Best Finds for Ebay – Mixed Categories 2016

It almost the end of 2016 and that means it’s time for some “best finds” blog entries! This has been a great year for sourcing for Ebay with many fun sales and exciting items. This list includes 10 of my best selling items in a variety of categories. My highest selling items this year have all been dolls and I will do a separate entry about them. The following items sold for prices between $100 and $50.

This purse had three things going for it. It was a Dooney and Bourke, it featured Minnie Mouse, and it was in great condition. I believe I paid $5 for it and it sold for $99.


This next item was sitting on a table at a church sale with a group of vases. It looked like a plain wooden box but inside was a wonderful surprise which was a miniature replica of a mid century modern chair. It was also signed by the artist. I paid $3 and it sold for $99.


My best ornament find of the year was this Hallmark rocking horse ornament which was the first in the series. This was at a church sale where ornaments were marked $.50 each. It sold for $99.


Some needlecraft kits can do really well but it’s best, as with everything, to research before you buy because many of them have no value. This elaborate stocking kit sold for $99.


I don’t usually pick up art but my mother was a big JFK fan so this original painting caught my eye. I think he looks so handsome here and it is really well done. I took a chance at the thrift store for $10 and sold it for $99. It took several months to sell.


Next is actually a group of items. I was at a large fundraising sale and saw a box that had several ziploc bags filled with toy cars and vehicles. I didn’t know anything about cars but I saw one that looked like a VW bus from the 60’s. I saw some names on the bottoms of them that sounded familiar to me like Corgi and Lesney. Each bag was marked $5 and I just jumped in and purchased 5 bags for $25. Over the next several months I sold nearly all of the cars for a total of over $300. Below are some of the highest selling vehicles.


This next item is a ceramic figurine by Goebel of West Germany. He is a character called Butch and there are many different versions of him. Even with some damage, he sold for $99.


The next item is a necklace that was purchased at a sale for $1. I picked it up because I liked the blue stones and it was marked silver. I didn’t see until later that it was stamped Lena Platero. She is a Navajo artist. This piece sold for $70.


I don’t know too much about Pyrex but I know some of it is collectible. This set caught my eye because of the beautiful turquoise color. It turned out to be a rare color and I was able to sell the set for $80. It was purchased for $4 at a girl scout sale.


For item(s) number 10 I will mention 2 dresses. They are child size American Girl doll dresses. They only made these for a short amount of time. These were found at an estate sale. They were $15 for the pair and sold together for $150.

I hope you enjoyed this list or found it informative. I tried to show that profit can be found in many different types of items.

I am so grateful for Ebay and all the people that shop there, for all the bloggers and Youtubers that share their knowledge and experiences, for the Facebook reseller groups that I was able to join this year and for everyone who reads this blog. Hope you all had a wonderful year and that 2017 will be even better!!

4 responses to “Best Finds for Ebay – Mixed Categories 2016

  1. Fonda Rush

    Wow! Way to go! Best wishes in the new year.

  2. Wendy Boccuzzi

    Great year gone and a better one on the way. You rock! Happy New year!

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