Vintage Linens and Big Eyes

This weekend I was supposed to be at a Christmas party but – just five minutes away there was an estate sale. How could I resist? When I walked in the man there said to me – we sold most of the good stuff yesterday. First of all, why would you say that? Second of all – I accept your challenge!

I picked up several items and paid $15 for all. I love vintage linens and saw a pile from which I pulled out this small tablecloth. It has cool illustrations of couples dancing and musical notes. The color combination of deep rose and periwinkle is very pretty.

I love this yellow and white tablecloth with rosebuds but there are two defects in the middle that I didn’t notice when I bought it.

I thought this pair of tea towels was cute. They seem to be cloth sewn onto the towel. I especially like the vintage look of the woman drying the dishes.


I picked up a few other items including a small silhouette of Franklin Roosevelt, a glass strawberry dish and a melamine celery dish.

The last item I picked up there was this pair of Big Eyed lithos. I believe they are by the artist Sherle. Since the movie Big Eyes came out illustrations in this style have had a resurgence in popularity although these don’t seem to be especially valuable. I’m hoping to get $20 for the pair.


I had two finds at the thrift store which were this anime Naruto action figure and a Dept 56 accessory featuring Elvis. They were $2.99 each.

That’s all for now. Happy Holidays to everyone!!


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