute face.


In the basement of this house were piles of games, puzzles and toys. It was all very grimy and I had to thoroughly wash everything. There were even a few items that were still in the original package but the packages were in such bad shape. Even though the item inside is probably in great condition, the torn plastic is a problem.

I found a vintage Fisher Price Family Camper in the original box but the box just crumbled in my hand. The items, even though it looked like they had never been played with, were still kind of dirty. I cleaned everything. The set was complete.


These next two items were sealed in the package but the plastic in each case is torn in several places. One is a vintage doll puzzle which I’m tempted to keep and the other is a Colorola which I remember from my childhood. Neither is worth a lot of money and probably wouldn’t sell at all except for the sealed factor.

I love all the vintage pictures on these old toy boxes like the ones I found for this Bird series Shaker Maker set.

I love charms and so I couldn’t  leave this opened Charm Jewelry Kit behind. It’s dated 1971.

Also sealed but again with torn plastic, is this vintage roll of Contact paper. It has very retro illustrations on it with girls wearing bonnets like Holly Hobbie and shaggy dogs.

I also picked up a portable record player with a colorful cover. It seems to work but I don’t have any vintage records to really test it with.

It was fun to dig through all that old stuff! We have a big storm today here in the northeast. A great day to list!


4 responses to “A Grimy Winter Estate Sale

  1. Wendy Boccuzzi

    Glad you hit that sale! I was tempted but a little too far with the snow coming. Nice find on the FP set! I stayed home and made soup…trying to sell off some clutter…there is always money in the clutter.

  2. Avery Smellsoff

    A truly remarkable assemblage of fancy finds and found fancies, especially the no-longer-talking legless Barbies. It sort of begs the question how much can one remove and still say it is a Barbie at all? If the arms, torso and head were also gone would you still have a sellable item? It would certainly bring down shipping costs. In a way, she represents America now more than ever. How much can we do away with and still say we are the same nation? I leave that as an exercise for the student and his friend, the other student. You know the one I mean. Perhaps during your next foray you will discover two more Barbies, but these will have extra legs and never stop talking. Then you can sell them all as a set, claiming that mathematically they average out to four complete Barbies. It is my understanding that this is how the Monkees were formed.
    Well, I must go, as my train is about to leave the station. I am speaking metaphorically, but only slightly, as I am actually at the airport.

    Ever yours,
    Leopold van Diaperpile

    • Dear Diaper man, You can actually remove quite a lot from a Barbie and still make a profit. If you go on Ebay you will see many that are just heads. Leave it to you to make a stunning political comment out of some legless Barbies. Thank you so much for stopping by, reading and commenting!

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